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Amaama to Inazuma Story Time #04

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Well, it looks like an actual scanlation group has picked this up. I'll finish up volume 1 and will probably still get someone to typeset the whole thing, since someone was kind enough to offer HQ scans. I guess I'll be taking suggestions again for what to do instead.

For more info on the manga: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=91384

The raws, scripts, and releases will be available here to download for now: tinyurl com/amaamatoinazuma

Feel free to post any corrections. I'll update the script.

Previous thread: >>121083855
Page 117:
??: Are you going anywhere for Golden Week?
??: We’re going to Desniy.{copyright safe Disney}
??: Let’s go see a movie! A movie!
??: Come over to my place~~
SFX: Noisy (zawa)
Book: Out{cut off - right side}
Female teacher: Golden week, huh? I used to travel a bit in the past~~
Text: N~~
Female teacher: Are you going anywhere with your daughter, Mr. Inuzuka?
Momoya: I’ve got club activities every day!
SFX: Shock (biku)
F: Well… I’ll probably finish some work up at home, and only spend the whole fifth day playing!
T: Golden Week is soon!
T: I’m having a picnic!!
Page 118:
Title: Chapter 4 | Golden Week & Box Meal
Page 119:
K: Are the teachers all going for a picnic too?
F: Yeah. We’re heading to a nature park by car.
F: Then we’ll enjoy
some food and drinks, I think…
F: Huh?
“Too”? You’re having one too?
K: Yes!
K: I’m having a picnic with my mother! We’re bringing food!
K: We’re doing the same thing, then!
F: If you’d like, we could make the food together, then…?
K: Wa…
I was just thinking the very same thing!!
Page 120:
Text box: And so…
F: Good morning!
T: Good morning!
K: Good morning!
SFX: Clink (zyara)
F: Sorry about coming so early.
Text: Here are the ingredients.
K: No, thanks for coming! It’s no problem.
K: So that we may fill our lunch boxes with lots of side dishes,
K: let’s all work together!!
Page 121:
K: We only have about 3 hours until you two leave and I’m supposed to meet my mother.
K: By that time, we need to make
rice balls, karaage, tamagoyaki,
fried cabbage and whitebait,
marinated vegetables,
mixed ham skewers,
chikukyuu cheese, {sorry, no idea}
and pumpkin cream!!
F: Yeah--
F Text: All this stuff?
T: Let’s do it!
K: Well then, for now…
Let’s start making this marinated vegetables thing.
K: We just pickle whatever vegetable you feel like using in a sweet and sour mix.
Vegetables {left to right}: Cucumber, Turnip, Lettuce, Carrots, Celery
T: What am I doing?
K: You supervise!!
F: You seem pretty fired up…
K: You bet I am!
This is revenge for being stood up at the cherry blossom viewing before.
Page 122:
F: Your mother sure is busy, huh…
K: Yeah, she sure is~~
I haven’t been able to really talk to her much at all recently~~
Text: She doesn’t even get to see the fruits of her cooking~
K: That is why,
K: I will definitely surprise her by making an amazingly tasty lunch box!
F: Sounds like a plan.
F: I’m sure it’ll surprise her.
I think she’ll be overjoyed.
Page 123:
K: You’re going to pull your weight, right, Mr. Inuzuka?
Here! Take the slicer!
SFX: Shove (gui)
F Text: Right
K: Umm…
After you slice the turnips…
Do the carrots next. Add salt.
Then we’ll soften them up.
F: Things are probably good between her and her mother, right…?
SFX: Shuffle shuffle (bata bata)
F: With things as they are,
she’s probably a bit lonely though.
F: Even if she seems like she’s keeping it together…
K: This is probably fine, I guess~
K: Mr. Inuzuka, you’re spacing out…
Please don’t cut yourself with the slicer…
F: R-Right.
K: Umm {top right}
The dressing is olive oil, lemon juice, and vinegar mixed…
K: I guess maybe I’ll add a little salt or soy sauce~~
F: She really is just winging it.
SFX: Mun?
SFX: Lick (pero)
Page 124:
K: Ah, I’m going to taste test them, don’t worry!
K: If you can, please take note of the things I added and the amount~
Text: So we can make it again later…
K: Let’s add some water and mix, then set it aside for now.
K: So, next is the karaage’s…
T: Karaage!
SFX: Bang (gatan)
K: Yes… We mix up a little grated garlic, sake, and a good amount of soy sauce into a sauce like this…
K: We let it marinate in this for a while, then fry it later…!
SFX: Uooooh
T: The karaage?!
K: You’re going to eat it too, right?
K: The karaage!
T: The karaage!
K: I love karaage!!
F Text: Wa
T: I wanna make karaage too~~
F: We’re making the karaage a bit later, y’know!
T Text: I wanna do something… Something~!!
F Text: Umm...
Okay, okay.
Page 125:
T: Then…
SFX: Oh?
T: Shall I use this to turn the ham and carrots and stuff into stars?
T: Y’see…
T: I handled this last time, after all~~
??: Tsumugi’s perfect for the job!!
??: We leave it up to you!
K: We’ll skewer them with some cute sticks after you pile up some ham and veggies.
K Text: We’ve got lots of cute ones, after all~
T: I like it!
K: Let’s let the karaage marinate in the sauce for now…
K Text: For about an hour, I guess~
K Text: The rice…
Not yet.
The water is…
SFX: Uh~~
SFX: Shuffle shuffle (bata bata)
SFX: Uh~~
K: Umm
F: Oh… and this! Let’s make this!
F: Umm! Mix the sesame oil with the cabbage and whitebait…
Page 126:
Text box: Sauteed cabbage and whitebait
Text box: Konbu stock earthenware pot rice
Text box: Baked cream cheese pumpkin mix
Text box: Ham and veggie skewers (Mayo)
F: Maybe we should have cut the chikuwa up after we put these in instead…
Text box: Chikukyuu cheese (Mayo)
Page 127:
SFX: Huff… (fuu)
F: We’ve completed up to here…
T: Wow~~~
T: Three left?
F: Just three, yeah…
Paper: Rice {balls - cut off}
F: It’s all uphill from here~~
K: Yeah…
All the stuff so far has just been cut and mix or cut and saute a bit. Stuff we could manage at our level…
But fried stuff is at the top of the pyramid.
Text {top to bottom}: Preparing fish, {left}Fried stuff, High rank <----> Low rank, Ingredients I’ve never heard of, Seasonal stuff, ~, Microwavable, Add water
Our image of difficult seeming cooking
F: Ah, but I can make tamagoyaki.
F Text: Probably
K: Huh? You can?! That’s amazing!!
F: We can just make an omelet and cut it up, right?
K: Huh?
Thanks, OP. Your work is still appreciated.
Page 128:
K: That’s way off…
T: I know what it is!
SFX: Bang (gatan)
T: You make the egg really really thin, then roll it up a bunch!
T: It’s sweet too!
T: That’s what tamagoyaki’s like, right?
F: Yes… It’s like that!
SFX: Tap tap (pon pon)
K: You weren’t gonna get away with that one, huh, Mr. Inuzuka~~
>taking suggestions

