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Hard mode: No high school setting.

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Hard mode: No high school setting.
Why have you used a drop shadow and not an outline?
Mc is a apprentice knight for some drunk ex knight that wants to relieve his glory days, the apprentice knight isn't very good at being a knight due to the fact that he is scare of fighing freezes up in actual combat. Drunk knight just trains him for the money, one day like many before the drunk knight is walking home from the bar when he stumbles upon a dying fairy not knowing is a sacred fairy he mistakes it for a snack and eats the fairy. He goes to sleep amd dies in his sleep but he becomes a ghost and posses useless mc. war breaks out between two kingdoms and mc is forced to join army.

The knight and mc go to war and becomes greates knight to ever live and has many descendants cause he fucked everything that moved because of knight. Mc dies and the knight ghost posses one of his descendants and pretty much relieves everything again until the end of time as punishment for eating a sacred fairy.
None of the girls wins. The Mc was actually a closet homosexual and his childhood friend who was always gays wins.
A salaryman falls in love with a office lady.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

>Keit-AI! Because, you know, they can communicate only through cell phones and it's a love story. Get it, get it?
Great-grandson of Barnaby Dingwinger and current heir to the REDS, Birdy was a very fortunate individual. His last name alone could grant him access to the snootiest places in Argle Blarg. His ugly mug was one that would appear in all kinds of trashy tabloids. But Birdy wasn’t the type to visit high-brow establishments or get wrapped up in scandals with secretaries looking to score a talk show appearance or two. In fact, he rarely went out at all and women (real ones, anyway) had since fallen off his list of priorities after a certain incident that would break even my heart to retell. Instead, Birdy opted to spend his days sitting behind a computron trying his best to incite angry responses from people across the ArgleNet (though he wasn’t very good at it). His main hobby involved anything water-burkies: collecting memorabilia, having fun with the ones he lived with, and not shutting up about them whenever another human being was present. He also had an interest in foreign cartoons particularly ones from a certain archipelago in the Far East. Yes, Birdy was one of those people.
I write short stories all the time out of boredom, hell I've even a written a few copy/creepypasta that get posted around.

I've been steadily chipping away at a novel that can be best described as:

Argle Blarg: A secretary for an underground organ transplant clinic, the autistic basement-dweller heir to the kingdom's postal system, and the world's fastest paper pusher trek across the dysfunctional titular kingdom to recover the latter's hands while the king uncovers a conspiracy for a corporate sponsored coup.
Lolis in space.

Except all the lolis are shotas with superpowers.
Something involving an ex trying to set the MC up with a girl as if helping him to get over her, but really her subconsciously forcing herself to get over him. MC doesnt need help, suspects but isnt sure that ex is doing it to serve herself.

The ex and the other girl could be seperate routes. There just arent many if any at all exgf heroines.
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>can't do english homework
>get some faggot on /a/ to tell him a plot for anime
>use said plot for story to finish homework
In this cowboy western-styled anime, a famous wandering bounty hunter roams the American deserts, and is feared throughout the state of Nevada. However, one day he comes along a small town that seems to be shut off from the rest of the world and living in peace. Humoring them, he stays in the town and meets a fellow bounty hunter by the name of Erika. The two talk and have much in common, and they decided to team up and wreak havoc. As soon as they plan to do so, a local gang starts to terrorize the village, gaining weapons, vehicles, and artillery. They claim their goal is to overthrow the government of Nevada and send the state into anarchy. Not taking them seriously, MC and Erika leave. However, once a violent shootout occurs, the two main characters realize that this threat is serious. How did this gang acquire these weapons? Who is their leader? The MC and Erika are the only experienced warriors in the town, and they must try to find the root of the problem and end it before things get out of hand.

