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Blazblue Remix Hearts

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I discovered this series this morning, and read all chapters 1-22 today. I can't find any translations of Chapters 23 and 24, were these scanlated? I can't find raws either. I haven't been this into a manga in a while.
I fear that the last two chapters and the epilogue remain have yet to be released by the scanlator.

There has been a translation of the penultimate chapter which hasn't been typeset:

And here are the raws for the last two chapters and epilogue:
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One of these day's I'll beat you to these threads.
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THank you.

Also, WHY DID THEY DROP THIS?!?!!? There are so many panels in these I want to read!
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Do you by any chance make requests for Mai in drawthreads by the way?

Apparently someone contacted the scanlator about picking up the last couple of chapters and she replied that she does plan to release them. Though it has been over 6 months since her last release.
People who don't like Mai have bad taste.
Or takes life too seriously.
Mai is a good girl after all.
I don't like boys.
Mai is a girl though.
If you seriously believe that then good for you. But i can't overlook that this had a dick before. And it's a shame since it's waste of good design.
Mai is fully female and eventually self-identifies as such. It's a bit like saying that you can't overlook the fact that a girl used to be a baby.
>It's a bit like saying that you can't overlook the fact that a girl used to be a baby.
A baby that hasn't developed enough to understand the world is not the same as someone who lived most of their life as a boy.
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What do you mean by that? I was referring to the fact that, Mai-Chan's Daily Life notwithstanding, people are not attracted to babies but are attracted to humans that used to be babies. Why focus so much on the past?
>Why focus so much on the past?
Because if i like someone who used to be a boy then it doesn't feel like i am attracted to a real girl at all. It doesn't feel as genuine as the real thing.
Not to mention that it kills any attraction whatsoever.
But she became a real girl through magic. It's a bit like the legend of Tiresias, who got turned into a woman by a goddess and then married a man and had children. Would you call Tiresias at that point a man?
>But she became a real girl through magic.
That doesn't erase the fact that Mai was born and lived most of her years as a boy. Like i said, it doesn't feel genuine.

And Tiresias is a very bad example since he was only turned into a woman for seven years and became a man again after that.
Not to mention that they are reffering to him as a He everywhere.
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But by the end of her story Mai considered herself a girl and had adapted to living as one. The end product was pretty much the same even if the process that led to it was different.
I just find it amazing that someone posting on /a/ thinks like this, especially considering the hubub when BF III -bijoux fantaisie- came out the other day.
What's that?
One of these days I'll make a BB request in the drawfag thread
It'd also involve Dog Days
The waifu drawthreads get a bunch of BB-related requests. I've seen requests at least for Mai, Rachel and λ-11.
Mai as a playable character in BlazBlue when
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Draw_Mai Natsume2.png
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Here are existing drawings. There may be more untagged ones; the images in that booru aren't that well tagged:

Probably in the next game.
why is there no good Mai doujin
There aren't that many doujinshi featuring her in the first place. Kanten produced one doujinshi starring Mai:

This person seems to have produced one or two non-h Mai doujinshi:

And Mai also made cameos in a few other places:

Perhaps there will be more of them in the future.
Art looks nice but these deformed bodies isn't my thing. And It's not even vanilla. Hopefully she'll be in the next main game and gets lots of attention and doujins.
Yeah, I think Kanten overdoes it with the character designs. Though at least Mai didn't receive the treatment Tsubaki did in his doujinshi. Apparently e would be interested in another doujinshi with Mai in the future.
That's nice to know. More Mai doujins surely wouldn't hurt. Thanks for the info maibro.
I think the artist from Studio Tiamat had expressed interest in making a doujinshi featuring Mai as well at one point. Time will tell if that materializes I suppose.
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Is that rori?
What do you mean?
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Posting best Bureiburu.
Mai is superior. Not only does she have a sword and long ponytail, she also has huge breasts. And she looks better in a maid uniform.
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I tried watching the anime, could not get into it at all. Maybe the game is good?
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You shut your whore mouths when I'm posting best bureiburu.
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The anime was pretty bad. If you are interested in the main story, playing the games is a better bet if you want to know what happens. If you don't want to buy the games you could also have a look at the BB wiki.

Hakumaid isn't moe at all. Theory destroyed.
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Can anyone explain me what the relation is between Mai, the MC of this spin-off and the main Blazblue series? I played the first BB game today and I saw some familiar faces like Noel Vermillion but I haven't seen anyone with her family name.

Am I too much of a beginner or is it a spin-off that has very less to do with the main series, except for the academy that is mentioned?
Mai is the heir of one of the Hazuki family; one of the 12 noble houses that rule the world in the BB setting. Her house hasn't done much in the main story so far, so you shouldn't expect to see anyone else from it in the main series. Since it was mentioned in CP I'm guessing it might play a greater role in the next game though.

As you said, this spinoff hasn't got much to do with the main story. Many of the characters found in the main story appear in it, but the two are fairly independent. Remix Heart shows the backstory of some characters and showcases their relationships.
Mai's gazongas are particularly large,
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