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Create your own anime plot!

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Venom Girl.jpg
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It must have a twist. Here is mine:

>MC normal guy who somehow gets in an female-only mage school
>Has no magic powers
>Several girls fall for him, slowly builds a harem
>Masked bishie villain sometimes appears and tries to kidnap the girls, he is the brother of one of them.
>Actually MC has a magic.
>He can mind control any woman.
>This is how he got admitted in that school and how he creates his harem despite having no good qualities whatsoever.
>Masked brother wants to release the girls from his spell.
What a twist, actually harem shit I could enjoy if there was a bad ending :')
>skinny guy gets bullied by big, tall girl
>they end up together
that's all I got.
thats not even a twist
Okay get this, harem shit anime, where the best girl actually ends up winning.
>it's about a bunch of cute middle school girls who are all lesbians
>the twist is it's ok to show nudity because even though they look young and are canonically in middle school they're all over 18, don't worry about it
It's a mecha anime, but the main character is an adult, and the teenage ace pilot is the rival this time.
>MC is a normal guy
>Big bad starts to screw his life
>A lot
>No really, a lot
>Mc turns evil and kills big bad, ruling the world
>Grows up
>He IS Big Bad
>Realizes he needs to go back to the past and ruin his own life to rule over the world
>Does it
>Cycle repeats endlessly until something happens, idk.
Would watch
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19KB, 200x200px
then tell me what you think of this.
>MC is out for revenge
>He's followed a lead to an all-girl's magic school
>Since MC is magicless, he has to use his wits to make his way about and find ways to pretend he has magic
>While following a teacher around since she's his lead, he develops a harem
>Turns out the teacher is innocent and the harem is actually the girls that did THAT certain thing the MC can never forgive them for

im feeling we could mix these two and create an awesome tweestie story.
Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!
A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, but none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother thinking he was always straight. Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brothers unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.
MC is evil because he wanted revenge and brainwashed his harem after finding out?
>man with big dick says hi to preschoolers
>goes to jail
>meets old mafia boss
>joins mafia
>takes over as right hand man
>known as "big dick"
>haha lol
A little sappy and cliche but could be done well and honestly I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Would watch.

They should have sex but it should be awkward nervous sex, so awkward they don't talk to each other for two days because they're both embarrassed until the MC shows up at her door and asks her to just go on a casual date where they clear the air
yeah, this one might be

This one seems pretty fun.
>Party of heroes go to defeat Evil Overlord
>They win and conquer the land
>Without the adventure their lifes are utterly ruined, so each one of them tries to become an evil overlord themselves

aaaand i dont know how to follow it. Also i totally took that from the Overlord game, so sorry.
yeah, that could happen next, thanks bro, thanks for the honest response.
I always thought it would be neat to see a fantasy action adventure that mirrored the origins of a major world religion.

Something like

>Ancient lands at war
>A pure virgin maiden fasts and prays for a week and ask(s) God(s) to save her country
>A meteor then smashes into her house, destroying it
>Its made of an unknown metal
>She forges a sword out of it, a sword with magical properties that can cut through anything
>Her and her disciples, who also wield magical weapons, set out to save their country
If I were you I would tone down their sad back stories a bit. Something a little more simple like a father who expects way too much and gets a little too disappointed or something like that.
>a father who expects way too much and gets a little too disappointed
that just makes me think of Eva tho.
That doesn't have to be his only traits, he could be a great father otherwise. In a sense that makes it worse since it can make the MC feel even worse about disappointing his father.
>MC is in a setting full of Chuuni archetypes with powers that have long and overdetailed explanation/conditions
>MC only power is being able to amp his physical abilities and basic energy projection
>Because of reason he has to participate in a tournament
Basically Chuunishit vs Shonenshit: The animation
>MC is having the good life, good looks, a herd of girls confessing to him everyday
>he has more money than he need in his whole life
>good grades in his high school too
>Suddenly the MC get stabbed by an unknown girl
>MC is kill
>wake up
>MC is a girl
>MC has a new family and a new identity
>MC goes to school, he see his old self alive and walking
>return to his home and panic in his bed
>MC realize that the strange thing doesn't stop there
>The date is two months before his death
>So MC stalk himself to find that girl that killed him before the kill
>Two months pass
>the decisive night
>MC is in front of ...

