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mushoku tensei

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Any news on manga ch 8 raws being translated?
I really, really like Eris
Renzokusei will be releasing chapter 8 of the manga before too long.
Any news about LN volume 6?
i really wish the translators would hurry up. man i really miss slow-kun. he may have been slow but he got it done.:(
I'm sure you'll like this, then.

It's coming out 2/25.
Best Husband.

I would let her pound on me all night.
Anyone have a link to the raws at all? I haven't had a chance to see them.
get in the line, anon.
Is the manga licensed? If it's true then holy shit it's so fast.
Yeah. It feels like the company rushed there. Probably just to try and get first dibs or something.

LN license when?
>LN license when?
It'll happen eventually. The only vaiable is "who" and "when".
when the WN will finish publishing
I don't care paste "when"
>when the WN will finish publishing
That's silly. LN Licenses don't require the source to be finished. Just enough room from the start to space out the schedule.
Give that the schedule for Mushoku Tensei's LN is pretty quick (relatively speaking) it should be fine for just about any publisher to license it at this point.
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>233 is translated
>side story is translated
>232 is 2.2/3 done because the translator is half dead
dis roadblock
238 is translated too.
OMG, thats not loli body.
why? Are people working on 234-237?
>Are people working on 234-237?
Presumably Kaezar and Verse will do them eventually.

You got something against Kishirika motherfucker?
First off, she's a middleschooler, not a loli.
Second off, fuck off, kindly.
Not him, but:
Middle-schooler is close enough to a loli. Particularly when a full grown Migurudia looks about 12, and the story even describes her as a loli.

That said, those shitty-as-fuck fanart images make the character in the image (I hesitate to call it Roxy) look like they're in their early twenties, or at the least late-late teens.
So next chapter will featuring badigadi and rujierd, right?
Nope, just Moested.
And for those who don't know, the author posted next update will take a little longer.
He would like to update at the beginning of March, but at the same time, that implies that there's a decent chance it'll be even later.

tl;dr no volume 23 for you.
Who is the guy doing 232?
Kaezar has finished 233, waiting on 232 before he releases.
Verse is still working on 234, ETA tomorrow.
Depends on how far ahead he can see. Old Rudy seemed to be able to see like an hour ahead, and used it to see Roxy and Sylphy one last time before he died.

So he could technically control units like a strategy game if he set up a communication system. Or peep on girls bathing. Both apply.
No, the two eyes act independently, presumably.
Basically, using them at the same time will just make him see double as usual, where his right eye sees slightly into the future from the perspective of his right eye at the point its at at the time, while his left eye just sees further away, but at the current time.

It won't let him see the future at any point his eye can't see.
The spoiler box is for images, Anon.
Ctrl+S is for text.
I was almost crying at diary reading part. Also hitogami did nothing wrong.
Concerning chapter 238, he gains Clairvoyance eye from demon-loli.
When used in conjunction with his future sight eye, could he now attain Hitogami-like future prediction ability?
You make a point. The author did describe it as essentially a telescope. I suppose this would also explain why Rudy would see double, since one eye was seeing reality while the other was seeing the future.
Which means if he kept his normal eye closed, he'd only see the future then, wouldn't he?
Also, another fun fact about 238.
Kishirika had to have gotten donut icing in Rudy's brain when she gave him his new eye, or at least Kishirika slobber from licking her finger clean.
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 3

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