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Gakko Gurashi 32

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So I guess we need another chinese translator now that we've lost the Japanese RAWs source... anyway, dumping thread.
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Whoops that's Gakkou Gurashi (just in case somebody will be searching this thread later).
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>looks at thread name
>looks at your post
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Maybe because of this?
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BTW I wonder if we'll get the anime adaptaton in July roughly 2 years after the 1st dump.
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So many text and yet I can't understand a single word. I hope the anime will cover more than what's been translated.
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That's pretty unlikely.
>snoring sounds
>good morning!
>brushing sfx
>gurgling sfx
>were you able to sleep?
>I was able to sleep...
>but my neck hurts
>ah - the car's too cramped
>were you able to fall asleep yuki senpai?
>I couldnt sleep since I was too excited!
>you sure are lively
>come back here
>all right
>we're coming
>what are going to do today (pomf sfx at the top)
>aren't we going to meet the person who made the broadcast?
>where are we supposed to go, the broadcast station?
>who knows
>since the radio waves were sent from a short distance I think the equipment for it isn't very big
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Kitaaa! Chinese translator kitaaaaaa!!!
>then it's probably in some person's house
>how are we supposed to find that
>see if there's any antennas or something...
>good morning, it sure is a nice morning! although I can't see what's outside but it definitely is a good day
>this is bow wow wow (chinese onomatopoeia for dog barks) station, I'll be in your care for today too!
Thanks for dumping.
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One page left.
>If the listeners can hear this broadcast, can you please come over and show your faces?
>hey --- where do you live?
> *cough cough* right now I have tea and snacks here for everyone, as for the address.....
>she heard it!?
>no way no way no way no way
>very good, now we're clear
>umm... is it here
>poke sfx
>it should be here
>um? um um.....
Wait, the broadcaster lady is dead?
>It's up to you now yuki
>although we have to take a few detours..... but if we go like this we can arrive there today
>alright, let's go!
>we're going
File: 29_8735.jpg (283KB, 900x1300px)
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And that's it!

I guess we'll have for this great translator to be sure. Though judging by their faces that might be the case.
>Ri-san, stop the car!
>can't go through here either
>this area has a lot of small roads huh
>(sign above : switched seats to navigate)
>you can put it that way but the roads are really clogged
>we need to think of something -
>we need to use political methods
>it's decided! when I'm 20 years old I'll vote for the person who promises to widen the roads!
>let's rest a bit
>I'm back
>welcome back
>you've worked hard/thanks for the hard work
>recently the fatigue hasn't faded yet..
>(I don't know what the phrase 輛個車 means so I'll make a guess) It's probably due to driving the car, do you want to stay at some place and rest for two or three days?
>*shakes head*

I'm off for dinner, I'll be back in 30 minutes approx

Looks like, notice the banging on the door and the new bloodstain on Kurumi's shirt after she goes through.
I'm back
>the car's out of gas
>it can't be helped
>should we find another car?
>the highway should have a lot of abandoned cars
>yeah, but we need to discuss this with megu-nee first....
>well you see, this is megu-nee's car, if we're to switch cars....
>we also need to discuss this with yuki
How did she die?
>the song you are now listening is Gunjo's (no idea how this is pronounced in japanese so I just put it on google translate) "tower of friendship", now before the next song plays
>bow wow wow station welcomes the listeners to order songs to their liking at any time
>yuki senpai...
>what's the matter?
>what sort of person would she be like?
>*radio* through text messages, telephone calls, mail, pigeon mail, verbal shouts, anything works
>she feels like a pretty open person
>..... is that so
>although I would be the most happiest if you came to see me *cough cough* *cough cough*

The implication would be that she was becoming a zombie and locked herself in another room first, after leaving a note. It's possible the fact they skipped over Kurumi putting her out of her misery and we don't actually see the zombie (and the girls don't know what she looks like) indicates that's a red herring, though.
>ah.... did I catch a cold? the most excruciating thing when you're living alone is when you get sick, you should be careful not to catch a cold in this weather, dear listeners
>we're..... four people right? even if it turns to five...... it shouldn't be a problem, right?
>you mean adding a new member?
>yes, if she's a terrible person, what if an argument breaks out....
>when Mi-kun joined us I was already happy at the time
>is-is that so
>also, even though we had some arguments
>.... but aren't we on good terms with each other in the end?
>aren't you thinking too much?
>if she's a terrible person, we can drive away anyways
>you're right
>eh, what's wrong?
>they're coming, look!
>quick, come back!
>we're coming right now
>she suddenly became really dependable....
>it should be here
>that's amazing
>it looks so sturdy..
>....why did they build this building
>It's like they knew something like this would happen
>just ask them why then
>yeah, but... where are we supposed to go in from
>is it there
>then lets go
>there has to be someone to look after the car
>I'll stay behind, have a good trip
>thanks in advance (hard phrase to translate)
>then we're off-!
>sfx: shake shake
>this is really hard to open (sidetext: hurghh)
>senpai, what are you doing there?
>everyone look, there's footprints
>let's not focus on that, come here and help
>I'm opening?
>sfx: bang bang
What happen to Yurihouse?
>note: DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! the one inside the door is me. I planned to write all I could about this to make it clear, (blocked) do not understand. If there is any noise then it is probably because of (blocked) so it is believed. If you read this letter, I (blocked) left for you.
>note: DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! the one inside the door is me. I planned to write all I could about this to make it clear, (blocked) do not understand. If there is any noise then it is probably because of (blocked) so it is believed. If you read this letter, I (blocked) left this house and key for you. If I could, I want to (blocked)
>note: If I could, I wanted to drink some tea with you. If I could, I wanted to go with you, out of here. If I could -
>hm? well
>I'll go send her off.....
Well that was fast
>I think it's better this way
>sfx:bang bang
>.... be careful
>wow~ so many things
>.... it's the same
>it's the same as the basement in the school, the supplies and storage cabinets are all the same
>umm.... then living here is also okay
>no way!
>didn't we say that we're going to university together....?
>yeah, let's go then, let's get there quick
>what's up? anyone in there?
>ah - it seems they went outside
>is that so, what a shame
>but we also got a present
>what's wrong, mi-kun?
>if we came here a bit earlier, if only we came here a tiny bit earlier.....
>next time we'll see them for sure
>you're right
>good bye....

and that's it for the translations, I took some liberties with the translating, but overall the meanings should be the same. If there are any other chinese speaking anons reading this, they can correct it anytime they want
>she just went out for some cold medicine and the note was from the previous owner
Thanks for your hard work!
Thanks for the trans!
aw maaaaan!
i really liked her
But usually people turn zombie the next day after getting bitten if they don't have the antidote.

This broadcasting girl didn't turn zombie for weeks so it feels like an asspull that she turned zombie all of a sudden.
Do we know when she was bitten?
Maybe it was a fake-out.
Yuuki pointed out some new footprints here >>121476736 That girl might have just went out somewhere, and the zombie's a different person.
It possible...

"everyone look, there's footprints"

She noticed it with reason.

And of course we don't see the woman is zombie form.
Until that if a important character turned (Sensei, Naoki's friend) we se as in zombie form.

But now we don't see the brodcaster as a zombie.
Maybe she is alive and jut going somewhere...

Also...judging her apperance maybe she will be an important character.
She looked like completely fine at the previous day.

If she is infected maybe she already in bad shape on that day.
This chapter made no sense.
This. What happened?
Try looking through these:
Thread posts: 77
Thread images: 29

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