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Hard Mode: War has to be an element, no matter how large or small.

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Hard Mode: War has to be an element, no matter how large or small.
In the year 2XXX, there is constant battle between the forces of Earth and an unknown alien civilization that keeps sending fucking robots/bioweapons/etc to try and fuck up humanity because they're a bunch of dicks. To help combat these enemies, giant robots, transforming jets, and various other glorious things have been developed.
Our main character is an ordinary man, trying to deal with all of his ordinary life issues while dealing with all the fighting that seems to happen every day.
The war for beta mc's penis
Slice of life about cute girls doing cute things in Japanese countryside during and maybe after WWII.

Dealing with resource shortages, rationing, maybe seeing soldiers marching for wars without really understanding what's happening. Hearing the news from the front, wondering whether the man and boys who went to war will ever come back, yet still trying to live as much of a normal life as possible.

Slice of life is the best when it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and this kind of thing is something I wanted to see ever since listening to my grandmother talk about her life as a little girl in Eastern Europe under the Nazi occupation.

For example I remember her telling a story about when the war just started, and on the day my grandmother's family was supposed to take the vegetables to the market in town the road was blocked by the long column of soldiers marching to the front - so instead of letting the ripe tomatoes go to waste in the summer heat, they fed them to the tired and weary soldiers. If that's not a great scene for a slice of life anime I don't know what is.
Cute girls doing cute things, only the cute girls are muscular orcs.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Old guy travels around the world performing puppet shows to help people with their emotional problems. Old guy has this one puppet that he believes is his dead daughter and treats her like a real person. After helping many people face their dilemmas and making them face reality, he destroys his daughter puppet so that he can live on and not be chained down by the past.
Mc is gary stu who effortlessly wins everything
was waiting for this
Now for the Paras-Ai one
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>What Goes Around Comes Around

A boy gets NTR'd by his girlfriend and grows up to be a teacher who can't get it up.

Then one day, he meets this sweet fifteen year old young girl who reminds him of his cheating ex before she cheated on him; to be more specific, when she was still an innocent.

They go on a whirlwind romance. However, when everything is said and done, the pederast discovers that the mother of the girl is his ex and the father is the guy she cheated on all those years ago, which explains why the daughter looks so familiar to him.
A high school boy that is obsessed with manga picks up a new weekly series that just started. As he reads, he sees that the main character is quite similar to himself and continues to read. The chapter ends with the MC saving a person from falling out a window at school. The next day at school, he gets a feeling of deja vu and when something happens to him that he remembers clearly, he realizes that day is going exactly as it was in the manga. Not really believing but being wary about it, he goes walks around the halls he ends up saving a girl that was bumped out the window.

Freaking out he goes home and tries to find out the author of the manga but it is done by an anonymous mangaka. He goes to the publisher to find out about it but they have never heard of the manga and when he grabs an issue to show them, it isn't there. Completely out of his mind he goes back home and feigns being ill until he can the next week. He goes to buy the manga again and it is there as it was the week before. He reads it and tries to avoid what happens. From here on out, he goes on a journey to find the mangaka.

Long story short. A high schooler is looking for the mangaka of a manga that predicts his future and tries to go against what happens in the manga. The mangaka is his future self.
It's set in Hiroshima.
Takes place in generic high school. First chapter/episode starts out with a harem scenario with your standard nice, yet dense "MC". Introduces a bunch of generic girls as the "harem" members. The tsundere childhood friend, the haughty ojou, the meek girl, the Idol, etc.

The "harem MC"[HMC] tend to have a best friend, and this best friend is the actual main character. He's a generally cheerful guy, the kind of dude you always see encouraging the "HMC", whilst making dirty jokes that makes him the butt of the joke. Everyone but the "HMC" sees him as the "HMC"'s stupid perverted friend. but he actually enjoys seeing the "HMC"s daily interactions and shenanigans with the harem members and the people around him. We see him manipulating the "HMC" and the Harem members for his own amusement. Then, one of the harem members, let's say, the tsundere childhood friend's[TCF] best friend, the stiff class-rep found out about that the MC manipulates "HMC"'s interactions with the harem members. Of course, her being one of the harem members's best friend, feels offended, and threatens to spill the beans to the whole school. MC realizes that this is incredibly dangerous, due to the existence of various fanclubs, delinquents, and many students that view the harem members as the "school idols". And if they know MC has been pushing all these girls to the "HMC" he's fucked.

So the two strike a deal to manipulate the TSP to win the HMC. Shenanigans ensue. Eventually, other factions will rise that will try to push the other harem members to the HMC. And while trying to get TSP to win the HMC, the MC and the class-rep eventually get closer, which will be the actual main romance in the story
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Story takes place in a JRPG parody world (with stats, EXP, skills, quests etc...) where everyone is assigned a role and class (like Hero, Swordsman, Farmer, Villager, Mage) from birth and lives with it for the rest of their lives.

Main character is a Fisherman, a background NPC type character, and is not quite content with his life of irrelevancy and fish.
He has average to mediocre stats and skills aside from his Fishing skill that is absurdly high even for his class because he's been grinding it like crazy since he was a kid.

One day on one of his fishing trips at sea he ends up killing Leviathan (very high level ancient monster) using his Fishing skills to save a girl.
The girl in fact turns out to be the Demon Lord who doesn't want to be the Demon Lord and wants to be a Baker instead. To do this she plans to overthrow the class system and let people choose who they want to be.

The Fisherman, seeking adventure and tired of his current lifestyle, decides to join her on her quest as her right-hand man.
He uses a fishing rod as a weapon, refuses to use anything else as well as having only fishing related attack skills but because he killed the Leviathan he gained an enormous amount of EXP and skyrocketed up in levels to become incredibly strong and turns into a very formidable opponent because no one has a counter or defense against high level fishing skills.
Bears VS Gorillas
But they are sentient and have advanced civilizations and technology. Let's go with Renaissance age. The leader's perspective for the gorillas, a soldier's perspective for the bears.
no audible dialogue, all voice overs are grunts and howls
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Best NTR love story ever told. Best revenge story ever told.
I'm not into NTR stories, but I'd read the shit out of that.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

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>I'm a Super-Boring Guy, But Now I Have to Become Interesting Or I'm Dead!

Our MC is a super-generic protagonist perfect to be the lead of a harem. He has no interesting traits or flaws whatsoever.

Then a giant mecha bulldozes his house down.

He get saved by a magic loli who throws a sword at him and tells him that he is quite literally so generic and boring, that the world was getting out of balance, and it's now throwing wacky and insane stuff into the mix solely to offset how generic he is. Unfortunately, said stuff is also fucking everything up.

The only way to stop it is for the MC to grab that sword and take down all this insane shit himself; or, in other words, become an interesting character.
MIO is the name of a notorious female serial killer who is especially popular among Internet subcultures. There are many rumors about her origins, the most popular being that she was a former nurse or aspiring female surgeon who inexplicably went mad and buthered an entire hospital ward...but her true origins are never explicitly explained. Each episode would have at least one brief moment where someone gives some theory about who she is or how she started.

Anyway, MIO is psychotic. Her preferred method of murder is to drug people and then slowly dissect them while they are still conscious. She also practices cannibalism, and has filed all of her teeth to sharp points. She has a genius-level IQ and a level of surgical skill and precision that would make most surgeons envious. Despite her sadism, she has a bizarre code of honor that dictates who she murders. She considers her work to be both science and artform.

She often looks into requests for those who deserve to be made into her art that are posted on her various fan websites. One day, she sees a post from a young woman who believes her long-term boyfriend may be cheating on her and plotting to leave her without money or a home.

MIO, being someone who particularly frowns upon infidelity of any kind, looks into the matter...only to discover that the man in question is honest, loyal, hard-working, and doesn't seem to have any intention of cheating on his lover.

The woman who made the request, however, is almost the opposite. She steals money from his banking account without permission, flirts with other men, often performs sexual favors for gifts, and is a deceitful person all around.
MIO, infuriated, decides to murder the girl. Feeling particularly cruel, she skips on the drugs and performs surgery on her while she's perfectly lucid...reviving her every time she faints before continuing.

Days later, as the boyfriend grieves, he is left a gift on his windowsill...a bouquet of 'flowers' crafted from his girlfriend's flesh. Along with the bouquet is a sealed letter...a confession of love from MIO.

The man, now being stalked by the infatuated serial killer, must struggle with the pressure of being constantly watched and the danger of anyone around him being brutally murdered.

Yandere horror/drama.
10/10, I kek'd.
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
And here's the OP.
I like how war is in the background while he goes on with his SOL life.

Okay, so in this world there is a phenomenon in which objects rarely and spontaneously take on human forms and voluntarily indenture themselves to their owners as tools to be used.

The objects that become humans take on body type partially based on their owner's preferences mixed with their origin to create a weird mix up and match up of appearances. If you like oppai, then it's likely your human object might have giant breasts.

How the object is chosen is completely random. It could be the priceless family heirloom that you've carried in your pocket since you were born, it could end up being the receipt that you threw out now turned into a loli and asking you if you are her master.

Generally women end up with male objects and males end up with female objects. This can change however and you might up with a bro instead of a waifu if fate just so happens to be fucky that day.

The important thing about this however is that the object always desires to be used for their original function, and can in fact do so efficiently. A journal turned human might have super memory to remember everything written on her skin, a gun turned human might be able to precisely and efficiently launch bullets.

The above can get weird when your previous bed now turned into a giant-titted woman begs you to lay your head on her chest and gently sings you to sleep, or when your favorite hunting knife turned into a school girl uses her nails to cleanly cut slabs of meat for you.

Most people have at least one Human object by the time they reach college. It's exceedingly rare for someone to reach the age of thirty without finding a human object. At the same time it's nearly impossible to have more than three human objects, and even that is considered newsworthy.

