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Hard Mode: Someone dies, but doesn't

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Hard Mode: Someone dies, but doesn't

OP posts on an image board. He dies. Another post appears on the image board, is it OP?

Find out next week.
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>Hard Mode: Someone dies, but doesn't

Jesus Christ is the tough new transfer student at the baddest Highschool in town. While making a name for himself he runs across Mary Magdalen getting harassed by Pontious Pirot

After helping Mary out Jesus realizes if he's gonna change anything he's gonna need help and begins to seek out the 12 disciples to battle the reign of Student Counsel President Herrod

The only way I can see this getting pulled off is, if Jesus was FABULOUS.

why wouldn't he be?
An anon is a golden child who has lived the life of a true alpha. Dashing good looks, perfect grades, loli harem flocking to his dick, and is about to graduate high-school. However, the day before he graduates the world begins to blur, fade, and ultimately disappear.

Anon wakes up in a hospital bed to discover that he can't move his limbs. "I wonder why his parents haven't pulled the plug yet", murmured a nurse to her colleague. The other nurse adjusted his pillows, "Beats me, the poor thing has been brain-dead for years".
He dies and he wakes, in another world filled with magic and wonder, threatened by the demonic armies of the Dark Lord.

He is given the duty of the Hero to stop it, and the power that comes with it.

But something feels off. The people he talks to feel immaterial, unreal. The demons he slays are paper-thin and insubstantial. The power he wields feels false.

And so one night, after one too many incidents where it feels like the world is scraping at his eyes and ears with falsehood, he kills one of his companions and takes a look inside their corpse, only to find nothingness inside... Well, except for one thing.

A long, long magical scroll, filled to the margins with tight magical scribbles.

if discussion.topic(I_LOVE) && discussion.object(self) { response(HERO, "I... I love you too, n{HERO.name}!", emote(TEARS, TREMBLING_2, JOY) }

And so her decides to destroy the world to escape it.
>someone dies, but doesn't

>Cut love interest in half
>I saw past your facade, code demon!
>blood and guts everywhere

Well, he checked all the others and they had the same thing inside. Well, the responses tended to be different, of course. You need variety.
History nerd MC is dragged by his roommate to a cultural festival where a vendor gives him a locket promising him that it will lead him to someone very important to him. He takes the locket and doesn't pay much attention until he is walking home when he realizes that the woman didn't give him a key to open the locket. While running back to the festival he is struck by a car. He wakes up in a fantasy world next to a creek and freaks out. His yells attract a group of Goblins that chase after him. He’s saved by a horsemen dressed like a Hussar. The rider dismounts his horse only to reveal that he is actually a she and that she is the princess of a distant empire. She sees his locket and asks to see it and rejoices when her key opens it up revealing a picture of a woman and her infant daughter. She thanks him for finding her locket and offers to escort him to the nearest town. Their conversation reveals that the girl is the Viceroy in charge of colonizing this northern continent and that she came here after her step-mother gave birth to a son, knocking her out of the running to rule the empire. The plot revolves around the MC trying to figure out how to get back home from this Prussian-esque fantasy world, pretending to be a mage so that he won’t get thrown out in the cold, helping defend the settlements from the native Goblins and competing colonial empires, and helping the princess fight off assassins sent by her step-mother.

Princess would look similar to pic
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God damn it writes itself, 10/10 would read

Thinking about it, this would print money, how is japan not on this already?
Group of friends get ported into a D&D style fantasy and have to adventure to stay alive
Except two of their friends didn't get ported in
They are on the outside and can look in and dungeon master, basically they are god
One of the friends tries to help them out
The other one fucks with them
Other outside characters come in and dungeon master for them on accident and shenanigans
At some point someone dies, but they write him back in with DM powers
ugh I have bad LN settings on the brain gotta get them out

The MC is a young goblin girl in the Dark Lord's army.

Her family and clan are destroyed by the Dark Lord as punishment for not being able to stop the heroes from doing something. She's one of the only survivors and now lives on the edges of the Dark Continent, where she ekes out an existence by killing low-level monsters like slimes and stuff like that.

One day she actually kills an orc, and dons the orc's officer symbol (an ornate codpiece), then declares herself a rebel leader who till take down the Dark Lord and usher in a world of darkness unprecedented in history.

One day as she prances about beating up things (and getting beaten up / running away) she comes across a group of monsters who are actually the hero group in disguise and, even though she is scared, challenges them.

So she is pretty surprised when she is able to defeat them not really and then they swear fealty to her and promise to make her the Dark Lord, whatever it takes.

The story of Dark Pretender Goblinette and her Dark Demonic Posse mowing down demon armies as they travel through the Dark Continent towards the Dark Castle with its Dark Lord
Now we sit here and wait for the inevitable shitty pasta.
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An obese and socially awkward 20-something awkwardly poses in front of a grease stained mirror. "I hope this looks fine", he blurted out in a raspy voice. He had made such liberal use of cigarettes, it would not be outlandish to assume that his every breath contained carcinogens. He trotted to the rusted door, pushing aside mountains of garbage. Twenty minutes and feet later, he had finally reached the exit. Slowly pulling the door open; he glanced at the luminescent screen that was his computer. "I guess it's time to grow up, and finally live", he pulled the door open letting the evening sun enter. "Goodbye... 4Chan".
The walking scene would be separated into about 666 chapters for maximum profit.
One day, the otaku MC decides to stop being a hikki and goes outside.

First, he gets a job as a cashier at a convenience store, where he jobs diligently for a while until the manager gets another job and he is promoted.

After this he decides to ask out the qt3.14 coworker and she says yes. They move in together and have a wonderful relationship.

After a few years, they get married and have a child. It's a boy, and they love him very much.

In high school, the boy is on the baseball team--they don't make it to Koushien.

There's another kid, a girl. She wants to become a shoujo mangaka, and daddy is a bit worried, but it turns out all right in the end.

Then, one day when the MC is 60 years old, he sits outside in the yard of his home and sips on tea, looking at the sky and reminiscing about things.

"Ah, kaa-san," he says. "We've lived a good life, haven't we?"

She doesn't respond.

Then he wakes up back in his hikki room in his parent's home and realizes it is too late for him too change, and goes back on the internet to trole.
>jobs diligently

He gets regularly defeated by rival cashiers from other convenience stores, who are then defeated through the manager's ingenuity or some other character's victory.
Which would further air 8 times in a row with slight alteration each time.
two parents have a pink haired child and they realize that she is destined to be a main character. So they try to make sure she doesn't become a main character.

A few things she tries to avoid are creatures or objects with any magic proportion, any prince who wants to talk with them, any guy who seems very attractive, any mythical creature, etc.

Seems like a interesting plot, I may watch
The concept needs refinement, but other than that, it's a really original idea. Fund it.
would read on mangareader
>Someone dies, but doesn't

>MC is the worlds smartest man
>he is naturally gifted and didn't have to work for anything that he has
>like a glacier he slowly takes the number one position in every field imaginable pushing out the previous number ones, and there's nothing they can do about it
>one fateful day the previous number ones group together to form a plot to remove him from the top
>with the help of previously top scientists they create a drug that will remove MC's natural talent forcing him to either work hard or fade into obscurity
>because he's never had to actually work a day in his life they know that he won't be able to keep up
>they sneak the drug in MC's Big Wac from WcDonald's and, just as planned, he loses all of his natural talent
>MC can't be considered the same person anymore, because he's dumb as rocks
>the story follows this newly created MC on his journey to learn how to work hard and what it really means to be number one all while proving his rivals wrong
>No longer has a job due to lack of talent
>implying he wouldn't sell his body for shekels
>implying that's not what the second episode focuses on
He'd have money saved though.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Hard Mode: His crush dies and the AU version of his crush NTRs him with the AU version of himself.
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A girl falls in love with a boy. Unable to confess, she is gifted with a deus ex machina of the boy mistaking her for a fan. She eventually learns that the boy is no ordinary boy but is actually a monthly girl's manga author who bases his works and characters on his friends and acquaintances. She also becomes his assistant.