I recommend something short. Thanks again for your work, you're probably the reason it got picked up.



Page 129:
F: I wasn’t trying to get away with it…
I just thought it would be better than failing the normal way.
K: Oh?
Is he still worried about that thing with the eggs from before?
SFX: Ha-...
F: I really…
F: just want to make a lunch for Tsumugi
F: that is so tasty she can’t wait to eat it.
F: So, the thing I really want to give her,
is the same thing you want to.
Page 130:
K: Just seeing
K: her father trying his best to cook,
K: putting aside the result,
is enough to make her happy, I think.
K: Well…
That’s just if it were me, though~~
SFX: Haha
F: No.
F: Thank you, really…
K: Not that I’d know…
K: I wonder if this is what it’d be like to have a father…
F: Okay.
Page 131:
F: Okay! Just you wait, Tsumugi!
SFX: Sudden (gui)
F: Crack three eggs~~
SFX: Crack (paku)
K: Add lots of sugar, then salt and pepper…
Sounds right, I guess?
K: Wow
You’re doing well, Mr. Inuzuka!
Text: Thinly Thinly
K: Looks good! Looks good!
F: This isn’t… so bad!
The rubber spatula is easy to use.
F: Carefully…
Add one egg while lifting it and make sure it gets underneath…
F: Adding the second egg!!
K: It’s really coming together! You’re pretty good at this!!

I'll look over the suggestions from last time too and try to come up with something. Feel free to toss more suggestions my way. I recognize the artist for the second one though.
>I recognize the artist for the second one though.

Isn't it great when doujinshi authors move onto a serialization?
Page 132:
F: Now for the third egg…
K: You added too much!
F: Uwaaaaa
F: What do we do? What’s going to happen to it?!
K: Ahhh! Let’s just turn it into an omelet!!
Just mix it all in together!
K: Let’s just even it out!
SFX: Ehhh Ehhh
K: M-Mr. Inuzuka…
K: Let’s just try cutting it, okay?
Page 133:
SFX: Fall (horo)
K: Ohh!
That looks perfect!
It looks like so tasty too!!
Right, Tsumugi?
F: The shape…
F: is all wrong…
T: This is it!
The one I saw on TV was just like this one!
??: That’s a lot.
Text box: Sakura Shrimp and Corn Rice Balls
K: You don’t need to beat yourself up…
F: The karaage! I’ll try harder on the karaage!
K Text: Wa
K: Okay!
F: Umm
I can let out the liquid, right?
Text: Probably
K: Yup! The karaage should be all juicy and plump thanks to the marinade.
K: Or so my mother told me.
F: Here goes…
F: Fry…
F: It’s frying..!!
This is payback for the tamagoyaki!!

