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Hard mode: Bad endings.

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Hard mode: Bad endings.
MC starts out as a young boy visited by an omnipotent deity for one wish, wishes to be a shounen hero. Deity then kills MCs family because all shounen heros need a tragic back story and follows him for the rest of his life forcing him to be a typical shounen hero upholding friendship and never giving up and if he doesn't he gets tortured.
I don't think it's really any good, but I have one idea that always gets me pumped up about being productive. I wish I had even the slightest bit of talent drawing, because it sounds like it would be super fun to create.
It would be a typical shounen battle manga, but instead of the battles taking place in the diagetic reality, it's about 2D fighting games. Our protagonist enters the circuit and finds out how tough it can be. I feel like the concept «yomi» in the fighting game community can be expressed extremely well through manga. It's also very particular to manga because it's a very visual form of media--it wouldn't really work as a novel. Different major arcs could introduce new games that discuss real-world mechanics. Just think about the possibility of rivals! I might be a bit too hung up on that, though, because I'm just getting through reading Bakuman.
MC is some stone age guy who made a deal with the devil, he exchanges his soul so that the tribes(they're at war) could unite and be in peace. The devil takes his soul and disappears without a trace.

So everything is now peaceful, the only catch is that the MC cannot die. He sees all of his loved ones, children etc die before him. He makes the decision to travel all around the earth to find the devil again.

During his search, the MC will be present and inevitably play a part is many of the world's major historical events such as the fall of the Roman empire, the rise of Oda Nobunaga, Kennedy assassination etc.

He will start off as a moralfag trying to prevent disasters from happening but it happens anyway so later on in the series he starts to not care for humanity and just wants to watch the world burn.

Show ends with him floating alone in space, trying to remember his own name.
This feels somewhat like Mahou Shoujo of the End (In the sense that both completely turns the generic trope over its own head).
Damn, this seriously piqued my interest (and in only a few sentences, nonetheless!), hopefully someone would make a manga like this.
>World got flooded
>People of Earth moved away to liveable planet far away
>Offspring of researchers becomes chosen to do underwater civilization archiology in distant planet he's only read in books
>Gets to flooded planet
>It's earth from long ago
>meets qt 3.14 on the ship as well
>they explore the underwater ruins of the lost civilization of old earth as they teach us about how constant pollution will destroy ones home
>QT 3.14 saves MC by CPR umderwater cuz forgot to check air levels
>MC and QT get it on on an island
>decide to stay on flooded planet for a while and even make a home and have kids and bring people from distant sub earth to live there too
>repopulate earth after many many years and eventually fix earth with future technology
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

They never meet. They always have a long-distance relationship.
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A serial killer picks up a little girl and murders her in his apartment.
He keeps the body because he's fallen in love with the girl. Eventually he starts hearing voices of the girl talk to him through the lifeless body.
To get away from the voice, he goes out and murders more little girls and keeps them in his apartment.
All the lifeless bodies start talking to him and it turns into a slice of life of dead lolis.
MC - Kamiya Hiroshi
Loli #1 - Mariko Nakatsu
Loli #2 - Omigawa Chiaki
Loli #3 - Kobayashi Yuu
Loli #4 - Arakawa Miho
>main character is in high school and 13 different super unique and new female characters want his dick
>each episode focuses on one girl and her relationship to the main character
>they all get friendzoned
>last episode is all of them together at a festival
that's the whole show
I'm pretty sure I've seen something like this before
I'm not sure it would do very well. It's an interesting premise, but how much can you really do with it? It would make an interesting one-shot or even an LN. I feel like this has one arc in it.
-Kyoani fans
Reminds me of Wreck-it Ralph
>and it turns into a slice of life of dead lolis.
Would watch
It's a good idea. It will target a niche market. I did something like this before with Starcraft. The problem is your target market knows the game mechanics very well and wants to see it within your manga. It's pretty hard to create drama while being realistic. It's far easier for market exposure though.
>main character is a 13 year old boy who was introduced to sex work at an even younger age when taken from parents
>forced to literally suck dicks to pay for food
>gets a customer one day
>main character devlops fondness for customer
>customer is in his late 30s to early 40s
>every day the same man comes by and solicits the boy for fellatio, giving him a nice tip(lel) for his service on top of his flat rate
>main character asks if he can live with his customer, he fell in love
>customer takes boy in to live with him
>as they live together, customer notices the boy looks a lot like customer's dead wife
>asks the boy what happened to his parents
>'my dad left me when my mother committed suicide'
>customer now aware that main character is his son
>dad kills himself when main character goes for groceries
>comes back to find a note
>bla bla can't forgive myself for what I've done
>son commits suicide aswell
A romance manga, BUT - I know it's crazy - there's no drama, no misunderstandings, rivals or denseness, and instead there's constant progression in their relationship; the story does not end with them starting to date, rather that's the main part.
(Man, I miss Bonnouji... Horimiya also sounds interesting, though.)
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