Will she ever find a way to confess her love?
After his partner is injured, a high school student searches his school for a new one so that he will be able to compete in the Asian Open Ballroom & Latin dance competition for a chance at the world title. He investigates every girl in his school but is unsuccessful in finding one with any type of ability. He almost gives up his search but he ends up finding a very skilled dancer amongst the teachers of the school. He begs her to dance with him in the competition and she obliges under the condition that he start up a ballroom dance club at the school and finds enough members within the week. Will he be able to find them and get his new partner?
On a solitary hill overlooking a rustic community lives a man. He wakes up to start his day. To his surprise, a girl who seemed to be the same age sits atop the very hill he lives in. Her solemn and wistful stare upon the town was heavy. The man approached the girl and started a conversation. Despite the unfamiliar face by her side, she told him a story of missed opportunities, lost ambitions, and time long past. Half the day he lent her his ear. The rest of the day he further indulged her worries. Even after sundown as the stars blanketed the sky, they were there on that hill. He took an interest on her. Was it love? No. One day was not enough for that. He saw her as a kindred spirit.

'Til sunrise they continued this little exchange of theirs. Before she left he told her to come back to this very same hill a year later to meet him once again if she wished to pour out her troubles for him to hear. A year long journey he was to make out of that place, he said. Were they to remember to meet, they would continue this chat. She smiled. A promise was made.

A year later. They met once again. The promise was fulfilled. What the girl brought was stories to him. Hardships. Blessings. One year's worth of sorrows and joys, and he in return continued to listen to them with increasing curiosity. And again, the day did pass and they went their separate ways. As the year before he told her to see him again on top of the hill a year later if she wanted to.

One. Two. Three. Five. Seven. Ten. It had been ten years. They met on that very same hill, on that very same day annually to do what they promised. Talked with each other. The girl he met a decade ago was now growing to be a fine woman, he quaint little town grew into a flourishing city, yet that little hill they met in never changed. Safe from the hands of time.
A question from the girl. The man who she kept seeing for how long seemed as if he didn't age a day. It was just like that he said. He was a forsaken relic untouched by the hands of time. A strange phrase but she did not intend to pry further.

The day was supposed to end as planned yet another question was thrown out. This time the man was taken aback. It was a query of love. A girl visiting the same spot every year to meet a certain person would certainly seem something done out of infatuation. More than infatuation if it was done for over a decade. A answer she wanted but not on that day. She would wait a year for his answer, whatever it may be. A promise was made yet again but this time it was a promise for two hearts join.

The fateful day arrived.
He was not there.
A whole day did she wait for his arrival yet he never came.

Another year. Once again, the man was not present.


The man who sat atop this homely hill was afflicted with a curse. A single slumber of his equates to one year. One one hand, the girl had to wait a year to see him. On the other due to this curse, he met her everyday. This was why he asked her to see him every year there on that exact time. Though that's not the problem here. The man did not show up for the promise of love. It was simple. He was asleep at that time. The curse had worsened, instead of a single year passing by, a decade was set. For ten years the girl had not seen him on top of that hill.

Ten years pass.
He wakes up. The town turned city was now larger than it ever was. A once rural community turned into something more. He turns his head towards a certain area. The place the girl always waits at. It was replaced by a strange rock on the ground. Maybe it was a gut feeling but upon approaching the peculiarity he lifted it up and saw letters, notes, pictures, and mementos. It was of the girls. It was a decade's worth of memories, stories, and love... all for him. Despite his absence she continued to climb up onto that hill, waiting for his return. For the first time in so long, the man cursed the world. He cursed himself. He cursed time itself for leaving him with such a bitter fate.

He was in tears.

The day was still young, he left the hill, he scoured the alien place he once recognized trying to find even at least a trace of the girl. He was desperate. It was on that day, after twenty years, that he found out that he was in love. Three long days did he go on without sleep. The girl was nowhere to be found. Fatigued, he slept once again. A taste would not forget which kept lingering on his mouth. Saltiness.

Another decade.

He runs towards the rock. Under it? Nothing. He saw no further reason to be awake.
And so he slept once again.

One. Two. Three. Four decades.
Over 60 years have passed since then. A strange new world it was yet he didn't care. He stopped checking the rock. He stopped going outside. He stopped trying to rise up. The reason? He dreamed of her. It might have been only four nights of sleep to a normal man but to him those four nights felt like an entire lifetime with the girl. A cowardly deed but he hoped to escape into the dreams where she exists. Upon closing his eyes for another sleep he sees something outside. On the rock sat an old decrepit woman. Noticing his presence, she raised her head up and smiled.


A loss for words. The man simply walked up to her slowly and held her fragile body for how long. In return, the aged lady simply clasped his still youthful hands with her bony and shaking fingers, brought them closer to her cheeks as if warming herself, and closed her eyes. What felt like 70 years was cut short as her whole body limped towards him. Gently cradling her entirety, he did nothing but peck her forehead with his lips and watched as the one he was holding fell into a deep slumber. Only this time this nap would last forever. The whole day he held the cold body. Came night time, he buried the body on that hill. That was it.

And once again.
He laid his head down.
Closed his eyes.
And went to sleep.
Probably for the final time.
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dbz tier
- Setting: A megacity which had fallen on hard time since the old industry crashed but got a major economic boom after companies working on super science products settled in. Massive rift between rich, poor and the middle class causes a lot of crime. Super science experiments resulted in a lot of high tech or super powers falling into hands of criminals. However 4 major heros keep the super crime in check.
- Plot: Four street level super villians plan a great heist, after hearing a major villian is trying to bring down all heros. They think since the heros are distracted beating him, they can deal with the banks.
However after major accidents, plots against another going wrong, the city being swarmed by cybernetic minions of the villians and the heros actualy having trouble, the rogues get pulled into the fight what ever they like to or not.
- Characters:
1. Greyback. Was once a common mugger. Got the chance to get out of prison early by participating in a super soldier experiment. Got screwed over the government. So he broke out of prison and has been a super rogue for the last 50 years (he is still in top form despite his aged appearance). Lives by the "code".
2. Shrike. Former university student. Almost majored in nano-engineering before it was found out she cheated her way through the whole thing. Got kicked out and stumbled upon a forgotten super villain lair. Stole the flightsuit she found there and has started a career as rogue. Her suit is mainly based on Vulture from Spiderman.
3. Dragoon and Wyrm. Wyrm was a highly developed military AI inside a winged snake type dragon shaped drone chassis. When Dragoon tried to steal it, to use it for illegal roboter fights, Wyrm formed a partnership with him to gain freedom.
4. Crushing Venus. Rich girl who became a criminal out of boredom. Her parents are actualy secretly supporting her to keep their own legal wrongdoings hidden. Wears a skintight nano fibre suit which gives her super strength and agility.
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Get Shinkai on the phone.
Or Urobuchi.
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It's here, so I guess it's an official thread. Dat NTR tho
>parents died when you were a kid
>some robot chick molested you and put death inside you
>grow up as an emotionally dead person
>get thrown into some highschool dorms with retards around you
>can't even have some privacy, your entire room is filled with cameras
>get told to shoot yourself in the head so you can fight dangerous monsters
>risk your life every night for some ungrateful fucks
>"friendship" consists of solving everyone's emotional problems (except yours)
>get molested by some guy with a huge nose and stalked by some creepy boy
>your friend is now death incarnate and EVERYONE WILL FUCKING DIE in a month or so
>death is coming because humanity is an emo bitch
>sacrifice yourself instead for the sake of all the retards around the world
A total loser virgin beta nice guy who is an embarrassment to his family, no friends, totally shit job, hated by everyone, no prospects in life etc. is involved in some kind of catastrophic accident where everyone assumes he must have died. Miraculously he had survived unharmed, although he wishes he had died. Rather than return quietly to his previous life he decides that he will use this chance to completely reinvent himself as a successful man, even if it means committing the worst crimes possible in the process to get there.
A man at the age of 28 travels across the world in search of his wife who was kidnapped by bandits from their mountain home. The young man wears a burlap sack on his head and carries around a huge ass club, his clothes are worn and tattered. He eventually meets a girl at the young age of 16 whom she eventually falls in love with him and follows him on his journey, though she never see's his face.

His wife is also a literal cat and dies as the bandits use her for food in the 20th episode.

