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Sadpanda thread

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edited panda.jpg
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December sure in cold in equator.
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Dead panda, dead thread.
How's your wallet looking like, /a/?
Day 3
Synopsis : Older brother hate his little brother. Little brother turned into an imouto. Raep happen and they live happily ever after.

Upon fapping to this, I re-check my bookmarks. This ride will get less sweet and get less 'straight male to female' contents for the next two weeks. I feel bad for calling this ride as 'sweet' but the ride have to continue
Colombia here, it's the hottest time of the year
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>tfw too many mediocre /ss/ doujins
>tfw even more handle incest poorly
Secret Signature is god tier.

Sex and the Bitch City sadly isn't translated yet.
>fapped to everything containing your fetish
>the things you like are so sick nobody event wants to translate them

Anyone else knows this feels?
I assume English isn't your native language. I seriously have no idea how one can fap to porn (either real or drawn) in his or her native language. It's too cringeworthy, and kills boner instantly.
No, it's not, but then again I speak 4 languages and recently picked up japanes just to read chines cartoon porn.
Oh well. Then you fixed the problem. Your unbelievably sick fetish motivated you to learn language, and become a better person. That's award winning manga material right here.
Yeah, that happened to me when I tried reading doujins in spanish.

Any other gender swap doujins out there, other than tsf and the ones everyone's already read?
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sure is.jpg
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It's comedy gold, but not fappable. Which is exactly why I'm fucking confused at all the recent Spanish, Thai, French and Russian translations.
God bless English.
>I tried reading doujins in spanish.

I tried reading some in german and spanish and couldn't stop laughing, it just sounds so silly.
>open sadpanda
>see fuckload of new doujins
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>open e-h for HVerse shenanigans
>check the Popular Right Now corner
So you've probably all read it but I just finished it and I have to say that Pandra has an amazing ending.
>consensual, incestuous, romantic futa tentacle monster on futa tentacle monster
>straight male to female
This makes me feel good in funny places.
You wouldn't happen to have any good links or a tag descriptor would you? Purely for research into this funny feeling phenomenon, of course.
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Who the fuck gives good ratings for those awfully drawn western comics on exhentai?!?
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Fucking Poros sound like sheep.
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Can't find the 1 monstrosity that i once saw, but something like this.

Ah. That is pretty bad. There are some good western comics though.
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maybe you'll like this:
File: kight.png (144KB, 307x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since when was this translated?

Oh well, could have saved some time not translating it for myself.
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Oh, just noticed it was today.
Wish you had done it publicly instead because it couldn't be worse than that piss poor attempt.
Does anyone know any /ss/ or MILF stuff that isn't on sadpanda?
I only skimmed it, but I doubt i'd do a better job outside of typesetting, my knowledge is "good enough for personal use".
Hey!! I know the typesetting is trash, but point to me where I mistranslated something, and how would you have done it better. So next time, it's not a "piss poor attempt"
It's not mistranslation so much as a poor grasp of the English language and a complete inability to use spellcheck.
If you don't want to end up as Goatse, proofread your shit.

Should I start archiving my favorite shit or not?
Do point me where I had any spell errors. English is not my first language either.
Yes. Get a cheap HDD (you're going to replace it in 5-10 years anyway), 1TB at least, and archive all shit you fancy.
Any doujin where the girl offering herself to random guy on street?
Basically, she's just a slut who likes dicks.
Or is there a tag for it?
Well, >>117814349 is a prime example, but I'm not going to waste my time proofreading the entire book. Take some English lessons or read some books. Seriously.
I forgot an "I" well you're right.
I'm never translating again.
oh I just saw the degenarte shit, that is fucked up though
Don't stop, just get better.
Christ, why does every translator have to be such a baby.
I was joking.
I'm still translating something
Well, have some advice, you don't need to translate word for word, sometimes it's better if you change the wording while keeping true to the meaning.
What's your next project?
Another anon's request:
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>It's either mindbreak/rape/magic drugs/the female being Omega and getting dicked into cock addiction
Why aren't there more stories about a girl slowly abandoning her boyfriend for another man that isn't a faceless faggot but is also a character in said story.

Anyone got some recommendations.
>end up as Goatse


Why don't you search netorare -mind_break -rape -drugs?
Why can't I check my galleries' stats from exh? Going to the Maintain Galleries tab works, but pressing the [Stats] only gives a blank white page. e-h works normally, though.
Goatse, everyone's favorite translator from Team Laruffii.
Wait, is he even a translator? Well, he's a faggot anyways.
Has Asuka28 been scanslated yet?

Sexy doujinshi with good ending.
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p-please help.png
483KB, 516x469px
Well, then translators and those who actually know jap, could you help me out for a second?


I'm failing to understand the second part, and I'm not even sure on the first part.

I need consentacles, all the consentacle you have.

>the front hole
>looks lonely
>stop (slurred)
>don't touch (slurred)
File: 1362828790315.jpg (3KB, 116x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>don't touch (slurred)

Thanks, this things are hell when you don't know chingchong.
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Is someone/some group translating/planning to translate Sister Breeder 2?
Otherwise I might arrange something.
FYI the original, non slurred jap for don't touch was さわらないで.
さ has two different glyphs, and in one of them the 2nd and 3rd strokes aren't connected (that's usually how it's handwritten).
I have a problem.
I like pubes in my malaysian porn comics.

However, I'm not big on MILFs and onee-san type characters.

Please help.

If you could find sakura kyouko with pubic hair, even better colored with red pubes, I would be forever grateful.
>I like pubes
In that case, here are so-
>However, I'm not big on MILFs and onee-san type characters.
Yeah just go away.
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2MB, 1745x2500px
QB had it on their list, but it mysteriously disappeared recently. If you do commission it or something be sure to get one of the good raws. I've seen some really bad ones being posted around.
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>finish fapping to something
>wish there was more of it
>there isn't

The worst feel
What's the best way to get a lot of credits? I'm dorming and the uni wifi doesn't let me use torrents.
Play the game.
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>finish fapping to something
>search for the artist's name
>find a shitload of great stuff
Play HVerse.

You guys have any tips on playing it? I'm trying to build a two-handed strength build at the moment.
Soon you'll be rolling in credits.
If you're autistic enough to play it every day, that is.
Looking for the one where some girl is teaching archery to a guy and she has sex with him because she realizes she's being a distraction or something. Anyone have the link?
I think i remember that one, give me a minute.
Is this one?
Post futa I need to fap
better than futa
Just find some yaoi. We already know you're a faggot, so no need to desperately hide in the closet.
but they never have emphasis on penises and instead some emo shit story for grills
I cant access the site with the IPB cookie of e-hentai.org
iirc Abgrund drew few gay shit works, before she received death threats, and starter drawing proper porn. It's a proof that you can cure freaks, you just need proper arguments.
Thread posts: 74
Thread images: 20

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