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Overlord / Mushoku Tensei

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Spoiler Dump Edition, get your asses in here.

Also, posting best grills.
Continuing from last thread. Overlord spoilers beginning.

Ainz walks further into the cemetery with Narberal. Narberal asks if Ainz plans to launch a surprise attack, but Ainz responds with that it's pointless since the other side has already noticed them. (And thinks to himself that his class is awful at stealth anyways.) He runs into Kajite(?) the bald necromancer along with some unimportant followers in black robes.

Ainz: Good evening. Isn't it a waste spending it on a boring ceremony like this?
Kajite: I decided it was appropriate for my ceremony. Besides that, what's your story? How did you break through the crowd of Undead?

Ainz: I'm looking for a missing teenager...You know what I'm talking about don't you?

Ainz laughs bitterly beneath his helmet (this part could also mean he forced a smile, but I thought a bitter laugh was more likely).
Ainz: Only you lot? That's it?
Whoops, slight mistake on the last part.

Kajite is the one who asks, "Only you two?" Ainz thinks about how pitiful Kajite is, almost like an abandoned child. Ainz shrugs at the question.

Ainz: Only us. We used Flight Magic to come here.

Kajite: Lies. That's impossible

Ainz: Believe that if you want. Oh, how about if the child return safely, I let you live? Kajite.
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Could some anons kindly get in here and discuss so the thread doesn't 404 mid-TL?

Kajite: Your name is?

Ainz: Before that I have something to ask. Besides you all, there are others right?

Kajite: Only we----

Ainz:(Ainz interrupts)--- There are more of you right?
Ainz thinks that getting Enfreya is only a secondary goal and that they want the element of surprise for "something".

Clementine shows up to check on the necromancer's progress.
MT ch7 when, or at least by who?
Ainz is too badass. This needs to be translated asap, there's no way the anime will be anything but a joke.
According to the past chapters. Us ;_;
Clementine: I can ask your name right? Mine's Clementine. Pleased to meet you.

Ainz: It's useless to ask, but I'll still tell you. I am Momon (Feifei if you're a Chink).

Clementine: I haven't heard of that name, but let's get along okay?

Ainz has an extremely long sentence here and I'm too noob to translate it.

Clementine: Ah, under your cloak. Let me see it okay?

I think Clementine wants the bone.
Thanks for spoilers!
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What do these two have to do with each other?
Why do mushoku tensei and overlord have to use the same thread?

Is this overlord stuff any good, does it even do anything new compared to the millions of other "trapped in a game world" stories?
If it does not get thread with Mushoku Tensei it will get closed down.
At the moment it seems interesting, he teleported with his dungeon and army in what it may be future world of the game.
You mean besides the fact that it's not a "Trapped in a game" story?
Nope . Can't read them. I hate spoilers.

Does it have shit like levels and game-like skills?

I hate that shit, i dropped shield-hero because of it.
Nope, Status and UI screens have completely disappeared. It reads more like a fantasy novel than anything.
Overlord is pretty good. Skythewood has the English translations up on his blog, but it's only through to the first chapter in volume 2.

It's well-written and the mc has a srsbsns lack of morality with violent tendencies, from what I've heard there might be some sex stuff later on. It's very different from MT, but good.
For those interested manga raw of only sense online ch 1 is around the net.
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More Spooky Skeleton time. Clementine taunts him about the deaths of Peter and company. Asking Ainz if he was their comrade, and pretending to apologize for slaughtering them at the alchemy store. She mentions that as she was killing them, they thought someone (Ainz) would come rescue them.

Ainz says that she doesn't need to apologize. Because he too wants to settle the score with her, and her "behavior". He says that he planned to use Peter and his party as "props". They had seen how strong Ainz was first hand, and so would have spread news about him when they had returned to town. He gets angry that Clementine interfered with those plans of his.

Clementine says that if Narberal teamed up with Ainz he might have a chance, but if he tried to fight her himself it'd be impossible and he'd just get his shit wrecked.

Ainz says even Narberal by herself would be more than enough to win.

Clementine thinks that it's impossible for a Magic Chanter to defeat her.

Ainz asks if she's confident in her strength.
When will Ainz fight with Oersted? I think Oersted would clean the ground with Ainz robe.
Anime is greenlit, right?
For Overlord? Yes, the announcement came out months ago. No new info yet though.
God i'm getting wet.
Is this like Log Horizon or is it more like tryhard edgy shit "You die in the game you're dead for real"
Yeah, but if the anime follows the manga rather than the light novel it'll be a bad joke.
If you mean as shitty as LH or as shitty as SAO it is neither of the two.
Can Someone explain the current deal with TIs for Mr. Bones? Is sky dropping it after 2 is done?
I'm really worried too, they will not make it as dark as it is. They will make Albedo Moe, Narberal tsundere, Shaltear Kuudere.
This gets asked every single thread. Sky is dropping it after Volume 2; all the other TLs from Flying Squirrels are staying.
Sorry if I'm slow, but that means that they'll keep Tling it right?
Yeah. But they translated the chinese version and at the moment they are around vol 3 ch 2.
As long as the Chinese keep TLing.
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 4

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