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My idea is a horror/suspense series revolving around a group

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My idea is a horror/suspense series revolving around a group of police detectives trying to track down a girl code named "The Death", who has the power to make people explode into a shower of blood if she touches them.

She is emotionless and speechless (until later on) and at first, only seems to want to kill everything in sight. She is mysterious because not only can she kill by touch, but killing her only serves to make her body respawn (leaving her previous corpse in the same spot) near her corpse and potentially kill more people.

The Death only appears for a brief period of time every Sunday Night, and once the detectives figure out this pattern, they try to find a way to kill/capture her without becoming victims themselves, and ultimately find out just what she is, how she does it and why she does it.
A high school boy has an arranged marriage to an elementary school girl. They help each other mature and act very tsundere.
Mine is about three kids.

One is German.

One is is American.

The other is Japanese.

They can back in time to World War 2, and the German turns out to be Hitler.

America kills Hitler, gets harem end, and then leaves Japan in the past because America brings along some babes back to the future with him.

Yeah, it's an awesome idea.
A side character or the sidekick as the mc
he watches the other mc gets a harem and shounen fights in a side character perspective, so basically this time we see how a side character reacts to shounen powerup asspulls and harem
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Obligatory quote
Go to Japan and tell them your idea.
Mine is about a group of 12 persons
They have some celestial weapons and they defeat demons in the name of god
The demon lord awakens and so it stars a war between these guys, demons and humans (who rebel against heaven)
The demon lord was actually a human. He was from the previous genertion of demon slayers, the real demon lord is actually conroling all from the shadows
the main character defeats the real demon lord with the power of the 12 weapons
>MC is renown as throughout his school the toughest delinquent in town
>He resents his past actions, but cannot go back to his norma life because he needs to help his friend
>He continues to do just enough misdemeanors to attract the school's attention so his other delinquent friend can begin to live a normal life
>One day while MC is breaking rules he runs into new transfer student
>She instantly recognizes him as the delinquent
>Instead of being afraid she becomes excited, and begins following him around
>As he attempts to shake her off the security finds him, and he takes the girl to hide with him
>While the two of them are hiding in a broom closet, transfer girl starts blushing and fidgeting
>As she finally gathers her courage in the broom closet she asks MC if he would hook her up with his delinquent friend

This is an actual story I've already written a bit of, is it worth working on at all?
Main Character:Velociraptor
Evil Character:Deinonychus
True Villian (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Seinen manga):T-rex
Moeblob Character who loves Main Character (Only aviable for Romance manga):Achillobator #1
Hot Character who is tsun-dere for Main Character:Dromaeosaurus
Best friend of Main Character who was evil before (Only aviable for Shonen Manga):Deinonychus
Best friend of Main Character (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Slice of life/4koma manga): Luanchuanraptor
2 or 3 another friends of Main Character: Bambiraptor, Graciliraptor, and Neuquenraptor
Another 3 or 4 secundary friends of Main Character (Only aviable for Shojo, Slice of life/4koma or Seinen manga):
Mentor of Main Character who dies at middle-end of the Manga (Only aviable for Shonen Manga): Atrociraptor
First secondary evil character who fights against Main Character (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Seinen manga):Deinonychus
Second secondary evil character who fights agains Best friend of Main Character (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Seinen manga):Caudipteryx
Thrid secondary evil character who fights againt Main Charater (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Seinen manga):Mahakala
Secondary character who loves Main character but never tells him/her about it (Only aviable for Shonen, Shojo or Slice of life/4koma manga): Sinornithosaurus
Pet Character: Archaeopteryx
>their families murdered by occupying forces in a war, two brilliant teens become the symbol of a failing rebellion when they thwart a guerilla attack based in their home town that is designed to cripple their country's already weakened counterattack
>on the back of that underground fame, their rise through the rebel army is bloody and brief, the friends setting a whole country alight in their quest to push the invaders back to the sea
The new girl in school who is awkward and clumsy and terrible at everything. How many times have we seen and read this?
The new girl falling in love with the hottest guy in school. No one saw that coming.
Despite the new girl's awkwardness and plain looks, the hottest guy in school falls in love with her. The epitome of originality, am I right?
The new girl is hopelessly in love with the hottest guy in school to the point where you want to slap her because she'll do literally everything and anything the hottest guy in school will tell her to do just for him.
The vampire (who is the hottest guy in school), despite his love for the new girl, thirsts for her blood and struggles to control his bloodlust. Wow.
The vampire is a good vampire who doesn't want to hurt humans, so he feeds off of animals instead. *cough* Louis from Interview with the Vampire *cough*
The vampire thinks he's a monster and that the new girl should stay away from him if she values her life, but of course the new girl risks her life to be with him.
The new girl would rather die than not be with the vampire, which is the stupidest thing anyone on this Earth can ever say. Yes, I understand she's madly and hopelessly and stupidly in love with him, but you only get one life. She isn't even considerate of the family members she would leave behind who would mourn her death.
>worth working on

Maybe if it could be read in under an hour. There isn't a whole novel-length work in that concept.
So basically Paranoia Agent?
>Robots take over the world.
>Keep people alive in a virtual hell and torture them for unknown reasons.
>People manage to somehow escape hell.
>Discover earth is all post apocalyptic, and the machines have massive human farms all over the place.
>Human resistance breaks into the farms to try and save more people.
>Turns out the people in the other farms were all living in a virtual paradise.
>The people don't want to be rescued.
>Robot devil shows up, tells humans that he is actually trying to save humanity from itself after it chose to retreat into virtual heaven.
>The Hell was just a training simulation to create humans who would be strong enough to resist the temptation.