After sackman learns of his wife's death he decides to travel the world with the young girl, never removing the sack that covers his face.
>Ctrl+F "Nature of Love"

Like clockwork.
a cop/crime drama set in 1980's Hong Kong based of John woo action movies about the rise and fall of a police officer.
Ends with him becoming the head of Hong Kong's organized crime.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

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The rise and fall of mankind has long since passed, and the remaining pockets of civilization spread across the habitable planets in our solar system have descended into a state of medieval warfare across the stars.

After the descent of man-kind, all but the tried and tested vessels utilizing solar sails, slowly fell into disrepair. Under the vigilance of the ancient organization, the Effey-eyh guild, the knowledge needed to pilot the craft was preserved against the rise of barbarity and anti-techno fanatics.

The Kaiser of the New Germanic Federation of Mars has declared war upon the Empire of Britannia in a preemptive attack upon receiving intelligence showing that Britannia has been been mobilizing an invasion force being powered by a new-industrial age.

Heinrich, a Lieutenant in the 78th Cavalry, has volunteered for the front lines to fulfill his duties to the fatherland, and his own thirst for adventure.

In a rare, but not unheard of accident, Heinrich's company is split off from the rest of the preemptive invasion force and lands in the middle of Britannia far from the front lines where his brothers are fighting and dying for the people of the Germanic Federation.

Knowing that rendezvous with the main force is unrealistic, Heinrich leads his company across the feudal regions of Britannia evading capture and waging a guerrilla war against the barons of the Monarchy in tandem with the revolutionary forces discontent with the throne.
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This but anime.
bretty cool
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7 Female teachers ranging from ages 21-45. And their adventures in trying to find love. But all of them can never quite hold a relationship.

Girl 1: Age 21 - Fresh out of College. Cute airhead who sports a ponytail and looks even younger than her age, often being confused with a student in the school. Always complains about guys being jerks but gets into bad relationships with any guy who is nice to her, most of which end within a week.

Girl 2: Age 27 - Beautiful MILF with long brown hair and a 'mature' face who is recently divorced. Got back into teaching after her divorce. Her ex-husband is a successful businessman and handsome, but they divorced since he was away for 9 months of the year on business. Secretly has a very strong sexual appetite but never seems to get any due to her son always ruining her dates.

Girl 3: Age 29 - Tsundere chick with short hair and flat chest. Dyes her hair blonde and prefers to wear only pants. Is sometimes mistaken for a guy. Has problems talking to men (she intimidates them) and uses the other girls as 'wingmen' to get dates.
Girl 4: Age 31 - Shy beautiful woman with long blue hair, large breasts and glasses. Also somewhat chubby, though not by much. Has never had sex. Considered a bookworm and too timid to get a man.

Girl 5: Age 34 - Also divorced, she has a 'whatever' attitude to both dating and teaching. She cut her hair to shoulder length after she was divorced and acts cold towards men. She always seems to have a look of indifference on her face and often times she's mistaken for a lesbian. But secretly likes one of the men on the staff.

Girl 6: Age 39 - Crazy bitch who acts like everyone is her slave, men and women alike. Seems to not care much about her apperance, preferring her hair cut short and without any stylizing. Sometimes she will even come to work without combing her hair or changing her clothes. Abuses the other teachers both physically and mentally, but always feels bad for it later once she knows what she's done.

Girl 7: Age 45 - Has a very pleasant personality and everyone likes her, from students to other teachers. But she has a dark side, and is often accused with sleeping with younger men, including students. Long brown hair going down past her butt, large breasts and wears glasses on occasion, but not always.
A slice of life following the lives of a group of old fashioned lumberjacks. Follows them as they go tree to tree, day to day, cutting them down with handsaws as they crack wise jokes and just fuck around. Drama could turn up through financial difficulties, maybe a romance or two.
The main character is a serial killer. A female detective is on his case. They meet somewhere and fall in love. But in they end they discover who the other really is.
It's inevitable.
>Lumberjack drama
Broken blades and slow trucks. Nothing pisses off a lumberjack more than to not be able to fill his daily quota.

Would rather watch this as a TV show, though.
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In a world where the economy runs on adventurers doing adventurer things and dungeons, lost treasures and legendary artifacts are common place a young mage girl running a general goods store is faced with heavy debt after taking out a loan to buy an expensive spellbook that turns out to be a dud.
In order to deal with this debt she acquires the help of a starving homeless swordsman by convincing him that the 10 dollar vase he broke was actually priceless.

Together the duo raid dungeons for loot, sell artifacts and shamelessly ripoff adventurers with absurd prices.

Contains ECONOMICS in the style of Spice & Wolf and MaoYuu as well as CAPITALISM and ADVENTURE.
Gantz without Katastrophe
Gavin Blockdale is a man made from spheres, he uses the spheres in his everyday life to get things and achieve other things. It's hilarious, plus he's got a dog.

The Incredulous Adventures of Jerry Scolasy and his Amazing Dog!
Now we wait for Doors and Virtual Sky Lanterns.
File: 1416415123818.png (39KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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would pay to fund this shit
File: nodame.jpg (9KB, 246x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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After his partner is injured, a high school student searches his school for a new one so that he will be able to compete in the Asian Open Ballroom & Latin for a chance at the world title. He investigates every girl in his school but is unsuccessful in finding one with any type of ability. He almost gives up his search but he ends up finding a very skilled dancer amongst the teachers of the school. He begs her to dance with him in the competition and she obliges under the condition that he start up a ballroom dance club at the school and finds enough members within the week. Will he be able to find them and get his new partner?
Cute things happen.

Has a shit ending.

Give me my millions of dollars now.
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>Virtual Sky Lantern

It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.
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no shit it's real.jpg
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>there once was a corgi pup
>it got lost from its mother and siblings
>a princess came by
>she took the corgi
>now she is the queen of england
I dont even know why this one gets copy pasta'd, its pretty shit. its like its being forced by the same guy who made the other one
>Pontious pirot

Literally who? Because I'm not a christfag.
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A cartoon set in 1920's New York about two members of the mafia; a huge and intimidating but soft-spoken man, and a seemingly hoity-toity woman who is unafraid to get her hands dirty, who pose as double agents within the police force and the local aristocrats, respectively

While also illustrating the history of the Prohibition era in a cartoony manner, it would also show the two trying to be a cutesy couple while dealing with the constant barrage of shit being thrown at them by both their fake and real occupations

It would also have emphasis on musical expression
>by the same guy who made the other one
Really? Hataki has been forcing Keit-ai?
MC is a delinquent of a motorcycle youth gang. Spends his days with his crew modifying their bikes, getting into fights, marking turf with tags and running from the cops on their high speed cycles. MC and the crew have a run in with a rival gang and decide to raid their turf and start some shit. En route to their destination they encounter a sting operation with the local police force to counter the rising rate of troublesome youths on the road. MC and his crew test their skills on the asphalt and race ahead of the force, easily leaving them in the dust. Taunting them with heads turned before realizing they are on the path of an oncoming truck, MC is thrown from his bike and lands in a ditch supposedly unharmed but knocked out cold while his crew is either been killed in the impact or from being thrown many meters from their rides. MC wakes up bloodied and bruised to find what’s left of his mates, paving the road with their blood, internals, limbs and trashed motorcycles. MC drops to his knees on the ground sobbing before he is blinded by high beam headlights from a truck.

Turns out that what MC had seen was the final moments of that event all those years ago as he has been in a coma for the past 5 years and the lights that blinded him were the lights on the ceiling. MC lies bedridden in a full body cast with his legs being amputated from the thigh down and the loss of his arms from the elbows down. Dislodged spinal cord and multiple fractures and severe lacerations to his internal organs have left him in a near vegetated state, with the complete loss of movement and function from the neck down. MC stares at the viewer and lets out a muffled scream as he realized how he destroyed his life in an instant over such a silly mistake on the road.
Why hasn't there been a manga/anime adaption of The Princess Bride yet?

File: uuunicoorn.jpg (40KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 800x600px
An anime remake of this.