MC is a young man in a typical fantasy world. While his friends are off adventuring and killing monsters, our MC prefers sitting at home, reading and sleeping, whiling away his time. He was bored of his world before he even experienced it. Tired of the scenery before he even saw it. It was almost like he already knew everything there was to know about the world. He just never felt the almost unnatural drive to explore, like his companions did.
Then one day, he wakes up.
A metal hatch above him slides opens and light floods in, blinding him. His eyes soon adjust to the brightness. He sits up and sees wires running from all parts of his body, towards a dusty monitor. A long tube is connected to his stomach. He rips the wires off and looks around him, dazed and confused.
Pods, hundreds, no, thousands of pods fill his view. Each similar to his own, with a thick layer of dust. But only his is open. Where is he? What is happening? And why is he the only one who awoke?
shit did he activate the secret fail safe?
get rekt betty
Horimiya is excellent, and is almost exactly what you described. You make it sound like you haven't read it, so definitely give it a go.
Feels like Monster x Monster meets the Matrix.
I have an idea for a manga for a long time, but never got around to finish it. Basic plot line is that the 2 main protagonist are friend w/o knowing the other is their sworn enemy. I like prying into the idea of there no good guy/bad guy, everyone have their reason and everyone is a "good guy". And also I want to have a lot of other characters and have the story progress from their point of view (inspired from Demonata).
And I want the character power progress steadily and similar to a rpg mechanic (inspire from The gamer and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) I intent to have the characters gain more skill and combine it with older one instead of just common battle manga "I'm in a pinch, time to use this secret move" so no bs destroying the continent in onehit nuke like a lot of battle manga.
The main power is coming from crystal and each crystal can transform into weapons, and the crystal power up as the user get stronger. And some crystal sync with some character better than other. And like rpg, the character going to find more powerful crystals as the story progress. Some crystal gonna have a previous user soul in it (think Bleach's zambatou) and it more powerful than the one w/o it.
Young boy loves girl. Girl finds an athletic alpha to fuck her. Boy watches and is turned on. Alpha gets a giant mecha suit meant for boy saves girl and they live happily ever after. Boy becomes a salaryman, makea ok money but he never has sex or rides the mecha.
>taken from parents
>my dad left me
I think you got a little confused.
A talented chess player gets into a gambling problem. Gets into a serious debt. Then a friend introduces him to poker. He meets an old sensei trope. And starts working on his bankroll both IRL and online. In the dark underground world of poker he finds some girl.
Boom! Some drama happends. Something related to his past debts and loansharks. Someone gets kidnaped. He has to find the money. Everything binges on that final tournament; On that final game; On that final hand.
And he miscalculates. "Thats impossible. Not him. Not after all that work. He is talanted. He is genious even. Everyone told him that since he can remember. He had it all in his hands reach. And he fucked up."
Someone gets killed. MC snaps. A lot of people got killed.
There's a new one, it's called Kakegarui (it's somewhat similar to Gambling Fish, only our protagonist is actually able to lose)
Anyway, the whole kidnapping, money, and debt sounded a bit generic (probably because I've been recently reading Liar Game), but the plot twist at the end seems really good.
The only problem would be how to make everything that leads up to that point interesting to the reader.
An immortal sage(who for story reasons, doesn't age much past his teenage years) spends his days lazing around. People often come to him when they encounter problems that nobody else can solve. Any ... supernatural. Ghost haunting your house? Done. Dragon eating your pumpkins? No problem. Demon King is demanding ransom for your daughter? Better pay for overtime.
Very few know that he is infact, one of the strongest entity in the world(even God occasionally asks him for favors) because of his lazy and silly nature. Still, those who have seeked his aid have always walked away happy. Despite all this, this MC suffers from the typical immortal syndrome: loniless, anti-social etc. While he reads manga and plays games to deal with this, nothing can truely replace human interaction.
All of this changes when he gets a mysterious knock on the door and is asked for help by a girl: She woke up on the streets without any memory and it appears nobody can see her. MC Sage solve her problem rather quickly: She is actually, a living ghost. Her soul didn't make it into the afterlife but unlike most ghosts, she has an actual body. Her body is made of the mysterious energy called EN(Not to be confused with Nen, which this is a clear parody of), this allows her to both interact with the physical plane like a normal human but also have the property of a ghost,like transparency and such.
As the girl has no memories and thus, no home to go, the MC lets her stay at his place. While she consistently asks to stay(cause who wants to be thrown out?) he refuses, until he discovers she can cook ... decent food. Having long gotten sick of his own cooking, the MC decides to keep the ghost girl around ... as a cook.
Not too soon after ghost moves in with him, MC finds himself interacting with more people including his old roomate who has a serious case of anime hair, a loyal demon who uses MC's soul as an "anchor" toavoid going back to hell, a genius doctor who experiments on MC's immortal body every chance he gets and a whole lot more. All the while, demons, angels, mythical creatures and plot in the backgrounds.
I'd like it to be a comedy over a battle manga. For good reason: my art isn't nearly good enough to convey movement, sword swings and what not. Still got room to improve.
For the sense of humor, I'd like it to be unique. Normal manga are bound by target audience and laws in terms of their humor. Doesn't mean their not funny, just means they're limited. Also, manga's main audience is in Japan so that's gags and what not evolve around Japanese culture. I'd like my humor to be unique in that it makes jokes you won't find in regular manga. I try to tone down the 4th Wall Breaking as those can get quite stale.
TLDR: An immortal MC and his friends live their lives in a world taking on weird jobs and taking part in weirder events. 4th Wall Breaking, self-referencing, copy-right breaking, media-referencing, dragon slaying, God tripping, manga reading, etc. It's all there!
Here are 2 One-Shots I did to sorta "try out" the process. Art is pretty shitty though. Hope the humor makes up for it. Comparing the one I'm working on now and these 2, I've improved quite a bit in terms of art. The art in these actually makes me cringe =(. Skills are still no where near professional though. Though I do occasionally enjoy the crappy art. Really drives home the Self-Made, Done-At-Home feel.
I've thought about it a couple of times and to make it short, a god or some higher entity comes down to earth an says that within 1 year he'll give any power or ability desired to everyone on earth, excluding any powes that could be too OP. The story in general is too ambitious and I couldn't really think of a valid objective for the main cast which I didn't even think of. The idea was to keep it serious tho, no shonen-y tropes but not making it grimdark to the point it becomes edgy, just a broad story of how would earth be affected if everyone suddenly got whatever power they wanted, what would happen to the economy, the countries, would the laws still function. Something like Zombie Survival Guide kinda thing or Wolrd War Z.
I usually think up these kind of things in my spare time. I have one idea right now where the MC lives in an virtual reality, but he doesn't know it yet. This place is made for people who are in a coma, people who have physical or mental disabilities, too old to move, and basically anyone who'd rather go to another world than live in this one. Kind of like infinite tsukiyomi lol or the matrix. In the vitual reality the MC is a young teenager, where in real life he is actually an middle-aged man who's been in a coma for ten years because he was in an accident as a teenager.
In this place, it doesn't just mirror the real world, your fantasies can come to life, and reflect your desires and what you want. Your mind is the master. However, this place is connected for everyone and there are conflicts between people. The MC though, is still living his high school life in this place and hasn't realized this yet, but he starts to see some strange things happening because someone entered his "server" and that's when the story starts. I still haven't fully sketched out this idea though, so I'm still thinking up what conflicts that could happen. This could probably work as a novel too I guess.
>In the vitual reality the MC is a young teenager, where in real life he is actually an middle-aged man who's been in a coma for ten years because he was in an accident as a teenager.

