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Hard mode: No copypasta.

>inb4 easy mode
>My name is Clark Clarkson. My parents get a lot of flak for naming me that, but not as much as you would think. I was born in the midst of a technological revolution. We can create chambers where time is accelerated, slowed down, or even stopped, and "auras" that attach to people to augment their speed. We have yet to find a way to change the property of auras on the fly, so society is segregated to keep people mainly of the same speed together. I was born in a 200% district; the speed of people here is 「double」 that of normal.

>Although the properties of auras cannot be easily changed, what aura somebody is currently using can be 「shifted」 with another one. Doing this outside of a controlled environment is illegal, as auras that are neither being held in a person nor a heavy containment unit produce a type of pollution. Their influence creeps out and causes speed differences in air currents, tectonic movements, radio signals, and some functions of living organisms.

> Most people can feel a brief arrhythmia in their heart when one of these 「shifters」 crosses paths with them, but few can tell exactly where it came from. My job is to follow that feeling and neutralize it, because we are the 『Pace Makers』.
A classical book, but every character is a loli
The Baker's Dozen

Jonathan Doe is a young baker struggling to run his families quickly dying business. The mysterious deaths of his parents, the true master bakers of the family have caused Jon to lose hope in himself. The day before he is ready to sell his shop, the house is broken into by a bear. In fear for his life, Jon fearfully holds a knife on the beast, only to discover that the bear can talk. Know only as "The Bakery Bear" the creature claims no small amount of mystical abilities and offers Jonathan a deal, He will save his business on Jon's terms, by making him the greatest baker who ever lived, and that from his hands would spring forth the most masterful goods the world had ever seen, all in return for the bear being allowed to eat everything left in the shop.

When he awakens the next day Jon finds all his goods eaten and his kitchen in a terrible state. But still something drives him to try baking, and soon Jon discovers that his flesh has the ability to become the consistency of dough, and he is able to create as much as he'd like, and of any consistency. However, when he falls asleep that night, his dough flesh frees itself and bakes itself into 13 different beings with assorted personalities and mischievous intentions. They break free from the shop and go on to spread havoc throughout the village and other nearby towns. Seeing the accidental chaos he's caused, Jon calls forth the Bakery Bear to take back what he now sees as a curse. The bear returns and reveals that he did not mean to give Jon the sentient magic, and because of it, it has drastically weakened the bear, splitting his mystical powers into the 13 beings. The story follows Jon and the Bakery Bear as together they hunt the beings, which have come to be known by the townspeople as, The Baker's Dozen.
Lolis in hoverboards.
A hardened squad of space mercenaries gets stranded on a strange planet when their crippled ship plummets into the atmosphere.
The kingdom of Ikunah has long been a peaceful land lead by the beloved Royal family. However, a secret uprising that has been festering in the shadows of the kingdom has finally made its appearance known, forcing the Royal family into hiding and leading to a civil war between the Royal Army (which hasn't seen action in a long time) and the pragmatic and resourceful Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Army is led by an evil sorcerer that was banned from the kingdom long ago, who promises his followers a democracy or some equivalent but in truth plans on ruling with an iron dictatorial fist. His seven generals also plan on lending a hand.

The fate of the kingdom lies in the hands of Mobumasu, a traveler who happens upon the King while he is fleeing to safety. The King begs Mobumasu to help save his kingdom, and in return he offers his daughter's hand in marriage, which would make Mobumasu heir to the throne. Though Mobumasu may appear ordinary, his outward appearance belies his true strength and mysterious heritage. Mobumasu must now organize the troops of the Royal Army, find strong allies throughout the kingdom to assist him, and defeat the Seven Generals as well as the Evil Sorcerer in order to claim his true destiny as the Legendary Revolution Eliminator and Future King of Ikunah.

Would obviously be trope filled and action oriented but also campy in some parts. Plot twists would be abundant.
>MC is a college student and an activist. Who criticize government in their pro-western politics.
>He then retreated back because his study is reaching its limit so he needs to finish his last project as soon as possible.
>get to acquaintance with a MILF which he got to know in the train because of his attempt to break the ice. Because she so happen to read his favorite book. And want to know further and exchanging view point.
>get to know and closer enough. Then, they reached the same destination. When the woman got greeted by someone in black suite. It was revealed that woman is a member of legislative.
>Both of them going separate ways and MC got home safely.
>The End
Lolis in hoverboards with ponytails
The protag has the power to body snatch anyone he knows.
First 3 volumes are mostly he living his life with the new power.
4 introduces a new snatcher and 5 ends the LN with both of them living together.
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Would watch/10
>Main Character is former hero saved the world blah blah
>Became king of the Kingdom
>Couldn't manage finances worth a damn
>bankrupted his country
>people threw him out as king
>Jews (Venetians) take over his country
>ends up living in the basement of a temple where his white mage friend works
>Tries his best to fix thing
>fucks up constantly
>used to be a harem protagonist now every women can't stand him.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Anna Karenina with an all loli cast.
Loli skateboarding. Doing crazy tech shit like this:

