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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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It started.
Mad Scientisto of the Shield is making the world his enemy.

oh boy fucking finally its here.
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Everything is going downhill holy shit.
How to kill Naofumi?
holy fuck,what the fuck is happening is he suddenly the enemy?
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>Wants to kill the world before fighting the wave
Based Naofumi
Did he just scan the entire fucking world and every living being on it in a split second?
What's good about this arc?
A Decent Arc after the Pope Arc
So did he just did what i think he just did?
What's up with the manga of this? Shit seems like it just skips randomly. For example, that race with that asshole hero.

If this is some new level way to make you want to read the LN it's working.
>Therefore, I should eradicate the majority of the people living in this world for once.

So his the villain this time? neat, just like what i always wanted a Demon Lord Scientist
>"Raphtalia. The world is now controlled by my hands, and I shall share half of it with you. Now, won't you rule the world together with me!" (Naofumi)

so did he propose?
Basically. Mad Scientist arc is when Raphtalia finally gets to know that Shield cares for her so much.
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Devil of the shield.jpg
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Trash was right all along.
Naofumi is the devil who will end the world
i see
Im liking this arc so far
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So, out of fucking nowhere his shield curses him with "new" seven sins.
Decided out of nowhere that "there is no time to waste", builds a flying fortress, makes an enemy of half of his village and the rest of the world, decides the "real" Tanuki is kill and goes to fucking war with his overhelming defense and impenetrable fortress?
he completed the seven sins and his sins are
1. Gene modification(the bioplants)
2. Human experimentation(his slaves, all of them altered by shield growth)
3. Environmental Pollution(Dark burning curse S and blutopher did not leave a pretty landscape behind)
4. Social Injustice(He was at the receiving end from the beginning and then on the sending end with Trash and BITCH)
5. Drug Abuse(He did make excessive amounts of medicine, and his cooking is more addictive than drugs)
6. Causing Poverty(well he was on the receiving end from day 2 and those poor bandits and rebels, getting their shit "Confiscated" by Naofumi)
7. The last one, Financial Gluttony, well, this happened right before he unlocked the Curse Series

The Shield Curses him with that and eroded him. There weapons are fucking dangerous and have so much recoil
Is Shield Hero a threat or menace?
>with his overhelming defense
His defense is very low right now.
He has no defense.
The seven sins shields have low defense, his other ones are just fine.
Wow, Amazing.” (Sadina)
“As expected of Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“Master is ama~zing.” (Firo)
“Father-in-Law! Good Job.” (Motoyasu)
“I-is this amazing? I don’t really get what’s… Atlas, do you really plan on following that man? I can only see him as a complete villain at the moment.” (Fohl)

Everyone sings praise of me.
Of course I’m amazing. But having them say it makes me happy.

“Hahaha, praise me more!”

Kek this is gold
Fake rebelion side

>Fake Rapthalia
Somehow as strong as the real one
Could be a problem
>Hero of the Bow
>Hero of the Sword
Might turn sides

Hero of the Shield side
Could propably take all of them on by himself
>Hero of the Spear
Broken, but the strongest Hero aside from the Shield

His Victory seems secure.
Seeing Raph get betrayed by Naofumi, Atlas and Firo was like watching Maria get betrayed by Kazuki.

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Why are some idiots siding with the clearly cursed Naofumi?
Atlas is such a shit.
She is going to die, propably.
She is a bit stupid but I can't hate her
I hope he kills Raphtalia, then tries to off himself and fails, because he's invincible

Because they are retarded, where offered food or want the shield's D.
Another garbage story development. Also Atlas is annoying as fuck. Way to kill my interest again.
All of these sins are extremely complicated and are extremely troublesome societal issues/problems.
Atlas is just loyal to shielD
>Mad Scientist arc

Time to pick it up, and drop it when its over
How can retards like you exist?
That's literally the only thing i look forward to in this series.
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 6

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