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ITT: Disappointing endings

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ITT: Disappointing endings
welcome to realiity.
>"Oh god pls help us"
>Gods help
>"lol j/k we don't need u anymore go fuk urself"
>Kill gods

Fuck this piece of shit.
The MC was already ready to die too.
The only disappointing part of Slam Dunk was Inoue introducing that big character for no apparent reason.

Otherwise the ending was realistic and I liked it.
I think the disapointing part was how saka didnt get the girl, even at the end and it kinda hurt me personally.

Inoue fucking hated Slam Dunk at the end, he was sick of it. Thats why he rushed the ending and left so many characters out. He really was a fucking asshole
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>mfw he starts to hate vagabond and wants to move on to something else so he rushes it to the end.
YuYu Hakusho
Death Note
Dragon Ball
Everything by Urasawa.

Is that confirmed or just speculation?
isn't he already hating it? With all the hiatuses he seems kinda sick of it
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JoJo part 5

>villain is defeated
>suddenly random flashback for Bruno
>oh btw here is one picture of Giorno NEXT PART GO
>was disappointed by Death Note's ending
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
Does that mean miura hates berserk too?
I always thought it was by monthly.
Like why make a story get long then once it's popular get bored of it?
sometimes i swear I think they are just hipsters, they hate when their own work gets popular.
to be fair the ending was unimpressive compared to L's death.
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At the time.

I was depressed for a couple weeks.
Not really.
Aku No Hana
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With all the love triangles he couldn't even ship ONE couple
And also that pies, I mean why fucking pies?
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This is still my favorite.
No matter what UQ Holder tries to pull, the Negima ending will forever be unredeemable.
>implying the blonde or the older sister didn't win
he left open in the air for those two, I swear shipper fags become blind to a story if their ship sinks.
Was just about to post that one. I'm not even touching the sequel unless I hear it's a huge improvement.
Yeah, TG was good. An enjoyable ride.
The actual sequel is pretty disappointed and shit.
Also TG fanbase is retarded
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>they just kinda became normal
>the end

Such garbage
>Yeah, TG was good. An enjoyable ride.
the manga itself ? cause the translations were fucking atrocious. "stealthy stealth"

>The actual sequel is pretty disappointed and shit.
its only been 14 chapters, when TG was at 14 everybody was spamming "edgy edgy" "vampire masquerade" and it was kind of annoying if you don't get the reference

>Also TG fanbase is retarded
every fanbase that belongs to a weakly manga is retarded.
Are you talking about medaka box but got the wrong image?
ichigo 100%
No, the image is correct
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what pie ending are you talking about satan?
this is how SR ended.
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Space angel viruses and black holes?

Wait what?
One thing I've learned from UQ Holder is that time makes the slate go clean. He might possibly use this sequel as a way to explain things that happened in Negima that he outright skipped.

Weird thing is that instead of mages we now have immortals as the main hook. This also means that he can do all sorts of fucked up things to his characters and they simply WON'T DIE.
Eden was a fucking roller coaster.

You like this new character?
Boum dead.

And that fucking ending...

that serie die for me when the whore die, so fucked up, i lost interest.
I was kinda disappointed when Berserk ended last year and Guts never made it to Elfheim
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Favorite girl was Nishino, so no I disagree actually it's one of the best endings

Pic related, Oh! Great had god tier art, but the ending completely bombed. It had potential at one point
I was just about to post it.
Air gear was really fun at first, just a bunch of frriends doing roller blade and tricks together.

Then the syndrome Oh!Great! ruined everything.

Slam Dunk had the perfect ending. Hanamichi became the pillar of the team and that was nicely reflected by the result of the second game. It needs a sequel, not necessarily following the where the manga left off.
the manga with the guywho have the aphrodisiac tattoo in his butt
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Well it is Oh! Great

What did you expect
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forever the worst ending, so much potential wasted
I chuckled
but that ending was still better than his last one
>pick related
because it was cancelled too soon
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Because it was not as interesting as Naruto.
Somehow, I'm spared from that level of mad since it was on-going before and avoided having to read the whole thing set for disappointment.
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fuck koe no katachi's mediocre second half and bleh ending
it seems when those two get together, they make gold but sadly they working separately..for now.
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Thread images: 16

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