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Why does everyone like Kill la Kill so much? it's all fanservice

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Why does everyone like Kill la Kill so much? it's all fanservice and that's it (This is coming from someone whose only watched K-On, SAO and Log Horizon)
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well, you see...
>only watched K-On, SAO and Log Horizon

oh, nevermind
No, honestly, I wanna know
Random google img search
Because it was their first anime.
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They like it because people can like shit things. I'm not going to stop them. Have fun.
>This is coming from someone whose only watched K-On, SAO and Log Horizon

Get the fuck out.
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>Only watched K-ON, SAO and Log Horizon
I'm not gonna bother with this shit OP. Casual newfag is written all over this thread.
I was expecting this to be another "wahh y u hate me favorite animu?!?" thread, thanks for the pleasant surprise op. Just wanted to let you know that even if your post was presented as bait, I still agree.
Because it started out great and as it slid further and further into shit, everyone could only stand around and smile and pretend everything was alright.

The characters are fun too, I guess.
I'm surprised he didn't like KLK, seeing as it's trash just like SAO.
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It's airtime was without a doubt the most fun I have ever had on /a/.

The threads every single day and the multiple threads on episode day, the waifu wars, the Satsuki-sama devotion threads, the crazy theorycraft and speculation, so much. They made the show itself 100x as good.

I know some people here resented it because of the massive hype and popularity, but I hope one day we get another current season that produces something like that again.
because its all >muh first anime type faggots
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it needed more fan service
yeah, honestly about 50% of my enjoyment of klk was the threads. I wouldn't have liked it as much as i did if i watched the whole thing in one go right now.
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Right. This newfag of an OP should go lurk before bringing in such a pathetic bait thread.
Which people even liked it?
I mean I enjoyed certain aspects of it, especially some of the side characters, but I barely see people who like it. The only fans were those who were active here when it aired but they probably weren't /a/ native since they've all disappeared and the few forums I've seen never contained any positive posts about this series. Is it one of those series which are only liked by a certain website community?
Wow, I'm so glad I wasn't around back then.

It's bad enough with Cross Ange. How can you idiots worship such garbage?
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>Brings up KLK
>Bashing it for being fanservice
>Watched K-ON, SAO and Log Horizon
>ONLY watched K-ON, SAO and Log Horizon
3/10 bait. Go big or go home faggot.
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my god being this new
I liked it. I still look through KlK threads even though they're pretty much 100% going to be shit, don't post in 'em most of the time because there's nothing to talk about. Wish they'd stop.

A lot of the series I've watched after it I've enjoyed a lot more than I did KlK, but that doesn't mean I'll stop liking it.

Not all of us can be veterans who've been around since the ayy lmao meme
KlK sucks but's not because of the "fanservice" KlK does fanservice in the same vein as Eva does mecha and Madoka does mahou shoujo. But of course you wouldn't know that dumbass for only watching 3 other shows.
in his defense your faggy unfunny forced meme isn't any goddamn better
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I usually pop in to KLK threads just to see the arguments and shit hitting the fan. KLK threads should just stop. They range from 2/10 bait to 6/10 bait.
>This is coming from someone whose only watched K-On, SAO and Log Horizon
Lurk more or fuck off before posting.
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Go lurk before you reply to a bait picture with more bait.
god fuck off retard, go shit post on your FB anime page

When did this shitty meme became acceptable on /a/?
What's there not to like?
Deep story
No cliche characters
All the characters are original and feel like like living characters
The fights are the best choreographed since Cowboy bebop
The voice acting is top notch
and best of all full filling end
That's the thing. I don't think I've seen a single KLK thread in the past 6 months that hasn't been bait, intentionally or not. The series has garnered a reputation on /a/, and it's definitely not a positive one. One of two things needs to happen, either the people in the threads need to get their shit together or the threads need to die. It's as simple as that.
>implying the quality of KLK threads will ever improve
Kel la kik is gOod

File: 1419787259147.gif (610KB, 500x281px)
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I agree anon. I used to have a slimmer of hope that KLK threads would go smoothly, and newfags wouldn't be everywhere, defending KLK, shouting "it saved animu!!" But I lost that hope a while ago, and the OP's of the threads need to die. The people in the threads just take the bait, and it makes for very violent and disappointing threads full of shitpost and arguments over nothing.
I miss watching KLK with /a/. Those stickies were fun.
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>Choreographed fights.
>No cliche characters
>Fulfilling end
there's a difference between fanservice and what kill la kill does.

KLK has many moments where there's little clothing, but aside from MAYBE the first episode or 2, it's never there trying to get the viewer hard. It's the only time you can say it's plot related and not be making a stupid joke.

