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Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari

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where were you when ring king was kill
I was about to create a thread.
Hopefully anon will dreiver, it's The Softest 2.0 we're talking about.
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Why don't they just rape the elves?
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cumslut ≠ wife
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Goddamn this bitch makes me want some chocolate milk.
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I guess the reason everyone rapes elves is that they're fucking nuts when they're in love.
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Dat page 24. Maigo must be bunch of gay people.
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This manga is so fucking good, why would they drop it?
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>Mx0 is so fucking good, why would they cancel it?
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>adventure is picking up again with a bang
>dropped, not interesting enough
I don't have apropriate image to show how I feel right now.
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try this.
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※nothing interesting happens after this page※
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※not pictured: anything interesting※
It lacks substance. It's generic.
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I hope you guys enjoyed this last chapter, because it's the last one you're getting.
Maybe it is.
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Yeah, Maybe.
If it's not their thing you really can't do anything about it, not everyone will have the same tastes as you. Just look at /a/.

The only thing that gets me is how they seem to think it's some sort of obvious drop in quality from The Eternal Cockteasing Adventures of Ghost Yomi
>implying they didn't fuck like rabbits offscreen
Only at the end.
Because Maybe can't into fantasy settings.
Top Kekkon isn't bad, but I could see how they could lose interest with the pace it's going at right now.
Hopefully someone will continue giving us Soft Hime.
I don't think KYM or the other one (where the guy hunts the monster ex-soldiers) are that bad so much as it's pretty obvious him doing two series at once is resulting in an overall quality hit.

Literally why is he trying to do two series at once?
Yeah, it's hard to stay excited when you know you'll have to wait a month for the next chapter.
Is it your first monthly series or something?
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 38

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