Everyone is still trying to recover from tosh...
Page 134:
SFX: Crackle
SFX: Shock
K: Mr. Inuzuka, please keep on adding more and more.
Text: Uwaaa
F: Gotcha.
F: Hot!
Text: It’s splattered!
K: Twice! Fry them twice!
Remove them once please! Remove them! Remove them!
F: Is this okay?! How about this?!
SFX: Quickly quickly (hyoi hyoi)
K: Let them rest,
then put them back in!
Mr. Inuzuka, put them back in!!
Text: Waaaaaa
SFX: Whoosh
Page 135:
K: Maybe I should’ve helped him out a bit…
K: Ah,
please give them a try.
SFX: Chew
K text: Good!
F: Whew~~~
F: That’s a relief!
K: I…
I’ll use this while they’re still hot.
K: I’m going to mix them with this salty-sweet sauce.
T: The karaage came out okay?!
F: They did! Look forward to them.
Page 136:
T: This is for the karaage.
T: The karaage’s pasture!
T: The eggs are because luck is from heaven!
T: The chikuwa too!
F: Because it’s white?
T: Right!
K: There was one left over.
SFX: Nom
T: Can you do that?!
Can you really do that?
SFX: Fufu
K: Sneaking food is the real advantage to making lunches!
T: I wanna do it too~~
Page 137:
T: Wa
Leave some for us too!!
Text: Just one bite! One bite!
Phone: Riiiiiiiiing
K: Ah,
Hello, Mom?
K: Yeah, we just finished up, actually.
K: I see.
K: Okay.
K: Yeah…
K: Don’t worry. You’ve got no choice.
Anyway, everything okay?
K: Are you getting enough sleep?
You aren’t working too hard, are you?
I don’t want you to overwork yourself and collapse…
>actual scanlation group has picked this up
I was happy for a moment, but then I saw how they cleaned the pages. Absolutely disgusting.

Did they downscale it to 1200 for some reason?
Page 138:
K: Okay…
F: Um…
Did she just…
K: Ah, yeah, that’s right. I was stood up this time too!
K: So, Mr. Inuzuka.
K: Can I ask a favor of you?
SFX: Snap (pasha - camera shutter)
K: Thank you so much~~!
I wanted to send my mother a picture.
F: It was no problem.
None at all, but…
Are you… okay?
K: I’m just fine~~
K: I’m going to eat the lunches with my mother after she gets home tonight.

I only looked at the translation, and it's decent.
They cleaned it like shitty magazine scans, i.e. destroyed the screentone. And yeah, it's downscaled to 1200.
Page 139:
SFX: Noisy
T: Hey…
T: About Kotori…
F: We promised only to play with her at the shop, didn’t we?
Page 140:
F: Whoa!
You’ve gotta be kidding!
The weather report said
F: it would be clear…
F: Sorry, Tsumugi.
F: Tsumugi…

Ouch. That's a shame.

