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Galaxy Angel

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Someday, we'll be whole again.
It's never going to happen.

No screenshots of EK progress, but I'm early into chapter 10. Lily's chapter was alright, but unfortunately not as entertaining as the one in MK.
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Once you step into Chapter 10, you prolly won't be able to get off the ride since the ride just goes faster and faster to the top.
I felt the EK event wasn't that great but you can't top faking an NTR.

Honestly, where the fuck did everybody go.
He's certainly much more of a bishounen with the ek art style.
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All the muscles, gone
Haha oh wow.
Nigga can't be damaged
If I'm lucky, I will witness seeing the entire thing play out tonight.

That alone is worth the thread

Just done with that battle, how much do you reckon the whole thing's gonna take?
There aren't too many "battles" but it's gonna be dialogue and HAPPENING everywhere soon
Happening alert.
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Now I realize that half the reason for making these threads will be gone once the end is reached

All great things must eventually come to an end.

Also this whole oh yeah by the way each universe gets a different colored moon thing is kinda silly.
Another "iffy" thing will occur involving the different universes
But hey, shits about to get started
God damn it Tapio.
What he says afterwards is pretty beautiful

It really is. Tapio route when?
Better yet, Val-Fasq MC when?
Kazuya did nothing wrong.
Died for our si-
Actually for Broccoli's sins
After one last go through the op (it's no wing of destiny, but it really did grow on me), it is finally time.
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Did the Rune Crew redeem themselves to you, anon?
Poor Lily.
Surviving attempted suicide must suck
Maaan, this whole scene.
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Screenshot (1257).png
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Lily doesn't even bawl if she isn't the heroine. She just silently lets loose some tears.

Ratios be damned
I find it funny how literally no one acts happy about Roselle being literally back from the dead.
Like a moment ago I have replayed the fan made "hentai" version, GA RPG or something. Had fun for few hours, memories went nostalgia. "Ieatsand"
Ain't no time to be happy
I was only aware of the sim date, didn't even hear of a hentai version
I wrote "hentai", it's probably the sim date you're talking about, there is hardly any porn, just the girls go sexier after you win.
And it was made way back.
Something like this?
Aw shit, happening levels are rising.
The biggest happening shall happen soon enough
What is even up with this girl(?)
Does everyone in ALTE look like this?
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From back when we actually had people here, I think this was most people's entry into the series. Hell, some people still think that's all to the series.
Like I said, I was slightly confused at how everyone looked.
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Forte will always be admired.
Time for happening
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Screenshot (1786).png
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I noticed in my replays that Forte is hilariously smug

If anyone is interested, MK is fully summarized while I'm working on fixing ZR while EK is still being worked on.
>Each character's theme playing as they play their role in destroying the thing.

Clearly watching this scene was the reason I was born.
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Well, I know now that at least 3 other people excluding me on 4chan have witnessed the cutscene
I knew it was coming, but still. Damn.
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Just wait til everyone starts shouting their super moves every 5 seconds.

Oh and
>Six fucking Chrono Break Cannons
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>tfw I don't know what you guys are talking about
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The End of all things
Last reference I would expect
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galaxy angel rainy.png
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It's the first thing that popped into my head when I read the OP, I couldn't help myself. Forgive me please.
Not like any damage was done.
It all comes to an end

I don't even know what now. I need some time to process all of it, I think.
Guys, What are your opinion about the GA2? Its ups and downs?

I just finished it and right now I literally see no point in keeping living now that it's over.
>Character stories fleshed out, past events, and all that jazz.
>Expanded universe adds some depth
>1st game's crew is still significant
>Better final battles in my opinion
>So many cutscenes

>Less tactical significance and variety in the Emblem Frames
>As cool Kazuya was, he's no Tact
>New girls take some time to be invested in

You know how I felt when I had no one to discuss GAII about.
Plus you really feel the experience on Tact's shoulders with him having a fully voiced role.
Now the question is, which route should I do next?

Right now I'm kinda leaning towards Rico. I'd do Natsume's, but I want to do the whole trilogy in one go at least once more.
I'd also go with Tequila, but unfortunately Kahlua comes with the package and I don't like her as much.
Rico is a definite must. I was thinking the same thing for Natsume since her only available route is EK again. That alone is fun since Natsume asks Lily of all people for love advice

I guess I'll go with Rico, but not before taking a break so I can let the whole thing sink in.

I also have to say thanks for giving me the push to get back into the games. It was definitely worth the trouble.
No problem, it's one of the few games in particular that managed to hold a good trilogy and end it off with a bang
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I guess that's that
Don't give no fucks, aftermath thread tomorrow with some actual discussions I guess.
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Thread images: 31

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