Also, yeah yeah, she "dies" but not really.
It's been a few years since China invaded Japan without warning. There was no backup, no support, no allies. The defense was successful, but it broke Japan's economy. So much had to be invested in defensive tech so quickly that a huge economic recession occurred as a result. Jobs became scarce, the workforce was crippled from salarymen going to war, and the cost of living skyrocketed.

One young man, who was too young to fight in the war at the time, was born to abusive parents. He got away when he was twelve and lived in foster care during the war. By eighteen he was living on his own, and hoping to eventually go to college.

He gets a call one day that his parents had another child, a daughter, who was about four years old, and they were both still abusive and neglectful. The child was being taken away, but the lawyer in charge saw that they had another child who was an adult. Without hesitation, the older brother went to pick up his little sister and take up responsibility as her legal guardian.

The story begins three years later, and revolves around the awkward, unlucky protagonist as he struggles to keep working and make enough for him and his little sister to live comfortably. Lots of cute girl saying "onii-chan".

Along the way, we see our young hero fight against unemployment, hunger, sleeplessness and crappy apartment living. A young woman comes into his life, and he has to decide whether he's in the right place for a relationship, or if getting married would give his little sister the support she needs.

Watch the endearing antics of a little girl who knows nothing about the world bonding with her aniki, and the heartwarming antics of our unlucky hero unfold over the course of five volumes, coming holiday 2015.

based on a true story
I don't know. I like the fact that it's SOL of them helping others out before they discover things about themselves only they could when together.

It deserves to be copypasta.
Your story anon?
>china invades japan
>The defense was successful

lol are you fucking kidding me
dat fucking tree
*subject to change
>2013+1 the year of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit
>Being a bikefag
They deserve that and more. You want to tango with the devil in machine form and you will pay for your sins in blood and pain.
The main character is a high school boy with the ability to read minds. He's had the ability since birth and has never revealed it to anyone. It's completely automatic...if he's near someone he automatically knows everything that they are thinking.

Because of this, he comes off as a seemingly perfect person. He knows the answers to anything someone asks of him. Perfect grades and he's the most popular guy in school simply because he always knows what to say.

However, he's become depressed. He begins to resent the rest of the world because of his ability. He knows every sick, horrible thought that enters anyone else's mind. Because he knows exactly how someone will react to anything he says, human interaction feels empty. He lacks the courage to be honest with most people because he automatically latches on to what he knows they want him to do.

Eventually, however, he meets a girl. The girl is insane. She suffers from every mental condition imaginable. She's a bipolar, schizophrenic, obsessive-compulsive, paranoid-delusional nutcase. However, because of the bizarre way her brain works, he finds that he's completely unable to decipher her thoughts.

He is faced with the first person he actually feels that he can honestly interact with and eventually falls in love.

The theme of the anime will revolve around the importance of trust in relationships and being able to appreciate the difficulties that come with it.
I saw this story idea in the last thread for potential anime ideas.
not about yandere girls and the benefits of sticking your dick in crazy?
File: 4356224.jpg (7KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related but in high school

A high school boy that is obsessed with manga picks up a new weekly series that just started. As he reads, he sees that the main character is quite similar to himself and continues to read. The chapter ends with the MC saving a person from falling out a window at school. The next day at school, he gets a feeling of deja vu and when something happens to him that he remembers clearly, he realizes that day is going exactly as it was in the manga. Not really believing but being wary about it, he goes walks around the halls he ends up saving a girl that was bumped out the window.

Freaking out he goes home and tries to find out the author of the manga but it is done by an anonymous mangaka. He goes to the publisher to find out about it but they have never heard of the manga and when he grabs an issue to show them, it isn't there. Completely out of his mind he goes back home and feigns being ill until he can the next week. He goes to buy the manga again and it is there as it was the week before. He reads it and tries to avoid what happens. From here on out, he goes on a journey to find the mangaka.

Long story short. A high schooler is looking for the mangaka of a manga that predicts his future and tries to go against what happens in the manga.
Is it Keitai in the making?
>Sticking your dick in crazy
Yep thats a one way ticket to her putting your balls in a vice m80 with a lava lamp jammed up your anus.
MC is a young journalism graduate with dreams of becoming the next great muck-raker. I envision him as a young, spoiled Phoenix Wright - he hasn't fully matured yet, but he's getting there. He's still naive, with no real-world journalism experience.

He gets a job with some shitty rag like the Enquirer. It's not at all what he wanted, but it'll pay the bills, which is important because his parents are finally cutting him off for being a whiny, mooching piece of shit.

He hates the job - it's nothing like the ideal he's always dreamed of - but he grudgingly does it, while complaining all the time.

As he starts to get used to having work for living, and accepts that one has to work hard in life (though he is still blissfully ignorant of his fortune to date), a large meteorite crashes in some woods at the outskirts of his city. For some reason, people aren't allowed to go near it, and some strange government organization is rapidly building facilities around it.

This is just the sort of opportunity that MC has always dreamed of. He goes full super spy/detective/investigative journalist to find out just what is really going on at the crash site. Of course, he's fucking incompetent, so he doesn't manage to get in or learn anything. By chance, it's discovered that whatever was on that "meteorite" was alive, and wants out. It escapes, and encounters our MC, who immediately runs the fuck away.

This creature is fascinated, as our MC is the first life form it's seen in the few minutes it's been awake that hasn't run TOWARD it, so it follows our MC into the woods, with our shady organization close behind.


The creature ends up taking a human form - exactly the same as MC - and lives with the MC in his apartment. MC must balance satisfying the creature's curiousity of our world and customs with avoiding attention from those searching for it, and choose between his dream of exposing a huge secret and remaining loyal to his new friend.
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>I'm a Super-Boring Guy, But Now I Have to Become Interesting Or I'm Dead!

Our MC is a super-generic protagonist perfect to be the lead of a harem. He has no interesting traits or flaws whatsoever.

Then a giant mecha bulldozes his house down.

He get saved by a magic loli who throws a sword at him and tells him that he is quite literally so generic and boring, that the world was getting out of balance, and it's now throwing wacky and insane stuff into the mix solely to offset how generic he is. Unfortunately, said stuff is also fucking everything up.

The only way to stop it is for the MC to grab that sword and take down all this insane shit himself; or, in other words, become an interesting character.
Nope sorry but if you like you can try submitting it yourslef. It may or may not get published depending on the demand.
This. I would love to watch this.
Really.. dont you feel that future prediction is played out as a plot device?
>It's x but anime

/a/ in charge of creativity.
File: 1381352427592.png (214KB, 456x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 456x328px
I think of it as a genre and its quality depends on the execution than anything else.

The best plot in the thread so far. Other writefags, are you even trying?
MC was a member of the armed forces, injured in a conflict that left him blind and deaf on the left side of face. Show is about his struggles to re adjust to civilian life and PTSD following the discharge. MC is constantly haunted by memories of the war, watching members of his regiment dying in front of his eyes, having been put through an array of experiences, torture and mock executions at the hands of his enemies when he was captured. MC entered the war with four of his closest mates to escape from the streets and prison following a botched robbery that left several innocents killed over a petty amount of cash. MC's trails throughout the war left him scarred and broken, leaving him unable to sleep at night because of the traumatic experiences that haunt him, the screams, the gunfire and shelling plaguing him at his most vulnerable of moments. Fast forward to his life in the city he works as a postal worker, sorting the massive amounts of unchecked letters and forwarding them. MCs life hits a turning point in where he meets up with his best friend and brother in arms while delivering an unchecked letter, the brother who he thought had died all those years ago. Turns out he did survive and has been living as a shut in hikkimori living off a government payout.
File: Kakacarrotcake.png (108KB, 563x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>now yoou've made me angry
>time to stop holding back
>so this is my true power
>I'll sacrifice something to gain power
>I'm only getting warmed up
>this is my true form
>etc etc
Time passes by as the two catch up and find out that many members of the regiment did actually survive and have been living in the same city as him for as long as he has. Fast forward to the anniversary of the botched robbery and MC has gathered members of his former gang alongside a few of the surviving members of the regiment for a toast of celebration. Surrounded by his brothers in arms, their wives and children alongside his pregnant wife and young child, MC smiles and looks towards the viewer in saying "For the longest time my world felt like a dream, a never ending slumber that I longed to wake from. I stand here now and realize that my life has now reached its pinnacle and for that I am truly grateful" "And now to us, to our fallen brothers, may the days become ever brighter for us and our children from here on out." As they all raise their glasses into the air and take a swig and cheer as MC pulls in close his family with a snapshot being taken at this moment, his youngest son looking up at his father, his wife laying a sweet kiss on his check and his brothers in the background with handles held high.
God, I hope not. Keitai gets spammed enough as is.
every week until you like it
war of the gods, where each religion will send out their very own messiah 'jesus, prophet, etc' in a ala battle royale god mode. which ever faction lose the whole devotee can shooe either to end their life or submit to the winner's religion.

