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raildex girls

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there are SO MANY

also whats with people saying rail>dex

both character and series specifically, thats wrong m8

who are your favorites?

misaka misaka


tokiwadai RA

T literally who?:
kongo's posse
other 2 ITEM members

Trap Tier:
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>tfw best girl isn't even canon
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>both character and series specifically, thats wrong m8

But you're wrong. I can't see any aspect in which Index is a better character than Mikoto.
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1. Konori
2. Kanzaki
3. Fukiyose
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misaka and index are same tier; biribiri however kinda lame;

>annoying thundere
>wont reciprocate kuroko's love
Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. Kuroko is even more annoying and clingy if anything.
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A. cute
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perfect descriptors for biribiri
Kuroko is the worst fucking character in the show. Get some taste.

Kuroko is the one who is constantly trying forcing herself onto Mikoto, attempting to rape her and follows her like a chihuahua. Do you niggers even know what are you talking about?
Saten-san best girl
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>get some taste
no u

oh please, if it really bothered her she could easily make a big deal out of it and put it to an end, it's just horseplay
>no u

Go back to whatever forum you came from, scum.
no u
Was there a S3 or something? I don't remember Raildex being this popular to have daily threads on /a/.
Kuroko not being able to satisfy her lust with her doesn't make her behaviour any less annoying and clingy. Stop trying to justify her just because you like her and Mikoto puts up with her shit.. She's the most shallow and forceful character in the cast. Realistically no one would blame Mikoto if she decided to end her friendship with Kuroko. She's lucky Mikoto isn't a bad person and tolerates her.
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Since you framed a reasonable argument, i'll pose a reasonable response;

Misaka is not beyond being "put off" by romantic advances like when she got toma to pretend to be her boyfriend to repel that guy who was hitting on her.

The kuroko loves misaka is in my opinion more of a running gag much like index eating all of toma's food and an indicator of friendly spats as opposed to legitimate character conflict.

They are in both situations undeniably close and dedicated friends.
They're friends but the affection is completely one-sided. Kuroko is also more perverted, clingy and intrusive than Index or Mikoto are with Touma. You can't even compare them. If a character in this series is annoying and clingy, it's Kuroko.
So, why is no one talking about hamazura vs magic gods NT12 news ?

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As I mentioned earlier; that seems to be more for the purpose of recurring humor than characterization; kuroko is also an extremely ethical individual when doing her judgement work, and is perfectly capable of putting her crush aside when things get serious (sisters arc; covering for misaka's absence, and not prying into the issue against her own obvious desire to help and concern for her friend). Additionally, it is important to note that they're all middle school girls. If they were adults, sure that would be significantly different, and misaka would arguably be a violent sociopath.
>misaka would arguably be a violent sociopath.
She's an angel compared to Kuroko. Again, it being comedy doesn't make Kuroko any less annoying and clingy, since that's almost her entire characterization. She's a flanderized character.

Stop trying to change the argument. No one else in the series is as annoying and pushy as Kuroko, comedy or not.
Fair enough, I guess thats the point personal preference comes in. I absolute agree that she's "annoying" and "clingy" and a "horndog" in-universe. I just find it endearing.
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febrie reminds me of chaos
when is the next piece of animated content coming out for either of those?
No clue if anything is even planned, but I too am curious
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Misaka wants it. It's all a strategy to show Kuroko who the top is in their relationship.
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Fukiyose a best.
Kuroko just skipped town when she found out about radio noise and is happily enjoying her clone harem offscree.
The clones would team up to knock Kuroko out and make her disappear. They're all loyal for Touma and would never pay attention to the annoying twintailed little shit.
You don't think that the 10k-ish surviving clones don't have enough lovin' to go around?
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>clones teaming up on kuroko
>implying she wouldnt like that
She wouldn't even be aware of that. 10032 quickly knocked her out the only time she saw her.
would u let an index move in with you?

Maybe I'll lose some weight if she keeps eating all my food.
we can watch mahou shojous together
>Eats all my food
>Doesn't cook
>bites my face off at the slightest contact with "other" women
Fuck off Index.
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>All science-side girls except Index on that list.

Biased much?
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>No Itsuwa
>No Misaki

Everyone in this thread, especially OP, has shit taste.
This thread gave me cancer
to be fair, science has more girls; if this thread was say "bros" and "cool dudes", there would be fucking nobody for science
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just gonna leave this here
Not likely at all, considering that whenever the clones' thought processes are on the record, they all hunger for the T. Things like dieting to stand out and attract his attention, the clones outside AC envying the ones like #10032 who are closer to him, and even the manifestation of the will of the entire network admitting she wants him...

Yeah, it's a good bet they're all straight.
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She has a great personality and voice, who wouldn't
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>great personality
>having any personality at all
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>Biribirifags feel so threatened by a superior girl they have to slander her
Nobody will fall for it.
Touma is probably the densest Character ever (regarding girls), does anything change in the later chapters? The ones after the anime
I'd just rank them more or less like Touma does.