Anyway the plot is a SoL about a guy with an axe waifu living in a rural town chopping trees and getting along with other people and their objects.
So this is kind of a crime noir style combined with the supernatural. Basically, there's this detective who's been working a serial killer case for exactly five years. The serial killer has been killing a different person every month since the first murder, and ever since he got put on the case, the detective has been having horrible, surreal nightmares for five years. He shows up to work exactly five years since the murders began, only to be taken off the investigation because he's been working on it too long with no result.

He gets drunk at work and heads home early in a drunken stupor and passes out, yet again having those horrible nightmares, but this time they're giving him clues as to who the killer is. He sets off on his own to find out who the killer is, all the while being haunted/guided by hallucinations and nightmares, blurring the line between what's real and what isn't, which only intensify as he gets closer and closer to solving the mystery.

The killer is actually the detective from the future who uses his crime solving skills to create hard to solve crimes, time-traveling to ensure that his past self becomes him.
One night while dreaming of a murder, a detective, our MC wakes up to the phone ringing which is his department asking him to come in to solve a case even though he's supposed to be on holiday. Reluctantly he accepts only because it has a special interest in him. Arriving at the scene is a gruesome sight. Blood is smeared everywhere and there's not a trace of body besides little bits of smashed bone. Inspecting the scene the detective notes that it's similar too other killings by a famed serial killer he has tangled with before, however nobody knows what they look like and there on the wall in victims blood is the message, "Come play with me, onii-chan!". Taking a cigarette and smiling the detective replies with that he's glad that his partner phones him out of bed as this case is just too interesting to go back to sleep.
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A crippled lonely girl finds a strange book in the back corner of an antique library. In it, she can see the images and hears the sounds of what she reads. The book writes to the reader to create their own story and she pictures the journey of an astronaut, the excitement of an Olympic athlete and the calling of a physician within the pages. Careers she desires completely but cannot have due to an automobile accident which left her immobile and almost unable to speak.

She believes being normal would allow her to follow romance, create confidence and experience liberation from her broken body. Hearing this, the book constructs her most crucial fantasy which immerses her within the pages. In her story, she lives a life where the car crash did not injure her. However, the pages depict the death of her only brother who replaces her role in the mobile accident leaving her in tears.

The chapters foretells the story of her life without her sibling yet still able to chase her goals and find love. While she sleeps, she dreams a life in a broken physical state with her loving brother at her side who cries telling her to stay with him and fight through the pain at a hospital. She realizes she must announce her choice - to live in a reality where she is able to walk and speak once more but must carry on with her sibling’s death or to stay immobile but loved by the only family she has left as the closing chapter approaches.
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Plot? Who needs plot when you can print nothing but volumes of swirly magic shit and in-universe sameface? Throw in some vague dialogue about fate and you've got a manga!
>Canterbury and Whitstable Railway
MC's class goes on school trip to England. Whilst in England they take this train to go to Kent. In mind ride the train suddenly stops. The conductor says over the intercom that the owners of the train had made an annual competition with the passengers of the train. All the people are being filmed and have to fight to the death, the catch is that they don't actually fight, each day they have to vote someone to die. Only the kids from MC's school are in the train. The only people watching the film are the train owners. No one knows about this because the train company bribes the government and news stations to keep the event under wraps. They find out more about the train owners because they are allowed one question each day that the conductor has to answer.
>Mind over Matters of the Heart

Boy has the ability to read minds. It's completely automatic and he has no real control over it. If you're near him then he knows what you're thinking.

He's had it since birth. Because of it, he's pretty much 'perfect'. Perfect grades because he has the combined knowledge of everyone around him. Everyone loves him because he always knows exactly what they want to hear. But over time, he's become resentful of the world around him.

He knows everyone's darkest secrets. He knows how bad most people actually are. He knows when people lie. He feel like he can't be himself because he never has the courage to express himself honest. Instead, he just tells people what he knows they want to hear. He considers himself a fraud.

Then he meets a girl who is absolutely insane. She suffers from every mental illness imaginable. She's a schizophrenic, paranoid, obsessive-compulsive lunatic with DID. Wears a tinfoil hat. Because the way she thinks is so bizarre and indecipherable, our MC finds that he is completely unable to read her mind.

Seeing her as the only person he can honestly express himself towards, he pursues a relationship and they become friends. Shenanigans ensue.
Make it so that the real reason he can't read her mind is because the tinfoil hat actually works and I'd fund it.
>time travel
Would've been more interesting if the detective was the serial killer proper with either split personality or some kind of trauma-induced amnesia, and his dreams were the only remnants of his memories as the killer.
1: A guy comes to school
2. A busty teacher leaves him after class
192. It's sunset. He and the teacher eat apples
193. The world ends
A mecha anime set in a fantasy world (think Escaflowne, Dumbine, Iron Kingdom's Warmachine, yet with the addition of giant floating isles in the sky that can be turned into airships and more dungeon punk), where every single race has mighty machines that are powered by human-sized chunks of magic stones that are synthesized by magic users. The machines are called Arca-mechs.

> MC is a seasoned pilot who's part of the Imperial Army and a respected member of one of the prestigious Arca-mech squadrons.
> MC is sent on a diplomatic mission with his squadron to escort a diplomat to peace-talk with representatives of a rival Empire to negotiate a cease-fire.
> When MC's squad arrive, they find the representatives massacred and are instantly attacked by people in gray painted Arca-mechs. MC and co. defeat them, yet the diplomat and their captain die in the process.
> The group comes back to report, only to be accused of the peace treaty fiasco, murder of the representatives, their captain and the diplomat they were protecting. Thus they are sentenced to be send to a prison isle in the farthest reaches of the Imperium for the rest of their lives. Seeing that they were framed for something they didn't commit, they escape before they are transported to said isle, steal a giant air-barge that transports Arca-mechs (as well taking their own Arca-mechs that were confiscated by their superiors), and go into the shadows.
> MC and his companions have now the following objectives: Find the culprit that framed them and clear their names. The group becomes a band of mercenaries, re-paints their blue and silver colors for black and metallic, and name themselves the Steel Ravens.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, they graduate and never see each other again until they're already working.

One day, at their class reunion, he sees this shota little kid wave at him. He reminds him of his crush he never confesses to and they hang out without him asking his name, thinking he's the little brother (or worse, son) of his old crush.

He meets the guy's girlfriend, they hang out, have drinks, do Karaoke, and when all is said and done, when they're alone, the guy reveals himself to be the butch version of his flat-chested crush who discovered she was a lesbian.
> During their journey for justice, the group fights on multiple battlefields against the corrupt elements of the Imperium, the Empire, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Beastmen, Undead and whatever stock and original fantasy race can be thought. All of it combined with insane Arca-mech fights. Expect comedic situations, as well stuff played dead seriously and with actual drama.
> While the plot advances, the group gains new Arca-mech parts that allows them to personalize their machines, new members join them (including a tomboyish female Dark Elf that is interested in MC's wingman, a crazy Dwarf engineer and a Lizardman that loves Guts tier sized swords), and realize that there are forces on multiple fronts that actually want to utterly break the world. Paranormal Berserk tier crazy shit ensues before they can get their bittersweet ending.
> Animations by Ufotable.
That would be some A+ comedy right there, shit.
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The main character is a group of summoned skeletons who work for a lich named Skullhead who used the be the king of the world, or so he says, but then the angels and demons worked together to defeat him because apparently they don't like souls being destroyed as a result of necromancy.

Either way, the group of undead want to get Skullhead his kingdom back, as they see him as their father and even call him the Patriarch.

The party of MCs include:
>An ambitious skeleton warrior who wants to conquer all land for his 'Father', a bit of a knucklehead and rushes into things.

>A mummy who gets embarrassed when its wraps aren't on, and angry when someone calls it a zombie

>A bespectacled ancient bone drake who is level headed and keeps the party together

>And a vampire with a Hungarian accent who is afraid of the dark and has claustrophobia.

Together, this motley crew will go out and kill angels, demons, and the Main Character Mary Sue heroes who come after them. Except they usually end up defeated and have to plan for their next attack.
so something like Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction ?
Pity there isn't more mecha anime in fantasy settings.
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...Shit. They're spawning.
I love it, but knowing NTR, the ending would cut off at the point where the mother and father finds out about the pedophile teacher.

Would also make for great seinen.
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MUSA season 2?

Nice tweest, tho
Slice of life about spelling, that quickly turns to drama when the director of the spelling bee is murdered.

It is revealed at the end that it was due to a disagreement between an impassioned speller and the director.
Chasing Amy?
>Nature versus Nurture

Romance Comedy with some philosophical debate on nature versus nurture. Two pairs of identical twins, one male and one female, are separated from their twins at birth. One of the boys and one of the girls grow up knowning each other in Kyoto, the other pair grow up knowing each other in Osaka. They all end up in University in Tokyo. By then they are all in this state of being really good childhood friends and they might have romantic feelings for each other. While in University they end up all meeting each other in separate events. Bulk of the book then takes place through the 4 years of them attending University together. Getting to know their twin and the other twin. They have crisis about which twin they love. If the other twin is really the same person as the one they grew up with. Wondering about what happened to their twin that makes them different.
In a fantasy world, there was a Demon Lord and Hero for every generation. After the latest generation of Hero defeated the latest generation Demon Lord, the essence of the Demon Lord would be dormant for the next sixty-seventy years before the posses the next host. And usually, after defeating their generation's Demon Lord, the Hero was so wounded that they die.

the sixteenth generation Hero was so powerful that he defeated the sixteenth generation Demon Lord with ease and still alive. He decided to go isolating himself at an abandoned cave in a mountain.

sixty-seventy years later, the sixteenth generation Hero decided to see the world again. He used his teleportation spell to go to the capital city, only for his spell to backfired because he had not used it since sixty-seventy years ago.

