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Finally someone speaks up about Houki's violence.

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Finally someone speaks up about Houki's violence.
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Dumping because it's actually a fun story.
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She will what?!
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>Dumping because it's actually a fun story.
>More generic haremshit with the girls going berserk and attacking the idiot main character

So fun!
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infinite stratos was a pretty GOOD show to drink to.

Anime drinking games are the best.

Laura is best girl
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Hahahaha they beat him up, so funny hahahaha
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She's the only one that has a real chance other than Charl. Doesn't Ichika have a thing for older girls?
The title is rather accurate.
Thanks for the dump.
There is no violence in the entire doujin.

I think Chagashisaiban should ghost write for Yumizuru.
Literally every harem out there. Don't like it? Ignore it.
I missed IS threads but it looks no one is here.
Where did all the ISfags go? Nothing in here but newfags and entry level trolls.
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Char proves that people are less aggressive when freed from earth's gravity. Sieg Zeon.
Need more Maya being what she is, a cow.
Teachers need to win some more.
The threads were fun when the first season was airing, but its not like IS ever had substance beyond waifu wars. Plus, season 2 was straight shit.

The recent OVA was pretty alright. Too bad no one cared.
They deviated from the LNs a lot in S2.
>The recent OVA was pretty alright. Too bad no one cared.
Yeah, I still haven't even watched it. Been meaning to, but I haven't gotten to it.
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The missed so much stuff out of volumes 5-8 that they could make an entire season out of it. Plus we got volume 9 now that can be added.
If they wanted a S3, they can make it happen, they're probably waiting for the right time.
I remember hearing of the many fight scenes they cut. There might be an S3 as even S2 was a hit in Japan. Either that or it'll end up like Haruhi.
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>The recent OVA was pretty alright. Too bad no one cared.
Mostly because S2 left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
And now we have so many harems that have aired since then, DAL, Blade Dance, Nisekoi, not to mention Absolute Duo and Fafnir that are airing this season. IS was never that special, but now it's even less so.
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They cut Cecilia's development where she learned to bend her beams which included a fight against Madoka and Silent Zephyr.
They cut Cecilia's massage with Ichika.
They cut Charlotte's date with Ichika that Ran crashed.
They cut the student council where we met Honne's sister who is Dan's girlfriend.
They cut Honne being the one only one that likes Cecilia's cooking.
They cut the race where it's crashed by a golem.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Yep, that's enough for another season. I've seen many unnecessary exclusions & I say S2 is GoT S4 level of cutting out important shit.
And think of what got replaced with.
>Charlotte's missing panties
>Cecilia learning and failing to cook
>Class trip to nowhere
It's stupid, they should have stuck with the script.
Infinite Stratos is garbage
IS might be garbage but I still stand by it having some pretty top tier girls.
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Thread images: 37

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