Want to fuck tier:

Want to protect tier:

Want to spend time and hang out with tier:

Want to marry tier:
Clones, hijacked by Will-tan

Want to avoid tier:
All theses bullshit replies, and no mention of best woman.
He outright states he's not looking for a relationship because "muh misfortune" and he seems pretty aware of things in the LNs.

He's always been pretty aware but the anime did a piss poor job of showing his character. He called Mikoto a tsundere in the novel version of Angel Fall, so he should have some idea of what's going on.
He called Mikoto a tsunder in tongue-in-cheek. He isn't aware she's tsundere for him.
it's "thundere" gais
Thor is best girl.

This is not up for debate.
there are way too many girls every time i try to make a top ten i remember some other girl who is slightly better and have to make adjustments
I honestly can't imagine Touma rejecting any confession, he's just too nice of a guy to do so
that's why it's easier to put them in tiers than have a single A>B=C>D>F>G=H=I etc...

>Fukiyose and Misaki will never tagteam Touma with their titties
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and done.png
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>No Frenda
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kekkest of keks.jpg
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she's only half as good as she used to be
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No one wants to make two separate entries to the list.
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in theory I guess a whole frenda would be t1
He rejected Lessar plenty of times, if you count constantly asking him to fuck her as a confession.
First come, first serve.
He was busy, y'know, saving the world and shit.
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Accelerator Tier: Accelerator
Elder God Tier: Birdway
God Tier: Misaka, Othinus, Will-tan
High Tier: Umidori, Lessar, Saiai, Frenda, Girl in Dress

Daily reminder that Saten is best girl.
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total slutbag.jpg
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favored by 9/10 back alley hoodlums
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I only see him not rejecting girls like Itsuwa, Himegami or the clones.

He'd NOPE the fuck away from girls like Mikoto or Lessar.
best loli tier

top brown

titty monster Olympics
2.Beverly Seethrough

cyborg tier
2.rensa #29
3. mugino

english tier

god king of non living objects
2.washing machine

top merc/team
3.hound dogs
figuratively who
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No need to be so jealous, there are always 2 best girls...
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deep blood hime
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The best.
Are you for real? The whole franchise would be 10 times better without that annoying loli.
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is that misaka as in misaka (pic related) or as in biribi?
misaka mama
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Is it me or all the best girls in this series are well-endowed sexy girls?
Touma should just knock all of the girls up and then chill in the Calculate Fortress with Aleister, watching the fallout from his actions.
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Best Railgun
Touma has the worst holidays.

From entei08:
>Vol 12 on March
>Christmas is closing in on Academy City.
>As Kamijou pays a visit to the giant complex building "Dianoid" located in Distract 15, he bumps into Hamazura.
>At the same time, someone calling themselves a magic god appears.
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kongou is SO based
NT12 is going to be heavy on SoL and comedy using Christmas holiday theme plot. That means lots of fanservice and fukou da. In that case, Touma, Accelerator, and Shiage will have a merry time with their respective harem. An added twist will be in store when the three of them have their harem swapped around for a short while, so each will get to spend some time with the other two harem besides their own.


>Touma impregnates his harem except for the imoutos
>the near 10000 imoutos are all sterile and can't bear children
>they fracture and become the personal armies for the rest of Touma's harem
>AC becomes a warlord fiefdom while vengeful female warlords and their imouto armies wage war against each other in an attempt to exert dominance so they can enter the windowless building unopposed
>the Shogunate of Shokuho has allied with Misaka and the Railgun faction to create the Tokiwadai Empire, though it has few imoutos
>Last Order has the most Imoutos and Accelerator is her Majordomo.
>Fukiyose has taken command of Delta Force and Touma's school. They also have Index as an ally and control the apartments. They have a considerable amount of imoutos
>Kanzaki has her Remix Catholics and imoutos who have converted to Amakusa Catholocism (and wield katanas instead of guns)
>Skillouts have been kidnapping and raping imoutos in the ghetto
>Shiage and ITEM try to recruit imoutos but the imoutos just think Shiage is ugly
>Orsola has a large following of imoutos who pester her about her diet but she's just her usual ara ara self & talks about the will of God and Jesus' love
>Kuroko is fond of the imoutos but doesn't love them like she loves Misaka, but she fights to protect them because Misaka wants to save them
>Gunha and Beetle team up with Saten & a couple of the imoutos and just beat up whoever is not fighting fairly (mostly skillouts)
>There is a group of neutral imoutos who have commandeered all of the trash robots & wear maid outfits while sitting on top of them. They serve as middlemen between all of the warlord states
>Stiyl recruits a few of the imoutos in hopes of being able to use them as leverage to join up with Index's faction, but she thinks he's just trying to gain power for himself
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