Even if the MC is 19 when he goes into a coma, how is 29 middle-aged?
>poking holes via small details
the detail wasn't that important, he just said middle aged when he shouldn't have
Story about the relationship of MC an his GF that is extremely chuuni.What she doesn't know is that MC is actually japenese Superman and everytime they go in "adventures" MC uses his powers to fulfill GF delusions all of it while keeping his identity and power as secrets.
As we advance in the story, we get two know other heroes like Japanese Batman(Chuuni too, but with money), Japanese Electric Flash(Childhood friend of MC and GF), Japanese Wonder Woman(Friend of GF),etc. All of them related to both of them but also unawere of their secret identities.
Comedy and also superheroes shenanigans
MC is a self-pyromaniac due to tragic past and insanity. Falls in love with an ambitious revolutionary, but he just wants to use her knowledge about chemical weapons for his ends. Insane mind games begin, and end with MC killing her love, and herself along with the world.
There are some really cool ideas here. Doesn't it feel that most stories written here are a little heavy with the settings? It's often overlooked, but strict rules such as physics, skill limits and energy sources are far more useful. With settings so complicated, the author will step all over the settings and will break the immersion. Not to mention you will have walls and walls of text every page. Most manga, even the wordy ones have a good flow of text panels and action panels. Simple settings and strict rules will allow readers to follow the logic through drawings alone.
>Every LN ever.
Speaking about that, I have a story related to it.

>I am a Shonen MC But I am Stuck in a Modern VN/LN Setting
MC is typical shonen MC all the way from being a bit dumb, having spiky hair and positive about everything and believing in hard work and dedication.But, he is stuck a VN/LN setting full its archetypes.

As is typical in this kind setting, MC has to go to a school for people with special power and abilties where is make fun because his only "power" (they don't even consider it a power) is enhance his own physical abilties and basic energy projection which is seen as weak becuase everybody there has power that let them mess with physics/matter/reality/time/etc or just plain magic.