expect romance happening between god's messenger with another religion god, gods falling in love with mortal, NTR among god's relationship.

at the end of the show, MC won but died in the process, only to be reveal by the fact that their so called god was infact 'normal beings' with superior technology which is using them as an experiment. ('normal beings' here are similiar to deus ex machina, the supremebeing, or some refer to as god)

Those religionist who is at war with each other teams up and rebel against them. near the end of the story, it is revealed at the end the MC was somehow related to the mastermind of the whole event but was it? or he himself is the true god manipulating the war?
File: 1412611020362.gif (999KB, 500x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999KB, 500x268px
The series nears the end when his wife whispers into his ear “Wake up”. MC awakes to find himself in a straight jacked and locked in away in a padded cell in an asylum for the criminally insane. Turns out that everything was a lie, he never went to war, he never rolled in a gang with his closest friends and he never worked in a postal office or had a wife and child. The only thing that did remain true was the botched robbery which turned out to be a murder of an innocent family of four. The crime he committed was that of torture of the father, rape of the mother and children before consuming them in a cannibalistic fit of passion. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder with delusions of grandeur. The series truly ends with MC looking into eyes of viewer, before shutting his eyes his rocking himself back to sleep.
The world of Zoneas has been plunged into darkness for nearly five centuries thanks to the wizard, Taden, uncovering an arcane book which tore open a rift to Hell. As the endless onslaught of demons slowly began to push humanity farther and farther back, the last bastion of their kind was formed over generations - the city of Sihnai.

With all who carried wizard blood dying out over time, the people of Sihnai began to turn away from magic and embrace technology; rapidly advancing to preserve their own survival. Fast forward to the present and Sihnai is a multiple level megacity protected by a forcefield and controlled by a ruling council of generals, politicians and CEOs.

The people of Sihnai continue to believe in the legend that the great wizard Taden will return one day to shut the rift he created and save them all.
>That entire premise
Shiiieet nigger that was pretty fucking neato. This has the potential in being a great movie. I love stories like this.
File: 1467218326733.png (112KB, 900x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 900x667px
A Martial Artist is forced to retire after a leg injury. He meets a girl in a dance club and he is mesmerized by her dancing and becomes a dancer himself.

But he cannot escape his past. No matter how good he got with dancing, the fights keep coming. Using his new found funk, he began to conquer the Martial Arts world once again with his dance moves. Samba, Tango, Hip Hop, that epileptic thing they do in Dubstep, you name it.

He does it because he accidentally roundhouses that female lead. She dies offscreen, but comes back to life from a coma to remind him not to lose his way. Tag, this is actually Seinen just because one chapter showed female pubes.
File: AMG-278-17-650.jpg (21KB, 222x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The year is 2XXX and Mankind has discovered an astonishing reality – the existence of the afterlife - the events leading to this conclusion are called The Confession of The Conscious. Faced with such a revelation, human society struggles to understand the dreadful reality with many who once believed in a secular materialist interpretation of their existence. This leads to a spiritual rise of faith among the people attempting to seek salvation in the afterlife.

Wars are conducted, faiths are renewed and lives are ruined as the quest to find meaning and information for the conscious life outside of death engulfs humanity’s priorities. The true test of humanity is about to begin and knowing their actions will result in judgement in the next life escalates their desire to be among the Divine.
>God complex mc gets into new school
>mc gets bullied
>mc committing sudoku by jump
>grill sees mc
>grill convince mc to make a deal
>all bullies will have painful deaths in exchange for experiencing same pain
>mc agrees
>grill pushes him
>wakes up
>he is bully #1
he experiences a different death as each bully
File: 1369136713468.jpg (31KB, 425x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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おかげですべてのアイデアのために、私はちょうどのために...さらなる読書すべてを救った wwww
>battle shounen
>ch 247
>mc squaring off against 2nd or 3rd in command to current baddest dude
>gets injured badly
>bleeding out
>thinking about how he's failed, how he couldn't save his friends, etc, while lying on the ground
>everything goes black
>he actually dies
>his friends can barely keep going without his help
>they lose to the big bad within the next 10 chapters
A little girl falls into a magical world ruled by an evil mage king. The evil king tries to make her evil but she is saved by alternate versions of her family and friends. The wise old woman tries to teach her good magic but her sister and her talking Wolverine object to this. They try to take her home but they have to pass through an evil desert. The little girl is taught to use a sword to protect herself from monsters. When they reach the portal home it turns out to be a trap by the evil king. The king and his steel miniom captures them and turns the girl's sister into a talking cat. The king begins to teach the girl evil magic again. The wise old woman shows up to save her but is defeated by the evil king and turned into a falcon. The girl manages to escape by teleporting but she teleports back in time. She sees that the wise old woman was once the evil king's apprentice and tried to kill him when she had the chance but ended up beaten. She returns to the present. The evil king banishes her to a frozen wasteland as punpunishment. The girl tries to meditate to purify herself like the old woman could. She fails at first but succeeds when she focuses on the image of a sword. A magic sword appears in her hand and she returns to challenge the evil king. She beats him and his evil knight in combat but spares both of them. The king is banished, the heroes are restored to human form, the girl becomes the princess of the realm and it turns out that the evil knight was her brother transformed.
basically bleach when he gets owned by kenpachi, ichigo should have died there
There's a land where elves have ruled over human for centuries, making them nothing but second-hand citizens or in some cases forced laborers. The secret to their dominance is what the humans call "Elven crystal"; more accurately, it's manifested magical energy which can be used as a power source or as a weapon.

However, a prince banished from a faraway kingdom arrives in this land and begins to gather supporters to usurp the elves. He starts out be recruiting and uniting bandits, dubbing himself the Bandit King before gather more and more followers. People that end up joining him include:

>A cursed man with dragon horns and a tail who is a warrior on a pilgrimage
>A tribal woman from the wilderness who uses weapon fashioned from bones and is an expert with horses
>A disillusioned wizard who used to a serve the court of an elven lord
>A wandering ronin from a distant land
>A bookish scribe who is obsessed with recording history

As the banished prince begins to accumulate strength and followers, his closest followers discover his secret; that their "champion of man" is actually a vampire who was stripped of being heir to his homeland. He imposed his own exile to build a new kingdom to take back the one he was denied. Despite this, his followers accept it since he is the last, best hope to overthrow the elves.
a man dies but he isnt killed
Jesus, I count three copypasta stories and at least two other stories posted before on previous anime plot threads.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that THE PHONE EXPLODES IN HIS HANDS
MC looks at his future as he gets into high school waiting for a rose colored life. And gets hit by a truck.

His body stays in a coma, but his mind leaves his body and is able to wander around the school, he's unable to leave the school grounds tough, so he stays there, spying on his new classmates, looking at their troubles and finding out their secrets.

A month later he wakes up but instead of a rose colored school life, he becomes cynic and keeps to himself. However, in order to keep the quiet life he now has, he starts helping/creeping out people with their problems thanks to all the knowledge he gained during that first month.
So he dies of cancer?
Main character is the best friend of main character actually
I prefer Virtual Sky Lanterns over Keit-Ai! At least it doesn't have fictionpress stories written for it. Plus, the anon who wrote it pretty much admitted he's not interested in finishing it.
But how is he the main character if he's the best friend of the main character?

Didn't this happen for a few arcs in medaka box?
fight club?
The year 2103. After the Yuri revolution of 2029 and the ground breaking conception methods of 2056, men are no longer needed. Girls engage in same sex relationships and can have children with each other without issues. As a result, evolution makes the male population grow smaller and smaller. Now there's only around 10 male births a year in Japan. And being the useless beings they are, they are raised until they are 14 and then thrown in a survival fight were only one will survive. That male will be allowed to live and enjoy life.

