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The next episodes of the last anime you watched is now written

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The next episodes of the last anime you watched is now written by Gen Urobuchi.
What's happen?

If your series is finished, he is in charge of the sequel.
Death Parade

I don't think there would be any significant change, the writing for this is on par with the Butcher's shitiness
>Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou

I don't know what the fuck is going to happen
>Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou

Tadakuni would be ringo.
>koufuku graffiti
Everyone dies?

I have no idea, but I imagine roughly similar thing since he would be operating under the entirety of the framework of someone else.

Now if Gen had total creative freedom over those last two episodes, it might be a different story.
>an entire season of Prince of Darkness
I want a season 2 of this more than anything, but please no. Anything but that.
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The 13th Blade is actually not Shichika but a Device that lets you transplant your consciousness into another Body (prototype was the blade before that).

Hitei (Blond Chick) Is actually the sword smith and is now travelling with Shichika to make him the ultimate weapon and in the end assimilate his Body.

Plottwist in the end of Season 2 : Shichika never intended to live on after his last Journey across the country in Memory of Togame. He dies before his body can be taken over.

The Sword Smith ultimatively failed.
It goes straight into the trash.
> he is in charge of the sequel.

Well shit, I can't read. The sequel, more stuff about violent crimes.
Nano starts questioning her relationship with humans, ends up killing the professor kid and crucifies her to send a message.

The principal rapes Mio.

All the next episode previews are changed to ominous lines about doom and destruction.
>shinsekai yori ep10
Queerats are humans.
Oh wait.
>Cross Ange

Ange is about to give her purity to Tusk when it is revealed in a fit of megalomaniac glory that he has been working with Embryo the whole time. There is a calm discussion about the merits of both Embryo and the DRAGON ways of life and it makes the viewer question which side they should take despite Tusk seeming like an evil bastard.

Meanwhile, Hilda is going off the deep end because she believes her beloved has surrendered to the penis. Jill channels this rage into her schemes to destroy the mana-users and Hilda becomes a dead-eyed angel of death that skims the battlefield leaving blood and carnage in her wake. She beheads Salia in a battle because there has to be a beheading, but this only happens after Salia has surrendered everything she can to Embryo and realizes that her jealousy has ruined her life after a chat with Jill. With Ange becoming fed up with Tusk, she seeks Hilda for comfort but her friend is unable to respond and accomplish her original dream due to how far she has strayed onto the destructive path.

Stuff happens after that and the other characters do stuff, but that should cover two or three episodes worth of content. The show would be a lot better than the shit we're getting now.
Chitanda cannot marry Oreki because of social difference.

They flee together, fuck, and die together in winter because of snow.
Maybe it will get good again...
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Kaya gets pregnant forcing Akito to abandon his dream and become a salary man just like his mother wanted.

Miho gets raped at an audition but says nothing and becomes distant.

Estranged from his wife and best friend, Mashiro continues working as a mangaka. On his own he is unable to reach the popularity he once had as part of a duo. He catches the dreaded cold of death and dies before even his uncle.

Last scene is Akito standing over his grave and a flashback of the four of them in Middle School.
>Hidenori and Yoshitake die because of mochi being stuck in their throats
>After finding out that his friends died, Tadakuni gets into major depression
>In the street, he fights with two random guys who laugh loudly and say that dying because of mochi is something that only dumbasses could pull off
>During the fight, Tadakuni gets hit in a bad spot on the head
>The following week, his little sister visits him at the hospital because Tadakuni is now in a vegetative state
>She puts a flower beside his bed everyday
>But he doesn't wake up
>She becomes more and more anxious
>Her friends as well as her brother's friends are worried for her and tell her it's going to be alright
>Twenty months have passed
>With tears in her eyes, she shakes Tadakuni while shouting "Wake up... please wake up, onii-chan, don't leave me alone!"
>Tadakuni finally wakes up
>She hugs him
>But he forgot most of his memories of the past
>He has to work hard with the help of his family and old friends in order to be able to recover a normal sense of identity
>He manages to go through this ordeal
>He and his sister live peacefully together once again
>She smiles much more than before
>Tadakuni repeats a grade in high school
>He meets the same two guys who insulted his deceased friends, the guys who sent him at the hospital then ran away
>They jeer at him but he doesn't recognize them
>He somehow discovers the truth after a witness tells him about it
>Tadakuni asks the witness why he didn't say anything to the police
>The witness says he was too afraid
>Tadakuni punches him out of anger
>The day after, he hears that the witness committed suicide by hanging
>The witness was being bullied by the two guys
>Getting blamed by Tadakuni despite having gathered the resolve to speak made him feel even more desperate and worthless
>Tadakuni feels remorseful
>The two guys are here again, laughing in the corridor
>"Ha ha ha, this fag was so stupid, he should have killed himself earlier!"

Nice one
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Thread images: 5

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