After the first day he is disappointed of the his world and how everybody seems to be too strong without even trying or trainning(In the first episode he gets his clothes transmuted into air, then froze in time and finally dropped in the girl changing room) . Suddenly, a mysterious man (who is totally not Goku) appears and offers him help guiding him to different master(who are reference to famous/popular shonen manga) in his path of becoming a real fighter.
Then what's the point of him having been in the coma for any amount of years? Why couldn't he have just fallen into it? If it's important that he is meant to be aged beyond a teenager, then it changes the theme of the story, assuming it's detailed as such to add characterization to a character that doesn't even know how old he is.
Fuck you Valvrave
How is this still a thing?
It is a meme
There was a thread about this one so it not mine but here goes. The MC is basically trying as best as they can to not be a cliche Anime character. They dye their hair brown instead of their natural green hair, wear contact lenses to hide their green eyes. Switch seats so they don't have the corner window. Avoid the new kid with gravity defying hair. Etc.
If anyone has a link to they original thread I'd be really grateful.
A high school girl falls in love with her best friend. They start dating. However, the best friend sees it as just a class S thing and eventually starts dating a guy behind the MC's back. The MC finds out and is heart broken. The friend says it's only natural they date guys because they're girls and hooks the MC up with one of the guy's friends. The MC finds she isn't into guys at all, and is miserable. Eventually the guy she's dating becomes frustrated and forces himself on her. The MC becomes pregnant and drops out of school. The guy offers to take responsibility, but the MC just slaps him and moves out of town, facing a life as a single mother without even finishing high school. The last scene is her walking away with an overcast sky to symbolize her uncertain and likely difficult future.

An epilogue set as her daughter is entering school has her meeting the kindergarten teacher, a woman the MC's age and makes it apparent they're some mutual attraction between them, hinting that the MC might find happiness after all.
Smart, sporty handsome popular high school student goes to college. Over the time he loses his inspiration to study, can't afford to train so grows fat and lazy, losses connection with his old friends because he can't afford to keep or go to places with them because he spends all his money on college. He slowly drops academically because he is too scared to fail to attempt to do the work. It's called "My Life"
Nice premise. Would fund. Never heard of Dark SoL before.
Summoned, Parasitic, and mindless undead roam in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race is close to extinction. A band of necromancers and decided to summon a batch of humans from the past to add their dwindling army supply to fight against the other undead. A scouting band of parasites have spotted the ritual site and started to attack the necromancers. The failed ritual resulted the summoning of the MC, a NEET fond with survival games. The MC now has to survive as he tries to contact other living beings in this rotting world.
The world suddenly turns into an mmorpg. Everyone gets stats, levels, profession, and the same "main quest" which is to separate our world from the mmorpg world. They would have to defeat the demon lord to do so. The main character is a college freshman determined to make it back to his home town to see if his family is okay. On his journey he sees people taking advantage of the chaos, the inhabitants of the other world, the conflict between two worlds, demons. Basically what makes him different is that he is blessed by 2 weird gods and that his party is made of weird professions.
>The history of muscle wizard
I had an idea for one a while ago. It starts at the end of the typical fantasy shounen/ videogame ending. (Everything is in ruins but the bad guy is dead). The whole story would be based the themes of post war deppresion and everyone trying to rebuild there lives. The MC (in my head its the hero from the war) lost his love during the war and as a reward for saving the world a wizard tells him to go run to the place where they first met and his true love will be waiting for him. He rushes to the place along with another hero from the war (the heroine of the story) only to come to a realisation at the end that the one he loves is really the heroine.
A lawless universe ruled by "The Bank", an organization that owns 99% of the money in all of Westeros(aka Wild Wild Westeros). The unbalanced economy of the universe creates a western feel across every planet due to everyone being poor. Every planet is owned by the bank and the interior of every planet is made up of a labyrinth, and at the center of each one is the vault for each bank. The unfair holding of all of the cosmos (the currency of Westeros) forces many people to join up into gangs, who's goal is to accomplish bank heists and steal back their money.
This is the setting for our hero, a young man who posses a power to shoot air bullets from the tip of his index fingers. He is quickly joined by the two main members of his gang before and during his first heist.
First is the multiple personality young woman, who doubles as a nerdy genius(a master of puzzles) and a fiery and abrasive swordswoman, depending on the persona she is donning. (Something she has no control over)
Second is a sheriff (hired mercenaries for The Bank) who realizes the corruption of the Bank and after meeting our protagonist, who has no interest in money, but just the thrill of the heist, abandons his post and joins the gang.
Our protagonist is a Robin Hood type character, sharing his spoils with the citizens of each planet he robs. His goal is to successfully rob the most impregnable bank owned by The Bank, simply known as The Vault. Every bank robbing gang's goal is to rob this bank, which contains 75% of the cosmos in all of Westeros.
Running from sheriffs, fighting rival gangs, and solving the deadly puzzles of each bank keeps the reader in constant suspense as they see if the Finger Pistol Bandits can manage to complete the impossible in this space western known as "Wild Wild Westeros".
I had this Idea now for a Year. I really wanna do a Manga that evolves around the destructive power of expectations (trusting/believing/fearing something are all forms of expectations)
That's the undertone i've set, now tell me what my setting is worth.