He was stranded in a little town because of his spell. After searching for information, he was all set to go to the capital by foot because he was afraid his spell would backfire again. Only to be stopped by a female, claiming that it was dangerous to go outside because of all the wild animal.

turns out, the female was the seventeenth generation Hero, the sixteenth generation decided to join the seventeenth on her journey to defeat the seventeenth generation Demon Lord, only since he never reveal his power, the seventeenth generation hero never realized that he was the previous generation hero.

And so began her journey, a journey filled with joy, tears, and mishap. Never once realize that the one accompanying her was the previous generation hero.

The sixteenth himself felt that the journey was better than his journey, because he abandoned all his comrades for power. Now he realized that comrades is important and regrets doing all that to his comrades. After the Demon Lord was defeated, he visited all his comrades' graves.
One day you walk through a dark alley and suddenly someone grabs you by the shoulder. You think for a second that it's a friend of yours joking around but when you look at the hand you notice a comedically large red glove. You look at the silent figure who grabbed you and realize it is in fact a clown. The clown's grip tightens on your shoulder and doesn't let go no matter how much you struggle, it is a very strong clown. Suddenly, the clown's hilariously large and colorful pants drop and you notice that he isn't wearing any underwear. his crotch area has makeup identical to his face. The tip of his erect clown penis has a clown nose on it. He forces himself onto you and the clown nose squeaks hilariously each time it rips your anus apart with a violent penetration. The clown is silent during the rape and only occasionally honks his horn into your ear, which leaves a slight ring into your ear. When he's done he just violently turns you around to face him and splashes your face with water from the flower in his breast pocket, then he honks twice and vanishes into the night.
This story is set in a very familiar modern world where visual reality gaming has almost completely replaced conventional console gaming, so similar to SAO. People now put on a headset to play and assume the body of a different character, going through each game as if it were real life, to a degree. Unlike SAO, however, the hardware is completely safe and benign, as common as a PS4 or XBox, and can be used to play single player games, co-op games, MMOs, basically any game imaginable.

The main character is a high school girl. She's been playing games with the virtual reality headset since middle school or earlier, and she loves it. Some of her favorite games are older single player games with poor graphics but amazing and engaging stories. However, she recently got into MMOs and has been discovering a shockingly different side of virtual reality than she was used to. At the beginning of high school, her older sister's fiancé, who happens to be a game designer, gives her a free copy of the game he's been working on. It's fairly ground breaking in its extraordinary graphics and tactile functions (as in, transmitting information you can feel, like wind), it's fluid class system that's allows the player to level any skills they want regardless of their "role" or "race," and it's skill activation that focuses on physical (in-game physical) performance as opposed to just saying its name or using a selection screen (as was common in previous games in this world). Our FeMC, who has become adept at maneuvering in VR games through years of playing, finds that she has a particular affinity to the mechanics in this one. She chooses to pursue the skills centered around "rogue"-like playing, that is, skills that rely heavily on reaction time and strategic battle tactics, meaning they are both more difficult and rewarding.
A succesful trader is bored with his life and quits his job in order to live in an old car in a park.
He eats his own semen and gets his head drilled for money.
Eventually, she comes across a cleric in the game who she recognizes from another MMO she played, about medieval knights. They're both working on the same quest (the game also has more quests than usual and a developed storyline) and so they form a party to help each other out. Gradually, they befriend each other and start playing together almost exclusively, forming a deep bond and becoming two of the most formidable characters in the game.

Meanwhile, we are shown aspects of both players lives outside of VR. Both of them look markedly different from their in-game versions (unlike SAO's bullshit "all the avatars look almost exactly like the real person" nonsense, these games allow players to customize how they look to an impressive degree); FeMC is small, mousey, with messy brown hair and glasses, when she's too lazy to put in her contacts. Her in game persona, while similar in general body shape/size (a general aspect of VR in this world is that it's easier to play well in a character with a similar body type to the player's real body, but many people get used to playing in very different bodies and have little to no disadvantages in them), has long, braided blue hair and a sharp, mischievous face. She also acts considerably more confident in-game. The cleric looks like a tall, busty woman with long, wavy pink hair in game, actually turns out to be a boy of around the same age as the FeMC. He falls in love with her through the game, but struggles with the fact that she only thinks of him as a close friend because he plays as a female.

Basically, this show is about escapism and how much physical shape affects who we love. Eventually they meet in real life (through other in-game friends forcing them) and the FeMC is forced to reconsider how she thinks about her best friend.
Also, her older sister dies at some point during the story, and her cleric friend is the main person who helps her get through her grief. Furthermore, her sister's developer fiancé edits her sister's likeness into the game as one of the main characters in the main storyline out of his grief, meaning that FeMC encounters her in the climax of the game. This is shocking to her on multiple levels, and also forces her to reconsider the way she thinks about virtual reality as a whole. After all, her sister is still dead, no matter how alive and well she looks in-game.
File: 1406606756897.jpg (50KB, 300x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 300x334px
Cute medic girls doing cute things in an ambulance mech during a ww1 style conflict between the outer and inner planets.

Attached to the Hospital Cruiser EDF Yggdrasil, they fly into battle in an unarmed mech called the Valkyrie to evacuate the wounded.
File: 1412986759712.png (142KB, 455x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 455x396px
What if Hannibal was a girll
OK,would watch that.

OK, would watch that too.
School idol turns into a tomboy lesbo? I like it.
A poor farmer's young son meets the ghost of a middle aged man at the local river while fetching water, his daily chore. The two become hesitant friends, not really having anyone else to become friends with. Every day when the two meet, the ghost tells a part of his long story, which is, in a nutshell, being drowned in the night centuries ago after a life of stealing and violence, his crimes earning him the punishment of being spiritually bound to the river for an eternity. As the series progresses, however, more of the boy's home life is shown, which is horrific, leading him to not only see the ghost as a friend, but a coping mechanism.
File: 1341641643017.jpg (23KB, 469x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 469x344px
What happened? They used to make the best tweests.
Interesting. Would watch.

Some people simply fall.
File: 1413355225550.png (233KB, 620x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233KB, 620x634px
When the government of Indiana is taken over by Ron Paul-worshiping libertarians, the Indianapolis PD finds itself without any government funding.

Its only hope: private funding. Luckily, Indianapolis' richest billionaire is willing to fund the entire police department himself.

His only requirement: All officers must now be adorable girls under the age of 13.

INDIANAPOLIS LOLI PD: From the makers of Milky Holmes.
The Antro Solo (アントロ ソロ) is finally released worldwide. However, it's an extremely unpopular car in Japan, and only about 20 are sold nationwide before it's recalled and quickly forgotten.

Hachiro Kagome (籠目八郎) is the eighth son of his parents, and at this point no one (family or classmates) really pays attention to him. He's an average student, a bit lofty in goals and just doesn't find much interest in living the standard Japanese lifestyle. He decides to go on a bit of a soul search, and stumbles upon one of the few Antro Solos sold in the nation. In fact, it's being sold by its owner!

Hachiro is instantly entranced by the vehicle, as it's a very un-Japanese automobile. However, the owner claims that it has maybe about 2000 kilometers left on its life before it completely and irrevocably dies. Not willing to let this opportunity slip past him (despite the warning), Hachiro spends the last of his money on purchasing the used Antro Solo. At least he doesn't need to keep riding the bus anymore.

Because it's such a rare car in Japan, there is simply no way for any standard repair shop to actually fix it. He spends a month or so scouring online for an Antro Solo user's group, all the while wondering if the 2000 km limit is just some kind of problem with that particular car, or if it's actually some kind of curse or whatever. Probably just a problem with the car.

Hachiro gives up trying to look online... if there are nineteen other owners, they aren't revealing themselves, and there's no way to know if maybe THEY are having the same problems, or if they found a solution. Hachiro would hate to let such an interesting car die on him in the end... so he has to think of something.

After a day and a night, Hachiro finally makes up his mind. He's going to spend the last 2000 kilometers left on the life of his Antro Solo finding the other nineteen owners.
A woman and her friends are a part of the dentistry program at the University of Connecticut. All seems to be fine as they're well on track to getting their PhDs. However, little do they know they're soon going to become a part of a toothbrush fetishist's delusions who plans on kidnapping them and force brushing their teeth.
I kek'd. Season 2 when?
A boy goes to school on his brand first highschool year.

He stumbles with a blond blue eye beauty on the way and he runs away because Japanese MC. It turns out she's a transfer student to his class and for some reason she loves him.
When his female childhood friend sees him with the foreign beauty she gets jealous and punches him (because she also loves him). Also the student council president, a stalker shy girl, the class delinquent also love him. Actually let's make it so the 27 year old virgin Sensei too (she obviously doesn't win).

Well /a/? What do you think.
A sweet, romance oneshot love story taking place during the hottest days of summer in Shimanto about a kuudere girl who has a crush on a dandere boy with a scarf fetish.
It's like I've read every last harem anime in the past 20 years in one post. Bravo.
A sports shounen about golfing.