Studio: Madhouse

OP: White Room by Wino

ED: Kimihakimidori by Bakudan Johnny
Is there no genre that Keitai can't infiltrate?
That sounds like the worst anime ever. What the fuck is wrong with you?
An average joe goes to a new school

somehow every worthwhile bitch wants his dick

in the end doesn't choose anyone in particular

sub plot has magic and shit
There's a nigga name zod, and after one faithful encounter with a serial killer he discovers he has some kind of power that lets him endure fatal injuries. After he goes on a quest to build up his powerlevel (there will be lots of shit in here but for the sake of outlining the overall plot we go to the climax) he finds out that he can also bend space and time but only when his resolve is brick hard. After a few slice of scenarios and romantic hijinks, he encounters the only person who can match his skills. He reveals nam as author and after a brutal fight b/w zod and author he tells him he has the power of plot, to be specific he has plot armour. After that author successfully strikes him with "re-writhe" a power that causes a lot of internal and external pain over and over again. It then ends with a black page/ screen/ empty page.

Then a few months later "zodre: bad writhing" comes out.
A fantasy setting. Only this time that's it. There's no MMO / time travel / resurrection / lost technology twist.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

There's a guy who goes to a coed school. Then one day he wakes up as a girl! He then randomly turns back and forth between genders while hissing.
This story involves a shut in loser who spends all his time on his computer. Unable to shake his hikikomori ways he dives deep into his fantasy world. He becomes so delusional he begins to feel superior due to his own self-righteousness and better than the average person despite being a poor fat loser. This builds up to the climax where he realizes how much of his life he wasted locked up in his room eating pizza pockets. Its called "he does it for free"
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The Mc becomes a dog and fucks a girl.
Then he runs from the cops.
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
10 years ago mc went through a tragic event and as a result he distances himself from people.

Transfer student (junior high) comes and it turns out she's a friend from his childhood! He spends time with her and through that he starts to open himself to others.

Big bad kidnaps childhood friend because she has the power of the gods and it turns out it's his Father! His father was the cause of the tragic event 10 years ago which tragically killed his mother and imouto-chan.

Father wants to seek world peace but through nefarious means using the god power of his childhood friend. Sacrifices are necessary to complete the keikaku says the Father.

MC fights (talks) his father and manages to change him. Father apologizes but suddenly the real big bad comes. Father sacrifices himself and kills the bad guy.

Mc tells childhood friend I'll always protect you

the end

A virgin boy wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a girl's favorite pair of panties and bra. He can communicate with her telepathically and move her arms and legs using his underwear-muscles. The girl is about to join a martial arts tournament, and the boy must help her win, partly by manipulating her limbs and partly by giving her advice.

Also the girl is a lesbian.
type: ova
gener: hentai, crossdress, yaoi, wincest
plot: aniki makes his otouto crossdress and rapes him. Then invites friends and they rape him too
Easy. It's an psychological thriller with same kind of elements as Death Note. We have this group of three internet hackers which try to escape the cyber police. The internet is in danger of being shut down and the sabotage their plans while police are looking for them.

A lot of sorrow and 2 of the guys will die dramatically. The last one will revenge them. Dark animation style with epic music.

DONE. Guess where I got the inspiration.
Weremonsters, people with various forms of therianthropy, have secretly lived for centuries beside humankind, but never far from extinction.
Now a weremonstergirl theater troupe travels about the land to build understanding and love between humans and weremonsters with their performances.

Werewolfgirl: Energetic and outgoing. Wavy black hair, well-toned, fairly busty. Assumes lupine form at will: dog ears, tail, teeth.
Writes, directs, produces, and acts. She founded this troupe on realizing that weremonsterkind will not last until they can be accepted into human civilization.

Werecatgirl: Smart and mischievous. Straight black hair, slim and elegant figure. Can give herself cat ears, tail, eyes, and teeth.
Not really interested in integration, just wants to have fun and show off her talent as dancer, actress, and gymnast.

Werespidergirl: Shy and awkward. Scruffy white hair, short and skinny almost like a child. Her body becomes that of an arachne after every few days of holding it in.
Struggling to accept her ugly alt form (it even has little chelicerae and multiple eyes), she finds solace in making costumes and props.

Werecentauress: Sweet and easygoing. Curly red hair, tall and slightly thick. Ears extend into horse's ears, legs change and expand into a horse's lower body.
The Mom of the troupe who helps out any way she can: running errands, cooking, emotional support. All she wants is to share nice things with everyone (human or otherwise).
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Thread posts: 27
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