The story takes place in ~3200 AD, wehre Humantiy is slowly recovering from the a great Catastrophy that occurred around 2700 AD. The foreplay of it is known as followed: around 2400 AD a new Technology was divised to fuck with the Dimension itself. Human Kind achieved the impossible and was able to create Energy from nothingsness. A few Humans ascended to Godhood, planting genetically constructed organs into their Body, that allowed them to control / generate / store / form and interact on many different ways with energy and. Over 200 years those Gods ruled the world and built giant Cities, said to house trillions of People. In 2600 95% of Earths Population lives in these Cities. However, somewhere developes a Virus that makes normal Humans grow a god's organs after their Bodies are grown out (16-22 y/o) - the virus sleeps and procreates for 15 years and as it starts breaking out, its already too late. only 2% of the population is uninfected - although only the young grow the organs, the damage is irreversible. The energy generated by not a few but billions goes completely out of control, The old Gods die before they can really react do to getting overloaded by their believers, the free masses of energy destroy parts of the cities, making more people panic. The crazed minds of the panicked masses give form to the the energy, modelling it into angry spirits which spread the destruction further. At the end of the day most of Humanty is dead, and the few who flew into the wilds still are infected.
Slowly Humanity starts to fight back by creating Warriors that fight for them. What mostly happens by chance is a stimulation of the super organ, making it develop certain traits. For example if someone is associated with fire by many people, his Organ gets stimulatied by their energy and develops traits to control or create fire. However those changes put a strain on the body, altering senses/thinking/physics. (PPL lose themeselves)
In 3200 Humans are recovering living room and technology from decades ago, slowly fighting back the leftover spirits whilst taking care of any new occurances. The Job of this is the one of the new Military that educates Stimulated People. The Story follows a young man who unwillingly finds himself in one of the two military schools because he awakened to a power. However this World he gets thrown into is not a beatiful one - many friends die due to overload or in Fights, alot of suffering under the pressure use - also including fighting,training and tournament arc's, cute girls, love stories with break ups, unexpected deaths and alot of talking.
Fly Me to the Moon

It's an anime about childhood ignorance and realization at the world.

The entire anime is done with bright, vivid colors and a cutesy style. Technology is fanciful and reminiscent of 50's sci-fi.

25 years ago, a man flight was put in orbit around Jupiter only to disappear. In the present, colonization has started in floating cities in orbit around Jupiter. The story opens with a girl traveling with her family to live in one of those cities.

One day, while exploring outside the boundaries of the colony on a hoverbike, the girl finds a sentient cloud. Little does she realize that she's essentially made first contact. Following it into the storms of Jupiter, she finds a derelict, alien city which the cloud dives into. She follows it, and finds a large gate. As she investigates, the alien pounces on her, and binds with her. It needed a host to activate the technology. The gate comes to life and throws her billions of light years away in the abandoned ship of the mission. There she finds the captain of the ship frozen in a stasis and a message to wake him. Upon waking, they begin their odyssey to find their way home.

The captain begins to take on a father like relation to the girl. She thinks he's just trying to get them home, but he hides the fact that he's found evidence of an alien invasion. Throughout the series, he tries to keep her innocent of this while still trying to prevent it.
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ok, it starts out as like a normal fantasy/adventure shonen, however the main plot gets quickly buried under all sorts of side plots and new characters keep being introduced so that foreshadowed character development for MCs never actually happens. Also it won't be written 'prior', so the story will be made up as it goes along; with particular attention paid to no primary or side plots EVER reaching resolution of any sort.

And it goes on until the writers die or the show gets cancelled
setup is MC ordinary high school student meets a magical girl that moves in with them for some reason (parents are working abroad, so it's totally ok). MC goes on magical adventures with girl, more magical girls gradually introduces, they all are in love with MC etc... However in this case, the girls like MC, but are shy/demure in love as opposed to assertive and aggressive how they are in battle, MC is very sexually forward though and propositions/gropes them constantly.

At some point it is discovered that MC actually has the most powerful magic or whatever and is instrumental to the magical girl side characters, and from 'tagalong that needs to be protected' MC develops into the leader-figure of the group

but MC is a a girl; so yuri harem shonen
You would probably call it edgy shit as soon as his family is killed
threadly reminder the author is through with it
>MC is in high school
>He was never fond of talking about anything lewd with anyone
>He's a nice guy that anybody can talk to
>One day, on his way to school the boy saw one of his classmates gets bullied
>He tries to save him only for some other people from his class saw the situation
>The bullied boy said that the MC was the one that bullies him
>The bullied boy says that the MC does this everyday
>The news about him being a bully spread around the whole school
>People started to avoid him
>The bullied boy watch the MC from afar and giggled to himself because he likes seeing the MC suffer
>MC just withstand it
>He already explained that he didn't bully so there was nothing he could do now
>He went to the toilet and cried
>He was now being bullied at school
>A few people still believe in him
>Bullied boy doesn't like that
>Mess with the people that still believed in him
>There are now no more people that believed in him
>He finally break down and started to cry in front of everybody
>The next day he came back to school a different person
>He has now dedicated his life to working hard and succeeding in life
>He now has no friends but was the top student in school

>He became a millionare
What do you mean the author is through with it? It's over?
A guy is bored and decides to build his own harem. He does so by forcing common tropes. For example he breaks in a girl her house, disables a girl her alarm, puts a toaster on the table and makes sure he runs into her on her way to school.