No idea how to end this.
>main character is dumb and likes food
>kinda has a friend in an edgy kid
>edgy kid is a prodigy
>MC is shit
>work together grudgingly
>do good shit
>edgy kid breaks off and becomes enemy
>but bae come back
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AOTY. Deepest lore. Philosophical ideas explored.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

>Published: Jul 6, 2014
I swear, I've seen this post in 2013.
>No idea how to end this.
Hell people are disgusted by the fat, lazy, paradise people who are completely disconnected from reality. The paradise people are basically inhuman. They have no desire to do anything IRL or worthwhile. They content to sit in their VR machines like pigs at a trough.

Hell people decide to leave VR behind and rebuild society.
It is the year 1908.

A young aspiring painter named Adolf Hitler, down in his luck was prepared to throw all of his dreams and aspirations when he had a chance meeting with a young boy (who later revealed as Walter Elias Disney) who kicked him and told him never to give up. This took him back to his senses, and pursued other forms of art. Years later, Hitler found an opportunity in the form of animation where he can breathe his artistic talents into life. Together with his allies: the cunning Josef Stalin, the regal Hirohito, and the ever dependable friend Benito Mussolini, Hitler sets out to revolutionize the world of art through animation!

MEIN KAMPF begins this Summer 2015!
>A world gone to shit.
>MC loses to final boss dude man, but in doing so he travels back in time.
>shadows his past self and doing everything he can to right all the wrongs.
>changes the timeline which creates a new final man boss guy.
>future mc realizes this is one op mothefucker.
>future mc and present mc team up.
>They're* content to sit in their VR machines like pigs at a trough.

also paradise people serve as a reminder to future generations why hardwork is important. Anyone unwilling to work hard is sent to paradise VR. With all lazy people removed from society, it functions much more efficiently.
There is a girl in the MC's class that interacts with a very diverse group of people, but all of the people who interact with her refuse to talk about her to people who don't interact with her, and she just blows off any attempt at a direct approach. Mystery girl always looks tired, has pale skin, a cold demeanor, and light blonde hair. One day, MC's friend approaches mystery girl and starts talking to her like they've always known each other. MC asks what the hell and his friend gets nervous and starts mumbling nonsense. Mystery girl tells him to calm down and that "MC was going to be the next one anyway", then she just walks away while MC's friend runs off to hide.

That night, MC has a vivid dream where he meets a girl in a red dress with porcelain white hair and skin, big blood red eyes, and an extremely energetic attitude. She drags him around an amusement park, walks around the city with him, and eventually they stop standing in front of a love hotel. At this point she says "fufu, I didn't even intend to end up here, it's just become such a habit. It's to early for that so I'll just leave you with this". She kisses him and he wakes up feeling like he just had an orgasm.

You can already see where this is going. A couple key things: her personality is completely different between dream and reality, but she never acknowledges this and acts like it isn't true; the diverse group of people she interacts with includes males and females, children and adults, single and married; and a lot of them resist at first but she really mind breaks them eventually.
Is this a copypasta? Either way I'd watch.
>a widely-feared pirate lord inadvertently becomes the ruler of a dying port town when a routine stop to find some supplies ends with him running some violent navy ships out of town
>the townfolk are all too willing to overlook his past if only he'll provide some stability and help them return their home back to the way it used to be
>finding that the anger that drove him to pirating in the first place has waned in recent years, he agrees to stay and provide protection
>there, he befriends an eccentric scholar/inventor who has many new ideas about the world - weapons of war and tools of life - and shares that it's his dream to be on the front line of humanity as it ushers in a new age of peace and prosperity
>finding this goal admirable and searching for something to make amends for the things he has done, the MC provides support wherever he can
>but it's not all smooth sailing
>some of his crew aren't willing to just walk away and want their captain to return to the helm, causing problems for him at every turn
>and a young woman comes to town intending to kill the MC, the man who reportedly burned her village to the ground, only to find that he's nothing like she was expecting
>in one hand the MC balances all of these things, while with the other he attempts to shield the people from the retaliation of the navy forces that he humiliated in his taking of the town
Girl meets boy in school, they hook up and have all sorts of innocent hijinks together.

Flash forward years later where the two of them have drifted apart. Both have become entirely different people after seperating, the girl becoming a lawless delinquent, the boy a shamless flirt.

