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Fellow haremfags I have a question for you

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How do you feel when more and more secondary characters are introduced (or even background characters) and then are thrown into Mc's harem with the main girls?

Lately I have the feeling that the harems are just too big so no girl have enough screentime and instead of focusing on the main cast they just continue introducing new girls (or make background characters relevant).
TLR suffers from that. Too many girls.
''Raildex'' is a case of 'not without a compass or a roadmap'' as a result of this
If you want the priority to be romance then read a romance, if you want to see a lot of girls lusting for the MC then read a harem.

how is this difficult to understand.
It depends on how well the main girls that have a chance are getting on. If they are starting to annoy me, I dont mind a new one thrown in for a short bit.

Also depending on the harem artist, its always good to have another cute girl in the story.
4-5 is about the ideal harem size, I think. It can be higher as long as the girls don't get sidelined and they sacrifice quality for quantity. Monogatari is pretty good at this, but it also has the luxury of time that most shows don't have, given that it's like 60 episodes long and still going.
Love triangles > harems

Prove me wrong.
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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Too easy, Anon.
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raildex isn't a harem anon
I find it annoying and (relatively) unrealistic. At least Shuffle had one girl that was into someone else.

btw is that from the show proper or the ova? I don't remember it in the show.
Well, we are clearly talking about harem here so what's exactly your rant for?
This looks silly
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Only if the qt bestfriend is part of the Harem.
Read Mushoku Tensei

From the OVA

>you will never be shrunk down and crushed between a cute girl's tits
That's because right now there is so much girls that wants the T that there is no room for interaction, Touman hasn't finished punching the last girl and the next one already appeared.

I don't even know how Misaki gravitated to his dick too
A lot of good girls though.
In all honesty OP I think a lot of harem anime are shit.

1. In a lot of these shows the characters may get their own episode or some shallow depth to their personality but they're not often portrayed as individuals. They're nothing unless they're fanservice or sharing screen time with the MC

2. Cookie Cutter anime archetypes; the main girl, the fanservice-heavy one, a retard, sometimes a trap, a loli on occasion, and all the other girls who don't have a chance in hell

3. Falling in love with the MC for no apprent reason. I'm looking at you, Arpeggio of Blue Steel (It's not a harem but I needed to vent that)

4. The MC is usually a pussy.

I did enjoy High School DxD, Heaven's Lost Property, Oreimo and Haganai. Sorry fellas, just needed to rant a bit....
If the character is interesting, good
If the character is your average "oh I forgot to pander tho these type of people, better insert a character like that", then no, regardless of whether they came first, second, are background, or whatever.
Exactly what I was just saying! Pussy MC and cookie cutter archetype girls.
No way, even Mayumi wanted MC dick?
Fuck that game, I want my hours of life back

get out
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