By the end of the series, everybody is naked and nobody cares, because it's not the point. The characters don't care that they are naked and the person watching doesn't care.

Fanservice is what something like HoTD did where you got a zombie situation that's supposed to be all super serious, but then u got close up shots of slowmo breasts and other ridiculousness.
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>Deep story
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Everyone who watches Cross Ange knows it's literally shit and I can't wait for next episode.
Also, you're fucktarded if you think CA has much draw. Hell, the discussion died last week before the most recent episode.
Hilda is best gril
Is Mako the greatest anime character of all-time? I say yes.
That series was more hype than TTGL, i liked it
this happens with shitstorm inducing shows. It's the fault of the people making threads after the show has finished or making non sage posts in them. No discussion = no thread quality. Happened to Madoka, PSG, Shingeki, SAO recently and countless others looking back. History repeats itself. A new shitstorm show will air and these threads will be forgotten, mark my words.
Blood C had better fight choreography.
jesus you dumb motherfuckers are dense
How was there more hype? Nothing was on the line. Anytime some action happened LERANDOMXD girl shows up to deliver "hilarious" comedy.
>The voice acting is top notch
But the voice acting was top notch. You can't just put non-bait in a bait post faggot.
Speak for yourself you literal faggot. I fapped to it all the time.

I don't know, but it was way more hype
Ryuko went into outer atmosphere of earth to shout at the clothing at end of KLK

Simon went into outer space, with a giant mech, threw galaxies at the enemy, turned a big bang into a drill, then killed basically god, ending with an explosion within an explosion, within an explosion, within an explosion.

KLK does not have more hype, faggot.
>It's airtime was without a doubt the most fun I have ever had on /a/
a 2013 kiddie eh?
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The moment buttmad morons like you started getting riled up by it.

>hurr durr they said the robots are 5000000000000000000000000000000000 light years tall so it's more hype

That's not how it works you faggot, there's no hype in hurling galaxies if they feel weightless and meaningless
There are mecha fights that were more hype than TTGL and they were like 50 feet tall

I bet you think GT was better because it had higher powerlevels
File: 1423867266810.png (64KB, 625x626px)
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Ever since faggots like you showed anger towards it, thus feeding the trolls.

Keep posting those
Memeshit filter:
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If you can't tell what makes KLK incredible, you don't deserve to know.

This goes double for 'fans' who preface their thoughts on KLK with "I know it has flaws, but [...]"
GT is shit. No one will ever deny that, no matter how much of a faggot they are.

It wasn't meaningless. Saving the entire universe was the purpose of the fight, unlike kill la kill where its fight logic was
"durrrrrr fight for the stars for clothing cuz they will take over the worllldddd cuz earth is special" They mention that life fibers are from another planet. Earth's safety is pointless with another enemy still at large.
I feel like TTGL is more hype because of the increasingly ridiculously overpowered enemies and the constant "Fuck the odds, we'll win through sheer force of will" mindset. KLK has a bit of this too, but it doesn't pull it off nearly as well, which is probably why people compare the two so often.

What kind of shitty trolling is this?
But the swordfights in kill la kill were even more meaning less. Nothing is solved by fighting in KLK there's no hype.
How many actual sword fights were there? 5? And some of them had shitty flash and CGI in them.
-We can bear senseless stories that get more and more ridiculus
-We like the action, some even like the soundtrack (inb4 speak for yourself anon)
-We are people who despise fanservice, but in the deep (more or less metaphorical) basements we are living in, we like fanservice
The real reason so many people like this show, is because it is exactly what we want to see!
>but no Anon, Anime are deeper than you give it credit for with that comment!
And that's the motherfucking turning point!
If you want something deep, wrong anime dude
If you like comedies, but don't like overexagerating, you are wrong here (If you don't like exagerations, you might have picked the wrong hobby at all)
If you don't like Magical Girl Anime you'll hate it

and to >>121772768
I wouldn't advise anyboy who has seen less than 5 shounen or magical girl anime or ANIME AT ALL to watch this. Beginners aren't prepared to ask themselves "what the shit?" so many times
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KLK does have flaws, not the imaginary ones half the people who still come to these threads mouth off but real shortcomings.

I just don't care because the things KLK did right were exactly what I wanted.
Kill la kill is literally nothing like a magical girl anime.
Kill La Kill is a meme anime ;_;
not even the transformation sequences?
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Why do so many people on /a/ can't stand a large amount of people liking something?

Stop being trying to be Hipsters, seriously.

Not liking it is one thing but don't act like it was a BAD or SHITTY anime.

The art style was refreshing, the music was good and honestly it was pretty funny. No one really believes it's a master piece, It's just a fun, easy anime to get into and watch.

Admit it, it's good, Just not great.
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Thread images: 20

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