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So, this was a pretty fun little show, enjoyable characters,

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So, this was a pretty fun little show, enjoyable characters, pretty great atmosphere with its depiction of Kyoto and some solid themes.

It did feel a bit sparse and opaque at times though, has anyone read the source novel and are there any decent translations out there? Namely, I would have liked an episode or two digging more into Benten's backstory and upbringing, and her relationship with MC, she and her motivation in joining the Fellows sort of remains an enigma (partially by design I get) unless I'm dumb.
My Japanese isn't good enough to read the novel but I'm studying so that I can read it. It was planned to be a trilogy and the second book is rumored to come out next month. There are no translations that I'm aware of.

I also want to know more about her and what her motivations are. I think she was mostly tired of being under Akadama's thumb and wanted to break out and be free. She then goes and joins the Friday Fellows to gain more power so that she'll never feel helpless again. In the end she doesn't feel satisfied at all and says that she hasn't gotten a single thing she's wanted. I'm not sure how long she'll stay with Akadama this time, she seems to be carried away by her emotions constantly.
Yeah for sure, I certainly saw a certain element of it being simply not either being either of the tengu/tanuki nor human world fully in either sense, remaining something of an outsider to both and as a result rather isolated and not deeply connected to anyone as a result, outside of maybe Akadama as a mentor and from what little we know, MC.

I'd have to imagine the sparsely mentioned 'incidents' the two of them were involved with perhaps have something to do it as well.

Granted, going from unsatisfied to eating Tanuki is a sort of big jump but I suppose this show's world operates on a pretty elastic concept of consequences anyhow and particularly when we're dealing with a sort-of deity figure.

In any case, hopefully translations will find their way over eventually or a second season.
The first season was the first book in a trilogy, hopefully PA makes the rest.
I think the incidents they were involved in were just for the sake of mischief and fun, at least in Yasaburo's case. He didn't mean to hurt his teacher but I'm sure that was Benten's plan from the beginning. Other incidents such as what Yasaburo's father did to the Kurama tengu and what the Ebisugawas firework incident at the last festival are just a tanuki having stupid fun.

The unsatisfied and lonely feeling must have been building up inside her for years. Eating tanuki could also be her way of becoming more human, since only a human would eat them. It could be why she cries to the moon; she feels guilty for the things she's done and what she's about to do.

I really wish someone would put out good translations. I'm going to buy the book and try to read through it but it would be so much more enjoyable to not need a dictionary.

>hopefully PA makes the rest.
This is my dream. They could use the second season as advertisement for the third book if he gets it done in time.
Yeah, the dinner involving Yasaburos father was her first meal with them as well was it not? I imagine the envisioned sense of place she wanted to find in joining turned out rather differently than she initially envisioned and wracked her with guilt, returning again to mischief and subtly helping Yas in his efforts to foil them.

The shows fairly light tone is obviously part of its charm, but definitely would be interested in seeing subsequent novels dig more into her early life, there's a melancholy undercurrent to say the least given that she was effectively kidnapped, even if she gained great power from it down the line.
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I also like how it is light in tone but still wrenches at your heart, like the scene where Yaichiro confronts Yajiro about what happened the night their father died.

Benten is probably the most interesting character since she's so mysterious. I also really like Yasaburo because he knows what he wants from life and has adventures everyday. He's just fun to watch.

Also, what was up with this scene? Where exactly was this? It didn't seem like it was in the realm of the living.
>the second book is rumored to come out next month
Source or bullshit please don't be bullshit.

The author's response was a "possibly" so we'll see.
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OH MY GOD, I'VE BEEN FUCKING WAITING. PLEASE BE REAL. I still have that short story sequel from the first one.

On the other hand, I really hope 夜は短し歩けよ乙女 gets animated too. Out of the 3, I like this the most when compared to Uchouten and Tatami Galaxy.
Have you listened to the drama cd that was based off of it? It was really good, although an OVA would have been awesome.
Are you good at Japanese? Would you want to translate it when it comes out?

Is it really that good? I think I read a summary before that said it was a love story so I wasn't very interested.
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