MC just turned 14 and is about to enter the fight, the problem is, he is actually a girl in disguise!
File: 1370097071481.png (447KB, 720x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
447KB, 720x528px
>MC lives in a world where people with superpowers are conscripted into law enforcement.
>Get's pulled from school when he starts to develop super speed and thrown onto a team of teenagers with attitude.
>Leader is a Girl with super strength and durability that is a complete moralfag obsessed with justice.
>Second in command is a dark edgy kid with magic powers. Essentially eight grader syndrome personified.
>Third team member is girl who is a reformed criminal with psychic powers. She's a complete pervert and is more interested in sex than crime fighting.
>Last member of the team is the oldest one, and the most powerful among them able to manipulate energy to create a personal shield, craft weapons and constructs of said energy, and fly. Of course he's a glory hound who's interested only in getting his face in the pictures and his name plastered everywhere.
>The MC doesn't want to be there at all and wishes he never got his powers, wanting only a normal life.
>Drama arises as they fight crime and their differing world views clash.

Basically, it's the Incredibles if Syndrome didn't exist.
A boy gets NTR'd by a girl.

Unable to move on, he and his cheating ex chance upon each other at a bar. Wanting to make bygones be bygones, the ex talks to the MC, but he moves away, which makes her grab for him and slip on her high-heeled shoes.

She wakes up in the hospital with no memories of the past up until before she cheats on him. She doesn't remember her current boyfriend at all and is in love with the MC.

Will the beta MC fall for his ex's past amnesiac self? Will the ex gain her memory? Will the MC get NTR'd again?
Little girls are thrown into a fight for saving the earth from monster aliens using bio-engineered suits that augment their strength (the reason it has to be little girls is because adults weight too much to use them).

They despair and become cripples as they fight. And new girls are gathered together every week.
Now, do write this shit, anon-kun
>Will the beta MC fall for his ex's past amnesiac self? Will the ex gain her memory? Will the MC get NTR'd again?

No. Get the MC to make a plan to NTR the other guy and get revenge on the girl while she thinks she's his gf.
A harem featuring a tsundere, a genki animal girl, and a dandere. Somebody important to one of the main characters who seemingly died is the main antag. Also this happens a lot.
high potential, could make it such that the high school boy passes by the mangaka when he was trying to find him. Could be pretty interesting
I mean like Furuichi in Beelzebub but more fokused on living as sidekick of MC.
A better love story than Keitai.
The mangaka is his future self.
Generic harem where the Tsundere dies after hitting the MC in the face.

Now her spirit has to reflect on her actions while watching the rest of the cast living their lives normally and how they are better without her around.

Then she is given a second chance to go back in time before she hits the MC and live a better life. But will she be able to?
There is a game by Atlier team NTR with a similar plot. Girl gets hit by car, forgets MC, hooks up with other guy NTRing the MC.
File: 1337108227084.jpg (56KB, 405x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mecha pilots win battle against aliens but turn against the world and now the second rate pilots in reserve have to fight the first pilots.
File: 1407748759678.jpg (16KB, 400x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 400x361px
Grapler-kun approves
similar to aldnoah zero
Goddess who grants wishes to good people grants some guy's wish of having her become his sexual slave. However by doing such a wish, he loses his good people status so they end up in a legal limbo concerning his contract. And she is thrown out of her work.

Now he has to take care of her and regain his good people status so she can go back to work.
File: 1413788160701.jpg (274KB, 1275x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Having lost his work and due to it, his wife; MC resolves to commit sudoku. But when he is about to, his new neighbor knocks on his door, a cute grill, last year of highschool and part of the sudoku club. She helps him tackle the most difficult sudoku puzzles, and gives his life a new meaning as she makes him participate in Japan's national sudoku tournament.
Western anime. cowboys, train heists. the whole shabang. love interests(not cutesy harem shit) but protag is 2cool so always moves on and never settles. lots of horse riding scenes. horseback shootouts. sharpshooting scenes.

plot can be that protag is country boy who practices sharpshooting.
he shows off his skills one day in town and they confuse him for some big bounty guy who fits his description. he goes on the run to find this dude and hand him in to prove his innocence. the twist is by the end he's had to commit so many crimes due to misunderstandings that when he catches bounty dude he ends up with an even higher bounty himself.

lets keep it gritty. little or no comedy. lots of scenes with MC just sitting depressed about how he cant return home to his family or girl-next-door. maybe he dies at the end
I've seen these posted in other anime plot threads.
Gun frontier
We know.
File: 1405375987865.gif (101KB, 351x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 351x398px
>Gun frontier
only similarity is that it's western.
the whole point of this one is that there isn't comedy or companions. in fact, its pretty much the opposite of gun frontier
The story takes place in a steampunk setting within a massive desert nearly devoid of life and cut off from the outside world, in this desert is a small decrepit city with merciless heat waves booming down upon the populace and all by drying up the land, the people (most commonly the head of the house) must forage out into the merciless sands daily to hunt for food while at the risk of being eaten alive by the monsters lurking within the sands.

The main character in his 20s is one such of these people and is naturally an antisocial cynic who lives alone while looking for work hunting down criminals each day to pay the rent, one day while out hunting he hears a scream and finds a group of bandits attempting to rape a redheaded girl and after killing every single one of them takes her and what they have back to where he lives, after a reluctant introduction he allows her to live there on the condition that she pays him every month or he'll kick her right out into a sandstorm without a second thought.

Later he finds out that she has the last piece to an ancient war machine built long ago capable of destroying entire nations and whether he likes it or not must now protect her from the forces lusting for power and control while surviving all the other perils of the desert as well.
Everyone wants their story to be the next Keitai.
A family gathers at an estate after a funeral to sort out a will. While the adults fight amongst themselves, the children spend their time playing about the estate. No one besides the main character though, a young daughter of the family, seems to notice that the uncle who owns the estate is a giant rat. The more she explores the estate to try and understand why though, things start to become dangerous for her when she begins to have trouble finding the difference between what's real and what's imagined. With the help of a friendly cowboy who believes her and a strange guide, she has to navigate the estate grounds to try and figure out what's gone wrong.
File: Aswang.jpg (125KB, 1600x964px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 1600x964px
A young woman is the Sole Survivor of a terrible bus accident – the rest of the passengers involved in the late night crash were tragically killed – miles away from any help. The Sole Survivor leaves the area, calling for medical aid, despite suffering head injuries. She manages to find a gas station, but by the time they reach the site, the bus, along with the passengers, disappeared.

People report the Sole Survivor is under the influence, fabricating the entire incident. She spends days in the hospital, contemplating what happened to the other passengers, only to identify them in a different bus, at a different route, wearing different clothes, while on her way back home.

Deciding to question one of them, she follows one of the passengers visiting the hospital, only to witness him prey on a sleeping pregnant woman. They are Aswang; shape shifting creatures of a Southeast Asian folklore who have taken the identities of the passengers to consume on their preferred victims: human fetuses.

The Sole Survivor spends nights researching these strange supernatural creatures, disturbed over how they vary in activities, description and even personality. After studying their weaknesses, she gathers a collection of weapons reputed to kill the Aswang.

However, for each passenger killed, she catches the attention of the police, who are investigating this killing spree, believing it’s connected to the cannibal-fetus cases.
Guy kidnaps girl to cannabalize her but grows fond of her and makes a proposal that she'll serve him as his kidnapper and cannibal buddy in exchange for living but he's insane and doesn't realize that she escapes as soon as he lets her and she goes to the police who raid the hideout but then he's not there because he was looking for her and he knows her name and a cat and mouse game starts.
Also she only escaped after helping with two victims, so she already tasted human flesh and that adds to the trauma.
These threads have long become copypasta edition, anon.
MC is horribly deep in debt and willing to do anything to get out of it, so he signs up for scientific experiments. He signs that phone book of a contract he had no time to read and gets testing, and soon enough realizes that he's just sold the next two years of his life over to Aperture Science. Even stranger still, he has the uncanny luck of always being the control group. Can MC survive two years of testing? He'll be fighting Mantis Men, playing Turret Chess, outwitting telepaths, and who knows what else!
This is still the best plot since Keit-Ai.