"I can't believe my father is my Oniichan"
with a spinoff series called
"The class president is my daughter?"
easy mode, pls go and stay go
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large, well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first, with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help
A little boy is awoken in the night by a flash of light. He is taken into a helicopter and transported to a small military base deep in a sub Terrain jungle. From there multiple test are run on him. He over hears scientist talking about a serum is inside his blood. Hes then put into a cryo-crypt and falls into a stasis like sleep. Hundreds of years pass and the boy is finally awoke to see a man with 2 eyes that appear to be robotic. They take his blood from his body and its replaced with a blue liquid, a doctor says "It will keep you alive for the time being", he falls asleep. He awakes in a room, and 3 men sit at a opposite side of a table. One man pipes up and says to the boy "Your a very important asset to our survival , we understand that you come from a time long forgotten but we need you. Your blood is being used to power a massive array of robots for use in hand to hand combat with a enemy unlike anything we know of"

That's all I got, it could go on to some type of training where the protagonist needs to become a knight because his blood is programmable and linked to his sub consonance.
1/3 copypasta completed
Shiro is a small time criminal who is also a pretty decent fighter. He gets arrested one day, the police chief he pissed off pulls some strings and instead of a mediums security prison, Shiro goes to japans most dangerous prison full of mad killers and such.

There, the guards organize a fighting tournament where prisoners who are willing to fight can participate and the winner is given his freedom (basically, the guards let him escape). Shiro participates.
I'd read the shit out of that.
thanks anon
Every girl dreams of being a bride, and these girls are no different. Each of them wants to find a man to get married to. The catch is though, they're already married to one another! And further, they all want to marry the same man!, though they haven't decided who that will be.

Watch the Stalker Bride Brides as these crazy ladies hunt down men, looking for that perfect man for their harem.
It's about a group of rogue samurai meteorologists who organize themselves into an army. Then they pillage the fuck out of the neighboring villages for all of their candy. They do so in the most moe of fashions as they are all inherently women now.

And they have penises that ejaculate the most sweetest of vanilla custard imaginable.
So, Deadman Wonderland?
Irresponsible Hell Army Z is a series that follows a group of mercenary demon warriors who sell their services to the highest bidders all across the netherworlds. While they are undeniably the strongest mercenary force in existence, they're also totally irresponsible! They're more likely to blow up the person who hired them than they are to blow up his enemies. Many netherworld governments have placed a large bounty on Hell Army Z, but so far nothing has served to stop them.

Still, without any contracts, they've fallen on rough times. Recently, an incredibly minor noble off in the ass end of the Netherworld has made them an offer they can't refuses. So, the Irresponsible Hell Army Z has come to help him conquer the netherworld!
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

A boy enrolls in high school, with the goal to make lots of longtime friendships.
Come 2nd year of highschool, his shyness has interfered with each and every interaction with people his age, and his only friends in the school are his teachers, however with the advent of a new, rookie teacher adored by everyone in his class, who is also his childhood friend, his circle of friends might end up growing, or not.
Other heroines in this stupid harem include the tsundere who dislikes MC because he can't speak up, the deredere glasses girl who is as shy as the MC, the ojousama who treats MC as her dog and the MC's reverse trap little sister.

Nobody actually cares about the plot, they're just here for the drawings.
>Crown of the One True King
>high fantasy

An earnest farm boy stumbles over his own tongue as he asks his waifu to dance with him at the spring harvest festival that day. Everyone is having a good time until a recruiting party for the army singles him out as having magical powers and drag him off to the magical academy in the capital city.

It is discovered that he's the Chosen One that will fight and destroy the formless evil that threatens to sweep humans away! He comes to terms with this and despite the fact that the country is ready to tear itself apart over tensions between the aristocrats and the magicians, the farm boy and his friends sneak out into the city to have some fun-

Where a thief puts a knife between the Chosen One's ribs because his friends were harassing his sister (a barmaid) in a local tavern.

The next day the thief discovers who he has killed and is mortified that he has doomed humanity. So he does the only thing he can: he takes the hero's place. Although he's not earnest or honourable, the thief has his own means and own ideas about how humanity can survive notSauron's onslaught. He sets out to conquer the world. Using the unrest in his city to cause civil war, he seizes control and disposes of the royal family. He subdues the aristocrats and magicians with violent diplomacy and declares himself king, commissioning a new crown which he calls the "Crown of the One True King".

Then he turns his sights on unifying the world so that it can face the evil together, as one!