I will continue later.
>MC Wakes up in the middle of the street, their head hurts
>They can't remember a lot of things. General amnesia stuff.
>Start seeing weird shit
>Like, completely bizarre
>when they look around, they get really bloody confused
>they see demons and monsters and all that jazz, no actual people
>MC trying to survive this messed up world they don't understand
>Eventually they realize they're just having hallucinations
>try to find a doctor or whatever, but it's impossible to navigate or find anyone in this strange world
>Eventually they find some way to get their memories back
>turns out they were dead the whole time and this is hell
And then he NTRs all of them with the innocent teacher?
>final battle against the champion characters of two sides that have ideologies that are both valid and reasonable but will never see eye to eye
>battle is decided by fist fight between VAs for the characters broadcast on live TV.
oh this is pretty gud
It reminds me of a story that went something like:

>Girl likes guy
>Girl confesses
>They become a couple.
>School trip happens.
>After school trip boyfriend refuses to talk to her
>All the other classmates hate him for this
>Girl is sad and confused
>Finally manages to talk to him.
>"Dont you realize it?" he says "What happened in the school trip..."
>Girl starts to remember.
>The bus on which every student travelled was underwater.
>She died.
>She is a ghost, but her classmates dont want to let her go.
>Boyfriend is the only one that does.
>Classmates chase them.
>Boyfriend says goodbye, pushes her off a cliff.

>Girl wakes up.
>She was on an hospital coma.
>Actually, all his companions died during the accident except for her, even her boyfriend.
>MC is one badass motherfucker and transfers into school. amasses a harem
>has a bro friend, not as badass, but a loyal bro he can trust that's competent. isnt jealous as he's not interested in women but won't admit he's a faggot
>the bitches in his harem are actually pretty important people, like the yakuza boss' daughter, an idol, a daugher of a ceo and etc.
>one day he finds out the yakuza daughter is in a predicament with a rival gang, and he and his bro risk their lives to take out the rival gang
>his other harem bitches start asking for help with different things as well and MC and his bro gets into a whole lot of shit
>MC desperately tries to hold his harem together, and by the end, he is very tired from the many life endangering situations he's endured
>the bitches become overdependant and MC starts feeling like he's being used
>he starts denying their requests and tells them to fix their own problems
>his harem is broken up and all he has is his bro
>he is happy with his bro
>moral of the story: bros before hoes
>everything that happened occurred in a dream!
name one instance where this is actually a good twist
File: 44557655_big_p07.png (441KB, 1091x1530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441KB, 1091x1530px
its never good anon
source to the whole thing? i've only seen a few pages of it posted here
found this
>MC is an expat doing relief work in Afghanistan, running a cornershop with his bro
>One night, they are visited the princess of the sultanate who has run away from the palace to live a life as a commoner
>She needs their help as she's on the run
>Taliban attack and his bro is killed, MC is partially wounded and suffers tinnitus
>MC manages to escape the scene and must make his way across the desert with the girl towards the sultan's territory, the Taliban hot on their tail
>Along the way he picks up a muscular tomboy onee-san mercenary, an orphaned Afghan loli and a busty ara ara genie in a lamp
>With his new Middle Eastern harem in tow, MC has to get the princess home safely as they struggle across the desert plains
>Two seasons and a movie
>Ends up being given permission by the sultan to marry his daughter after saving her
>Harem end since it's the middle east and okay
File: 1413830346564.jpg (43KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 640x480px
>MC is a special guy in a world of normal people
>One day his peaceful life is attacked by the evil empire
>He and his friends must escape with earth's most powerful weapon, on a cool ship
>One of the shipmates is a battle-hardened grizzly war veteran of the ripe age of 30
>The redhead he's friends with wants to fuck him and tries to kill the princess
>Later he dies but it's a fake death

