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Why is Tsugumi best girl?

Why you gotta start this shit man?

You and I both know that this thread will just devolve into shit flinging and otter pics.
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not even top 3
I wouldn't mind seeing otter pics
To me, Tsugumi is 2nd best after her master, Chitoge.

But I'm biased because Chitoge is my darling.
Woah, there. Don't have to rely on insults because I love her.
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Worst personality worst archetype
I think Tsugumi is cute. What's wrong with that?
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But Raku is based, Chitoge-Anon!
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I don't like him. He's dense and acts like a fuckboi.
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>he's dense
I think he secretly knows exactly what's going on. Just look at his shit-eating grin.
Well, how can you claim to love Chitoge if you won't tolerate the bean sprout she loves?
When will Marika go short hair again?
My dick will literally be diamonds.
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I refuse to believe Raku's as based as Kodaka when it comes to that.

How is that even related?
File: Marika-SP_Swimsuit.png (355KB, 351x673px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's so obvious.
Where is 154
The only correct answer.
Tsugumi 2nd tho.
>cancer in swimsuit.png
Do you want Chitoge to live happily ever after with her infinitely powerful gang-yakuza syndicate and her husbando or not?
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She isn't
says a marikafag
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Well, best case scenario would be her becoming real and being able to live happily with me. I don't self-insert as Raku, so her winning doesn't mean much to me.
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So yo just like the character?
What do you think of her lack of appearance in the manga this latest 50 chapters even though she's main?
Also her new song from jumpfesta was great
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In order of best girls
Tsugumi>Marika>Yui>Haru>>>>>>>>Chitoge>>>>>>>dog shit>>>>>>>>>>>Onodera

In order of who should win the Rakub owl
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[cries internally].jpg
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you what m8t?
Yes. I love her for who she is, not for who she likes.
Her lack of appearance was bound to happen someday. It's not uncommon to see main characters in an harem get some off time sometimes. I'm fine with it as she'll come back strong. If anything, it makes me want to read even more to see her again in all her glory.
I didn't hear her song.
This guy knows whats up in order of best girls, i would just switch like this tsugumi > haru > marika >yui and so on
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>implying literal cancer is better than based Tsugumi
Do you think Marika has cancer?
She's good, but Kosaki and Chitoge are still better. All are better than Marika, though.
She probably does.

I was referring to her toxic personality and the fact that she's a selfish, jealous cunt
>Haru>>MILF-Onodera>>>>>>Chitoge>>>>>>>dog shit>>>>>>>>>>>Onodera

That would be figurative. More importantly how could you hate such a cute and loving girl?
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Why do you hate so much Marika, MKL?
File: 1396193807025.jpg (489KB, 931x1938px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's pretty far from it.

Chitoge > Paul > Ruri > Marika > Haru > Tsugumi > Kosaki
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>Best girl

>Who should win
Tsugumi is the third worst girl. Fuck her.
File: 1410968980693.webm (2MB, 720x405px)
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>Fuck her
Nisekoi will outlive us all.
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anon could your taste be any more best
Game ded. Ran out of time with work so no audio. Have all costumes other than wedding dress(?)
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