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Sup /a/,

Having 100% finished my first Visual Novel (Grisaia no Kajitsu), I found out that they recently (October 2014) started an Anime adaptation of it. Personally I don't know how I should feel about this so naturally I brought it to /a/.

The topic is simple: How does /a/ feel about Anime adaptations of Visual Novels? Do you support them? Are you against them? Can you give examples of instances where an Anime Adaptation of a VN was good/bad? How about Animes that were better than the VN? etcetera


Also I made a quick poll if you don't care to post in the thread:

VN adaptions almost always are inferior.

Not necessarily bad, for example I think WA2 and Ef are both great.

But like most source material, the VNs are almost always more detailed, longer and a better experience.
Was it also your first anime?
It's the same as movie adaptations of novels, there's always vocal fags who say the movie sucks and novel better.

If you want an example of anime better than eroge, go watch yosoga no sora, or amagami ss
MajiKoi's adaptation was one of the worst to date, it made GnK's look almost decent in comparison.
They tend to be very terrible and the passable ones always leave out the details because of TV restrictions.
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Grisaia VN is great. I laughed and cried a lot with VN. But anime adaptation is simply the shittiest. I don't want to what S2.
At least i got a lot of Sachi's reaction faces.
Wasn't steins gate alright? I think I remember that being alright.
The non-h adaption of One To the Radiant Season is one of the worst anime I have ever seen. I never even bothered with the other one.
The best vn adaptation I've seen was Steins;Gate. Almost every other one I've seen was comparatively terrible.
I thought Clannad was a decent adaptation, they cut a lot out, but they still kept the main themes. The new Fate anime is also pretty good, the story got raped but the fights are animated decently. It works mostly as a supplementary material.
Ironically, my first anime was Steins Gate.
That's not Ironic.
The older Kanon is well known for being complete shit.
Basically what the previous person said, the VN will always be superior and often VN>Anime adaptations are bad because a lot of nuance is lost in the shift, but there are some goods ones. Here's how I would rank them.

>Good adaptations
YnS, WA2, Clannad AS, Air, Higuashi 1/2 Amagami, Utawarerumono, Little Busters Refrain.

>Serviceable adaptations
Clannad, H2O, Little Busters, Steins Gate, Kanon

>Shitty Adaptations
FSN 2006, Umineko, Shuffle, Grisaia. Photokano, Fortune Arterial

You might also notice that VNs or VN segments which only consist of one route (and thus are completely linear) tend to be among the better ones, because it translates into anime easier. This is the reason that After Story and Refrain were better received than their predecessors. When multiple heroines/routes are involved, often is the case that you either have to give them all equal treatment, or neglect some entirely.
VNs are CYOA format most of the time, and that typically doesn't lend itself well to adaptation. Even if you do what Fate's doing right now, for example, adapting one route at a time, there's still a lot of content you miss out on and stuff that gets lost in the transition
Worst VN adaptation I've seen was Chäos head. God that was awful.
I heavily disagree because they butcher Kurugaya's and Rin's routes so hard. The Refrain route was acceptable.
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That's why I put only refrain in "good" and put little busters in "serviceable".

I actually agree that JC staff fucked up most of the routes, but considering that the anime still kind of properly sets up refrain I decided to put in "serviceable". These are only opinions though, and it's a bit weird because I'm trying to think of how well they would be presented to somebody who hasn't played the games even though I've played all the ones I listed.
It's shit compared to the VN, but some will stay that the anime cut all the filler shit out.
Adaptations of any kind always run the risk of ruining the potentially great experience of the original material in the process of trying to translate it both to another medium and, typically, to a larger audience.
This is even worse for adaptations of interactive media into linear media, like >119994333 pointed out, since loss of content is just unavoidable.

All in all I think adaptations are good because they increase awareness of the product and let more people choose to consume whatever version of it they so prefer.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 4

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