Fed up with her current life, the girl decides to set out on a quest to find the boy she once knew and take back their childhood days.
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A mecha/harem show where the fabulous mecha pilot male lead starts dating a girl who he later finds out is really the mecha that he's been piloting all along (the girl is the mecha's human form). All the other female love interest are also mecha with human female forms that want MC to pilot them in thier cockpits (if you know what I mean).
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Plot twist: It has a 5 cm per second ending.
Humanity has figured out that light particles are sentient. Realizing this, the sun initiates a phenomenon known as hypernova to exterminate humanity. Hypernova is when the sun spawns sentient creatures with the sole purpose of destroying mankind. Artificial light particles, such as the ones emanated from lightbulbs and lcd computer screens, attempt to help the human species by absorbing into us. Humanity evolves at an exponential rate as we absorb and utilize the powers of artificial light.

Military learns that adolescent children are able to utilize and manipulate artificial light than adults, so they implement the draft. Young children are sent into space to fight the sun warriors and protect mankind.

Story focuses on an introverted game-addicted Gary Stu that is apathetic about the fate of mankind. He is the best earth warrior and has a harem from day 1.

Directed by old Gainax
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Stanley was the best friend of a girl named Saori, an extraordinary Oracle with powers over the divine. Stanley was the only boy of her age that was allowed to approach Saori in her lonely temple high above the city. Just as Stanley was Saori's only friend, Saori was Stanley's only friend, and he spent each day seeing to make her smile from the bottom of her heart.

Stanly's affections ran deeper than a mere childhood friendship. Nor was it a childhood romance of any sort. Stanley was never born into the human world. Rather, he was a thought given voice, and built upon a soul before it reincarnated. Indeed, it would be correct to call Stanley an entity birthed from Saori's mind. An imaginary friend with a soul - with the earnest desire to give it's creator happiness. Indeed, the two were very fond of one another, and each day the temple resounded with bits of laughter in between the monotonous chorus of prayers.

"Stanley, I foresee the day that my life on the mortal plain will come to an end."

Stanley could only blink in confusion.

"An end?"

Saori, foresaw her own oncoming death. Standley, her only true friend in the world - even if he was created from her fleeting wish, was deserving of anything it wanted for being so kind and faithful.

"Stanley? If there was one thing in the world that you'd desire, what would it be? I can give you anything." She asked.

His answer came immediately.

"I want to be with you forever!"

After Saori died, Stanley was left alone in the abandoned temple for many years. In his long time of solitude, Stanley realized he was not a normal boy. Unlike Saori he never had to eat or rest, and unlike Saori, he could not age or die.

Stanley sat in the temple watching as the world around him changed, the unaging boy endlessly pondered the wish Saori had promised to him. One day...

Edgy end or Feels end? I can't decide, for those who care.
>Group of new characters with mysterious powers shows up
>FeMC says it's time for her to protect MC
>She is taken to soul society
>MC goes to save her
>MC uses his new powers to defeat the bad guy

>Group of new characters with mysterious powers shows up
>Unfortunate Childhood Friend says it's time for her to protect MC
>She is taken to Aizen
>MC goes to save her
>MC uses his new powers to defeat the bad guy

>Group of new characters with mysterious powers shows up
>Imouto says it's time for her to protect MC
>MC's childhood friend, the love of his life, breaks up with him
>his parent's divorce (after the mother cheated on the father) is finalised that week
>he takes the opportunity to go with his navy-officer father to Jakarta and run away from his problems
>after three years away, the MC gets a phone call from his former waifu, inconsolable after her sickly mother has passed away
>unable to ignore her he tells her that he's on his way and goes home
>he attends the funeral and intends to head back to Jakarta before the first semester of university begins
>but he finds that his friends are no longer friends with each other and that things are in much worse shape than he had expected
>the kicker comes when his mother finds out that he sneaked home and wants to talk with him
>not having forgiven her, he skips out on that and intends to wait in a local park until it's time for his return flight
>there he runs into his best friend's imouto, two years younger than him and entering second year of high school
>no one else had been willing to tell him what had happened to tear everyone so far apart, but she tells him about the strain that his departure caused on their relationships and then begs him to stay and help them all return to happier lives
>he was never able to refuse her anything, even when they were all very young, and agrees to stay
>he defers uni for a year, rents a room from his former babysitter (so as to avoid his mother altogether), now a school teacher, and gets a job at the most popular cafe in town
>slowly he and his friends put their shit back together
>imouto-chan wins

>healing, drama
>not by PA Works
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I havn't seen many car ones
how about a retired racer
>john doe 50 retired racer
>world goes to shit
>very little cars left, very little fuel
>john goes around borrowing fuel and parts for his car
>encounters a hostile group of people while out for parts and food.
>turns out to be a family trying to survive.
>5 year old kid lives.
>john takes kid with him
>kid resents john. but has no other choice
>fucking I dont know where to go with this
>john drives on the free way with kid
>kid is inspired to drive
>john teaches kid to drive
>society begins to come back.
>there are now races where you can win food and essential items.
>john teaches kid all he knows
>kid now 14 takes part in these races
>people find out that the kid is being backed by a old racer. John gets assassinated.
>Kid races for revenge and to live.

