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>You now live in the same universe as the last anime you've

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>You now live in the same universe as the last anime you've watched.

How is your new life? Are you happy?
>I now live in a 2D universe
How the fuck could I not be happy?
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As long as I'm not this motherfucker I'll be fine.
>Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
So everything is exactly the same, but more colorful and with more drama.
Nigger, you wouldn't be super special if you lived there, you'd be peasant # whothefuckcares and if you landed in anything non-SoL you'd die horribly.

I am okay with this. Now to somehow become this Admiral person...
>Death Parade
Either I work there and life is pretty sweet.

Or I'm dead and being forced to play some death game for shits and giggles so some random autist can send my soul to oblivion for an arbitrary reason.
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I'd probably be with the millions that die in space battle.
My life up until that point would've probably been okay, right?
>Hellsing Ultimate
Welp, it was a nice life I guess.
>The [email protected] Cinderella Girls

Disregard CGs, find Makoto and make her feel like a princess.
I'm down with this
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Great I get to see 765Pro
Do i have the powers of that universe?
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It would be shit cause I am a coward. I would probably survive anyway by shouting this bright idea over the radio: "Our weapons are ineffective, fall back!"
I don't even remember what's the last anime i watched
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Now I am a wealthy arms dealer with a hot bodyguard.
>Samurai Champloo

I get slashed on the street by some thugs and die
>Love Stage!!
Only if I can be a qt like Izumi.
Otherwise it'll probably be the same shit life I have right now.
>I don't even remember the last episode of anime I watched
why do I still come here
Nothing changes, unless I got to Japan.
But I'd be the perfect 2D of my dreams, I don't care where I end up.
And most anime you'll be fine unless you happen to be right where shit happens.

The last thing I watched was Military!, I think I'll be fine as long as I stay clear of lolis, unless I get to be a military loli which would be even better.

Life expectancy is pretty low and you could easily get some supernatural illness or something, but on the chance you get cool superpowers or at least the ability to see them, this is probably the luckiest answer so far
>Victory Gundam
A-are you guys really aren't watching anything at all this season?
Check your media player's history or something
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I have the ability to turn into an actual little girl. I am extremely happy.
> Aria
impossible to not be happy
>Absolute Duo
I dont think it would change much since only the special kids got in
>Death Parade
I think it will be the same as always, unless I die, then I'd be in the void most probably.
Durarara is in the same universe as Baccano.
Go find yourself some immortals.
eh, I just realized I haven't re-installed MPC
>medaka box

Everything is perfect.
>Dog Days
Hell yeah motherfuckers.
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>Eureka Seven

I'm a mediocre amateur boarder until one day I get killed by coralians, I guess.
>Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Ohh, yeah!
What, I'm a Moonrace now?
I don't really care too much about the life expectancy, I just like the quiet nature-rich life.
>just watched 20 seconds of Starship Troopers
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Well, fuck my life, I'd probably get killed.

I don't know really.
>Gundam G no Reconguista
Living on Earth not giving a fuck.
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>tfw shitposting in a Musani thread
So, nothing changes then.
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>Spice & Wolf
I mean, If I exploit my knowledge of tech/historical development I can life pretty nice

Otherwise it's serfdom for me
You might die like those sluts in space :^)
>Smile Precure

Happy? More like ULTRA happy. I hope Majorina will give me a taste of the Majorina Time.
Stay indoors, and if you need to leave take crowded buses in broad daylight. Overall a very small percent of people die from them, I think you'll be fine.

Don't be so down anon, I bet professional car racing is way more interesting in that world.
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Thread images: 15

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