Everything goes well until a yandere goes for his dick. Can MC solve it?
ending is him going to a allboys school after be nearly got murdered and there he lives the rest of his high school years in peace.
its cool but has a few flaws - like a shonen hero has a evil he needs to fight, and it makes little sense for the evil to be the deity that follows him around and forces him to uphold the hero stuff. possible would be that the wish creates an evil that kills his family.
he doesnt want to write anymore.
A girl finds an injured cat like creature, and brings it home, since her mother is a vet. It turns out to be a resident of the magical world. The Dark Empire has invaded and conquered most of his world. He needs the girl's help to find the only thing that can turn back the invaders, a crystal that was the source of all magical power in the Magic Kingdom. However, it was shattered in the fighting and the fragments were sent to Earth. It's up to the MC to become a magical girl and find them. The Dark Empire is not about to let the Magic Kingdom win, and has sent their own agent, a creepy crow like creature who was responsible for injuring the cat. She recruits her own magical girl, who happens to be the MC's best friend. The two friends are now locked in combat for the shards, unaware of who the other is. The friend also keeps insisting the MC is being tricked, but the cat thing says the girl is simply brainwashed.

In the last episode the MC strikes a mortal blow on her friend, causing her transformation to end and revealing her identity. The MC is crying over what she did when the cat thing takes all the shards both girls collected leaving the MC powerless. Then he speaks"Thanks to you two, the Crystal can be restored. Now the Magic kingdom can repeal that filth and conquer the dark empire once and for all. I suppose when we're done, we'll take your world next, I've become attached to it. Though there are far too many of you humans around to manage, but that can be changed."He then leaves, with the MC crying over her friend. The friend lifts her bloody hand to the MC's cheek, smiles, and says that even if things ended this way, she'll always love her. At which point her hand falls limp and the credits roll.
[citation needed]
Title: the Gods
Genre: fantasy, adventure, action

Multiple main characters. Demons and other magical "beings" along with oblivious humans coexist on earth. An unknown being is spawn. Some demons try to kill, others try to utilize to attack the "angels" who have it "too good" up above. spawns a war. league of humans tasked with killing mystical beings. demons can only do so much in their meat sacks. limited to physical abilities unless willing to abandon their meatsacks and return to hell in which they can manifest to their true forms. demons are immortal so shooting them in the head would only kill the human they're occupying but they are stuck in the corpse forever until a sizeable portion of the heart of the corpse which will never rot is eaten by another living human since demons occupy our hearts.
An edgy, slightly autistic college student comes back home when suddenly a girl falls on top of him and tells him.

He cracks his head on the pavement and dies.

However, the girl turns out to be a witch who revives him through magic because she feels kinda bad about killing him even though he smells awful. Now convinced that he's the new messiah, he decides to learn magic with the girl's help.
The problem is that he's a creepy nerd with no social talents and convincing her to teach him magic will be really fucking hard, especially since, due to his edginess, he wants to use magic for selfish goals.
armed terrorists capture a Japanese high school.

26 episodes in real time like the show 24. lots of rape, torture, beatings, gore, and death. As all the students, teachers, police, and terrorists end up dying over the episodes. Two moments where your hopes are risen up and then immediately crushed into dust. As student escape attempt and a police rescue go horribly wrong and named characters killed.

Only a detective who narrates and an unnamed student with no lines survive at the end. Terrorists goals are never made clear either.
File: 1410554312989.jpg (100KB, 288x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 288x499px

A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
The MC is an average high school boy. One day a mysterious guy comes up to him and slips an envelope into his hands, whispering into his ear, "your next target, we expect results by the end of the week." The guy leaves and the MC looks at what's inside, a dossier on one of the girls in his class. The MC has apparently been mistaken for an assassin and assigned to kill her.
The world's first VRMMO has been released, and our protagonist has been goaded by his friend to join in.

Shit goes down. In the tutorial areas, he keeps getting scammed by players who have made new accounts, the monster spawns are being camped by new players, and he can't level up quickly. To make matters worse, upon finishing the tutorial, he gets player killed whenever he leaves the town.

Things are looking down, but after the 16th attempt to find his friend out of town, he is saved by a high level player, similar to how Ovan saved Haseo in .hack. The player simply reimburses him with some money to compensate for all the time wasted, and some equipment to use when he grows a few levels.

From this point on, we have a SoL Comedy about people playing the world's first VRMMO. Characters include the best friend who is an above average player, but has some anger issues, the G.I.R.L, the guy from another country who lags (causing responses to questions to happen about two seconds after someone asks them), the girl who plays a guy character, the roleplayer and the metagamer.