Has that been done before?
File: 1399503724220.png (53KB, 202x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 202x231px
>Cute SoL about cute girls doing cute things
>However this one seems to have a gimmick: it takes place at some point in the past, however the year and country are never stated
>The first 4 episodes are the usual stuff
>Then suddenly in episode 5 BAM, IT'S POLAND, 1939
>Everything goes to shit, the tone of the anime completely changes
>A lot of characters die, others disappear without letting the audience know if they survived or not, including some of the main characters,
>The remaining characters struggle to survive and escape, many more die/disappear in different ways through the series
>In the end only 2 characters remain(one of the main girls and some guy who originally was a secondary character without much relevance), and are rescued by the allies

Would you watch it?

the cgdct -> grimdark thing is shit
The year is 2046. The main character is a straight laced by the books type, who ends up being on the wrong side of a disciplinary action. He manages to avoid a court martial, but gets sent to "Rapier Squad": a crew of unwanted soldiers manning the greatly outdated Rapier missile battery, a nearly useless system that requires manual piloting to get an effective hit on anything newer than 2017. The MC has a knack for it, but has to find a way to get along with the rather unconventional way the outpost is run, but eventually he manages to fit in with the others.

When war does rear it's ugly head, the newer weapon systems quickly are destroyed or deactivated by technobablbe, leaving the motley crew with outdated tech as the last line of defense in front of certain invasion.
War you say?

The year is 1869, and the Meiji Restoration is well under way and the samurai lifestyle is on its way out. A samurai--simply known as Niigatakara samurai (新潟から侍)--seeing the writing on the wall, decides to run away with a courtesan, Mano (魔野), forfeiting his noble status and wealth and accepting his fate as a ronin (which, at this point in time, may not be much of a "fate" anymore).

The two manage to make it to a changing Edo (now called Tokyo) and manage to scrape together a small living with the funds he managed to stash away. (This portion of the story would probably be filled up with new, Western ideas slowly trickling their way into the common Japanese way of life.) In the end, the money runs out, and Mano leaves Niigatakara, who is now heartbroken.

Sometime later, Niigatakara sees a foreign ship in Tokyo Bay and is instantly drawn to it. He finally realizes that Mano and other Japanese women are on it, arrested for criminal actions undertaken against the foreigners, headed for parts unknown. Niigatakara attempts a rescue of Mano and the other women, but is shot and wounded, and the foreign ship sails off.

While recovering, Niigatakara learns that the ship was headed to Ryukyus and follows in pursuit. There he discovers Mano and other women on Okinawa under the watchful eye of a small time pirate. Niigatakara, wanting to free Mano, duels the pirate leader and wins, winning Mano her freedom. They escape the pirate camp to try to find passage back home... but this is in vain as Mano succumbs to her treatment and dies.

Niigatakara, realizing he can't escape fate, returns to Tokyo and hides himself as a monk, trying to finally move forward with a changing Japan.
Ugh fine
>Cute SoL about cute girls doing cute things
>However this one seems to have a gimmick: it takes place at some point in the past, however the year and country are never fully stated
>It its heavily implied that it takes place during the cold war
>The girls just have fun and do cute stuff while there are some news here and there about nukes and vietnam

Would you watch it now?
File: 1417802459295.jpg (148KB, 696x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 696x670px
The MC gets transferred into a top ranking school in America. The catch? 83% black. As he quickly learns, the only law in Northglade, is the dopest rhyme and flow. The MC climbs his way to the top of the social ladder at Northglade, picking up a harem along the way, by becoming the greatest ten-year old rapper east of the Mississippi. Each episode climaxes with a rap battle.
amazing 10/10 would buy merch and BDs
File: 1374561031224.gif (129KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 250x250px
Concerned about the amount of people named Yamada, a death match is organized between all the Yamadas in the world to decide who will be the true Yamada.

There can only be one.
File: 1375471864972.jpg (179KB, 699x679px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 699x679px

A boy gets NTR'd by a girl.

Unable to move on, he and his cheating ex chance upon each other at a bar. Wanting to make bygones be bygones, the ex talks to the MC, but he moves away, which makes her grab for him and slip on her high-heeled shoes.

She wakes up in the hospital with no memories of the past up until before she cheats on him. She doesn't remember her current boyfriend at all and is in love with the MC.

Will the beta MC fall for his ex's past amnesiac self? Will the ex gain her memory? Will the MC get NTR'd again?
>top ranking school
File: 1383760382504.png (198KB, 1762x1893px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198KB, 1762x1893px
>MC is a disgusting otaku NEET obsessed with his waifu to a sickening degree
>One day, an entity appears in his room (an alien or a god or whatever who is bored and wants to entertain itself somehow)
>It tells him that his waifu CAN be real and can be his, but only if he wins a "contest"
>Without even knowing what the contest is about, the MC agrees
>It turns out he must kill every single human being who shares his waifu, so he is given a device to find and kill the competence
>However, every other person who agreed also has a way of finding him and are also out to get him
>Now he must kill a bunch of people while watching his back
>Only 1 must remain
A small country in war with a large scale empire. The country is weak as fuck and the war is more like a curbstomp from the Empire's side.
Wishing to protect his country, MC enlists on the army and is sent to the battlefield. Being the shit country they are, their army sucks balls too so they are wiped out in a matter of hours.
Lethaly wounded and filled with regret, MC wishes to the heavens to give him the power to protect his people. In response to his prayers, a huge beam of light falls from the heavens and surrounds MC, who falls unconscious.
After waking up, he finds his wounds healed and a weird bracelet on his right arm. In that moment, a messenger from the gods appears in front of him and informs him that he has been granted a magic armor, which will put him on a level above human.
Using the armor's powers, MC kicks the Empire's ass and ends up killing its leader. At this point, the MC finally realizes that the whole world is treating him as some sort of Demon King rather than as a true hero, and that playing that role is the only thing left for him to do now.
Sequel is about a bunch of adventurers seeking to kill the ruthless Demon Lord, with the aid of the gods (who are assholes who are in it just for the laughs).
Boring, predictable, repetitive and doesn't follow the one guide line: war.
I'd watch this.
Actually best thing I've read on here
It was only for hard mode, retard. Anyone is free to ignore it.
The best idea on this whole thread.
10/10, I can wait to see more from you.
File: you the joke.gif (804KB, 1307x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you the joke.gif
804KB, 1307x734px
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10KB, 285x237px
Don't mind me, just paying my respects to the trip-single-dubs.
Obviously, first girl rule applies and blonde eyed beauty wins and they kiss in graduation.

S2 is when they finally graduate,and it turns out there's an Alien invasion going on and all the cast from S1 was recruited into warfare and they form their own squad, of which the Christmas Cake is the squad leader just because she's the oldest one. Being a squad of expendable civilians they're sent to death-wish missions in which they barely come out alive. Aliens are akin to big, dark-green muscley humanoids (aka: ogres). In their first mission, which was attack an alien camp, MC's girlfriend is kidnapped by the ogres and MC goes on a killing spree to find her. He strikes deep into the enemy camp and enters the HQ only to find her being gangraped multiple times by the aliens, just before being split in half by the alien commander. He goes berserk and kills them all.
Rest of S2 is the MC descending into madness through PTSD and all his previous friends being picked off in such ways, with or without rape/torture. At the end, only he and Christmas Cake remain of their old squad, and the aliens are pushed off from Japan, but MC has deep PTSD issues and he committs suicide, whereas CC is promoted to Commander due to her tactical genius, but stops being a cute and caring MC to turn into a ruthless commander, brutally murdering every alien in his path, be it soldier, civilian, men, women, or children, and being specially brutal with human traitors.
File: 1376650182687.png (504KB, 776x1469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504KB, 776x1469px
Touching. I'd watch it.

We'd have different types of Yamada every time.
File: Do it faggot.jpg (27KB, 485x414px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Do it faggot.jpg
27KB, 485x414px
Season 3:
CC has sucess in destroying the majority of aliens, the remaining ones go back to their planets, five years have passed since the alien invasion, the humans have evolved at a massive speed because they stealed the ogres technology, now that they have spaceships, the CC and a group of explores decide to go the place that the aliens came from, they have success finding the planet, there they find out that the aliens are actually the reincarnated souls of dead people and that the aliens are actually demons and their planet is hell, in the process of researching information there, they awake Satan, Lucifer, other biblical demons and fallen-angels, the demons start a war with the Earth. Reminder that our planet evolved at lightspeed and now we have giant robots, space ships and other futurists elements. The story centers around the battle "Mechas vs Giant Demons". One plot twist is the fact that the original cast from the first season are now demon lords and the original protagonist is the new Satan (lord of the entire hell), the Big Bad of the series.
The story takes place in a futuristic Tokyo. Virtual reality waifus have become quite popular among otaku, despite their flaws. MC is a huge otaku who is very faithful to his virtual reality waifu who answers anything he says in a manner to Cleverbot. Even for an otaku, MC appears very eccentric however. One day, his virtual reality waifu, instead of answering everything he says like Cleverbot, begins talking to him. She starts ordering hits from him on certain important figures in Japan and the rest of the world. We find out very soon, that in fact, "eccentric" is not even close to describing the bakemono MC, the moment he kills his first target in cold blood. Why has his virtual reality waifu suddenly gained consciousness? Why is she ordering hits from him? And is MC the only one being affected by this, or are there more hitman otaku out there?
A shinigami gets stuck in the body of an awkward teenage boy that looks like a girl. His best friend is a boy who grew up raised by shaolin monks who can also turn into dog beasts with 5 heads. The monks taught him dog-fu.

Together they fight against imaginary tentacle monsters in order to separate to release the shinigami.

There's also an old man that throws rice balls at infants.

