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SAO Alicization Vol 15

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(Yes, I can feel your nerd rage and eagerness to shitpost. You'll get your chance.)

For those that are following the LNs, I have to ask: Just finished Vol14 and I looking for Vol15, I see a crippled Kirito. What the fuck happened?
i stopped reading around the part him and that blonde guy go and try to save Alice and they beat the first knight they meet.
Also they meet that librarian girl, wtf happened after
Looking for vol15 myself, haven't seen it translated anywhere.

That librarian is actually de personification of the Cardinal system from SAO, and they climb the tower and fight the Tower boss, also Kirito acquires another tsundere for his harem.
Series of battles on their way to the top. They face a lot of knights and somehow they manage to scrape through until they almost reach the top where they face Alice. They cross swords and due to some weird shit, Kirito and Alice are separated from Eugeo. Eugeo has no choice but to continue. Meanwhile Kirito does what he does best and somehow gets Alice to turn into an ally and they quickly make their way up to the tower to catch up to Eugeo and fight the Administrator. Queue more battles and then one final battle that turns into a trap for Library Cardinal loli. Battle rages on and victory is achieved, but at a high cost.

Thing is, Kirito, while injured is still very much alive and walking when it finishes. They then make contact with the outside world where apparently, there has been some sort of incident and people are shooting and shit. This is where I got lost. I don't understand how you go from that cliffhanger to a crippled Kirito.
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As far as I know, only the first chapter has been translated so far. But now that Baka Tsuki went retard and pulled all the novels, I'm not even sure if anyone is working on volume 15 anymore.
Unless they rewrote the final battle part, it gets really shitty towards the end. GL guyz.
I hadn't even seen that image, so thanks for that anon.
And yeah I'm aware of that. Apparently licensing happened. Same thing happened to Accel World ;-;
Wtf at the cliffhanger, i think i may know the cause of the shooting but just speculations from what happened from past chapters but other than that the ending sounds unexpected
>cripple kirito
I never read the novel but if it's true then fuck yeah, this asshole needs to get some suffering.
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> I hadn't even seen that image

More confusing is this one. I though the old knight general was dead, but apparently, not. I have a whole lot of these, so I'll post them while someone with some info drops by..
Whe will this shitfest die anf stop being made into anime so so lonely anon the only translating the ln and give up
That's actually easier to understand, it's the knights that Kirito fough. Guessing Alice told them the truth about Admin and now they're part of the harem
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Then you have these faggots. I'm assuming they're the Dark Knights. If they're showing up, then it must mean the war they were fighting to prepare for is about to go down.
It will stop turning into anime when it stop printing money which is what the industry only care about.
He gets shot in reality at the end of the novel remember? He even loses his memory of Asuna
I didn't think he'd been shot but rather that the power was cutoff from his STL tank and that this resulted in his brain getting a massive surge.

If that had happened, then wouldn't it make more sense that he'd just die in the Underworld instead of turning into a vegetable? So many questions.
>generic dark knights
>a pig
I was actually expecting a dark knight Kirito to be honest.
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This one pretty much confirms the war is happening.
I would have thought the pig is actually a Goblin hero or something like that. And seeing how Kirito kept wetting his pants everytime he recalled the Goblin battle they had earlier, I'd assume this one would be tough, especially if he's a vegetable, crippled and missing a fucking arm.
If anyone wants to download any of the translated 1-14 volumes theyre here
But the goblins were actually goblin-ish
Fuck off
Anyone with half a brain would know where to get it themselves
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This one seems to be on board the turtle. Looks like there was a takeover?
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 7

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