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Sadpanda Thread

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Last thread died and let's start off the new one with these doujins.

These are by far some of the best doujins i've ever read. Truly a 9.9/10 for me, my dick loves it very much, and so does Miyazaki's.

Need help finding a doujin from at least before 2012. Its general story was very similar to the stuff happening in this.
Two girls in bloomers pretty much tie down and have sex with some guy in the school infirmary. One of the girls had blue hair and looked a lot like pic related.

The art style if I remember correctly reminds me of this
It also had some of the initial pages colored like that one as well.

I already went through about 600 doujins with the related tags on ex, as well as searching all three of the artists included with this post. I'm hoping either someone just happens to have it in their older collection, or if anyone knows any other sites that have a decent tag search and contain plenty of older doujins. If I had to guess I saw it around 2008 on unlimitedhentai.net if I remember well. It's changed a ton through the years however, they don't even have doujins anymore. Thanks in advance for any help at all

Since when the hell is "gasmask" a tag
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Ousama App 157.jpg
383KB, 1200x1705px
For some reason, this page make me really sad.
heh this style reminds me of that one time I thought city hunter was the best manga of all time
Is there a build for that RPG that's optimal for killing monsters to collect credits? I thought I'd play it every now and then to collect some.
Also I have like 4k credits but I don't know why, I haven't done anything on that site.
What is happening here?
My backlog keeps getting bigger and bigger instead of getting smaller, fuck
I guess I'll share some stuff to get this thread rolling.

I wish more chapters of this would get translated
10th chapter of this one was posted yesterday

Translation when?
say mysterymeat three times at midnight and he will appear and translate trap doujins
Is there another artist in the same league as Oyster?
I was into edgy shit once.
Inoue Kiyoshiro's older works
I just bought an e-reader partly for reading doujins and need some advice where to start.

I like vanilla shit. Ecchi. A lil' bit of sex. Tasteful stuff, no gross cowtits and rivulets of bodily fluid. Just nice, simple nudity and sexiness.

So far I've found this, which was pretty good:



Translation when?
Hoshikawa Ginza District 4 and Shoujo Sect by Kurogane Kehn
These look promising.
I don't know, but they end up happy so no need to worry I think
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1MB, 1709x2500px

When I learn how to deal with bubbleless text without leaving a smudgy mess behind it.
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Translation when?
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>no Medieval tag
>no braid tag
God damn I wish there was much more stories like Saint Foires Festival minus netorare and rape and just vanilla

Most stuff is just fantasy
I hate when they upload Japanese, then Chinese, then korean in translations all in on day, but for any other language you need to wait like 6 months it's not like I want this one in particular to be translated, just to show my case

> hitoduma

it's probably NTR, that's why
>Orenchi no kaasan
So is his mother the porn star?
well, first one was posted in february and got translated in april, this one was posted on november so if it doesn't get posted next month we can lose all hopes
don't even bother to read it they don't fuck
AV Actress

I don't care if he doesn't fuck her if she's not, what gets me mad is if he doesn't fuck her despite her being the AV Actress.
read it bitch
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137KB, 640x480px
>they don't fuck
That's what you believe nigger.

He's going to slam his dick in and out of his mother in the coming chapters.
solo english translators are almost always vanillafags
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2MB, 1078x1719px
>Have weird bump on testicle
>Go to the urologist
>He tells me I have an infection for not being circumcised
>I have to stretch my foreskin until it's loose or get circumcision

J-jesus. Can you guys recommend me some doujin with foreskin stretching to get me in the mood?
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>that language
It's like everyones a pirate/fisher man


If you wanted to wank over me Knickers you should just have asked!
It's strayan m8
it's already finished, they don't, unless somebody draws a doujinshi
File: 1417022887067.jpg (156KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 1280x720px
>it's already finished
into the trash it goes
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 11

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