I don't know where the fuck im going with this.
Plot twist. The hell people aren't real humans. They are just artificial constructs created by robot Satan because He misses what humanity was like before they all made the sensible decision to live virtual paradise.
>feMC is a loli
>MC agrees to hook feMC up with his friend
>friend isnt a shallow bastard with a loli fetish and declines
>MC and feMC spend a fuckton of time together thinking of ways to hook feMC up with friend
>feMC finally catches friend's attention and start going out
>both MC and feMC immediately regret
>MC and feMC go out
>Title: Felony Penalty
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The year is 2045, robots are now cheap enough for the middle class. Not only that, The anime market turns them into living anime characters.

You "Anon" one day wins a trip to GLORIOUS NIPPON and decides to travels to one of Akihabara's famous robot anime maido café.

While enjoying your shit there you accidently fuck things up with a yakuza member. Turns out the member is a little girl who secretly loves anime shotas. Not only does she threatens you for witnessing her secret, she forces you to work for her by COLLECTAN them all. So there goes you hunt for anime shota robots while interacting with all kinds of people/robots. in the end you two fall in love, forget about stupid robots and all is well
A coming of age story between a brother and his year younger sister. Bro antics everywhere.

The brother is socially awkward and that has unfortunately rubbed off of his sister. We follow their lives from childhood to adulthood. They go through the phases of depression, discomfort, relationship drama, NEET lifestyles, bullying, and even thoughts of incest, but in every step of the way, at the end of every cold front from real life, they keep each other's backs warm.

Childhood is a relatively sane phase for them as they keep each other company and don't pay heed to much of the outside world.

Highschool is where the drama begins. Conflicts between classmates and friends, relationship drama, teenage angst, and the inevitable transition to college where their futures depend on. Dropping out. Becoming a shut-in. Increased family tension. Laziness and depression. Lack of motivation. Fortunately ends with the two idiots shouting and beating each other up. Realizations everywhere after the beat down.

College rolls by with the brother still a NEET while the sister strives to go by her life without a shoulder to cry on. Divorce and financial dilemma compel the brother to go for college and work. The siblings are reunited again. This time, with their father slowly becoming a drunk wreck, they try to find part-time jobs to the best of their socially anxious abilities. In time they develop an affinity of going back to each other's company. The final stretch for the siblings.

It ends with them graduating, not amounting to anything, and getting low-wage jobs. At the end, they keep in touch with each other, jokingly saying that they should just marry, while drinking and drowning away their problems with alcohol. And no. They don't fuck each other.
>a salaryman who is losing control of his life quits his shitty job, leaves his cheating wife, buys a motorbike that's falling apart and goes on a tour around japan in search of the best ramen shop
>his journey becomes an internet sensation after he starts keeping a blog about good ramen and motorbikes that need constant repair
> Typical MC highschool Protag gets surrounded by harem in your normal high school set

> One day the harem suggests an orgy on the school

> Suddenly he reveals that his harem is nothing but a nasty demon hags from Underworld who tried to seduce him and leech of his vitality

> The harem reveals their true ugly demonic form and starts to attack the MC

> Awesome fight and Cat & Mouse chase ensues in the school (then revealed as a abandoned school)

> MC manages to trap them and send them back to the Underworld while burning the entire school

> Another reveal that our MC is a Omnyoji/Exorcist/Shugendo practitioners whose job to investigate these kind of things. He's also traveling alone, though sometimes he can get accompanied by his other investigator peers.

> Our MC then leave the area and travel across the Japan ala Supernatural style : Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.

> To be continued

Basically Supernatural : Eastern Style

No dense/perverted/idiot MC.
No generic moe supernatural harem bullshit.
No shonen genre bullshit
But not too dark or edgy either.
Pure Eastern mythological exploration with some drama, horror, action and a little bit comedy along the ride.
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>MC gathers a massive robot harem
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>an anime with no characters. just landscapes and field recordings
>They don't fuck each other.

Homo Universalis!!
>[TL's note: a person who is well educated or who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields]
The world is full of geniuses and new inventions are made every day! What awaits for the man of the world of tomorrow?
The setting would be like alternate universe Renaissance, though the technology would evolve during series, including steam and maybe even electricity, and the main characters would be Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson and Galileo Galilei in their early 20's (or alternatively as loli).
The plot would be episodic, each episode centering around a certain invention or subject (music, politics, philosophy, religions (maybe even food)) etc.
However, there would be a main plot involving Nikola Tesla taking over the world.
here's some changes;

>Change it to 2025.
>Make the little girl like Kirino (liking little sisters)
>Make her tsundere too while you're at it
A drama/comedy/sci-fi about set about a decade after Earth's first contact with alien species

Would mainly focus on cultural exchange between humans and other species, wacky hijinks and intergalactic incidents often ensue for both men and aliens.

