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Gainax - where did everything go so wrong

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How exactly did things go so bad for Gainax again?

>promising start as Daicon Film
>gets to do a high budget movie in Honneamise
>suffers through money troubles after Honneamise that would go away only after Evangelion's debut
>still manages to produce several projects; Gunbuster, Nadia and NGE being the more commercially successful ones
>following the Eva craze they do work on fairly successful anime: Kare Kano adaptation, help with IG's FLCL
>in mid to late '00s they release several home made works; among them Diebuster, Re: Cutie Honey, Gurren Lagann and PSG
>in the midst of this Anno jumps ship to his new Khara studio with a bunch of staff
>after PSG, its staff follows the master's steps and flees to Trigger
>since then the studio has done very little work, with none of it reaching notoriety
>announce a Honneamise sequel made by Yamaga for 2018
>last noteworthy thing they have done is the release of Nadia BDs
>now the studio is whoring itself in search of investors to meet a huge budget for said sequel movie
It went wrong when the talented staff left.
C3-bu happened
I thought the Gainax management was fucking retarded? The funds, planning and all that shit wasn't the liking of the talented staff so they left.
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Studio management probably started trying to fuck the employees over more than animators are ALREADY fucked over in the industry, so the named talent began bleeding out and caused Gainax to sink into irrelevancy.

Or Gainax had been riding off of perpetual remastered released of NGE since Anno shat it out and the otaku stopped buying it in favor of waiting for rebuild's releases.
Gainax have always been managed poorly.

They're the guy that keeps winning the lottery, and then wasting the money on drugs and Asuka figurines every single time.
Anno stabbed it in the back, sued the studio, and took its biggest property with him. Also, the management is famously incompetent.
Except they always had talent before to claw their way back out of the hole, now they got shit.
yakuza run the show

it's the only explanation
Am I the only one who enjoyed C3 bu?

Frankly, if Trigger is smart they'll go crawling back since they're not as good as they like to think.

As far as Anno the Overrated, it's literally one cash cow with zero artistic merit at this point in time. I don't see how this counts as a loss of talent.
>I have literally no idea what I am talking about but I'll go ahead and spew my ignorant opinions anyway.
Try not to be so obviously butthurt, people won't take you seriously.
>Masahiro Ohtsuka and Imaishi actually created Studio Trigger just for Kill la Kill, just to make this series. They felt like they had too much freedom at Gainax, it was too comfortable and they felt like they should take more responsibility for what they make. Gainax would back up anything they did with budget and everything but they wanted to do stuff on their own, they wanted some risk to push them.
>Am I the only one who enjoyed C3 bu?
Other idiots with brain problem did too.
Not just you.
>In the wake of Evangelion's success, however, Gainax was audited by the National Tax Agency at the urging of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau on suspicion of committing tax evasion on the massive profits accruing from various Evangelion properties. It was later revealed that Gainax had concealed 1.56 billion yen worth of income (thereby failing to pay 560 million yen due in corporate taxes) which it had earned between the release of Evangelion and July 1997 by paying closely related companies various large fees, ostensibly to pay for animation expenses, but then immediately withdraw 90% of the sums from the other company's accounts as cash and store it in safe deposit boxes (leaving 10% as a reward for the other company's assistance).[6]

>Gainax president Takeshi Sawamura and tax accountant Yoshikatsu Iwasaki were arrested on July 13, 1999 and later jailed for accounting fraud.

Gainax were always greedy incompetent fuckups
Nothing to be burthurt about the guy is plainly ignorant and has little right to an opinion.
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