Main 'story' arc, is about MC promoting to Dark Knight, a high damage tank, but because he didn't know what he wanted to do until promotion, he messed up his build and does not have the health to cast the skills, causing him to nearly hit zero HP with each cast of skills. So they grind for highly valuable status boosting items to normalize his stats.

As the series goes on, characters start to just leave the cast abrubtly for apparently no reason, until the only one in the guild left is the MC, his smile and optimism gone.
The story itself is just a few random short story with each scenario being centered around 2-3 different people each time. The stories range from simple everyday occurences such as a young couple finally finding true love all the way to balls to the walls action of a cop trying to stop a terrorist attack. What all these stories have in common is that each one begins with one of the main characters feeling a connection with the other, a connection which the other character is oblivious to. This is what gets the ball rolling. Plot happens, but in each story it always ends up with all the main characters dead at the climax. The last episode is told from a 1st person perapective and we never get to see the body or hear the voice of mc. In the last episode mc finds himself in heaven and meets "god", and "god" tells mc that he is also a "god", but before he can fully ascend into godhood, he must first be able to understand all aspects of the human heart. "God" shows mc the earth and reveals that every single human being is actually mc, and that they have this conversation every time mc dies on earth. This is why some of the characters felt connections to other characters, because mc had just lived through that life recently, and memories of the past life still lingers. I'm still thinking of some of the scenarios but so far i've come up with:
1. A young, but terminally ill couple who fall in love with each other.
2. A hikineet who gets involved with a mysterious serial killer after discovering a murder on the internet
3. A high school boy who one sidedly loves his older, married, cousin
4. A tribal boy who is about to go through a right of passage, even though his father is against it (also symbolic of the mc's rite of passage into godhood)
5. A terrorist who is obsessed with this police officer, and is willing to commit mass murder to get his attention
A guy, gifted immortality, attempts to perform the task of killing every human on Earth by any means necessary
if you cant make your anime plot exciting in a short synopsis im not gonna bother to steal it.
reminds me of heartworks. Too bad the execution sucked
>Love hina
male protagonist gets a harem in middle school. turns out they are all yandere. last few episodes is the boy trying to avoid them killing him and seeing the girls kill each other off trying to get the boy for them selves.
A high school girl is bullied because everyone thinks she's a lesbian, so she dates a bunch of guys to try to get the bullying to stop but instead is bullied for being a lesbian trying to hide her sexuality by acting like a slut.
That sounds like every open-world game ever
MC is a new policeman that just joined the force. He's idealistic and is all about getting justice but most of the police force is jaded or straight up corrupt. He is assigned to investigate a string of murders in the seedy underground of, like, somewhere in japan. they're all tied to the drug trade and revolve around a 'super-serum' that a pharmaceutical company fucked up making, so they figured the easiest way to get rid of it was to dump it all on drug dealers and the yakuza. anyway the MC must investigate his way through corrupt officials, gun battles with drug dealers tripping out of their goddamn minds, and dames and femme fatales or whatever girls, fuck whatever, the girls in detective neo noirs.
historical baseball series about the change in American professional baseball from the dead ball era (small ball tactics like in baseball anime) to the live ball era (homerun slugging all day) by encapsulating both eras in 2 teams that face each other in a single game in realtime.
bad end: live ballers win despite being way less interesting, American baseball is ruined forever
>femme fatale typically has black hair
>every japanese girl has black hair
the guy is gonna fuck his dick off and get more daggers in his back than he has space for.
Nah, look at TWGOK
Best girl won
And the otherfags are still butthurt
Main char is a Reptilian who sucks at shape shifting carrying out his secret agenda of abducting Girls with certain genes that can activate magic so that his race can create a hybrid reptilian magicians and take over the planet for good. Other Aliens races are trying to stop him.
>ive been hanging around /x/ too long
A yandere lesbian is in love with a tsundere girl. The series focuses on their dysfunctional relationship and how it disrupts the peaceful life of their school.
>Stalker Bride Brides

Every girl dreams of being a bride, and these girls are no different. Each of them wants to find a man to get married to. The catch is though, they're already married to one another! And further, they all want to marry the same man!, though they haven't decided who that will be.

Watch the Stalker Bride Brides as these crazy ladies hunt down men, looking for that perfect man for their harem.
>His dad is Obama and the MC is of jewish religion
Now /pol/'s added into the mix
>A young man's entire family is involved in a horrendous accident of which he is the only survivor.

>While he was high on massive amounts of painkillers, he said a lot of fucked up shit, which prompted mental health services to conduct a full evaluation of his psyche, including checking all of his online activity.

>It is determined that he is emotionally underdeveloped and they decide that they will send him to a special high school called the Christian Weston Poole Institute for the Socially Unfit.