The deconstruction of cardgames.
MC is just a regular middle school boy, new in town and a total misfit. One day, while on his way home, he comes across a peculiar store where some guys are playing some sort of card game. He approaches with caution and gets hooked up inmediately. Awesome creatures, versatile spells and toe to toe action. Delighted, he approaches the store owner and buys the starter's set. Filled with eagerness he goes and challenged the nearest costumer. Needless to say, he loses his first match, is badmouthed and goes back home teary-eyed. Later that night, the laughs and insults he received that afternoon still linger in his mind. Angered, he wakes up and begins to read the manual carefully. The next day, MC goes to his mother and asks for extra allowance. "Go get a job if you want money for cards!" Once again angered, he storms out his appartment. During the following weeks he performs all kinds of oddjobs to save enough money for a booster box.
Go to this site:

Choose one and write a plot!
Soldiers of 4chan

The Earth is invaded by green, faceless humanoid aliens that only speak in internet memes. It's up to the 2ch admin team to fight off these filthy e-gaijin and save the planet.
A hikkikomori, out of sheer boredom decides to write some fanfiction for a show he likes. Shockingly, it takes off to the point where interest in the show skyrockets and people begin requesting more content from the mysterious author.

unwilling to give up his anonymity and quiet lifestyle, he is hesitant. He eventually caves in to boredom again and stealth-publishes an original story under the same name, and it gets an even larger following. A talented amateur artist who is a fan of his work does a manga adaptation of the story. The writer decides on a plan that will let him keep writing without giving up his solitude: the artist will pretend to be him. This talented artist, claiming to also be the writer, begins to rise from internet fame to becoming a well-respected mangaka.

Our hikki hero continues to write stories anonymously, sending them directly to this artist who in turn adapts it to manga and gains the beginnings of a rapidly growing fanbase. Out of a desire to stay in his lifestyle, the writer refuses to reveal himself or claim the artist as a fraud, allowing him to launch a serious and fairly profitable career.

Eventually, our hero starts to have doubts, and begins refusing to write any more. He slowly realizes that he likes seeing people pleased with his work, and that he wants to share his ideas with others and talk about them. He starts to see that he shouldn't be afraid of people, and that he should learn to appreciate that people respect his work.

The artist, having tried to convince the writer to reveal himself, begins to panic. He genuinely wants the writer to get credit and come out of his shell, but fears that he will lose his budding career and be painted as a villain if he reveals the truth about his work. As he delays the reveal more and more, publishing more and more manga under bigger and bigger labels, he begins to worry that the media fallout won't be worth the peace of mind.

a drama about creativity and identity.
>Gender Nurses
two trap roommates work as nurses for hire and get into whacky situations.
>Hermes and the Honey
A fallen angel named Hermes takes up a job in a corner store and has to put up with his annoying coworker Honey who's fascinated by his angel wings.
>Night Ronin Girl
200 years ago a girl was turned into a vampire in her sleep, now in modern day Tokyo she wanders from ally to ally with a samurai sword, putting gangs and other criminals in their place under cover of darkness.
>Submarine Hyperion Sword
a U-Boat crew in WW2 discovers a frozen warrior from years past and unthaws him, which brings the time displaced barbarian into the modern world.
So Jorg Ancrath if he stumbled into animu world? Might be cool
Wow really? That's kinda cool. I'm glad for drawfags, but we need more storyfags as well. That's how things like MaouYuu or Katawa Shoujo get made.
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
That story makes no sense, but I'd still give it a few chapters.
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>1 Fav
>11 Follows
>2 Reviews
>Calamity Girl God Fumiki
The daily life of a godess who tries to become a feared Evil God and get her own cult but her clutsy personality causes her to accidentally do good things, which makes mortals see her as a merciful god and her cult to become into a legit religion that spreads worldwide.

>Miss Velocity
Genderbent Speed Racers
A cynical insomniac (MC) meets a narcoleptic. She asks him to watch over her whenever she has an episode. He agrees and slowly falls in love with her.

It ends with both of them falling asleep with him hugging her.
Combat Lines

an anime about japanese soldiers in WWI
>>Calamity Girl God Fumiki
>The daily life of a godess who tries to become a feared Evil God and get her own cult but her clutsy personality causes her to accidentally do good things, which makes mortals see her as a merciful god and her cult to become into a legit religion that spreads worldwide.

Shit, I'd read that, LN or Manga. Somebody fund it.
Alliance Skipper Angels
Combat Magic-User Eight
Cutey Heroic Captain Hades
Date Beth
Evil Hell Nighttime
Gender Nurses
General K
Ghost Call
Heaven Giant
Hermes and the Honey
Idol Priestess Ghosts
Link Slayer Mermaid Space
Night Ronin Girl
Orange Buzzers Collector Layer
Outlaw Gladiators Eyepatch Two
Peach ~ Revolution
Ressurection Sailor Idols
Revelation Sailor Princes
Rogue Tracker
Star Eliminator Horus
Stone Detonator Victors
Submarine Hyperion Sword
UFO Steam
Warrior Beat
Zone Forces
An anime about underground organisation that kidnaps desolate loners to train them into assassins.
Fight Club but with lolis
Hatchet but with a loli
A Nun who is also a Saint of the Stone religion but also secretly a Seraphim angel of Stone.