>implying Japan wouldn't take advantage of the robot industry
>vagabond evading persecution for crime elsewhere
>very long journey
>very little supplies
>arrives in a village
>finds that they're looking for a new gravekeeper after the last one died of old age
>unwanted job, no competition
>shit nigga, food on the table
>focuses on the isolation from other people
>focuses on the ominous setting
>focuses on the crazy fucks that he has to deal with
>murderers, cultists, graverobbers, necrophiliacs, other weird people

--second half--

>he keeps up with the villagers, but is slowly losing his grip
>starts seeing large, uncanny eyes off in the forest line at night
>asks for help, organizes a hunt, nothing to be found
>eyes are gradually getting more invasive of his territory
>MC is wracked with nightmares
>gets in a fight with a drunkard one night
>drunkard dies, MC gets KO'd
>wakes up, drunkard's body is gone
>no more nightmares, no more eyes
>week later, they come back
>MC flees, but the creature lurking in the woods follows him
>makes a connection that it wants to use him for sacrifices
>returns to town
>whatever it takes to bring him relief
>goes absolutely insane
>bitter end
More a story plot i´ve been thinking about. Not sure if it´s new or innovative:

Since MC accidentally sealed the devil inside his body he has only two choices: „Get yourself killed or be the end of the world once the devil is fully released!“
Everytime MC uses the devils powers (at will or involuntarily; mental collapse e.g.) one of the seven seals will break, ultimately releasing the devil once all seals are gone.
So the devil and fellow demons try everything to get MC uses his power while MC tries everything to end his life.
The story follows MC, with already two broken seals, in his various attempts to commit suicide while the devil tries everything to prevent MC from dying.
File: 1368533375771.jpg (83KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds like Gintama + Mass Effect
>mid 20s something MC
>livin a good life has job has livin GF has apartment
>gf goes on trip over sea to handle family things
>returns weeks later with 2 younger cousins ones 5 others 7
>GF tell MC that aunt&uncle died and have no one else
>lil boys dont like MC at all and hate the fact that he dates there Nee-chan
>MC now has to be bigbrother/fatherfigure to 2 lilboys that cause nothing but trouble for him and are lil angles that can do no wrong to GF
>and so begins wacky adventures of daily life for MC trying to keep these lil hell-raisers in line and GF happy
>world is plunged into permanent darkness/twilight after earth is covered by some celestial cloud
>1/3 of earth is killed after dark dwelling creatures start appearing
>the survivors are relegated to large metropolitan centers that are illuminated constantly and farm oxygen
>the only way to get to these cities is to travel large stretches of darkness in an armored train
>MC is part of special mecha force that guards and maintains the railway line
Drama/Slice of life. Possibly light romance too.

MC is 18 and a complete bitch. She is the type of rampaging bitch that is such a hassle people are nice to her just to keep her ire off them. Nobody actually likes her all that much. Even her two BFFs have a lot of doubts about whether they should hang out with her, but they are a bit scared to stop.

Other MC is a Male classmate of the same age. He's a mute who keeps to himself and has ALWAYS been the primary victim of all the concentrated hate and loathing she isn't spending on the rest of the class.

The class feels like she must know something horrible about him, since he is the serious type and doesn't take shit from anyone else - however he just kinda shoots her a dirty look and cleans up whatever new problem she's caused him.

The truth of it is that our Bitch lives with a single Mother who is both alcholic and abusive. That isn't even going into the fact that she's got new men around constantly or that she's a huge gold digger whose put them in seriously hot water with her whorish ways.

MC-Bitch works a part time slot most nights at a convenience store close to home because the Elderly owner has silently come to understand her situation. This is how she feeds herself.

Those nights, on the way home, she'd stop in a nice quiet place she found and have a cry. These was her weak moments. The time she lets herself feel hurt. The rest she just swallowed up and took or unleashed on the mute when she was overflowing.

Every time some gentle music would waft its way to where she was cry. She's never located the source, though she's also never exactly gone looking. She wasn't in a hurry to be seen like that. Though she was glad someone gave a little shit.

After having a seriously bad start one day before school it wasn't enough to wait for Mute to show up at class. She had to find his sorry ass to vent. Of course, she finds him in the Music room - since he's a member of that club - playing 'their' tune.
File: 1368971220718.jpg (40KB, 256x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bible Pink

Take some of the Bible histories (the least violent ones). Replace characters with cute girls, and make everything lighthearted (little to no violence).

No nudity or anything of the kind, just cute stuff and funny situations.
But make it something very respectful that even the most hardcore religious people would like.
pls respond

Turns out Mute has seen some serious shit in his time. He's not the victim of abuse - but his life at home is brutal with only two very elderly and increasingly sick grandparents in his life. Due to his disability and the uncertainty surrounding his Father's identity his Mother simply ran off. It's led to a great deal of heartache for him - resulting in the picking up of music. If he had to communicate how he thought of music it'd be along the lines of 'This IS how I talk, asshole."

