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Mailman brought this in today
Get him fired for giving you such a shitty novel. My god, it's like "Hey! Let's completely buttfuck everything that makes a dungeon crawler appealing and just have slutty waifus and harem bullshit!"
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YP seem to have put effort into the release, it has the pull-out illustrations and everything.

But but muh yasuda designs
Just skimming it so far the translation is nice and smooth and obviously reads much better than the J->C->E fan TL.

For example where the fan TL says
>Realize Freeze
>Accelerates Growth.
>Effects last as long as his feelings are unchanged
>Effects are determined by the strength of his feelings

YP has
>Realis Phrase
>Continued desire results in continued growth
>Stronger desire results in stronger growth

Translator is apparently some dude called Andrew Gaippe who a quick google says is an English teacher in Japan with around JLPT1 proficiency.
YP translators so far:
>Haruhi vol 1-4 - Chris Pai

>Haruhi vol 5-11 and S&W - Paul Starr

>SAO - Stephen Paul

>AW - Jocelyne Allen

>Index - Yoshito Hinton and Andrew Prowse

>Danmachi - Andrew Gaippe
Interesting that they didn't go with the Hephaestus spelling.
They also used Aiz rather than the the Aizu that the fan TL used, which sounds more Germanic I guess.
Oh, and Seal Flover is now Syl Flover.
I was actually wondering why they didn't use the traditional spelling since it's an actual Greek god's name, but turns out the one they used is also a valid spelling of it. You really do learn something new every day.
Sorry, it's Syr Flover.
Also for some reason they saw fit to leave untranslated words in everywhere after providing the translation the first time they appear.

For example when "Gekai" first appears the text says it means "Lower World", and from then on they just call it "Gekai".

Same with Aiz's nickname "Kenki"/"Senki". Translations "Sword Princess" and "Lady of Combat" are provided the first time and from there onwards they just call her kenki.

I don't recall any of YP's other translations being this unprofessional.

Did the original specify any particular romanization to use?
Why do all the shitty LNs get released in English? Was there even a demand for this series?
I don't think there was any really. SAO and Index were obvious cash cows but nobody expected Danmachi. I'd thought for a while they were probably forced to pick it up as part of a package that included other series but turns out they don't have any other GA Bunko titles.
If S&W, Haruhi, Zaregoto, Yukikaze, Index, LH, AW, SAO, and Maou-sama are "all the shitty LNs", then what "good" LNs do you want translated?
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See >>118252796
Also, be glad you at least have some choice.
Here there are about 7 LN being published (assuming some are just on a 2+ year hiatus and not dropped).

>yasuda designs
Do you need anything more to pick something up?
Went to shit after Lawrence crashed the pyrite market
Deader than fansubbing
Still waiting for Unbroken Arrow
It will take them decades
Only one I'm looking forward to.
Realis Phrase huh.

Did he use honorifics as well?
Also, I'm actually ok with Gekai and Kenki.

I guess he preferred to treat them as actual names and titles.
No honorifics.

Also the unit of currency is "vals" not "varisu".
>Was there even a demand for this series?
It's getting an anime adaption soon.
You obviously don't follow Oricon threads.
Is it always that same person that always come in here and shitpost in DanMachi thread? I mean this series seems to be decently popular in Japan with sales a lot better than a lot of contemporary titles, but it seems to be pretty ill-received here. Or am I just that lucky that every time I see a Danmachi thread it almost always starts someone saying it's shit. Doesn't seem to be the case for other LN threads here. Kinda interesting to see such despise for a title that's not even frequently discussed.
Probably just one or two guys who got butthurt that the story wasn't all about roguelike dungeon crawling adventures but rather about the zany adventures of Bunny and the Autistic Adventurers.
I've read a lot of Lns and Danmachi is one of may favorites, i can't see the flaws of it. So all this bashing seems meaningless and stupid.
>i can't see the flaws of it
How about the fact that the MC has a permanent EXP multiplier cheat code
It's not permanent. The english translation's not correct.
2ch speculate that his growth spurt's fucked at later level/age. Not to mention it is based on his feeling for a girl, so any sort of relationship bullshit can kill it (maybe).
>They also used Aiz rather than the the Aizu that the fan TL used
Aizu was never right, and the author spells it "Ais". Seems like a severely unnecessary change.
>Seems like a severely unnecessary change.
Aiz is closer to Ais than Aizu is.

What's wrong with Realis Phrase? Aside from the fact that it's total nonsense.
>I've read a lot of Lns
>that his growth spurt's fucked at later level/age
Care to explain?
>>AW - Jocelyne Allen
Dont like him. his mis translated Disaster Armor
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Thread images: 3

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