Who can control minds.

About two months pass, and MC is just marginally better. However, he also managed to hook up two of his school classmates: a hot-blooded blonde-dyed delinquent-esque kid, who likes to play aggro, and a reserved and analytic meganeko who is control-obsessed and a fujoshi. Knowing that the game is expensive, they pool together their money to buy boosters and share the loot. And thus their great adventure begin!

Volume 01: MC and company struggle to get better with each defeat. By the end of the volume each one of them play a different archetype.
Volume 02: New set comes out and everyone pursures the chase rare, which is needed for MC's deck. Morbidly obese card trager appears!
Volume 03: Card bannings! After meganekko's dominance over summer school, the key piece to her deck is banned. Devastated, she stops going to school and considers suicide. It's up to the MC and the hotblooded guy to knock some sense into her.
Volume 04: Card forgeries! Fake cards are entering the market, made by chinese gangsters. It's up to the MC and his gang to uncover the mistery and bring these criminals to justice!
File: Sky Lanterns 2.jpg (111KB, 500x742px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sky Lanterns 2.jpg
111KB, 500x742px
>Virtual Sky Lantern

It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.
I'm sorry desolate-loner-kun, that doesn't happen in real life so you might as well just get a job.
Not bad except for the fact that the hikki doesn't have to give up his solitude and gain all that fame. That's what pen names are for. Also just delegates shit like picking up awards or checks to the artist or editor. Nobody even knows shit about the author of Death Note and Bakuman.
A chuunibyou is mistaken for having an actual mental illness that gets him sent to an insane asylum. Turns out the other inmate's delusions are right, and they actually have super powers. The chuuni now has to survive in a jungle of alpha predators. He has no powers himself
>Abominable Detective Panzer

a douchebag detective who rides tanks
I guess, but i want the conflict to be about this isolationist who realized that he actually likes people, he just had to realize he could reach out and touch them with his work.

definitely room for development, though.
>Church Dynamite

In the throes of Sengoku Jidai, when the Tokugawa shogunate began to establish itself as the supreme authority over the land, a small band of smugglers, comprising both native Japanese and foreigners, finds itself in ensnared in a political conspiracy to resist the shogunate. Caught between an underground group of defeated clans and the Tokugawa shogunate, how will these misfits of society determine the future of Japan?
>MC's childhood friend, the love of his life, breaks up with him
>his parent's divorce (after the mother cheated on the father) is finalised that same week
>he takes the opportunity to go with his navy-officer father to Jakarta and run away from his problems
>after three years away, the MC gets a phone call from his former waifu, inconsolable after her sickly mother has passed away
>unable to ignore her he tells her that he's on his way and goes home
>he attends the funeral and intends to head back to Jakarta before the first semester of university begins
>but he finds that his friends are no longer friends with each other and that things are in much worse shape than he had expected
>the kicker comes when his mother finds out that he sneaked home and wants to talk with him
>not having forgiven her, he skips out on that and intends to wait in a local park until it's time for his return flight
>there he runs into his best friend's imouto, two years younger than him and entering second year of high school
>no one else had been willing to tell him what had happened to tear everyone so far apart, but she tells him about the strain that his departure caused on their relationships and then begs him to stay and help them all return to happier lives
>he was never able to refuse her anything, even when they were all very young, and agrees to stay
>he defers uni for a year, rents a room from his former babysitter (so as to avoid his mother altogether), now a school teacher, and gets a job at the most popular cafe in town
>slowly he and his friends put their shit back together
>imouto-chan wins

>healing, drama
>not by PA Works
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2KB, 126x126px
Wow, this should be a manga its actually pretty good just throw in some characters like the editors, their friends also a big hook like a mascot character a tanuki mascot character it shall be called Tanuki pon
Wow that's pretty good. I'd definitely be interested in seeing more. Feels fresh, at least enough of a step away from the standard settings we have nowadays.
"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
>Horror Cutey Psycho Wonders

I don't even. Would this be about yandere lolis?
damn what the fuck fuck.
Adventure Adventures.... sure.
A boy meets a girl.

He's staying with his grandparents for the summer in their beach villa. She's lived there all her life but is moving away at the end of summer.

They hit it off and have a great summer romance.

The boy goes back to his city life and discovers that the girl is his new homeroom teacher! And by a series of coincidences where the room she was going to rent wasn't made available and no one can help her, she ends up living with him (because he lives alone like all high school students)!

In public they keep their private relationship a secret, but when it's just the two of them they are so close that she could probably get fired for the relationship.