Of course his retreating to practice on a hill near home eventually led to him finding her during her escape. Over time he very slowly pieced together what was happening by putting the pieces of the puzzle he observed together. Eventually he knew which nights she'd be there. He made a point to practice then. It's also why he puts up with it. He knows exactly what it's like not being able to talk about the gaping wound in your chest.

The series itself is centered entirely around both of them cleaning their lives up. First it'll be the two of them becoming friends. She is going to slowly and painfully escape her mother. He is going to slowly but surely learn to support his grandparents and himself properly. Both of them are going to be able to confide in each other and give support.

The series wont waste much, if any, time on the typical anime highschool drama like "B-but senpai might like someone!" or "I can't just tell them how I feel!"

This anime is mostly about how life is a bitch, especially if you grow up in a broken house, but that doesn't have to be the end of it all.
There will never be anime which has a non-Japanese person as the protagonist.

>a story about a girl who people refuse to talk to
>people on /a/ refuse to talk about the story

That's some meta shit going on there.
Omit the word "intergalactic" and you have Niea_7.
That's not what it is.
>MC is 18 and a complete bitch.
reading the plot synopsis doesn't sound very much like it. Was invisiong more of a diplomatic atmosphere, wacky hijinks would occur with the frequency of hijinks in star trek.
>They can back in time
File: 1369294423235.gif (986KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
986KB, 500x280px
Anta baka
I've got this.
Setting: The future. A cure for aging was discovered and people are now essentially immortal. However, the population would go out of control if people never died so people's ages are forced to be an age before they become sexually fertile and capable of producing children.
So everyone is a loli who is actually hundreds of years old.

They do cute loli stuff.
what was the name of this one again?
Garden of Wallpapers.
Just got another idea: MC is unusually resistant, so dream girl brings the projections of little girls, older women, and girls in the same class as him to see what can break him. Then she pries directly into his mind to find a weakness, but exposes her own mind in the process. She sees that he is an especially ambitious heart, so she offers him the one thing she has given nobody else: her real life body. He saw her mind, so he knows this is unconquered territory despite how casually she offered it.

This needs a title. Something that alludes to a ridiculously slutty feMC without outright stating it.
>Poorly defined future time
>Man has spread to the stars
>Maybe thrity years since the first interstellar war
>Half of populated space broke off from earth's government and large tracts of space between the core systems and the fringe systems was made badly unstable by whacky space weapons
>MC is a lowly mechanic on a merchant ship
>His ship gets attacked for unkown reason while crossing an unstable region
>First half of series deals with him and one other survivor trying to get back to stable space
>Other half is him trying to figure out what the fuck is going on and dealing with his space PTSD
File: 1417125381224.jpg (187KB, 908x809px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187KB, 908x809px
>MC is a total failure
>Barely graduates high school
>Gets mixed up with bad people
>Framed for murder
>World goes to shit while in prison
>When released from prison everyone MC once knew hates their guts
>MC teams up with a band of other criminals and homeless for survival
>MC becomes total badass in his survival of the shitty world
>Years after the world is normal again MC is a bounty hunter
>MC forced to confront and kill people he once knew
>Nobody knows it's MC
I have no idea where I'm going with this
Will he get a harem of ramen girls?
Here's a better variation I found, also some other old ideas

Earth establishes first contact with a mostly peaceful/physically weak Alien Empire/Conglomeration of races, in return for vast technological advancement, we agree to help them in a war they're raging by providing infantry and/or some rare natural resource (think unobtanium). Series will focus on human/alien interactions and cultural exchange, with giant space battles here and there

Highschool guy is just living his everyday life, when suddenly the world fucking explodes. Rewind one week, and we quickly discover the guy is in a timeloop, and the only one who realises. It's up to him and if I'm desperate for funding his trusted group of kawaii girls doing kawaii things who slowly start to realise they're in a loop too to solve the mystery of this global catastrophe

Animu depicting the cultural changes brought to Japan due to the arrival of European trade and its effect on the people

Clingy travelling salesman forces his goods onto unwilling customers, albeit while subtly changing their lives for the better, with each episode coming to a heartwarming conclusion for said customer.