Did I just describe Gundam SEED or Aldnoah Zero?
thanks homie
>world is invaded by aliens
>mecha pilots fight aliens in foreign countries, japan is mostly safe
>older otaku gets recruited as a mecha pilot because of his experience using auto loaders
>surrounded by heroic aces when aliens finally get to the mainland
>spends most of the first battle hiding in an abandoned building drinking a six pack
>shows up at the end of the boss fight to gib the final boss, saving the heroic aces from sure death
>everyone else mistakenly thinks he's some kind of super pilot
>SOL hijinx ensue when he falls for a bases nurse who is madly in love with the idea of a "hero" but too noble to let romance interfere with her job.
where is the continuation?
Oh god that is brilliant!
either way its total shit
>Entire class trapped in an mmo survival horror
>most of the first few chapters are dealing with not dying to the elements
>starvation, thirst, etc are real problems
>actually shows level progression
>dungeons and fighting shit really are a big deal
>mc journeys through the world making friends, righting wrongs, etc
>deals with hedonism along the way, breaking sex rings, disbanding slave trades and player killers
> final boss is a guild of teachers who used their superior intellect and physical bodies to grind exp off of PKing that don't actually want to leave because going back to a life of teaching shit kids would suck
>before series takes place a bunch of aliens blow the moon up on accident
>aliens have some kind of mars magic
>they go to war with humanity
>high schoolers receive military training as part of curriculum
>MC is kind of boring, but likes eggs
>really fucking likes eggs
>fucking OBSESSED with eggs
>alien princess visits Earth
>blown up
>new war
>twist 1: princess not dead?
>princess likes humans I guess
>tries to help them
>there's this one guy on the alien's side (he's a human tho) who loves hime-sama and believes he's alive
>the aliens hate him, whole thing is really a thinly veiled commentary on racism
MC is sly as fuck and kills all of the alien's super mecha with his supposedly shitty mecha
>oh yeah it's a mecha anime
>basically whole plot could have been avoided if some people bothered to check facts before declaring war
>twist 2: only somewhat interesting plot thread is about a dude's PTSD
>there's a bunch of bullshit drama no one really cares about throughout
>MC saves hime-sama's life with CPR at one point
>totally gets the mars magic himself, no one knows
>get to the end
>hime-sama dies for real
>the guy in love with hime-sama kills MC
>twist 3: neither are dead
>twist 4: my new anime kills gundam
She didn't die for real though
>>twist 3: neither are dead
>mc is an otaku shutin who rarely has any interaction with people outside of anonymous internet chatrooms
>can't talk to the opposite sex without collapsing into a spaghetti singularity
>takes interest in popular girl who clearly wants nothing to do with him
>believes he can master romance through eroge
>fails horribly
>seeks other otakus for advice
>They turn out to be really weird qts (think oreimo)
>mc accidentally amasses a harem without noticing
twist: mc ends up with qt otaku harem
Make a kickstarter.
On mars niggers everywhere jews sell us out edge edge edge lil b king of the niggers in his pimp mobile ass crack shot oc do not steal
Who is that suppose to be...?
Looks like Ukyo... but has spidy doll?
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
I don't know about ideal, but:
> MC is a cute Uke femme fatale
> He's a spy, his job is to seduce high level men for information
> Often carries out assassinations this way too
> He acts cute and seductive around the other people in his agency, but they're all scared of him
I know this has been posted numerous times before, but I can honestly say this story has a great premise to be an actual anime show people would watch.
Mine Part 1
Was for vidya story so I don't think it works as well
That thread yesterday about the periodic table of elements being little girls.

The twist is that everyone is now made of little girls.
Pt 2
Took you long enough. Where were you?
Pt 3
Pt 4
A race of rape aliens invade Earth. Only one girl, Shina, can save the world. She let's the aliens ravage her teen pussy in order to spare the females of Earth.
It's a regular high school harem anime, but the protagonist and his comedic relief best friend are gay and dating each other right from the start while trying to keep it secret.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

I didn't properly screenshot that part, but it's basically you and hobro escaping from Hell to the gates of heaven for judgement and then you are sentenced by God

not that guy but
>MC sees himself in girl form stabbing his old self
A story about two American gaijins, 'Big' Rick and Johnny, who move to Japan.

'Big' Rick is a very loud, boisterous black man with dreadlocks who never removes his sunglasses. He's 6'4" and over 350 lbs of muscle. At 29-years-old, he is a virgin and an otaku. He adores Japanese culture. His lifelong dream is to become a shonen protagonist. His primary interests are manga, anime, and video games (especially fighting games). He's also a big pro wrestling buff. Though kind, he's exceptionally loud and prone to disruptive, but nonviolent, outbursts that intimidate other people.

Johnny, in sharp contrast to 'Big' Rick, is a blonde southerner with a distinct accent. At 6'8" and 280 pounds, he's taller and lighter than Rick but they're still both enormous and muscular. His hair is always in a very distinct mohawk. Unlike Rick, Johnny is actually very softspoken...but his stoic behavior often makes him even more intimidating to his peers than Rick. Johnny also enjoys manga and anime, but to the extent that Rick does. He enjoys and is talented at fighting and action games, but his real passion is retro platformers and RPGs. Johnny is a big softie who adores animals and is also a vegetarian and also loves cooking. He moved to Japan with Rick because they're best friends, even though Rick enjoys Japanese culture far more than Johnny. Like Rick, Johnny also loves pro wrestling. He is 27-years-old and also a virgin. He gets very emotional over animals, especially dogs, and his favorite breed is the shiba inu.
oi the continuation
Each episode has three sections. A Rick section, a Johnny section, and a Rick/Johnny section. The Rick segment involves Rick exploring a mainstream aspect of Japanese 'otaku' culture, and usually disrupting everything with his very passionate, loud attitude about everything. Example: 'Big' Rick goes into one of Akihabara's many famed arcades while absent commenting on the state of the video game industry while simultaneously driving everyone away, much to his confusion and chagrin.

