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Shokugeki No Soma ch.107

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Is out and I'm dumping.
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On a side note, Erina is a stuck up bitch and needs to learn that she isn't
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hot shit outside of cooking.
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thanks OP
I'm going to marry Hisako-sempai!
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Yeah, no problem.
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She is gonna learn how to be independent at the end of this arc.
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And fuck Erina, haven't been pissed at a female character since Medaka Box.
Shit nigga, where did you get this from?
probably ripping them from the official shonen jump online
>actually reading Medaka Box

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I have my sources and I'm surprised there wasn't a thread up discussing about this shit, so I might as well start one right?
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Meh, I dunno why I read it as far as I did. Probably just read it to get angry at it and rant.
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No way, this shit is topazed to hell which means it's casanova.
So i'm guessing this genius scraped it from some shitty reader. Either that or he's printscreening from casanova's reader.
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And that's the last page.
Casanova just released their scanlation you know.
Oh shit nigga, you some sort of detective?
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If the requirement to being a detective is not being blind then yes, i'm a detective.
Here's viz for comparison.
Yeah, just happened to be the first one to get them.
You got me there.
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And here's casanova.
Why op compressed the images and converted to jpg, that i don't know.
It ends already?

I just want Hisako to win the Soma League of Harems.

In fact, anyone can win Soma as long as it isn't Erina. How can she be the main girl and the shittiest girl at the same time?
I just wanna be there where her pride get's utterly crushed and she is put in her place like the slut she is.
I just wanna be there when her pride get's utterly crushed, slut for Soma's dishes, and then gets NTR'd by other girls.
That would be delicious.
Seriously, what's with this Stagiere shit? Are they studying in a fucking Harvard University for cooking? And Erina is just a female version of Chef Ramsay at this point who gets mad when everything doesn't come out on time.
>Are they studying in a fucking Harvard University for cooking?
Did you just pick a chapter at random to start this series?

Yes, the girls are drawn beautifully
Read it from the beginning and get a sense why she needs the taste of cock in her mouth.
The reason why there wasn't a thread was because Viz released this shit 3 days ago and we already had a thread max out discussing Erina and this stagaire shit.

Shittynova is shit.
How do people actually like Erina?

She's outclassed by literally every other girl in the series.
And what about the school? Why does the school torture its students for the sake of cooking?
Fucking Japan dude. There is this other manga where the students have to fucking gamble to earn their spot in the hierarchy and if you are flat out broke, you are dubbed as the class pet and owe the school or some shit whatever amount that you gambled away. Sense, it makes none.
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 21

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