Daily life of the crew of a generation ship/fleet sent from an overpopulated Earth, struggling to keep going day in and day out
Four 25 year old NEETs who used to be elementary school friends reunite. They decide to make a video game together.
Huh, I have a similar concept.
>Teacher guy with a class of middle schoolers leads a peaceful life
>Very calm, laid back kind of character, always smiling and always kind
>giant golem thing destroys the city and the school
>most of the people somehow manage to evacuate, and only one of the children's parents die, so he takes that child and goes on an adventure to stop the big bad (who is one of the three gods)
>He meets a ton of people on the way, and does the typical befriend enemy thing
>strangely, he always knows what to say and seems to be able to predict certain events
>You also never get to hear a single monologue by him
>eventually all of his comrades start to get creeped out by him, because he seems off somehow
>as they finally reach the god, they all decide that the don't want to follow him and begin to leave
>the god kills them all, and begins talking to the protag
>It is then revealed that many timelines ago, the protag was a typical shonen protag
>as in, hot headed, brash, out going
>a flashback shows how he made friends with all of the characters that died from the god
>They reach the god and they all die trying to fight him, but they all stayed by his side until the very end, as he was genuine with them
>The god didn't kill him, and instead put him through a time loop, where each time he attempted to save all of his would be friends
>flashback ends, and the protag starts a transformation
>the god reveals that when a person enters their 100th time loop, they become a god, and only gods can defeat gods
>reveals that he was once human too, but became a god
>after being a god for so many years, he just wanted to die
>protag kills god and breaks down
Okay, the story revolves around 2 random people, placed at different parts of the world. Characters of completely different backgrounds yet they know each other through combat.

Why is this? because every year on a certain day they are both transported to a deserted island against their will and are forced to fight to the death. Both unlock their powers and are incredible strong. The fight only lasts 20 minutes and if one doesn't kill the other, they go back to their ordinary lives. Each episode takes place on this one day each year, starting from childhood and spanning through their adulthood until one finally conquers the other.

The twist: They aren't human beings and are pretty much the hourglass of the world, one's death would surely bring about the planet's end, they both must live for the planet to exist yet they are destined to fight.
>MC isn't a beta faggot
>Has a girlfriend. Fucks her.
>She gets preggers
>Demons steal her away.
>It turns out MC's gf is [some special princess/whatever], and the demons plan to harvest the child in order to resurrect their leader.
>MC acquires special powers to fight against the demons
>Good vs. Evil, blah blah blah
>Happy Ending
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A peasant girl from a war-ravaged land manages to get a job as a maid, a job she had hoped to gain to help her impoverished family. She gets this job at an immense and opulent mansion in a foreign country where she expected to be working for an older man, woman, or couple. Instead, she finds that her master is not much older than herself. Not only that, he comes off as arrogant, not even acknowledging her bow when she introduces herself to him. As she begins work helping to maintain the immense estate of her enigmatic master, she begins to suspect that master has other plans for her, duties beyond that of a simple maid. When he assigns her to work in his very own office embedded deep within the mansion, he makes advances. She fights back and with a metal instrument knocks her master over his head leaving him to bleed atop the office floor. Believing she has killed him, she runs in panic but is halted by the mansion staff. Thinking of her family back home, she can do little more than cry believing she will be spending the rest of her life in prison.

In police custody, she learns her master has not passed away. He recovers from the head injury and declares he will not press charges as long as she agrees to return to work for him, no questions asked. If she refuses, he will have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, big, scary lawyers backing him up. Not wanting to end up in prison in a foreign country, she agrees. She returns, now at master's mercy, more than before, the bandaging around master's head a reminder of her rebellion. She fears retribution, she fears the worst and all she can think of is her family. Back again in master's office, she trembles with every order master issues.

But to her surprise, he makes no advance. Instead, she seems to have earned a degree of respect from master. As a matter of fact, he asks to know a thing or two about her. In exchange, he will tell her about himself.

File: 1368694225015.jpg (105KB, 927x516px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 927x516px
An action comedy about Putin animated by Trigger with a real budget.
File: glare.jpg (233KB, 704x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He learns about her plight and that of her family; they are struggling to make ends meet living out of a hovel in a village struggling to scrounge up a harvest. War has rendered the land almost useless. After hearing this, he then tells her about his own plight: he is wealthy, very very wealthy but he is not famous. He wishes to be very famous, as famous as he is rich and the way he hopes to achieve this is by becoming one of the greatest screen writers and movie directors of all time. He has the funding, he can do with it as he pleases.

His debut film? A biographical film that tells the story of his biological father, a peasant soldier who fought in the very war that has plunged the peasant girl's land into turmoil.

There are many details I'm omitting because this is a story I'm currently working on.
Vishnu is reincarnated for a last time. His reincarnation lives with a world much different from that of the ones of the previous avatars. He travels India, meeting people, dealing with haughty gods and men, and coming to terms with his godhood.

Delinquent, bitchy characters are fun to write about.
Fag MC mucks up a mission to save the world while striking out with every female he encounters.
SoL anime about Hanazawa Kana living her life.

Sounds alright. It'd pique my interest if I was out of FOTM titles to watch. I hope it works out for you when and if you finish it up.
File: stunned.jpg (190KB, 704x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dammit /a/, I was hoping for an opinion of some sort.
File: money.jpg (69KB, 440x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Speak of the devil.

Yeah, hoping to put it to book form since anime's sort of niche. Got the idea from watching He is My Master.