I'll call it Chuu Chuu
File: angels.jpg (1MB, 2615x3743px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2615x3743px
Season 4:
Humanity wages a desperate losing battle with the Demons. One battle, in a cloudy day, CC is leading the battle from the frontlines, due to a desperate lack of troops, when things look bleak and a giant demon approaches her robot suit to kill her, a light is seen from the Heavens and the Demons start to burn as the clouds part. CC looks at the ski, and she sees divine beings descending from heaven. Angelic, beautiful men and women with wide white wings descend from the heavens themselves, as they boom in their beautiful yet commanding, obviously superior voice that Heaven has stood still for too long, and now it's time to fight back. CC sees, amongst the angels, her previous students. It turns out that they are the "good" part of people when they die, the previous mind cast being now Archangels. As such, a war between of "self against self" is waged, Heaven and Mankind versus Hell.
During battle, Angels turn into their true form. Wheels with Eyes on fire, and several other horrifying, yet benevolent, beings.
File: Narcissu.jpg (247KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have two

<Muh Waifu>

Society has reached to a point where people are distrustful and sick of interacting towards each other
To ensure population replacement, laws have enforced marriages. Divorce rates are over 95% after second childbirth
Virtual/android companions were created and released to a niche market, target audience are for consumers who want to buy a friend, a waifu/husbando, shota/loli, fuck you name it.
A commercial success, critics and protestors fail to boycott the product due to overwhelming popularity and became socially acceptable.
Preschool kids are each given a companion droid respectively from their parents.
Children learn to interact with their artificial playmates rather with their peers.
Though laws against discrimination were emplaced, society look down upon those without companion bots worse than pathetic virgin losers. (You have Real friends? Hah! What a Faggot! )
Companion bots are disposable, enthusiasts built their own waifus and new models and upgrades are regularly purchased.
Anime portrays how companion bots are integral to society as it draws parallel to people growing up with radio, television, computers, internet and smartphones.

MC is an idealistic, outdated, religious family man who seeks to ban virtual companions but fell in love with a waifubot after his wife cheated on him
Stop, it's shit.
Success breeds jealousy anon, I know.

Maybe some day you'll have an idea as good as this.
File: you're shit.jpg (18KB, 513x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you're shit.jpg
18KB, 513x125px
Do you think it's only one person who is doing this?
Would make a great seinen or josei. Would watch.
File: 1392772731689.png (881KB, 641x715px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
881KB, 641x715px
>The Last Samurai

A hundred years since the discovery of the herbivorous men, the endemic has since affected over 95% of the Japanese male population. Thus having a Japanese spouse is seen as rare and highly desirable. MC is the last pure blooded Japanese bishounen alive. Trained from birth to be educated in every Japanese art, on his seventeen birthday he was transferred to an international school where his harem adventure begins. His greatest flaw is that he is also a herbivorous man.
Cute little girls practicing various chinese kung fu competitively against other cute little girls or highschool girls, whatever suits your taste

>MC is the coach of a team
>MC brings the team to a prefecture tournament
>has friendship/rivalry theme, but does not overuse POWER OF FRIENDSHIP
>no supernatural powers that can be considered magic
>only skills, hardwork, and/or talent

tl;dr Saki, kung fu version, less occult, same lesbian
An adolescent pickpocket from a well-to-do Irish family is sent by his disgusted parents to live with some distant relatives in the Japanese version of Bel Air. Hijinks and theft ensue. Also set in a school setting.

The anime adaptation would be scored by this gent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69ERmiiMD20
so, like kenichi
I would prefer the fact he is carnivorous because he was trained by samurais and didn't had contact with the society, when he goes to school girls (who have the majority became carnivorous), something boys think it's extremely strange since they are all gay, the protagonist, the only man with testosterone there, becomes a harem but doens't understand what the fuck is going on since he was isolated from the society.
But with more cute girls.
That would be interesting.
>when he goes to school girls (who have the majority became carnivorous)
* when he goes to school, girls (who have the majority became carnivorous) have crushes on him
Most everyone isn't doing hard mode, so I'll do it.

In a medieval setting where humans are at war with demons, MC discovers cocaine.
Instead of Opium Wars, we get the Cocaine Wars. Entire kingdoms will fall. Cartels will rise. The New Kings of the Demon and Human World will come to pass.
And it'll be scored by this fellow once it's adapted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGN59KPTDkM
Anime needs more Italian composers.
File: 1369160315203.jpg (114KB, 600x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 600x1100px
A teenage boy is imprisoned and sent into juvenile hall for 2 years. In there, he gets the opportunity to get into "special boys wards" which cuts your time in half. He gets there and finds a lot of cute girls! However, there are no girls, it's only boys who are feminized against their will and made into sissy slaves. He becomes resistant and is given special injections that make him unable to walk and talk, and he becomes a sissy baby.
Underrated post.
What's with all the NTR posts?
>MC wins in the end
>waifu doesn't give him the time of day because he's a disgusting murderer
Mc is a apprentice knight for some drunk ex knight that wants to relieve his glory days, the apprentice knight isn't very good at being a knight due to the fact that he is scare of fighing freezes up in actual combat. Drunk knight just trains him for the money, one day like many before the drunk knight is walking home from the bar when he stumbles upon a dying fairy not knowing is a sacred fairy he mistakes it for a snack and eats the fairy. He goes to sleep amd dies in his sleep but he becomes a ghost and posses useless mc. war breaks out between two kingdoms and mc is forced to join army.

The knight and mc go to war and becomes greates knight to ever live and has many descendants cause he fucked everything that moved because of knight. Mc dies and the knight ghost posses one of his descendants and pretty much relieves everything again until the end of time as punishment for eating a sacred fairy.
10/10 ending. Not barnacles.
>eternal life
Where can I get one of those fairies?
Posting from /m/

My Favorite Band is a Sentai Squad!?

It's about a girl who admires to be a member of her favorite band. She discovers however that the band is a Sentai Squad composed of Magical Girls and transforming heroes. Together they fights with music other bands to rise at the top of the chart and the anti-music group DissonancE. How will our main character react to this?

It's a comedy having fun poking at all the tropes in mecha/sentai/magical girl tropes.
expect a webcomic with shity art of it soon
>and pretty much relieves everything again until the end of time as punishment for eating a sacred fairy.
What punishiment? Living a glorious eternal live is good.
>who admires to be a member of her favorite ban
>admires to be

Aside from that weirdly ungrammatical sentence, would watch. Reminds me of Bamboo Blade.
Every time he dies he losses something of value
like his hairline? that's the worst thing a man can lose
I think by value he means he needs to restart his live from the beggining, losting all his money, friends, women and other things.
Empire Building for Idiots

Three people, a college student who loves studying history, a highschool delinquent with a national kendo championship to his name and an old soldier, wake up on a beach in a bleak and desolate land seek shelter in a small beaten up village that is harassed by bandits. Fearing for their own lives, they help the villagers defend against the bandits, get other villages to help them and combine into one large village for protection. Eventually they launch a counter offensive on the bandit stronghold and find that the bandits were lead by three more people from our world. After capturing them, they admit defeat and promptly explode into fine red mist. Now the delinquent gets a message on his cellphone: "<3 Build an empire for me, won't ya? <3" and a set of rules. Now they have to expand, explore, exploit and exterminate in this unknown land and make sure their empire survives in the end.
Is it called Rogue Legacy?
Was actually hopeful for the hijinks of this ex-trader until I read the second line.
I had that bakemonogatari carpark in my head, and I would've watched the shit out of that
He would lose them once he dies anyway.
He is getting reincarnated as his descendant every time he dies either for a mortal wound or old age.
As long as he keeps fucking as much women as possible he will live forever.
Now a pretty interesting twist would be that he gets tired of living such a life and starts a campaign to kill all of his descendants.
a group of girls seek each others company since they all get bullied at school. after some time they learn that they all have some thing in common. they all are otaku lesbians
9.5/10 - Would read.
I like it.
Norse mythology slice of life comedy, Thor is the alcoholic main character and screws with puny humans by giving them impossible tasks and generally being a shithead, Odin is a total mary sue and gets called out on it by Loki all the time.
He losses anything of value can be anything that is valuable to a man, remember he is a ghost so every time a descendent is born he posses them meaning he kills I guess their souls/personaliy whatever you wanna call it also the fairy also wish to punish him for his sin they send monster after him and every dead is more worse than the one before but his fighting skills do get better since he does live a long life but he must be weary of every person so he becomes I guess paranoid
A hikki becomes a hitman to fund his figurine collection
Go on
Slice of life moe refugees. As the war about some shit rages, refugee girls and their families move from village to village crossing the country and meeting some new friends.

Some towns have fun things, hot springs or something for an episode for example. Then the town is destroyed and they move on.

Like Yuru Yuri but with refugee girls and tattered clothing instead of school uniforms.
He commits suicide withouth any son, but since he eated a magical fairy, he goes at a special place on the purgatory, there God shows to him all things he could have lived if he didn't commit suicide like the evolution of machines and historical envents, God them sends him to the 9° circle of the hell, since he absorbed the fairy magic, he can escape the circles of the hell, the series then becomes an ala Dante's Inferno thing where the protagonist mission is to go back to the Earth with his magical powers
Governments are at war with one another over which has the most cute waifu so they create fighting moe girls that rage war against each other
. Mc is a beta fagget that developes feeling for one of the cute fighting girls so he becomes a diplomat trying to stop the war so that his cute waifu doesn't end up getting killed .
Mc looses waifu becomes enraged and becomes a cute fighting himself thanks to his scientis friend that has a gay crush on him,. Mc becomes a rouge and creates a refugee for all the cute fighting girls
Seriously, you need to learn how to fucking write because the number of errors is sickening. Also sounds bad
There is an alfa MC who is openly gay but the girls want to fuck him so they wage war against his homo-harem.
Plot twist: all the girls have 15 inch dicks.
This anon has a sound idea
A tragedy/adventure about a single German soldier, who for some reason is being hunted for "deserting his comrades" but is actually just because he has a love triangle with one of his superiors and a farmer girl, in WW2 who swore to a dying man to get his baby to his relatives in Lyon and uses this as an excuse, to himself, to escape from his pursuers. Also the allied are advancing from the west an south and the MC has to avoid both his own army as well as the enemy's
Also there are cute valkyries
File: laughing whores.png (490KB, 449x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laughing whores.png
490KB, 449x401px
That would ruin all the fun of having manly man with giant beards doing stupid things. Cute girls are generic.
The farmer girl and the superior are not the same entity
In an Alternative modern world:
MC is a SJW journalist visiting a dangerous third-wolrd-tier countries one after another, taking notes and interviewing them on their ways of life, and thinking about how they are better than not-America.
After some time, the war is declared between not-america's side of the world, and 3rd World. She's now stuck in this shithole with no way to come back to Not-America because all the means of transport are cut between the warring nations.
She now has to survive in this hellhole while enduring the racism (She's still not-american after all) and maybe coming back to her country, or going to another country that is neutral.
In her journey she learns many more things about not-american culture and 3rd world. Hijinks, drama, comedic and dramatic misunderstandings ensue. What will she learn from those experiences ? Where will she end up ?
>The Red Pill
>MC is a SJW

Stopped reading right there.