Would make a good one-shot manga or LN probably. If sci-fi were more up my alley I'd write it myself.
The MC is able to transform into a monster akin to Devilman and Zetman. He has been held in a government facility where people with unique powers are imprisoned. He is also next in to be an Alpha, only superpowered human able to sire more humans with powers. He runs away from his captors only to end up circumventing the globe back into Japan. There he starts his killing spree of criminals, but tries to keep low profile doing so. One day he stalks a notorious drug dealer to a completely normal house in an unnamed city. The family living there has two daughters and a single mother who is dating the drug dealer, oblivious to his business. The MC acts like a shounen detective manga character and manages persuade the drug dealer to gather his crew and go to a nearby warehouse to meet him. Thinking he might need leverage, the DD kidnaps the sleeping younger sister (asleep all the way to the warehouse) and the older sister chases after them when she realizes what's going on. She gets there eventually and is able to get her sister back, but it starts raining and they take shelter inside the warehouse.
OP MC that fights with bare hands against the forces of the insane OP-Dr dictator. He is willpower big bad is forbidden techniques guy, he meets tge embodiment of rage swordsman and edgelord is a gunner with knife shenanigans that he drops against the strongest Mayors, in favor of his newfound NIL affinity that grants him a shamshir and a chakram. The other party members are red mage and shota dark mage that doubles as a healer (edgelord's creepy infatuation thst is one upped as pure love as the plot progresses), this one joining after fair loli clerk's death. MC sees and is helped by her in the final fight against the scumbag that rode his gf ("big bad Final Boss" was just there to give an aim until halfway in and get wrecked by Ken 2.0 and trilbilly sniper). The end is Ken 2.0 and edgelord gary stu exchanging a meaningful stare. Shota already warmed up to the latter and they set out to do good all around the world (swordbro is kill and I haven't thought of an arc for redhead elemental mage).
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Moe delinquent girls who walk around doing moe delinquent girl things
Six cute girls make up what, at face value, seems like a normal after school cake club.

In reality, the six of them are already dead, having each met an untimely end.

However, Loki, the trickster god, brings each back to life with but a simple command.

"Cause chaos."

This story follows the six as they must plan and then carry out nefarious deeds in order to stay alive.

Also happenstance be a local doctor is being chased by the yakuza for not being corrupted like the rest of the employees in his hospital. He darts into the same warehouse to hide from the dastardly criminals. Also inside the warehouse is the warehouse owner's only son and his chubby friend taking shelter from the rain as they were in the vicinity doing vigilante things i.e stalking a group of delinquents and watching if they are going to commit crimes. Everybody now hiding behind stacks of boxes, not knowing about each other, they focus on the group of men and a single teenager in the dead middle of the warehouse, the MC and DD with his crew. MC threatens to kill the entire crew, but is only answered with a hail of bullets. Thinking he is dead the DD and the crew start moving closer to the body in order to clean up. When the first one gets close, the MC leaps back up and transforms into his monster form and kills the criminals. When leaving the warehouse, the MC catches glimpses from each of the bystanders. He in the later chapters confronts each of the bystanders. He now has a reliable source of medications from the doctor, a safe house to escape to in the girls' home and the rich kid and his chubby friend become his information brokers, searching for criminals. Meanwhile the facility the MC was captive in finally tracks the MC down and starts sending assault squads, hitmen and other super powered humans after him.
>Atsuo just graduated middle school, and receives a strange letter in the mail
>It's from a special highschool he doesn't remember taking the entrance exam to
>They're inviting him to go learn there on scholar ship, everything paid
>His parents, overjoyed because of the schools credentials (they checked online) send him
>He flies out to Tokyo and is picked up by a limo with a middle aged man inside it, walking with a cane
>He is driven through the city to the warehouse district
>Led inside one of the warehouses he is confused, and asks what is going on
>He's told not to worry, but they have to hurry because they'll be late for the entrance ceremony
>There is a hate that leads to an elevator
>It moves down, through the darkness, but suddenly theres light
>They're in a giant underground dome, in the distance is a school
>He's informs Atsuo that this school was built to house those who are a bit special
>Atsuo says he's just normal though
>The old man informs him that this isn't true, his parents do not know, but before he was born something messed with his conception
>They're not quite sure what, but he's referred to as "Incident 17".
>Everyone else in the school is the same, each have an "incident" number of when they were recorded
>He has to go to school with cyborgs, half aliens, demi-gods, and the like
>Most of students have a hard time being normal
>Atsuo, hating this, is really fucking determined to be normal
>He asks if he can leave
>The old man tells him he won't be able to leave the facility unsupervised until he graduates
>He also informs him that he will be Astuo's homeroom teacher

>One boy's quest to be a normal fag surrounded by strange folks
>Doesn't work out
>Main plot unfolds is that the school was built to slowly drain their various powers, turning them ordinary by graduation and disposing of those who they can not
>Astuo realizes maybe being normal isn't all it's cracked up to be
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It was a dark and stormy night. Our hero travels to a far away land in hopes of finding his destiny and to save the world from evil. However, things do not appear as they seem when he realizes it is all a dream... within a dream, within a dream. Awakening, he discovers that he is a biological experiment with no memory of his past. He is sent to attend a typical Japanese high school, but not everything goes according to plan. He is actually a she and only discovers this after meeting a ghost in the boys bathroom. The two of them become immediate friends as they go about their day-to-day life and death. Although, something isn't quite right when it is discovered that everything they see is actually a massive fabricated world built by science to discover the effects of a biological weapon... A weapon that makes people see ghosts. The line between reality and fantasy quickly become blurred as they begin to question whether or not they themselves actually exist. Joining the light music club, our protagonist learns how to play a trumpet that smells of many colors. Little does she know that this weird trumpet is the answer to everything as she then discovers a secret world behind the door of her bedroom closet and a cat prince from the planet Venus. The prince is hit by a car, but since he is a cat, only dies once. Although, as unusual and fantastic as these discoveries appear, she could not help but feel like she had been here before.
> Be MC.
> MC lives in time of Space Exploration
> MC is traveling on a Space Ship, that crashes into a planet.
> MC is the only survivor
> MC, of course, wants to get off the Hellhole.
> MC has to salvage for parts for a Space Ship
> MC explores the Planet for parts, and finds a Bunker.
> Bunker has parts, and some books.
> Books are in a another language
> Still uses parts.
End of season 1
> MC finds more parts
> MC finds more books, and a neglected city.
> As MC escapes the planet, the Camera pans out to Outer Space, showing the Planet, over by debris and North America
In the future a brother and a sister are convicted for murdering a whole bunch of people, in self-defense, but the people they killed were infuental and their family members get the siblings to the death row, Their punishment instead of getting the needle is changed to being lab-rats for the first ever time travel project. They are publicly strapped to the machine and sent to the future successfully. Now the scientist are waiting for them to be sent back by the future scientist and forgive all their crimes. Except there are no future scientists, because the world has become a either a desolate blast zone or a lush jungle covering the ruins of the past. Now searching for the laboratory they were in (they moved due a miscalculation) they see a giant fleshy-insect monster thing chase them run into a derelict office building.

Inside the building, the siblings meet another human, first one in the few hours they've been in the future. Coming out of the shadows, the siblings realize that the man is actually over five meters tall, built like a tank and hell bent on owning everything, asking if the siblings would like to become his property.They accept becoming his property, hoping he would help them escape, when the giant monster, now recognized as an evolved human by the big man, reaches for the siblings. The big man easily blocks the attack and counters by slicing the giant monster's human with his stupidly long prehensile bladed tail.