I wonder why they would make it look so terrible. At least OP mentioned HQ raws.
Page 142:
SFX: Nom
K: Whoa.
K: What’s this?
K: Yummy…
K: Wow, it’s tamagoyaki!
It turned out perfectly! Yummy!
K: I’m so glad the marinade didn’t turn out funny either~~
K: Huh?
The cabbage and whitebait…
is super average!
I feel like Mom’s was better than this…
The rice today is sticky and delicious.
K: There is so much stuff.
We made it all together too…
K: It was a nice Golden Week, huh--
Page 143:
SFX: Clatter (gara)
K: Mr. Inuzuka?!
What happened…?
Text: Whoa--
F: Yup, it started raining.
F: So…
F: If it’s okay with you,
F: would you like to eat together here?
Page 144:
K: Okay……
SFX: Fwip (bafu)
T: Wow.
T: Whoa!
T: It’s a tent!
T Text: Awesome!!
F: It’s great for afternoon naps.
F Text: I’m glad we brought it.
F Text: Sorry about it being on the tatami…
K Text: Ah
It’s totally fine!
Page 145:
T: Daddy, I wanna eat lunch!!
F: Yeah, sure.
After all that work, it’s already lunch time, isn’t it?
K: I…
I… already ate my portion…
F: It’s okay. You can have some of mine. It would be wasteful to leave lefovers anyway.
T: Hehehehe~~
Get in here too, Daddy! Get in!
K: Eh?!
F: I’m on it! Just you wait!
K: Isn’t it a tad cramped in here?
F: It’s just barely okay.
Are you okay, Tsumugi?
T: This is amazing!!
Cleaner probably never seen anything other than a magazine scan, I assume. Or just they rolled with it because no one would even complain.
Page 147:
??: Wow~~~~!
Page 148:
T: Mm~~~~
T: The karaage is yummy!
F: You really do love your meat, huh, Tsumugi?
T: What is this salty-sweet sesame thing?! It’s yummy!
T: It’s a sauce?!
F Text: Add the sauce properly
F: The ones without any salty-sweet sauce are really tasty too.
F Text: The veggies are yummy too, Tsumugi~
T Text: No-
I don’t wanna eat celery.
K: I wonder if it’s because I already ate earlier…
K: I’m just...
So full.
T Text: Daddy, you eat the celery!!
K: I can’t eat another bite, Mr. Inuzuka…
Chapter 4 - end
Page 149:
*Ingredients* Feeds 3-4 People
Chicken (leg meat) .. 300g
Potato starch … (A little)
Water … As much as you need
White sesame … 1/2 tbsp
(A) Soy sauce … 3 tbsp / Sake … 2 tbsp
Grated ginger … 1 tsp / Grated garlic … 1 tsp
(B) Soy sauce … 2 tbsp / Sugar … 1 tbsp / Mirin … 1 tbsp
>>121517118 cont.
T+K: !Recipe!
T: Meat~
1. Cut the [chicken] into bite size pieces. Soak in [water] for about 10 minutes.
2. Take the [chicken] out of the water. Pat dry to remove the remaining water. Add (A) and mix, then let it marinate for about 10 minutes.
3. Coat the [chicken] with the [potato starch]. Fry them for about 1.5 minutes at 160 degrees. Once the outside turns a light brown, remove them and let them rest for about 3 minutes. Turn the heat up to 190 degrees. Then fry them for about 40 seconds.
F: If your long cooking chopsticks start to form bubbles around them and they’re rising up, then it’s about 160 degrees.
K: Wow-
When they are bubbling like crazy is about 190 degrees.
4. Put all the ingredients from (B) into a frying pan and mix. Turn up the heat. Add the white sesame once it starts to simmer.
5. Then put (3) into (4) and coat evenly.
Make sure to add the sauce when the karaage is still hot!
K: It really makes you crave some rice, doesn’t it?
This was my attempt at the fried egg over hamburger from last week. Was actually really easy to make. Turned out pretty well too.
Page 150:
I feel like I’ve had this sauce before…
I wonder what it is~
I know this flavor...
Aha, I want to really experience this!
T: Yum Yum
K: It’s probably
Circle: Nagoya
Fried chicken wing
Salty-sweet sauce

And that's all for this week, folks. I will at least finish translating volume 1, but after that I will most likely move on to another untranslated series. There's not much point in continuing to work on it.

I'm at work currently, but I'll still be around for a bit to take suggestions for after next week.
Such a shame OP, but I can understand that, there is no point in keep translating.
Well at least it'll be a pleasure to read v.1
Keep the good work
How about some gluttonous girl?
Their translation was decent from what I saw, so it's okay. No idea what kind of speed they plan on releasing chapters though. Hopefully it's at least not less than the once a week I was doing.

I'll pick something else up after next week, so look forward to that.
That's pretty cute too. I'll add it to my list to consider. I'm seeing a theme emerging here though.
Well, I thought it wouldn't hurt to continue with more cute food stuff. People need more cute girls eating delicious food, that's I'm sure of.
I do enjoy a good cute food manga...

Plus, this was giving me things to try cooking when I had time.
These two look really fun to read. I'm seconding those, OP.
Thanks for your Hard Work.

I dislike Volumes when all Colour Pages are Black and White.
All Public Raws Volumes has Colour Pages gray scaled :(
File: 01-02.jpg (137KB, 1100x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1100x801px
This is 1st Chapter Colour Page
File: c11-02-03.jpg (149KB, 1100x795px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1100x795px
Chapter 11 Colour Page
Actually, I own the volumes myself as well and they pages are gray scaled there. The color pages from the magazine, I believe.
You can get those chapter from SHARE :)
Please stop using emoticons and randomly capitalizing words. Lurk more before posting.
I will stop using Emoticons.

That Capitalizing for defining Share not share thing.
Magazine name Good Afternoon.
This isn't a chat room either, so try not to post multiple times in a row. Include all that info in one post.

And read the OP post. All the info you need about the series is there.
Thread posts: 63
Thread images: 38

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