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What do tomboys do in the winter, when they can't do sports

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What do tomboys do in the winter, when they can't do sports outside?
onsen and mountain training
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Same as always, pilot giant robots.
File: monkey.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
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go to the Rucka
post some fools up
show deez suckaz how to play dis game
>You can't run under the snow
The fact you are a lazy faggot doesn't mean everyone else is
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shiggy leona.jpg
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>giant robots
>not tanks
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Patrol labors offer a lot more to law enforcement than tank police.
sports outside, but with hard nipples
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Stay mad, kid.
I'll be driving my totally cool minitank around town and taking down bad guys while you bumble around in that giant Fisher Price toy of yours.
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Alright then, enjoy killing more people and destroying more property than you protect. We'll be over here foiling several coup attempts, taking down experimental legged tanks, fending off kaiju, assisting in rescue operations and saving Japan from mecha-zombies. Let's see your minitank handle half of what an Ingram, sorry, a 'Fisher Price toy', can.
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Nobody was ever killed as a direct or indirect result of Tank Police engagements, miss! Also don't tell me you guys didn't blow up a bunch of property as well.

And I'm sorry I don't live in a fantasy world where big silly monsters threaten the people and can be taken out through the power of make-believe robots. I live in the real world, where terrorists and madmen are a very real threat that must be handled with a lot of care, and tanks are just perfect for that!

But alright, send your monsters and your masterminds at us, we'll show you what a squadron of highly-trained officers and their machines can do!

skiing, ice hockey, the list is endless
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How about this: SV2 continues being the incidental guardian of Tokyo and the Tank Police... Do whatever it is you do. Seems to involve hiring the sexbots you've been trying to arrest, for some reason.
>Dominion playing the realism card against Patlabor
Now I've seen everything.
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Hey that wasn't up to me! The higher-ups were trying to prove something and guess what! Sexbots happen to do a better job of handling criminals than you guys ever would.
Try sneaking into a warehouse filled with heavy weaponry alone without getting a scratch!
So yeah, they might be stupid brats but they're worth more than any of your hotheads and the softies who command them.
I don't see how winter is a reason not to train?
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Well at least our softie partners never go AWOL, unlike yours who seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth lately.
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-Hey didja hear that? The boss-lady just, like, totally complimented us!
-No way! did the deputy-chief ask her to be nice to us or something?
-I dunno, either way we're in for a treat tonight, now that we're on her good side!
Chad's Thundercock
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They've just been redeployed to other divisions!
Hey you two! get back to work!
what is this from
File: 1409064967504.png (402KB, 510x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right, sorry. Forgot you probably wouldn't want to talk about Al, what with the sensitivity about your love life and all.
File: p33.webm (3MB, 640x360px)
3MB, 640x360px

trinity 7
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Funny you should mention that, having no love life to speak of yourself.
At least some men are still interested in me, and they probably will be for a long time. How do think you will look once you hit your thirties? You'll go straight from "questionably youthful" to "old maid".

Also your uniform is ugly.
File: 1406736401162.png (891KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's that? I can't hear you over all the resolved sexual tension.
>uniform is ugly
You wish you had something half as stylish.
File: n-DominionC1-02-00.jpg (746KB, 1335x2033px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
746KB, 1335x2033px
I don't, because I have it already.
Yep, half as stylish. Good going.
Given how /m/ Noa is, she'd probably be overjoyed to meet Leona.
It would go like in every crossover, at first they'd be very defiant and jealous of each other, but eventually they'd be forced to cooperate and they'd end up as close friends.
So Leona would be Kanuka, if Kanuka drove tanks rather than being ludicrously Japanese.
No cause Kanuka is no fun.
TV Kanuka is no fun. OVA1 Kanuka is the loosest of cannons. Dirty Harry made do with a .44 Magnum, Kanuka got her hands on a motherfucking GAU-8.
You mean like dual sexbot fun? We've all seen the doujin.
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They wear comfy jackets to keep warm.
Come on dude, Noa is so cute that she turned an idol lesbian. Not to mention the entire maintenance team wanting a piece of her.
I wonder if Persona 5 will have another top-tier tomboy. I wouldn't mind someboy gunning for Yukari's place, either.
They do sports on me if get my drift.
Persona 4 had a reverse trap and a tomboy, so it's going to be hard to top that.
I just hope that 5 isn't Persona 4: 2: Electric Boogaloo. I also want that weirdly cool feeling of 3 back, that game is still the coolest damn thing in the weirdest way.
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Bodies! How do they work?
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Thread images: 21

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