>He has to trick the school's administration into believing that he is a proper normie if he is ever to graduate.
>To do this he must overcome the ultimate challenge.
The thread is now official
>setting: Story revolves around the 4 main girls dealing with the crushing realization that the highschool harem MCs wish to "not hurt anyone" has caused them to finish college without ever having experienced a relationship.
>They're now 25 years old and still dealing with him blushing uncontrollably and getting a blood nose every time he trips and pulls their pants down, even though they've long since stopped being embarrassed.
>they all gradually realize that the "kindness" they admired in him wasn't really that important to the world of adults, begin to resent him for wasting their youth and move on to careers and stable yet rewarding relationships
At the end the mcs arrested for solicitation of a minor.
a fat hairy 26 year old man becomes a sexy girl with boobs 3 or 4 times larger than her head.
It's a slice of life comedy.
A young man in high school meets a girl he used to bully back in middle school.
After an awkward reunion and some other events, the boy falls in love with the girl.
The girl hasn't forgotten all those years of bullying and has left her a mental scar.
The main character tries his best to make up for it and wants to make her smile again.
A simple romance story about second chances and forgiveness.
In the final during the confession scene, the girl finally snaps and kills the boy.
It was a dark and stormy night. Our hero travels to a far away land in hopes of finding his destiny and to save the world from evil. However, things do not appear as they seem when he realizes it is all a dream... within a dream, within a dream. Awakening, he discovers that he is a biological experiment with no memory of his past. He is sent to attend a typical Japanese high school, but not everything goes according to plan. He is actually a she and only discovers this after meeting a ghost in the boys bathroom. The two of them become immediate friends as they go about their day-to-day life and death. Although, something isn't quite right when it is discovered that everything they see is actually a massive fabricated world built by science to discover the effects of a biological weapon... A weapon that makes people see ghosts. The line between reality and fantasy quickly become blurred as they begin to question whether or not they themselves actually exist. Joining the light music club, our protagonist learns how to play a trumpet that smells of many colors. Little does she know that this weird trumpet is the answer to everything as she then discovers a secret world behind the door of her bedroom closet and a cat prince from the planet Venus. The prince is hit by a car, but since he is a cat, had 7 more lives. Although, as unusual and fantastic as these discoveries appear, she could not help but feel like she had been here before. A darkness falls over the East and the sound of distant drums rolling closer instill a sense of dread over the kingdom. War… War is coming. Battles rage between fantastic creatures in the world beyond the closet, and she asks the cat prince how this magic is possible. The prince lets out a hearty laugh and replies with a simple explanation. All of the mysterious world was scientifically created, so it isn’t actually magic at all. However, as they ride into battle, she wakes up… He is not a she, and sleeps in a normal bed. A dream...
>Highschool deliquent gets sent back to the past by a sorcerer he pisses off
>Ends up in Medieval Europe
>Blows people's minds by introducing them to things like toilet paper
>Church be hatin
>Leaves town to evade church, and meets a girl who's going to be burned at the stake
>Rest of the show is about MC becoming a hero, and his bond with stake bitch

Animated by Madhouse. MC played by Ian Sinclair
>boobs 3-4x larger than the head
>slice of life
File: 1418171551327s.jpg (10KB, 114x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 114x125px
10/10 would watch
>a sexy girl
>boobs 3 or 4 times larger than her head
No. Don't you have some futa with shitting dick nipples to fap to or something?
>Initial Electricity Assassin Marine Kanjiro

Kanjiro is a army marine, but not just any marine. He's the Initial Assassin, who specializes in shockingly electric assassinations
Setting School
Substituting classroom of kindergarteners
Asign them in lines and send all the boys to playground.
Tell the girls they get to experience Private Education from the boys.
Inform them they must strip their pants down.
Afterwards I tell them to get on all fours, then I pull off my pants and stick my erect dick in each and every one of their tight pre pubescent vags.
After fucking twenty eight year olds I ask for them to put their clothes on call todays lesson a day.
>MC is weak af
>strong guy appears
>wants to destroy earth
>MC gets strong af
>MC kills strong guy
A girl wishes to become a knight, like her father was before he died in service to the kingdom. However, girls cannot into knighthood. She disguises herself as a boy to follow in his footsteps. While she's in training, she discovers her father was not a knight after all, but a peasant conscript. Worse, he betrayed his fellows to the enemy. With everything she believed shattered, she resolves to reclaim her family's honor. In the end she fights her father and dies.
>All-Purpose Asassin League Virgin Funf
Asassin League Virgin Funf, a group of ex-asassins now turned yorozuya, try to help the families of the people they killed to get their lives back on track after being hit by tragedy.
A show about redemption, finding your place in live and virgin funf.
A typical harem anime except at the end when the MC finally decides to choose on the gurls realize they're all too good for him and that he's never going to accept any of them so they decide to get together with each other.
>mc weak as shit
>fights bad guy
>gets ass handed to him
>Bad guy: "you ain't worth the effort kid"
>power ups
>training arcs
>fights bad guy again
Bad guy has also been training, beats his ass again. Finished him off for good this time just in case.
>on the gurls
one of the girls, that was an awful typo
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