The Johnny segment is more about Johnny's inherent social awkwardness combined with his huge, intimidating appearance. Johnny's manly adventures include long elevator rides, uncomfortable subway rides, shopping for a ripe melon at the market, and waiting in line for a ticket to a new family film while also feeling humiliated that he's seeing it alone.

The Rick/Johnny segment is, more or less, a Manzai act where Johnny acts as the tsukkomi and Rick acts as the boke. They use this section to comment on modern Japanese culture from the comical viewpoint of an American.

BL not included but sure to be in some weirdo's fanfiction. They're just best friends who also live together.
Nice. Is there any drama or is it pure ecchi comic relief?
Two soldiers in WW1 fall in love slowly during the meatgrinder at Vimy Ridge, expressing their feelings after nearly forgetting their homes and families after months of wading through mud and corpses with only each other for comfort.

Then the enemy soldiers are aliens.
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1MB, 1350x1000px
I've posted this before:

Story summary: A peasant girl from a war-ravaged land manages to get a job as a maid, a job she had hoped to gain to help her impoverished family. She gets this job at an immense and opulent mansion in a foreign country where she expected to be working for an older man, woman, or couple. Instead, she finds that her master is not much older than herself. Not only that, he comes off as arrogant, not even acknowledging her bow when she introduces herself to him as though he were too good for a lowly maid. As she begins work helping to maintain the immense estate of her enigmatic master, she begins to suspect that master has other plans for her, duties beyond that of a simple maid. When he assigns her to work in his very own office embedded deep within the mansion, he makes advances. She fights back and with a metal instrument delivers a severe blow to his head leaving him unconscious and bleeding atop his office floor. Believing she has killed him, she runs in panic but is halted by the mansion staff. Thinking of her family back home, she can do little more than cry believing she will be spending the rest of her life in prison.

In police custody, she learns her master has not passed away. He recovers from the head injury and declares he will not press charges as long as she agrees to return to work for him, no questions asked. If she refuses, he will have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, big, scary legal teams backing his cause. Not wanting to end up in prison in a foreign country, she agrees. She returns back at master's mercy, more than before, the bandaging around master's head a reminder of her rebellion. She fears retribution, she fears the worst and all she can think of is her family. Back again in master's office, she trembles with every order master issues. She also now conceals a weapon with her expecting master to lash out without warning.

File: get money.jpg (191KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
get money.jpg
191KB, 1600x900px


She was not the defenseless type, she was not raised to just allow trespass, she was determined to fight back.

To her surprise, master makes no advance. Instead, she seems to have earned a degree of respect from master. As a matter of fact, he now seeks to know a thing or two about her. In exchange, he will tell her about himself.

Seeing a flicker of humanity in master, she seizes the chance and tells him about her plight and that of her family. Her family can barely make ends meet living out of a hovel in a village struggling to scrounge up a harvest. War has rendered the land almost useless. She wishes to work so that she can help her family and her village. Master's great wealth would be a blessing for so many back home.

It was as though her words had fallen on deaf ears.

With her tale now told, he now tells her about his own plight: he is wealthy, very very wealthy but he is not famous. He desires great fame, to be as famous as he is rich and the way he hopes to achieve this is by becoming one of the greatest screen writers and movie directors of all time. He has the funding, he can back his own visions as he pleases and when he is not busy looking after the estate and the fortune, he is scheming for his directorial debut.

His debut film? A biography that tells the story of his biological father, a peasant soldier who fought in the very war that has plunged the peasant girl's land into its current turmoil...

And this my friends is where the story truly begins to unfold.

W-would you guys watch?
Al the Harem "girls" are traps.
8/10 would watch on Saturday morning
A sadistic trap and a kind-hearted, submissive muscular bara guy fall in love.
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>all these copypastas
nigga I can make up shit on the spot

>show about a hikki NEET living in his apartment who hates going outside and usually shitposts in threads all day
>he's not actually posting online, he hasn't had internet in a long time
>he hates going outside because the world was destroyed and his whole apartment was left intact somehow
>one day he ventures outside to get some food and runs into an actual person
>it's a girl who's a well-known tripfag
>she says he was looking for him and offers her hand
>he pauses for a moment, then takes it
>they start having adventures together
Here we go.
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Chii Dreams Of Maou.jpg
128KB, 1440x810px
Well thanks for the feedback /a/ you uncultured plebs.
THis was pretty good m8
Hold your horses, I'll read it.

I don't understand the conflict. He wants fame, his father fought in a war that plunged the peasant girl's village into turmoil... it's not really his father's fault, he's just a soldier.

Where's the story? Where's the Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis?
A story ideal BL, would be one in which the first chapters in all men die, and then be replaced by women.
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