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GuP: Mädchen und Panzer

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What's your excuse for not having GuP MRE ?

Also, 4chan is not kill
That looks quite disgusting.
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They come in multiple flavor.


Spanish Army MREs based on traditional cuisine dishes and judged positively by a two-times Michelin Guide star winner. They should try harder!

Nada supera a aquel bocata de sardinas en lata de toda la vida que te daban en la mili.
Never heard about spanish rations.
I guess you have to like slightly spicy stuff.

I never had interest in their army either, do they have something noticeable about it ?
Except the "gay division" I'v seen multiple time on /int/
Show me another since that still looks disgusting
Reminds me of my TV dinners.
Is that a thing in the US ?
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You betcha!
It can't taste that bad compared to US combat rations.
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Old German ones

Where is that SCHO-KA-KOLA mentioned on the previous thread?
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>Troops called the D ration "Hitler's Secret Weapon" for its effect on soldiers' intestinal tracts.
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Also, wat?

Not only 4chan was broken, but captcha too?
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it's not in pic.
Here's some of the candies they used to have.
I just got a beer one too.
Densest candy known to man?

Is that an actual thing? Damn.
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Anchovy is sending you a message.

Is it actually good chocolate? Or the only interesting thing about it is that contains caffeine?
Never tasted it.

I expect it to taste like regular dark chocolate.
But the main interest is the caffeine.
One tab = a cup of coffee.
That's not the way she should hold the fork
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She's not really Italian, remember.
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continuing with TL way too slowly


Page 12:

A one-to-one fight of FT-17*!

The battlefield is the training field we always use...

*FT-17 equipped with coaxial Mg for training purposes (No such tank/modification actually existed though...)

Maginot's foundation is an out-and-out/hopeless defensive strategy...
And there are 3 positions in this training field that are ideal for an encampment...
Those 3 are A~C...

Point A... An urban area were dilapidated houses are jumbled together

Point B... A rockstretch with extreme ups and downs

Point C... A forest with densely grown trees
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Page 13:

Madeleine-sama too is aware that I know of these points...
But I still expect Madeleine-sama to pick a level ground defensive strategy...

I think that exactly that is Maginot's tradition and pride...

In that case outsmart her
Lets head for a spot were I can shoot those encampments from the flank!

I had plenty of practice on this training field

To think that it would turn out like this...

All right! Lets head for point A fir...

>mon dieu, she has outsmarted my outsmarting!
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Page 14:


That's the commander for you! She's more familiar with the training field than I am!

To think that there was a place suitable as encampment in such spot too!

I bet she didn't expect to get shot at this early
If I know that Éclair/you would head for point A first...

Then performing an ambush is simple!
Because I'd rather spend the money on other GuP merchandise since I already have Heater Meals.
I don't particularly like to eat MREs unless I have to.
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Page 15:


As expected... She's a girl I took care off/looked after after all!
She's dodging skilfully...

And she's also pretty bullyable!

She'll have to keep moving if she wants to attack!
However, if she moves she'll have to put herself into the enemies range of fire!

Not sure at all with the 'bullyable' part, I can't get any proper TL for the expression ijime gaiga

Their uniform is easily the best in the GuPverse
She's right, Eclair does look like she'd be fun to bully/tease.
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