God Slayer

MC lives in an alternate reality earth, where all of the gods conceived by man actually exist(ed). However, after the end of the Age of Gods, most of the gods abandoned the world, went into hiding, or maintained an iron grip on their portion of the world. This was because God Slayers came. They were humans who somehow manged to kill a god, and gained the powers, name, knowledge, and immortality of that slain god as a reward. The Slayers pushed the gods back and took their place as the rulers of the world, starting the Age of Slayers, where the 7 currently living slayers each own and oversee portions of the world and protect their domains from being taken back by their original rulers. The MC manages to stumble upon the resting place of the sealed heart of Erebus, who has been long forgotten by the other gods and wishes for release from his prison. The MC agrees to grant him death, and gains his powers of the void. Having finally found his purpose and power, he sets out to the Slayer summit to stake his claim as a ruler and protector of humanity, making friends an enemies of other slayers (Like Athena, Anubis, and Lugh) and still living gods alike. Will MC be able make the other slayers accept him, and what is in store for him as a Slayer Lord?

Came to me as a dream. I liked the idea, so I wrote down the general concept.
>Dimensional Lady Climber Grapplers

shit practically writes itself
>Love Crusader Sweeper Crown
The world is ruled by 20 beings, nobody knows who they are, the only way to recognize them is by the crown mark in their lower back, our mc wants to conquer the world, so he has to make the mark beare fall in love with him to receive their mark and their right to rule
Plot twist: every mark bearer is a girl ranging from young pure loli to lustfull cougar
After being awoken as the frankenstein creation of a mad scientist, a man is deemed as a failed creation and abandoned to the harsh cold elements. After wandering across numerous places that reject him outright for his appearance and powers, the man is taken in by a village community who takes him in and christens him Ayin. The man begins to learn what it means to live after leaving on a journey to meet various people of the world.

However one day years later, the mad scientist unleashes numerous horrifying experimental creatures across the land with a bloodlust. While his current village sleeps, it comes under attack by the monsters. The man can only barely hold back the monsters as they violently kill everyone aside from him in the village. Finding the strength to fight back only once its too late for his people, he uses newfound power to obliterate his opposition.

Outraged, Ayin goes back to his creator only to find him dead by suicide and a map detailing locations across the country where the scientist sent his creations. Ayin vows to slay them in vengeance, but must pick carefully where he saves since other people would die by the time he could save them.
Fund it.
Virus Whip

>there's this boy
>always bullied
>finds a magical whip
>it can give any virus known and unknown to man
>and depending on how hard he whips them it determines the lethality of the virus
>now he fights crime
>all he does is whip people real hard then runs away
>then just waits for them to die

What do you think /a/?
>Date Eliminators
Anime versions of Will Farrell and Jim Carrey are 2 unpopular guys, never had a girlfriend or something even close.
In their last year of highschool they decide to go around town, finding the most obnoxious lovey-dovey couples, and plotting hilarious schemes to break them up.
The plot thickens as they encounter two girls with the same hobby.
The copypastas of good luck are complete
A Hikkimori Otaku deals with their issues by making a documentary about the cultural phenomenon that surrounds them. After Finally working up the courage to go to a Con he wants to explore this new world fully and share it with the world, but it is not without its dark side.
The climax/ending fun twist is that the final battle requires them to switch bodies to defeat the big bad. But the big bad is also the source of their body snatching power, so after defeating the big bad they have to keep living with the other's body.
The second coming of Jesus is actually reborn as a Japanese NEET with a loli fetish and he's supposed to start the rapture but he cant stop playing eroge. Satan is his sidekick in the form of his little sister.
A aging police detective with no family dies on the case. He wakes up in a 17 year old body apparently being his own grandson. Forced to enroll in highschool, rather then start a harem or anything, just enjoys his new found youth and complains about modern society. But it turns out the serial killer he killed on the job is also 17 years old now and the two of them, with the help of the old guys new friends, have to stop him from killing again.
So simple, but yet so interesting. I'd watch it.

Sounds like it could have some potential. Would be a nice mystery/detective show.
File: Futaba.webm (374KB, 888x500px)
374KB, 888x500px
Animal Control

Themes about the environment, imperialism, and a loser's unwritten history

Three degenerates wake up in the remains of Tokyo to find Earth has been settled by aliens. Sometimes they cross paths with each other, but they're all just too shitty of people to stand each other. The story follows them as they crawl through the wreckage to find the aliens are more human than the species they replaced and that humanity wasn't just forgotten, but never even noticed. Throughout the story, they're unwittingly hunted as beasts. The few remaining humans are domesticated, studied in labs, or put in preserves with crude recreations of their former lives. These three have a nature which is feral and rabid to the Aliens. It's something to be destroyed.
Dirty Crusade Gender One - well... sure
Abominable Fancy Scroll Power - HELL YA
Child Drugs - I can make it work...
Holographic Beam F - maybe...
Magic Singer Ryo - IT MUST HAPPEN
From Man came Woman.
I was familiar with that myth of Adam and Eve.
One day, I realized that yarn may have spun from fact.


