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>Wake-up >No Saber thread You all need to be taught a

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Saber teaching.jpg
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>No Saber thread

You all need to be taught a lesson in respect.
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It's the queen of anime's birthday, show her some respect. You can have your saber thread's another day.
Never. Kraut cunts can eat my arse.
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There's no need for that kind of talk. There's enough petty bickering on the site for it to be engaged as a lighthearted pasttime. >Those who get their kicks pretending to be idiots.jpg

At the current juncture in the history of the board and the site, these generals should strive to establish our own unique culture and identity. That is what has real value and real influence in the world. Because if we can form our own legitimate (and not stupid or petty) community culture, that's something that nobody in the world can take from people. And god knows there's people out there who don't want us to have something like that.
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That's one thing I really like about buyfag threads. It's like their own community.

4chan, as a site, is too big for that personal community culture to exist in the same way it apparently did in the golden era. But there's no reason that proverbial gem can't be recreated in individual generals.
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Saber smiling 28.jpg
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Saber pissed.png
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I will not allow this thread to die.
Is Usuka day
wait tomorrow
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She looks fucking amazing in that outfit.
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Saber bullying.gif
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That's not Saber. Any artwork with giant tits that are NOT -a-cup will never be her.
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Hey guys, what should we do about this spammer? Any ideas?
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Saber is perfect.

Don't even talk to him anon.
>he thinks that's one person
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Is this all the Sabers?

Zero Saber (suit)
Hungry Saber (SD)
Saber Alter
Saber Lily
Master Saber
Mysterious Heroine X
Galactica Saber
King Saber

Saber Lion

Red Saber
Saber Bride
Emperor Saber

Sakura Saber

Saber of Red

Honorable mention
at best it's Nero, and we all know what kind of inferior Saber she makes
>tfw you will never watch a black man fuck dat ass in front of you

>October 2014
There is zero racial cuck spam on /a/

>November 2014
There is black/arab racial cuck being systematically spammed on /a/

Anon pls.
I'm going to marry and impregnate Nero and love her forever!
I thought that was Alexander Armstrong for a second and was really confused
Not just one person though. You can tell that Ruggarell and the Saber cuck guy are different (I have a feeling the Saber cuck guy is the same one who posts the Saber scat stuff too). Then there's the Terra Formars threads, which are probably multiple people. They've always been comparing those roaches to black men.
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Saber happy.png
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Good luck, lad.
Fuck off, you disgusting Americuck.
what the fuck? Who in their right mind thinks of their waifu like that?
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 18

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