War of the Yamadas.

Fund it.
A 4x board game as an anime? Sounds good.
Alright, there's this kid, and he lives in a futuristic tow that gets attacked by the empire's forces and he stumbles across some huge one of a kind special edition mech that is really strong and he defeats the empires forces but blows up the village and is ostracized and decides to travel the world with his best friend (who is a girl) and his mentor like big brother alonside their mascot like fairy animal while trying to destroy the empire and find out just what his special necklace given to him by his father who has been missing since the first holy war actually means and why the emperor is after it!

Of course you'd watch it.
A gigantic fleet-gang of space delinquents has set their eyes on Earth. To protect the world, the spirit of the Earth must find five teenagers with an attitude to entrust with incredible power, enough to protect everyone if used properly.

In a huge blunder, all the people the spirit of the Earth picks turn out to be notorious delinquents. The spirit can't take the powers back either. Fortunately, the space delinquents don't really seem to be all that intent on conquering Earth so much as they are about absorbing Earth's pop culture while goofing off. So begins the spirit's job of cleaning up after both the Delinquent Sentai Yankengers and the space delinquents.Things get especially messy when they come into conflict with each other.

Basically, the show would be a comedy that's akin to something like Akibaranger + Sunred + a shitload of delinquent tropes. It toys with sentai conventions by inserting delinquent tropes into common episode plotlines, and vice-versa. It would also feature a healthy dash of hot-blooded action, as all five of the delinquent sentai are hot-blooded muscleheads.
File: 1377936891649.jpg (178KB, 799x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 799x588px
Cromartie High School Rangers?
Jormungand gets Hep C for whatever reason. He has to make and sell weapons to pay for his Harvoni and take care of his family. Along the way, he reunites with his former engineering student Tobey Marshall who has become addicted to speed (amphetamines).
Together they do stuff and shit that involves dealing with the criminal underworld of gun dealers and hill billy amphetamine dealers near the lazy town of Desert Shores, California.
>God decides it's time for him to retire, he's getting a bit senile and losing his powers.
>To decide the next god he decrees that only the purest of souls can be made god.
>The purest soul in the world just so happens to belong to a cute loli.
>The loli becomes god and must now deal with controlling her omnipotent powers as well as pressure to cause miracles from people.
>Every miracle she causes will cause her to age a year.
>She also has to deal with Satan's antics.
At first she is gullible and hands out a lot of miracles. Unfortunately she gives a few of these to evil people who use it to cause chaos, she is aged until she becomes a 28 year old Christmas cake but no longer trusts humans to wish for good things. Disillusioned, she becomes reclusive and stops granting miracles. Eventually she becomes a shut in. It will be called "God became a Hikki."
Yeah, something like that. The main characters are more of the destructive-delinquents kind while the space delinquents are the kind of goofballs you'd expect from Cromartie.
>not just setting your show during the Cold War.
File: 1366523669270.gif (1MB, 211x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 211x211px
I ryk it.
A steampunk world full of airships, pirates, saxophones and funky jazz music, where only the piss-poor people live on the actual ground.
The story is set in the middle of a brutal war between three empires, with various smaller factions caught in the middle.
The MC, leading a band of misfits, deserters and outlaws, is an ex-soldier/mercenary, who, unbeknownst to his crew, seeks revenge on a
famed officer responsible for the deaths of his brother and former comrades.
Epic airbattles, barfights, duels and saxophone solos ensue.
A company of JSDF soldiers end up in the Sengoku era during a training mission

plz no steal
There are these creatures called Gools and they eat people and they take over the brains of the people they eat. They're supposed to kill humans but one of them becomes a friend with a human. Then they try to overthrow the empire but MC forgets his plot armor and dies. After that the story picks up on a background character, another Gool but this Gool is actually another species called Giirl. When she reveals that the universe ends and he spends 10000 years reading manga.

The end.
Thanks, anon.
I tought this was Parasyte, but out of nowhere, Mirai Nikki.
>When she reveals that the universe ends and he spends 10000 years reading manga.
>When she <...> he
The Giirl is genderfluid.
Just make a Dark Souls anime. It would be fucking glorious.
dat twist tho
Do you have a site or any bullshit like that to post the webcomic?
Seinen slice of life

A group of between 3 to 5 playing 4 dimensional chess tournaments 'anonymously' online as one individual and ends with stray mortar shell landing on building because glorious revolution
File: 1353944230712.png (88KB, 241x963px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 241x963px
Reminds me of something.
He was obviously refering to Homunculus, though
I still like his other work better.

My Legendary Hero™ is an Otakus?!

It's the future. War is raging across the entire planet. Only one group of people can save the world from total destruction by limiting the size of the war into small tournaments held in remote island: Legendary Heroes!!™. Each nation trains, improves and feeds their Legendary Hero™ to be the strongest, fastest and smartest and bring glory and political power to their respective nation. Japan has been getting their will through for several tournaments straight, because their Legendary Hero™ is simply the strongest!!!.....Until he disappears and now Japan is the whipping boy of the world. One day the government sends out thousands of investigators to find to Legendary Hero™ of Japan. One of them, a meek young woman finds the Legendary Hero™ in Kyoto in a Nic Ronalds burger joint, eating a several Wacky Meals for some reason. The investigator approaches the Legendary Hero™ and begs him to come back and fight for Japan. He refuses, saying he has found a new meaning in life and is now above mindless violence: Moe Anime. He then resumes to his Wacky Meals and accidentally destroys half the building after screaming with joy as he finds the Moe-chan figurine he was looking for in the wacky meals. He leaves the scene with a single leap, leaving several dozens of Wacky Meals uneaten. Now the investigator has to somehow get the Legendary Hero™ to return to his job and save Japan's economy, restore it's political power and inspire it's people.

He would eventually get persuaded to join the next tournament, but all the fights would eventually turn into jokes because of the Legendary Heroes's™ obsession with moe-anime and pacifism.
>an Otakus?!
10/10, the kind of misspelling the Japanese would make.
File: 1365898904169.png (63KB, 219x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my evangelion 4.44 fanscript
>opens on a barren field
>a group of nemesis angels gets vaporized by a lazer beam
>cuts to Jet Alone
>it's piloted by Kensuke with Go Nagai-style sideburns
>scratch that everybody has Go Nagai sideburns
>UN and JSDF return as a third party
>JA also has close combat in the form of JETTO PAAANCH and JETTO APAKATTO!
>which is essentially boxing with scopedog punches
>rest of the movie is about him ,Mari and Asuka fighting against the FAR
>02+08 GATTAI as an homage to Gunbuster complete with cover of Fly high done by JAM project
>also Mari X Asuka yuri space sex
>Mari and Asuka's suits are top team leotards
>Gendou gets his own Eva
>Shinji fights him G Gundam style
>Hikari leads an army of Rei clones against the FAR
>SDF Wunder transforms like the Macross and is piloted by Rei
>Kaiji returns as a Kochiro expy training Kensuke,Mari and Asuka
>Toji fights FAR aliens dressed as a stereotypical Banchou
>fights using Kung-Fu he learned from a man in the wastes
>has spent the last 15 years in the desert learning and honing martial arts
>final has Ohba in a band with the NERV bridge bunnies using PUROTO KULTUAAAAA to defeat a giant FAR
>Epilouge has Kaiji perform Fly Me To The Moon for Misato
does anybody know how I can contact Anno?
File: 1413752401059.jpg (968KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
968KB, 1536x2048px
Similar to Cromartie, a black foreign exchange student comes to a school. Everyone thinks he's hard core, so he pretends to be hard core. He befriends the class delinquent, who is in the same situation, that everyone thinks he's hard, but he's not. Neither one of them knows about the other, so they try to act hard core so that no one finds out they're really just normal.
File: 1398030744394.jpg (38KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 640x480px
>generic mc
>has to fight evil and generic antagonist
>every 2nd setence is "zettai ni yurusanai"
>oh god the stupidity
Typical Jap high school goes to war with a typical American high school that involves weird competitive games
File: 1397682182875.jpg (260KB, 600x514px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260KB, 600x514px
A generic MC and a tsundere are drawn into a conflicted relationship over the course of their high school careers as they slowly discover they're the latest avatars of two Gods locked in an eternal war for domination of the universe.
Would the protagonist be like Saitama?
I love it. More.