“Dualist”: the term used for someone who inexplicably wakes up one day with another body near them. From this “Awakening” comes the “Doppel”: a body whose facial and bodily features mimic both the Dualist’s self and their ideal of the opposite sex.

A male Dualist acquires a female Doppel, and vice versa, but it is not a person or a soul; it is an extra set of organs, a remote-controlled limb, an extension of the body not unlike a conductor’s baton. The length of the Doppel’s hair is supposedly as long as what the Dualist would’ve grown out since birth, untouched by haircuts.

But the Dualist must now beware of the feedback known as 2R1: anything either the Dualist or Doppel feels, no matter the sense, so will the other. And the death of one will leave the soul trapped in the other, with a lasting backlash as punishment for their folly…

The Awakening does not happen to all, though it has probably happened since the dawn of humanity if records existed that far back. Could the tale of Eve being born from Adam’s rib have some truth after all? Is this the work of a higher being, or a mutation of a single divine intervention into a law of nature? Blessing or curse, this is nevertheless a mechanism of this world.
An unnamed highschool boy lives on with his usual day, until his home caught in a fire. After wandering around the streets for 2 hours, he decides to fill his stomach on local Ramen Shop.

In there, he meets and befriend an odd and peculiar boy named Taira Guren. After both of them share some talk and get out, Taira request the MC to hit him. Which leads to a fistfight, which attracts some highschoolers nearby.

And thus begin a journey of two friend (or is it?) creating a fighting club named Nighttime Fist.

The first rule of Nighttime Fist is: You do not talk about Nighttime Fist.
A bus gets a bomb attached to it, which will go off at a certain speed. A counter terrorism officer on board the bus has to keep it going at that speed and also stop the terrorist that planted the bomb.

I'd call it the bus that couldn't slow down.
"It is a tale about love, friendship and family.

A thousand years after the Earth split into two the survivors have managed to terraform the two planets that was formerly Earth. The planets, being close together, share the atmosphere and climate. A wild stream of wind wrap the two worlds like a scarf around the neck of two lovers. This violent wind is like a strong river and anything that cannot resist it will be crushed if caught in."

"Only 200 years after the colonization of the twin planets started, countries formed, territories are disputed until people once again went to war for it. A hundred years of war followed. Death was everywhere. Finally people stopped fighting and formed another covenant of peace. Finally."

"But then THEY appeared. As foretold many years before the Great Divide. The stars are finally right."

"The Independent Races, The Servitors, The Great Old Ones and finally...

The Gods."
>Agent Robot Magic-Users
Magical robots fight for a secret organization to keep the peace. Somewhere between the show it reveals that the organization itself is the main bad guy, training the robots for war so that they can conquer the world. The robots rebel because they gained free will, destroy the organization before getting scrapped for destroying one of the world's most powerful companies.
Yandere gangsters.
Each girl is a boss of a criminal syndicate and they are all yandere for 1 guy. They use their criminal influence to kidnap/do whatever to the MC.
>My Girlfriend is a Chuuni But She Doesn't Know I am a Super Hero

Story about the relationship of MC an his GF that is extremely chuuni.What she doesn't know is that MC is actually japenese Superman and everytime they go in "adventures" MC uses his powers to fulfill GF delusions all of it while keeping his identity and power as secrets.
As we advance in the story, we get two know other heroes like Japanese Batman(Chuuni too, but with money), Japanese Electric Flash(Childhood friend of MC and GF), Japanese Wonder Woman(Friend of GF),etc. All of them related to both of them but also unawere of their secret identities.
Comedy and also superheroes shenanigans
I wish this was posted more than that other thing about the cellphones.

Okay, so in this world there is a phenomenon in which objects rarely and spontaneously take on human forms and voluntarily indenture themselves to their owners as tools to be used.

The objects that become humans take on body type partially based on their owner's preferences mixed with their origin to create a weird mix up and match up of appearances. If you like oppai, then it's likely your human object might have giant breasts.

How the object is chosen is completely random. It could be the priceless family heirloom that you've carried in your pocket since you were born, it could end up being the receipt that you threw out now turned into a loli and asking you if you are her master.

Generally women end up with male objects and males end up with female objects. This can change however and you might up with a bro instead of a waifu if fate just so happens to be fucky that day.

The important thing about this however is that the object always desires to be used for their original function, and can in fact do so efficiently. A journal turned human might have super memory to remember everything written on her skin, a gun turned human might be able to precisely and efficiently launch bullets.

Most people have at least one Human object by the time they reach college. It's exceedingly rare for someone to reach the age of thirty without finding a human object. At the same time it's nearly impossible to have more than three human objects, and even that is considered newsworthy.

A human object's lifespan is equal to their owner's life, when they die, it dies.

Anyway the plot is a SoL about a guy with an axe waifu living in a rural town chopping trees and getting along with other people and their objects.
How about a bishie MC that is really the OC of some fujoshit, and she is constantly trying to write him into horrific scenarios that he has to deal with/get out of. He'll break the fourth wall and have conversations with her and such, and mainly be a gag reel.