It sounds less like an anime and more like a novel. You're better off writing a novel.
One day, MC is messing around on Google Earth. He activates the flight sim mode, and then it asks him if he wants to change the world. When he clicks yes, the map suddenly appears realistic; the clouds are moving, he can see people walking the streets as he flies ahead, and the sun is shining. He slams his aircraft in the middle of a Tokyo skyscraper to exit the flight sim, and then the screen goes blank, just as a loud boom echoes in the distance. Turning on the news, he found out that a missile hit the skyscraper he slammed into, and it has fallen, killing hundreds.

Later that day, when he looks around in Google Earth's files, he finds a readme. It says that once he has excepted the game, he has ten days, and a missile for each day, to destroy Japan's government. He can summon a missile anywhere in the world as long as it is fifteen thousand feet above ground level. If he succeeds, he will be placed as the king of the new nation. If he fails, nanobots will kill him from the inside.
Guys how about we not just make a plot but we write the story as well. We could have an /a/ LN.
I'm a fucking weeb though, grew up on anime so it's my go-to medium initially. Yeah, book would be best. Thanks anon.
If it's anime, I'm picturing something like Emma.
Alright faggot. Buckle up.

Slice of life anime, now with 100% more HORROR.

You like Classrooms? You better faggot because we've got one of those.

You know what else we've got? Fucking cute cast members. We've got a little of everything. You like traps? We've got a trap. You hate traps? Don't sweat it we have a guy who bullies that trap. You like cute girls? Fucker we could put those on CLEARANCE at this rate.

So you are thinking "How the fuck is this horror?"

FUCK YOU. One of the Cast members is a fucking Doppleganger who has EATEN and REPLACED one of the students some point just before series start.


The work-in-progress title is "My little classmate can't be thi-OH FUCK THAT IS LIKE A MILLION TEETH SHIT WHY!"

I think it could be cool.

What kind of overall tone are we really talking about here though? Would this be something that has a decent amount of comfy/cute or would it be a little more serious and world-weary? I could kinda see what you posted here kinda leaning either direction after the initial drama bit is past so I figure I'd ask.
first time I've heard of it. Looks good but mine will probably have more action.
File: 1420683333809.png (224KB, 250x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224KB, 250x686px
Something like this but anime.


The densest MC in the world.
Very serious tones. Sacrifice, redemption, revelation, corruption, the works.

Master had biological parents who were themselves peasants and adoptive parents who left master with his great wealth.

I don't wish to reveal too much.
But /a/ can't into writing. They could think of a concept but that's it.
I don't remember the last time we collaborated on a story and got it to work.

Unless you count Katawa Shoujo.
It's better for one or a few anons to pick a story up and make it their own, like with KS or >>119650207.
But that story is shit anon.
File: 1372502078953.png (33KB, 190x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So they do exist. Dense anime protagonists who play vidya.

I like it even more then. More power to you bro.


I think you'd find out the same thing I've come to believe over time.

You can reliably get anyone to think up all sorts of cute ideas and scenarios of cinematic or literary experiences they'd like to see or read. That part is easy. I mean, of COURSE you'd know what you'd love to see more of. Of COURSE you know all your favorite types of twists and turns and cliches.

Fitting them into a loose shape of a story is easy enough if you've taken in enough media.

But actually writing a story and keeping it cohesive and enjoyable requires a very different type of thought and actually asks for some general artistic talent.
cool I want to write a plot too

>In a fantasy world where humans are a dying breed the world is filled with ancient monsters
>This world is covered by constant dark blanket of clouds where light shines rarely. This means food is hard to grow and scarce.
>The heroine is a very young girl, a magician on a quest to lift the curse cast on her, this curse causes her immense pain for a few hours a day. Its true nature unknown.
>The MC is a guy from real world that was summoned into this realm by a summoning spell of unknown origin
>MC is on a quest at first to survive and find out what exactly happened to him.
>They both travel together while battling huge demonic monsters
The curse on the girl is the origin of the cloud blanket
Meh, I don't think light novels take that much talent to write.

The only problem you'd face is being too lazy to make the effort. But anyone can write if they try.
>Nicole Kidman

Speaking of MILFs, I propose the MILF harem anime.

Main character is your typical anime loser - no friends, no luck with girls. His mom is worried about him, so she asks her friends to go on mock dates with him so he can learn how to talk to girls. They end up quite smitten with him and as he starts to learn he ends up attracting girls his own age. The MILF harem gets jealous and hilariously sabotages his efforts with those girls so they can keep him for themselves.
File: like a boss.jpg (187KB, 704x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
like a boss.jpg
187KB, 704x396px
>I like it even more then. More power to you bro.
Thanks anon. I wish I could tell you more but good storytelling demands that I hold back.

Here's hoping it takes off.
>Meh, I don't think light novels take that much talent to write.
Then do it. On your own. Without requesting anons to do round robins for you.
At least she plays Mario and actual vidya, unlike Nicole Kidman.
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