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Yuri Kuma Purple Shock!

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File: Purple bear.png (1MB, 1280x720px)
Purple bear.png
1MB, 1280x720px
So far all the known bear's hairs color has been consistent with their human form's hair color with just some slight hue change.
This applies to:
Life Sexy
Life Cool
Life Beauty

So where the hell does this purple haired bear come from? Are we really sure that this is Eureka?
>Are we really sure that this is Eureka?
Recognize those drawers behind the curtain?
File: Katyusha.png (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
Yeah, and do you recognize those socks? Those are exactly like Sumika's socks, but guess what, that body is Katyusha's.

It wouldn't be the first time that this show fed us misleading hints.
>hair dye
True, but common white socks are common while those drawers have a pretty unique design. I wouldn't imagine it could be any other place than Eureka's office. I also couldn't imagine any other person other than Eureka using that office as a love cave, not to mention being manipulating the student body from the shadows through the invisible storm.

Sure, Ikuhara could always pull a twist, but there's not a single person in the show besides Eureka who would fit the bill at this point.

Also, Eureka's purple clothes are the only purple feature on any character design in the show, so the color is actually all the more reason to assume it's her.
What you say is true, but we've only seen those drawers in Yuriika's office.
Who else could be using it to make fuck but her?

I think we saw one of the drawers open during the scene in which it was revealed Mitsuko was a bear (pic related? So, perhaps she used that office as well?

That being said, the person Kaoru was having sex with had her hair up, whereas Mitsuko always wore it down.
calling it now

Sumika was a bear all along and shes not really dead.
So Mitsuko just lied about eating her?
To be honest, by now, I just don't see how you could twist Sumika into a bad person, considering all we've seen about her thus far.

She only made 2 mistakes:
1. Giving up on the promised kiss for love - I think she did this when she wrote that letter, having Kureha get another friend so that she could be safe.
2. Be alone at the wrong place at the wrong time.
We're on week 7 and I still don't know what the FUCK the invisible storm is.
The Invisible Storm represents conformity and maintaining status quo. I think.
>7 episodes in:
>no girls are confirmed dead (except for Squirrel-chan and fake tomboy)
>Yuri court is still unexplained
>Lily licking scene still makes no sense
>Invisible storm is still a mystery
>Space comet that made the bears super was abandoned and backstory of the bear empire was changed into a race on war with humans
We only have 5 episodes left. What are the chances that this will all be cleared?
Wait till girls start coming back to life
When the gilrs are all "let's search eviru", that's basically the beginning of the invisible storm. Its the process by which the school shuns and punishes girls who stand out. The way the girls went after Sumika, and then Kureha's birthday, was basically the invisible storm in action.
File: 1422321750051.jpg (950KB, 1009x1200px)
950KB, 1009x1200px
>Sumika was a bear
Even if that happens, there is no denying that her love was true
File: 48148274_p0.jpg (213KB, 600x540px)
213KB, 600x540px
I know that the OP and ED are against me, but god, I hope that Sumika will return to reclaim the Kurehabowl
I want Mitsuko to rape and eat me.
File: 48650768_p0.jpg (786KB, 1250x900px)
786KB, 1250x900px
Eternal Bliss
...It makes me miss her even more ;_;
>she will never give you her dark lily
Endcard rankings:
1 = 3 > 2
I can't decide for the life of me between 1 and 3 because each have their strong points (pancakes and half-nude Lulu maid respectively), but 2's character design inconsistencies (Kureha's missing belt and Ginko's flat boot-soles) put it last.
I only every focus on the bear, I wish the animation was full size.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 9

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