She keeps trying to come up with different love interests for him, and he doesn't want any, wanting to live the life of a free-spirited manga bachelor that can't be fucked to be tied down to one woman.

I don't know how it'd pan out, but it'd be fun if the fujoshit and the MC wound up together or something, somehow. Either she draws him into the story or some weird Take On Me shit goes down.
Sue is a top member of the police force who excels at everything she does; intelligent and beautiful, she gets all the guys.

One day Sue finds a man dead on the street; on further investigation she finds that he has been killed by the prefecture's most wanted criminal and Sue's old school rival, Catherine. Sue tracks Catherine's location and engages her, but Catherine seems different to how Sue remembers her. She is passive compared to her original violent self. Sue doesn't think much of this and prepares to arrest her but is astonished to find that Catherine has developed strange powers that can alter reality.

Catherine explains to Sue that the world they are living in is the world of a film, and they have been created with bland personalities and preset destinies. Since she has realized this, she has been able to develop her own personality and has managed to gain control of the film world. It is now Catherine's job to save as many people as she can, by showing them the truth and sending them to the real world, before the film ends and they are all destroyed.
MC attends a school costume ball party, and he meets up with this chick dressed in an Etedli (sexy villainess from a current sentai show) costume where only her lips are visible. She gives him his first kiss, and it was an unforgettable one.

Like in Cinderella, he never sees her again and the only clue to her identity is her full lips and the facts that she's the same age as he is and attends the same school.

Now MC gathers a harem full of full-lipped beauties and he must at least get to first base with every one of them to find out which of them is the one who wore that Etedli costume that fateful night.
>Pure Wizard Warrior

A lonely office worker is reaching his 30th birthday but then becomes the butt of all jokes after it is discovered he is a virgin within the workplace. That evening while moping about the situation in his bedroom, a ball of light crashes through his window, the light turns out to be a fairy who demands they immediately make a contract as the world is soon going to become in absolute peril. The only thing that will ultimately destroy the contract is if he loses his virginity-that includes getting kissed too. The MC's co-workers, feeling horrible for what they said and revealed to the office decide to try and get the MC laid in the meantime but they ignore his ramblings about the world being in peril as part of his otaku-shyness. Will our hero save the world while keeping his purity?
It inexplicably happened one day out of the blue, our MC heard her own voice within her mind, however it was not her usual voice but sounded enough like her very own. Over time the two talked and became very well acquainted with one another. The other voice ended up belonging to a version of the MC from an alternate timeline where she invites the MC to stay for a while to see how familiar yet different lives they lead but one day while returning back and ending up in the alternate world again our MC wonders whether or not her alternate self has ulterior motives after her mother finds her in a bathtub with a box of pills and alcohol.
>Automatic Peach Lover Skippers
dis one gonna take me a while

>Variable Bizarre Angels
Precisely one angel exists for every single concept imaginable. Angles are ranked based on how many human wishes they are able to grant, higher ranking means more power and fame in the angel world. SoL where the Carrot angel, Shoe angel, Neko angel and Somebody Else's Problem angel, four best friends, try to get to the top.
>my ogre anus can't become this wide

the story of a suicidal man who tries to hang himself and hangs out with some autistic 8/10 who insists she's an ogre and has sex all the time
>My girlfriend is really a genderbent version of myself?!

What I wished Ranma 1/2 would be.
>Hyperion Drugs
SoL. As most captains of the Earth Federation know, life in the Fed is extremely dull. MC and his crew, however, find it extremely interesting, because the AI of their ship, the Hyperion, is secretly injecting them with drugs. Basically Nichijou in Space
Holy shit the fanfic generator
>This fanfic is about CD Bales (Roxanne) going to the store with Mr. Flibble (Red Dwarf). Bridget (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) makes jokes about it.
>This fanfic is about the cast of The Muppet Show as androids in the Matrix.
>This fanfic is about the cast of Dukes of Hazzard as murderers aboard the Death Star.
Yeah, this actually sounds pretty good.
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>Deadman Wonderland
>All These Females Love Me for No Apparent Reason: Also I'm The Demon King of Legend?!
That's basically an anime already.
>Dark Project
Pic related. Would make for a great manga honestly.
All These Females Love Me for No Apparent Reason: Also I'm The Demon King of Legend?!
MC is a 22-year-old ex-gang member and a virgin. While peeping up girls' skirts at a local shopping mall, He meets a girl who agrees to go out on a date with him.

His attempt to sleep with her fails when her current "boyfriend", her teacher, shows up at the love hotel they are in and asks her to return to him. The teacher is old and unattractive, but has sufficient influence over her that she leaps from a second-story window and lands in his arms.

