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>get home from work >no Saber thread Life is suffering

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>get home from work
>no Saber thread

Life is suffering
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She died for your sins
Juni pls go
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>shipping general
This is not allowed.
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I was able to see the day that Sakura threads beat Saber threads.

I'm not envious, good for you. It doesn't matter to me if Saber is more popular than other characters. If popularity was my goal I probably shouldn't be on /a/.

At any rate, smaller groups are more cohesive and mobile. That's not a bad thing to me.
Can someone please explain Saber's popularity to me? Preferably in a coherent sequence of words, not just smug reaction faces or lewd pictures.
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I finished Extra with my Empress last night. I didn't cry, but I was surprised the MC and Saber didn't overcome the Holy Grail's deletion with the sheer force of lesbianism. There was so much yuri in Extra, christ

I'm doing another playthrough using the red man now, but I don't want to grind near as much. Took me like forty hours to finish my first playthrough and most of it was grinding. Are there any modded emulators I can use or something? I don't know shit about doing it myself
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Kek. I answer this question too much.

What do you think is appealing about Saber?
Today's episode is gonna make you sad, Seibahfags.
I didn't vote for you.
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we're all Hildafags
Here and now we see the violence inherent in the system!

Violence has always been necessary to maintain order and peace. It is God's will.
Strong independent woman who becomes moe and reliant on Shirou/you.
>having to grind with Saber
Wow, you must suck. Red Saber is easy mode.
The enemy scans or whatever should carry over between runs though, so you can predict the mobs' moves without having to fight them a bunch of times. So maybe you won't need to grind so much.
You liked Nero before you played the game?
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Saber laughing.png
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Oh look. Someone made it again. Good show, lad.

I hate Shirou though, and actually dislike most of the moeification of Saber.
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Aren't you worried your thread will be caught in the latest anti-generals purge?
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I didn't say I had to. I just wanted to make things even easier and not have to rely on special once a game items. The enemy data just makes battles go by faster, it doesn't lessen the amount you have to do. I saw someone mention something about cheats that make you have infinite money, make it to where you can always see enemy attacks, increase the amount of experience you get, shit like that.

Didn't know a thing about her before I started playing, but began to like her as soon as she got her first few lines
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bloody peasant
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As if our love for the king will stop me from making these everyday. Someone would have to come and strangle me to death if I am to stop.
you don't need to shitpost EVERY day you know
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Best king.
What do you like about her then?
She has a penis
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Saber is beautiful.
>he had to make a second Saber thread because the first one died in around an hour
>after getting back from his job, he makes a thread dedicated to Arturia "King of Neets" Pendragon
>he made this thread because he's buttmad about his thread dieing of unoriginality
>he made this thread because he was jealous of the Rider thread
>his shitty minimum wage job means the only food he can afford are hot pockets
>his king would always choose a sword's food over his shitty hot pockets
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I like her in her capacity as king. Her character has a lot more meaning in Zero than it does in F/SN
Someone please erp Saber fucking me in the ass raw. Please make me the king's loyal dog

8/10 nice
>Making the thread again
No. Someone else was kind enough to do it.
*Talking about the jpg, if you can believe that.
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 23

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