That's what she said.
Hard mode engaged. Full Metal Jacket with mechs

>first 8 eps show bootcamp
>team uses beat-up old mechs
>most of the ep has them working on them
>shiny new mechs are shown in the background as test types
> one of the recruits kills their commander and committing suicide like in the original movie
>other soldiers are shown dying left and right
>anti mech teams are also shown (no mechs but RPG's and anti-material rifles instead)
>EP9-10 has them fighting in the frontlines
>EP11 has them assigned to the R&D team
>get new mechs
>are actually prototypes and unlike other anime these are full of bugs resulting in one of the soldiers dying
>final ep has the team marching back to camp
Would watch
a SOL set in a mech university
>will feature both existing and new mechs
>protag is a poorfag
>has to make due with his father's Zaku II from the war
>befriends fellow poorfag who build his suit from scratch
>all the richfags have modern suits (IE Tallgeese from Gundam Wing,Griffon from Patlabor,etc.)
>every ep has them pull a prank and is narrated by him
>>"today one of the rich fags painted his Tallgeese red, strapped some thrusters on it took it for a testride. The janito told me that his crater was three times bigger then other first year's craters"
>>"this morning I awoke to Kanjitte Knight being played over the PA system, Apparently some of the seniors built a working Mazinger and rocket punched the richfags' dorm"
Starts as a normal series where the MC must go to school and all that.
The MC awakens with magical powers, must balance between his normal life and ancient mysteries surrounding mages who replaced gods long ago. Intrigue, drama, investigations, going mad from power, and magic being a bitch that bites you in the ass if you don't use it in a smart and covert way.Also there are eldritch horrors out there that want to undo the world or worse, or they have already done so in the past.
File: Josef Stalin.jpg (449KB, 897x1206px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Josef Stalin.jpg
449KB, 897x1206px
I wrote this yesterday in a moe dictator thread.

It is basically WW2 in the eyes of loli Stalin.

It shall be called: Stalin and Friends

>Episode 1: Plot-
>Tomboy Lenin is on her final breath.
>loli Stalin is leaning over on the edge of a chair, looking at Lenin on her deathbed.
>Camera moves to a panty shot and moves up to Stalin's face, giving a whole pan view of her body.
>Lenin rolls over on her side. And hands Stalin some paper
>"Read my will to the people"
>loli Stalin gives it a quick once over
>"Umm ya sure, Senpai.. what ever you say"
>Stalin walks over to a desk in the room, and starts crossing out and adding things to the letter
>She looks up with an evil grin

>Scene changes to loli Stain standing on boxes to reach a podium.
>"Hello fellow friends, and comrades."
>"Our glorious leader Lenin has gifted me with the leadership of our great nation!"
>She winks, and she makes a girly hiccup sound
>Then OP

Produced by Trigger
This looks like it could be a very fun series
I'm not sure what to call it but I collaborated with some other anons to make a parralel to historical events manga:
a show about a bunch of little girls in a high school Parliament club where they eat cakey among other fun things
one day, the club president eats the entire cakey herself
causes an argument in the club over whether or not her position shoud allow this
ends with Charla-chan being ousted from her position and kicked out the club
uptight DFC-tsundere-archetype Olivia takes her position
a SOL drama set in an office in 80's Japan.
Here we have an alternative history we wrote:

1937: Whiny, skinny moe Nevilla Chamberlain (voiced by Rowan Atkinson in drag) is passed over and a rotund Mitsuba-like moe Winstona Churchill (voiced by Eddie Izzard in drag) is made Prime Minister. She recognizes ill-tempered moe Adolfina Hitler's nefarious plans and crushes her ambitions early on, so the British Empire remains intact and powerful.

1970: Tough-talking moe Margaret Thatcher (voiced by John Cleese in drag) leads the mighty Empire to new heights with its world-renowned trade, finance and industry. Its has the greatest military in the world, responsible for defending the Empire's vast territory, such as British India and its many colonies.

1974: Fiery moe Juanita Perón -- who lives with her sleek, vulpine yuri wife Evita -- is saved from certain death by Nazi scientists that remake her into the ultimate mecha loli. The Nazis fled doomed Germany together and now openly refer to Argentina as the Fourth Reich. Argentina rules the skies of South America with the descendants of Kurt Tank's jets, the land with Porsche and Krupp-designed panzers, and the seas with Blohm & Voss-engineered super-battleships.

1982: Elegant moe Queen Elizabeth II (voiced by Stephen Fry in drag) is interrupted during her fox hunt, where she's firing an L6 recoilless rifle from horseback, and told that Argentine troops have invaded the Falklands. Sensing the Empire's dire need, bad-ass moe Admiral Nelsona (voiced by Hugh Laurie in drag) emerges from her brandy-filled coffin, brushing her death hundreds of years ago as a mere flesh wound. The glorious Commonwealth forces set sail towards South America. Elizabeth II, Nelsona and Thatcher hop aboard a waiting Avro Vulcan, escorted by TSR-2's, and head off to settle matters with the Argentinian Nazis, lead by mecha loli Juanita and her foxy lover Evita in an epic war between the world's two superpowers.
>MC is 19 year old sociopath in college
>taking mostly polysci/geopol classes
>is completely disgusted with the way the world works
>has a crazy god complex
>only he wants to do it with as much bloodshed as he can manage, seeing wiping out dissidents and rivals as humanity's way of atoning for its collective sins
>looks around online for a group of like-minded people just to shoot around ideas
>all of the people he finds but one think he's way too intense and scary
>he meets up with the one who doesn't, and they plan a "hypothetical" revolutionary movement
>they work on "mock" propaganda
>eventually start distributing it online
>MC writes a manifesto
>gains supporters
>also gains critics
>eventually a fanatical follower kills a critic
>MC realizes he has a choice between calling off the "joke" movement or taking it to the next level
>calls upon his followers to gather as many weapons as they can
>gets a wealthy sympathizer who acts as benefactor
>benefactor funds purchasing guns, military equipment, vehicles, etc
>time eventually comes for MC to call on his followers
>by some miracle, MC's well-organized militia take the JSDF by surprise and completely over-run them
>MC fights long war with UN nations for control over Japan
>leads his followers to victory
>gains complete control over glorious nippon
>finally over
>fighting is done
>MC realizes he has no fucking clue how to run a country
I'd read a doujin about it.
Doesn't have to be a manga; anime, VN or LN all could work in different ways.

The story is a war drama that has absolutely no combat scenes or soldiers as primary characters and is instead told entirely from the perspective of financial officers, weapons and artillery manufacturers, and mechanics/machinists. The tone is a lighthearted day-to-day drama which shows the other sides of war.
underrated post
File: Tomoeto.png (62KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 300x300px
It was a dark and stormy night. Our hero travels to a far away land in hopes of finding his destiny and to save the world from evil. However, things do not appear as they seem when he realizes it is all a dream... within a dream, within a dream. Awakening, he discovers that he is a biological experiment with no memory of his past. He is sent to attend a typical Japanese high school, but not everything goes according to plan. He is actually a she and only discovers this after meeting a ghost in the boys bathroom. The two of them become immediate friends as they go about their day-to-day life and death. Although, something isn't quite right when it is discovered that everything they see is actually a massive fabricated world built by science to discover the effects of a biological weapon... A weapon that makes people see ghosts. The line between reality and fantasy quickly become blurred as they begin to question whether or not they themselves actually exist. Joining the light music club, our protagonist learns how to play a trumpet that smells of many colors. Little does she know that this weird trumpet is the answer to everything as she then discovers a secret world behind the door of her bedroom closet and a cat prince from the planet Venus. The prince is hit by a car, but since he is a cat, had 7 more lives. Although, as unusual and fantastic as these discoveries appear, she could not help but feel like she had been here before. A darkness falls over the East and the sound of distant drums rolling closer instill a sense of dread over the kingdom. War… War is coming.
Plot twist: The MC is actually schizophrenic and the whole story is entirely in his head. The final scene is MC locked up in a mental ward for his rampant crimes and massive delusion.
Then in the final episode, in the last five minutes, after the girls get on a boat for America or some shit, the show cuts to the soldiers, which we see for the first time in a way that isn't dark silhouettes. They are wearing Japanese WWII uniforms and the last line of the show is "those god damned Chinese whores escaped!"

The entire population of the world is now made up of women after a biological weapon developed by radical feminists was used on every major city on Earth. The world is in turmoil as the last generation of men on Earth die in a grease fire following this age of male impotence. The human race is doomed.

However, little did anyone expect that there was one boy who managed to escape the weapon. Transferring in from the far-off country-side, a young, normal boy arrives in his Tokyo classroom and introduces himself...

Girls from all over the world are transferred in with the mission to acquire his seed at any cost, following political motives to also sabotage the future of enemy nations.

The episodes go by as an international cast of beauties tries to seduce him. Syringes and plastic cups and vials are the tools of the trade as they attempt to gather his genetic material.

No progress is made by anyone as they are too busy arguing over who gets to keep the boy, and it isn't long after the Russians arrive on the scene that girls all over the school begin turning up dead...

The Japanese government assigns a bodyguard to the boy after an attempt by a Chinese student to slice off his penis and smuggle it back to the mainland on ice.

Is this the beginning of a young romance? Can the MC understand the heart of this tsunyankuudandere girl? Find out at the end of season six which will air never.
It's Tokyo Ghoul.
>WWI but with countries with other names in other world.
>3 guys that are forced to join in their country's military force
>2 of them are part of the group that sends supplies to the other soldiers, because they can't even shoot a rifle and were the worst pupils of their respective military academy.
>The first guy is someone that work in farm and his only dream is to own his own farm, he is forced to join in the military when a recruiter find him selling milk in a town close to the farm where he works. He is tall as a 14 year old boy, people make fun of his size.
>The second guy is a fat boy that worked in a bakery in a random town with their parents, his parents hide him for months in the bakery so he couldn't go to the war. He end up being discovered by her neighbor, that is a 16 year old bratty girl, that alway make fun of him for being a little retarded and slow, she tell to the military that he is hiding and the military forced him to join the military and they destroy their parent's bakery.
>The third guy is a elite cadet from the military, he is part of a family with a long service in the infantery, everyone have high hope about him and his future in this war.
>The story start with the first grand mission of the elite cadet, but he end up against some experienced general in a surprise battle, most of the soldiers end up dead, and he awake alone in a devasted battlefield that shouldn't have happened, this is when the other 2 guys discover him wounden, they were in that town to send supplies but they were late because reasons, this is when they first met, the rest is about their advetures trying to be alive in the enemy territory.
MC is a 22-year-old ex-gang member and a virgin. While peeping up girls' skirts at a local shopping mall, He meets a girl who agrees to go out on a date with him.

