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How many more years, /a/?

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How many more years, /a/?
11998 Dog years = 1700 human years
Until the rest of eternity, learn to drop anime when it gets shit.
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An eternity.
why was this show so fucking retarded
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Too many cooks spoil the soup.
Or in this case, two of the cooks went off to work at a fast food place, leaving one cook behind to try and finish the soup
At least that cook apologized for fucking up the soup. The other ones were 100% convinced the soup tasted good.
Too many cooks spoil the broth*

I fixed it for you.
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Mai-Hime movie.jpg
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How many more years, /a/?
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Fuck that.
SEED movie when?
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Reminder not even SRW could fix EVOL.
>highest budget anime movie of all time
>still full of stock footage and has a recap halfway through
Deal with it nerd.
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I dont know but I love her doujins made by hisasi.

that may be because i have a boner for hisasi's art style around the tummy region
It can, if they tried. They managed to fix even SEED Destiny.

Can't animate what isn't written yet. SEED was being written by literal cancer, so the scripts were very late pretty much every episode.
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Have a taste of all of these.
>It can, if they tried.
You can still place your bets on Z3.2. Though what I heard of regarding EVOL I think it looks like shit.
Z3-2 is gonna be all crossover stuff between the original series and the sequel.
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Fuck you. Even your own VA hates you.
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Kawamori pls go back to work in the new Macross.
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Right, look forward to the next Macross, starring the new hip heroine Onokim
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Joke's on you, she already had her chance in The Fool.
It was shit, by the way.
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She won't give up until everyone loves her.
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>those fucking rankings

based nippon.
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For her to give up she would have to start doing something in the first place, wouldn't you think?
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> tfw no more fanarts or doujins because everyone ragequit
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>check the pixiv tag last week
>dead since 2012.
At least the nips agreed with us this time.
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> tfw someone will never draw Zess again unless you request it at the drawfag/waifu threads ;_;
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Draw her yourself then?
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Is no fun if I alone draw her.
Its fun for everyone else though.
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I want all those hours of my life back
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But I want fun
I want to chew on Yunoha's hair but we don't all get what we want.
> 10/10 character designs
> 0/10 characterization
What drug did he OD on?

No, Bath Salts.
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Characterization: Everyone are plot devices, MC suffers hard from Designated Protagonist Syndrome.

Storyline: They just seem to forget what happened in earlier episodes. Best example: "Oh, Zessica, you're alive!"

The main heroine gets a disproportionate amount of attention and importance that not even Amata, the fucking MC, gets. She's central to a story she doesn't contribute absolutely nothing to. By making everything about her and not developing her character in a positive way it drags an unnecessarily stupid and long love triangle that makes every fucking episode psychically painful to watch.

Side characters gets more development than main ones. Some of the main character (special mention to Zessica) doesn't even have a backstory to round their character.

They have no clue of what they're doing, characters suddenly act to the plot demands regardless of the way they were established in the beginning. Special mention: Pod!Kagura.

The villain is stupidly overpowered. He can do anything he wants, he has no obstacles. If he was so pissed off he could have killed everyone in a single blow if he wanted to.

Drama and portrayal of relationship is stupid as fuck. Obviously if the girl you like wets her panties for a hunk you must scream her name a thousand times and crawl on the floor so she'll notice you! Also, never do anything to earn someone's trust and affection, everyone will love you regardless of how stupid your actions are, that always works! And if you have green hair you're fucked.

The right way to fight destiny is going along with it. By Amata Sora.

The dog thing is brought up solely for the justification of the villain's existence, aside from that it it doesn't serve any purpose. It makes S1 full of plot holes and nonsensical shit, and makes Apollonius AKA Fudo look like a total asshole.

If your parents are a piece of shit and abandon you, it's always your fault. Now get up and clean their mess.
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>1、2話 やわらかあああああああああああい
>3話   土下座
>4話   無限パンチ
E04 MUGEN PUNCH (Infinity Punch)
>5話   絶対にときめいてはいけないデート24時
E05 The date where it's forbidden to be excited
>6話   シュレードの活躍で腹筋がレクイエム
E06 Thanks to Shrade our sides went all Requiem
>7話   ロリコン歓喜
E07 Lolicons rejoice
>8話   脱衣
E08 Everyone strip
>9話   アンディ童貞維持、こっからギャグが滑り始める
E09 Andy stays a virgin, this is made into a running gag
10話   ジン転入
E10 Jin transfers into Neo Deava
11話   カグラの空気読めさが顕著に
E11 Kagura's inability to read the mood becomes quite remarkable
12話   学園襲撃でシリアス展開
E12 School under attack, serious developments
13話   ジンの退場、及びロボットアニメとしてのピークと終焉
E13 Jin dies, spelling the death and the peak of the show as a robot anime
14話   宗教。ミコノビッチうざい。
E14 Religion. Mikono bitch you're annoying
15話   ミコノビッチマジビッチ。
E15 Mikono slut you're really a slut.
16話   ゼシカの告白。サザンカさんマジ腐女子。
E16 Zessica's confession. Sazanka goes full fujoshi
17話   久々に笑える回。そしてここがピーク。
E17 Gag episode after a while. Peak of the show.
18話   脚本の都合でMIXとゼシカに負担
E18 Zessica and MIX take the toll because of script issues
19話   MIXファンが絶望する回
E19 The ep where MIX fans went in despair
20話   シュレード様々、アンディマジ頑張れ。
E20 Shrade shenanigans, Andy, fight!
21話   はいはい予想通り予想通り
E21 Yeah yeah, just as expected
22話   ミコノビッチヒロイン面すんな氏ね
E22 Mikono you slut don't act like an heroine now plz die
23話   まさかの前作レイプおよびシュレードさんお疲れ
E23 Improbable S1 rape and farewell Shrade
24話   メイン連中皆もう死ねば?←今ここ
E24 Main cast, could you please die? ←Currently here
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Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 32

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