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Would you an Osaka?

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Would you an Osaka?
I would consider myself one
Would I what an Osaka?
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Well, she is mai waifu...
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Don't mind me, just posting Ayumu being perfect.
I'd rather a Sakaki
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>she will never be cute, only cool
I would punch her in the stomack
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I punched yer mum in the stomack with my penis.
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Nah probably not. I would feel weird doing her. Id drink with her though.
I would place my penis on her tongue and see what happens.
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I'd rather a Nano
2nd Best Azumanga
Nano wasn't as stupid or lazy as Osaka, and therefore not as good.
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>best Nichijou and best Azumanga

But she is shy, cute and kind
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Wait a second.

Osaka had a real name?
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Yes, Ayumu Kasuga.
It's okay if you don't remember it, not even Osaka remembered it.
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I would indeed an Osaka
how come the manga author of this didnt like the anime adaptation?
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>mfw I accidentally put Kanto instead of Kyoto
I'm a fucking idiot, Kyoto is best girl too
Where is that one Osaka doujin where she has sex with a faceless guy on a roof, Remake, I think it's called.

It was one of the cutest fuckings I've ever seen in manga.
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Moshi moshi, Ayumu desu.
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I don't know how anyone would.
It's like taking advantage of her somewhat.
It feels wrong somehow.
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I don't get it
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When Nyamo was talking about sex, everyone except Chiyo were eagerly listening everything that was said, when Chiyo asked what Nyamo was talking about, Osaka told her to stay silent and listen, that she'd understand when she's older.

Osaka is not braindead retarded, she just has some heavy ADD.
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>best Nichijou
>not Yukko
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She is weird as fuck
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Don't you ever sexualize best Azumanga.
its literally everywhere

you got the name right
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 35

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