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>No Chaika on the front page
Let's fix that.
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Can i contribute with my "snake"?
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Yes. Chaika.
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Chaika is the cutest1
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>tfw no more Chaika ever after the OVA
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Chaika Back Page.png
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post chaikas
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I want to hug Chaika!
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>you will never build you're waifu's car
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I don't get it.
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Back to the front page
Even after a dirty job, their outfits are still perfect white and immaculate.
It's kinda unrealistic.
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pretty accurate.
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the only answer.png
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post chaikas.
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she is fucking adorable.
what anime is she from?
I must know.
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Google search works exceptionally well on this one.
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keep em coming.

boku no chaika
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Chaika Food.jpg
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original joke
File: ToruStupid.webm (174KB, 1280x720px)
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grape chaika.gif
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Friendly reminder that all Chaikas are expendable.
File: ChaikaPleased.webm (233KB, 576x720px)
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if one chaika dies another one takes her place.

imagine the pile of bodies from 5 years of peace.
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Why does Chaika talk like a cute retard?
Isn't she a foreigner and would have a bit of an issue with the language? Outside of that, it's just Chaika being Chaika,
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Kind reminder that <this is what a real Chaika car looks like.
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Fredrika in a Chaika thread!
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red chaika best chaika?
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Fred a best.
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this guy.png
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Fredrika disguised as Akari in a Chaika thread!
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best chaika.gif
1MB, 500x272px
bow chaika bow wow?
I can't I believed overlooked that while watching the show.

Don't know about welding, but for painting, it's possible not to get your clothes dirty.
Did Toru and Chaika fuck post memory wipe?
no, she's still pure maiden :3c
File: 1408334343341.png (689KB, 739x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Akari's still around, so probably not
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hairy vulva.jpg
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There's a girl out there with a really, really hairy pussy. And her name is Chaika.
Sword bone, I am!
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Chaika! Second place! Fredrika! True best!
Literal meme anime.
I need to fuck frederika
sure? >>120963303
never BEEN more sure m9
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Thread images: 48

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