His attempt to sleep with her fails when her current "boyfriend", her teacher, shows up at the love hotel they are in and asks her to return to him. The teacher is old and unattractive, but has sufficient influence over her that she leaps from a second-story window and lands in his arms.

Upon seeing this display of a teacher's power over girls, he decides to become a teacher himself. It's a comedy mixed with drama. I'm thinking the title for this is Higher Learning.
File: serial killer.jpg (693KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
serial killer.jpg
693KB, 1280x960px
>MC is an aspiring serial killer
>He stalks his first victim
>After months of stalking, it's finally the day
>He sees the girl getting attacked by a bunch of thugs
>They're trying to kill her
>He impulsively saves her since she is supposed to be his first victim
>Turns out the girl is wanted by a mysterious organization who's hunting her down because her father(a scientist) fucked up
>MC gets hired as her bodyguard whilst trying to fight his murderous lust`

The ending involves him having to kill the girl yet facing the moral dilemma of being good or being evil and the girl knowing he's a psycho at heart and sacrificing herself for him due to Stockholm Syndrome.

Traumatized by what he's done, he ends up continuing to kill murderers and white-knight victims while viewing every girl he rescues as the girl he stalked, rescued, and eventually murdered once upon a time.
Nah, you should call it "fantastical coach civic" or something
File: dumb idea.png (238KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dumb idea.png
238KB, 1000x1000px
>MC makes a promise with a childhood friend to be together forever, and they separate, crying as they wave their goodbyes.

>Several years later, it's MC's first day of high school.
>He's super excited and nervous, yada yada yada, and heads towards his new school.
>As he crosses the gate, he's tackled, with his face shoved in a girl's boobs.
>He's blushing, nosebleeding, really happy, until he looks up, and sees pic related.
>She cries about how happy she is to meet him again.
>He freaks out and asks who the hell she is.
>She says, "You don't recognise me, MC-kun? It's me, (insert typical moe name)-chan, your childhood friend!"

The entire anime would just be a romcom of them and their daily shenanigans. He refuses to accept her as a girlfriend, constantly weirded out by her face, despite the fact that she is literally the perfect waifu. She makes bentos for him, helps him with his homework, tries to take showers with him, has a perfect body, everything. His friends and family all try to convince him to return her affections, seeing her as the perfect girlfriend (with some of his friends even jealous of him but accepting that she loves the MC), and when he points out her face, they all just shrug or call him shallow. With time, the MC slowly finds himself falling for her, and I guess the ending would be something like the MC going "Maybe she's not that bad, after all," while blushing, or something else with him finally considering her as a possible GF/wife.
A guy who kills criminals and cops with his magic book.

I'm thinking the title is... The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.
Would you /a/? No paper bags allowed.
It should be named after a car. Like BMW, standing for Big Male Wiener or something.
Jughead and Big Ethel? Would watch/read.
>after MC takes a good hard look in the mirror and realizes that he's a shallow asshole he can finally see that her face was never really fucked up, she's actually super hot, and he's looked like a total fucking jerkoff for the entire series
way to invalidate the entire moral of the story.
I really like that.
A teenager with a seemingly normal life

Suddenly, a girl

Suddenly, giant robot or magic powers

Love arc

Sad arc

Everything typing up ending.
A ghost boy falls in love with a withdrawn, bullied girl and haunts her mind. He speaks to her so only she can hear, appears physically for very brief moments and sometimes moves objects.
After getting to know the ghost boy and hearing the story of how he died unloved and alone, she wants to care for him and make him happy. Before meeting him, she was suicidal and depressed, but he gave her the hope to keep living.
Unfortunately, the only thing the ghost boy wants is for her to die so they can be together, so he secretly tries to kill her in several ways. When that fails, he does everything he can to manipulate her into somehow being suicidal again.
Meanwhile, a boy from her school falls in love with her after seeing her smile for the first time.
Japanese schoolgirls slice of life in an underground bunker approximately 2 years after global thermonuclear war between the united states and the Russian Federation made Earth's surface uninhabitable.
I like Billy and his Magic Book better.
File: BearsuitClick.jpg (557KB, 1109x1281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
557KB, 1109x1281px
>It's the future and you can purchase AI on to your computer. You decide how they act and look.
>Otaku go crazy about creating, interacting, and living with their respective waifus they download.
>Thunderstorm or some shit happens and the Waifus in that area gain sentience.
>Companies pull the AI programs back to "FIX" them.
It's an action anime taking place in cyberspace, where the Waifus must work together to destroy the evil NTR Programs the corporations create to try and stop them, and make it back safely to the desktops of their 3-D husbandos.
I lol'd. Write it, anon.
So... Chobits?
Ever see a show called Heroes?
This sounds a lot like one of the subplots in that.
Have him reference past serial killers and their modus operandi for good measure.
The paperbag would ruin it anyway.
Yeah, but the resolution to that plot sucked and Heroes became a clusterfuck of bullshit that people stopped caring to watch it anymore.
>It's WWIII.
>MC is a soldier just trying to make it to the next day, you know?
>It's really hard thanks to mechs flying around, missiles always in sight, chemical and biological warfare, and all the other shit people fear will wipe people out in WWIII.
>Well big surprise, it does.
>Humanity is practically knocked back to the stone age thanks to all the destruction.
>In a galaxy far, far away, some imperialistic aliens get the idea that it'd be good to take over the Earth while the humans are weakened.
>They come by and kick the dying horse, but the humans hang on.
>MC specifically, who had been trying to make it in the depleted world, hangs on harder than anyone else.
>He manages to string together an army to at least defend earth until humans can get their shit together.
>The rest of the galaxy watches on and laugh, almost like the humans are a bad sitcom.
>MC vows to make the whole universe pay for this and becomes space Hitler.
>How will the universe fare against this tenacious, rabbit-breeding race of warmongers and planetists?
>Their chances are about 6 gorillion to one
A movie about a victim of sexual assault murders pe dos

>Was brutally assaulted at a young age
>Grows older and gets revenge
>He cuts off their genitals and sexually abuses them with it. Then cuts out their eyes.
>The protagonist instigates them through websites and tracks them down by searching on the computer. (Those pe do locators)
>The police track him. A detective sees his motives and understands but doesn't agree cause murder is wrong
>Others encourage these murders and there are two copy cats who end up murdering an old man who wasn't actually a pe do
>The protagonist feels that was unnecessary the way they murdered the elderly man.
>He becomes conflicted whether or not to stop
No, I was turning it into a slightly different anime version of Shallow Hal starring Jack Black.
This is just a sadder version of Neverending Story.
Sounds like a grimdark gurren lagann
A plain, 2X year old couple whose only wish is to raise a happy family live day by day. Whenever they think they can settle down and conceive a child another war breaks out and they're on the run again. This is actually because unknown to the two there's a group of powerful men trying to capture them and the group can only detect the couple when they expose themselves. The group use war as a simple means to create chaos and sell weapons as they attempt to kidnap our protagonists.
OK, hear me out, this idea will blow your mind

So this kid is the main character. He's bad at school (but only because Teachers are EVIL) and his parents yoyo between caring and completely oblivious. He's a total loser, but has some friends (who are also losers and bigger ciphers than he is). They constantly have to watch out for EVIL ADULTS. He also has a one way crush on POPULAR GIRL.

Problems happen, usually because of his own fault. Lessons are never learned.
This is literally the plot of a yuri manga.
Except it's not yuri, so it's not trash.
Aliens invade earth during humanities renissance era and the aliens by galactic law have to use the same technolgy as humans, they fight the war and a peace treaty is proposed and now aliens and humans share earth but one of the old guard knights that fought the aliens has no place in modern society so he opens up a shop selling his knight skills to who ever is willing to pay he also has a little alien girl side kick and a nerd otaku partner.
Cartoon Network on /a/?
Loli Generals playing Cute War Games
>MacArthur is Class-Rep Type
>Patton is Overly-Excited Happy Airhead Type
>Eisenhower is pic related Type
>Napoleon is Overly-Full-of-Himself Type
>Custer is Nemesis-Who-Is-Thwarted-on-a-Bi-Episodic-Basis Type
>George Washington is everyone's beloved senpai
>Sun Tzu is sensei
The solar system is being invaded by an extraterrestrial fleet. Humanity's best attempts at mounting a defense have proven futile. However, they manage to recover an alien mecha that crashed after the last battle. They discover that it merges with the pilot so it can be controlled as if it was the pilot's own body. However, this requires a key encoded into the pilot's genes. Not wanting to risk a trained pilot, they pick a teenage boy who failed the physical for being drafted to experiment on and implant the key in his genome. He then tries to activate the mecha and achieves success. In the process though, his DNA is overwritten by that of the original pilot, who was a girl. When merged with the mecha, he transforms into an alien woman. All other attempts to implant a genetic key have been complete failures as well. Can the MC, picked for the project specifically because he was expendable learn to control this alien war machine, and her new body to save the earth from destruction?
>all american generals sans napoleon and sun tzu
give me rommel or give me death
That sounds like a hentai version of Captain America
It won't be at all. It'll be totally wholesome.
My favorite of the variations of Keitai.
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