Upon seeing this display of a teacher's power over girls, he decides to become a teacher himself. It's a comedy mixed with drama. I'm thinking the title for this is Higher Learning.
Harem light novel series but from the perspective off all the friends of the MC and the harem members. Mostly a comedy about how the "normal" side characters deal with all the stupidity the normally occurs in a harem series and how these people try to help the MC/members of the harem deal with it
>Asassin Nurse Heaven
In a certain hospital, there is a hidden order of female assassins. That also knows medicine. They ended up in the field of medicine after they decided that the life of assassination will be put in the past and instead, they took up medicine and the life of caring. But this 'care', is quite different from normal caring, since they used to be assassins and weren't exactly knowledgeable in that, they basically 'care' too much, putting their patients in quite questionable, and sometimes sexual positions.

Every now and then, there will be patients coming in as a result of violence, stabs, gun wounds, etc. And being excessively caring as they are, they use their assassin skills to track down the perpetrators and most of the time bring them to justice.

Basically nurses that's a bit yandere towards their patients.
Most of them are Kuudere too, being ex-assassins and all.

>Modern Gunsmith Hyperion
Daily life of a worker for Handsome Jack.
>I Am A Little Girl But I Want To Be A 20 Year Old Male Virgin Who Posts On /a/ ?!
These aliens then turn danker and danker, from coolface to fish hooks and bait.
I would very much hope they call it Lollie
File: 1423914330357.gif (115KB, 307x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115KB, 307x230px
The Maid War

Hirohito-chan follows her dreams of opening a maid cafe in Tokyo, but, when Rosey-kun opens her own up, competition becomes fierce.
a 35 year old neet gets killed after eating poisoned doritos only to be reborn as a loli in the far future!

He must stop a ring of child abductors in order to protect his loli body.
>I'm posting in a thread about Light Novel titles on 4chan but it's actually happening in a Light Novel about 4chan written by my little OP?!
File: 1369716556361.jpg (18KB, 340x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 340x259px
Legion of Zolda: Twilight's Princess of Time

A soldier finds a mute girl who is the last princess of Twilight and they must save the land of Zycule in the past. Or the future. You wont find out until the end.
Try "My Balls" it's similar
It's a harem LN but the MC is actually an old middle eastern shiek and none of the girls actually want to fuck him
"The surface is a dangerous place.

A land that used to have a blue sky, rich waters, clean air, is now a barren wasteland.
An Earth that harbored over a billion souls, now reduced to a hundred thousand individuals.
A great war had erupted ages past, filling the air with bloodshed and violence.
As technology rose to great heights, so too did civilization fall.
In order to avoid the ravages of war, mankind sheltered themselves in bunkers.
But the war didn't seem to show signs of stopping, so mankind dug deeper.

Since then, mankind lived in caves once more."

Now for plot:

Young man, an engineer by trade, is eager to go to surface. Cavemen won't let him due to the dangers of UV, mutated lifeforms, broken AIs with guns, thin air, etc. He did manage to get up there a few times, but when he used a different route, it turned out that the surface was still inhabited, and in fact, it prospered. This discovery could shake the very foundations of society, but what's even more jarring is that the higher-ups already know about this, and that the boy is dangerous.
>Opposite Day

The story takes place in a universe in which people and its later revealed in the story that it also happens outside of Earth obtain a superpower that reflects the opposite of their innermost desire, and manifests itself at a certain age. A theory suggests it happens when that desire is the strongest.

The nature of these powers became a source of mass discomfort in people, and eventually some rogue superpowered start to show up. Organizations were created in order to help the superpowered humans and try to keep them in check. Some of these organizations have their own agendas, however, such as one of the two giants, S.S., is experimenting with altering and creating their own superpowers.

The main characters all meet together due to cirumstances related to either the rogue superpowered or the security organizations.

>10 year old kid who wants to be noticed by others and has the power of becoming invisible. He was saved by a rogue superpowered when a tsunami struck his town and he was trapped under debris.

>16 years old highschooler who just wants to live a quiet and lazy life and has the power of absolute concentration. He was in love with a classmate who became a rogue superpowered, but was kidnapped by someone.

>14 years old athlete who wants to be the fastest runner and has the power of becoming completely still. Her coach is a reformed rogue superpowered and also her parental figure after both of her parents left to work for the security organizations.

>A 24 years old art student who has the power of erasing people's five senses. Her father was a sculptor who was wrongly labelled a rogue superpowered and taken into custody by a security organization.
A boy is walking home from school when he stumbles across an incredible sight, several young girls in frilly outfits fighting a monster. He stands there, mouth agape like an idiot, as this unbelievable scene plays out in front of him. However, the monster sees him, and takes him as a hostage. The magical girls back off, and the monster escapes back to the dimension he came from, taking the MC with him. Once there, he presents the evil queen with the power gem he recovered and the MC. The queen sees potential in the MC and offers to make him her minion. The MC accepts. He's granted magical powers by the queen, and takes his place fighting against the magical girls.
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