Now stuck being the property of a man able to break the sound barrier by casually walking, the siblings try to find out what destroyed the world and how to get back to the past in order to warn the world about it.
Wise men doing wise things

>An ex-general who now leads an anti-war organization
>A child raised in a broken family and grew up to be a lawyer who fights against divorce
>An old man who cannot get over the past of how he left his lover for his selfish adventure
>A rich couple who worked so hard for their children that they lost time for them and ended up turning into delinquents

Perfect Healing anime
>Man buy horse
>Horse turns out to be woman-horse-woman
>woman-horse-woman is perverted
>Story revolves around man getting stiff and horse slapping him around for it
I call it: Whorse, the animation.
i like it
Title: Phantasmagoric Recordings of the Eidolon

Within a picturesque rural town the thirty-five year old protagonist live his life humbly, he has a wife, three kids, two daughters and a son and commute via train to the nearest bedroom community for work, his job being a cinema editor.

He often record his existence in the form of a video journal for a purpose special to himself; he would bike to the woodlands and then trail along a offbeat path leading to a secluded area while dilapidated there stood a sizeable house: walls made of cardboard, windows made of bubblewrap, roofs made of umbrellas.

At the tender age of eleven him and his childhood friend would runoff into their illusory world within the forest whenever they felt ostracized by peers, gotten in trouble, and other nuisances.

They unearthed a 35 mm film projector and decided to record their days within the woodland so they can never forget their time spent together.

Tragically, the protagonist friend died of pneumonia and despite the poignant news he decided to not grieve but to live his life the way they created.

At the age of thirty-five he project his existence to the girl he was once smitten for in the house they built (he read in a paranormal book ghosts feed off electromagnetic energy and thought perhaps if he can still get the film projector working and if it peters out then she is receiving his recordings from beyond the grave).

Late evening he discover a new film projector 70 mm took the place of the aforementioned, he irrationally think of destroying the projector yet retreats because the place hold sentimental value so alternatively he opted out and watch the recordings yet is perplexed by the film they are often fragmented vignettes of fifteen second clips. He patiently wait a week for a new gauge of film to arrive.

In the concluding month he notice the clips illustrate a modern day town and surrounded in a field of sunflowers is a girl smiling, a smile he is only familiar with.
>>>Dead People's society<<<
It is the future. Some decades before this, scientists discovered that death is not the end,but rather an evolutionary process. People become extremely enlightened and gain various powers after dying. Their bodies are just vessels to limit them. Because of this, people soon chose to die voluntarily. And in present day it is a norm to leave your body when you reach the age 17.

This society of dead people functions flawlessly,everything going on fine,until one day. One day, a kid who turned 17 refuse to give up his human body. Elders of the society are enraged. They try to explain to him the benefits of dying.He replies,"Your words may make sense, but my sense of humanity tells me not to listen"(Yes he watched samumenco as a child).
He continues on living in his human body.The Elders try to change his will by secretly sending some secret agents to fight him,so that it may scare him and he will choose to evolve. But he was skilled. He won over them one after other. Elders' anger didn't seem to lessen.

One day, something strange comes from far far away in space.It starts destroying the habitat of the Dead People Society.They are helpless. Stopping this is far beyond their powers.
MC gets the inner feeling to help them.He forgets he is powerless for that instant. Suddenly evolves into something beautiful never seen before. Contains that outer space thing.
Now everyone is in awe. "How did a living human do such a thing?",they wondered. After some research it was found that human body is not a limiter, but rather an accelarator which can be unlocked when a living person feels his specie is in danger. Now everyone wants to live. Scientists start working

Rest in Season 2
A manga about a robot sent to help earth develop sapient space-faring life.

The robot is made as such that it will only awaken when the opportunity to turn the tide or to actually be helpful for his given cause arises. Whenever humanity is fine or there is nothing to do the robot is automatically shut off and falls into a deep sleep.

The first chapters has to do with his falling to earth and awakening among the great smoldering ember that is earth nearly 3 billion years back. His laboring to form something like protein chains that can self-replicate in the iron rich oceans and his confusion at the simple musings of existance without anybody else.

The first chapter ends as he finally manages to craft a protein chain that can self-replicate and eventually gives rise to all of life. He gently falls asleep to the dreams of his simple life-form evolving into a multicellular life-form.

The second chapter he wakes up to the crashing of the yucatan meteor and the sudden devestation befalling the earth. He takes it upon himself to secure all the small mammals and early birds that he possibly can, and in doing so inadvertantly setting the stage for mammals to rise to dominance.

He falls asleep once more as the birds perch on his shoulders and the early rodents nibble on his toes waiting for him to wake up and feed them.

Third chapter he is awoken by the sound of chanting and opens his eyes and finds himself tied to a throne with paintings decorating his body and a wick crown on his head as well as early humans sacrificing neanderthals to their "god" He goes on to show them how to craft bows and arrows.

Fourth chapter is in ancient mesopotamia

Fifth chapter is in mongolia

Sixth is to egypt at the time of israel.

So on and so forth until he wakes up to the roaring of rockets as humanity finally abandons the earth in giant E.D.E.N ships, leaving him behind amidst the rubble and decay to realize that he finally finished his mission and finally shuts off one last time.
* Continue

The smile of his childhood friend.

The thirty-five year old protagonist venture in search of his once dead friend to unfurl answers.

Throughout the story his wife want a divorce for his obsession and fixation for his childhood friend, he gets fired from his job for the same reason and he begin to question is it all worth it?

To conclude: it was worth it. He meet his childhood friend, divorce his wife, and marry the childhood friend.
A disease ravages across the world. The disease accelerates aging, turning little kids into old people in a week and then stopping for no reason. To counter this, a scientist creates a counter virus that stops the aging. At first it works as labeled, but when the now double-infected person has had the aging disease, the counter-virus starts rewinding their age all the way to loli and shota levels. The aging disease is now a thing of yesterday, but the world now only has lolis and shotas inhabiting it, including baby animals. Now we follow a bunch of different scientist groups working together, trying to return people to their normal age, but does everybody on these teams want that?
the dude who hanged jeezman
MC is the creator of the universe. He got bored with keeping the universe in balance. He wants to do something different. He spins the wheel of destiny. Got reborn in Japan and all of his memory is sealed. Humans suddenly gains super power when MC is born. Highschool for super powered children is made to learn how to control powers. MC is enrolled there but only because he have the power to move pebbles. Gets bullied. Saved by two people who is a demon lord and a hero who was best friends. MC also became their best friend. Suddenly, a reality warper suddenly appear to terrorize the school. Demon Lord and Hero try to stop him. They almost got killed but was saved by the MC. MC dies.Death wearing a dark black robe approaches him whispering "You are alive". MC open his eyes and fuck the reality warper with his power that is the power the power that once created the Universe.
-MC is a Perverted Lazy Selfish Female Teacher at an all boys Elementary School.
-reverse harem but all heroes are little innocent boys.
-Teacher always tries to sexually harass her students but is always stopped before it goes to far by her younger sister who also works at the school, as the school nurse.
-Show is a ecchi, comedy, slice of life about growing up and learning how to deal with life as a grown up.
-Through the show the teacher grows as a person and learns to become more content with her life, but at the end she still can't give up chasing younger boys.
-(teach them about human biology with her body)(maybe)
-the little is sister be a closet shotacon always struggling to keep her sexual deviancy under control and thus she overcompensates by overreacting to her sister's antics.
-story is actually deep, with lots of life lessons, symbolism, and everything the characters do can actually be related to their repressed desires, insecurities and discontent with their current life.
Healer/white mage/whatever the term is swordsman's crush that meets her demise by being nice and caring towards stronk, sneaky enemy that 1v4'd the remaining team, avoiding swordsman's RAGE buff that was unlocked immediately after fair loli was struck by the sweet embrace of death.
Bait and switch fight where the power up seemed to be working, only for the villain to go lol nope when the suffering lad holds loli still breathing with a hole in her chest, telling her he had exerted revenge. Everyone is disheartened at the scene when the sexy bastard 4th wall breaking plot device teleports behind them, grabs her heart out of the chest and taunts the guy. He cries blood as his eyes go white, end of chapter. Next one he gets beaten brutally, but Sasuke Eastwood comes to the realization life is but a valley of tears and goes full EDGE, scaring the laid-back antagonist because he's that great.
A generic male harem lead is killed by a yandere. However, a wandering god who dresses like a hippy takes an interest in him and brings him back to life as a girl. The god promises to restore the MC's penis if he can regain his harem as a girl, and defeat the yandere that killed him.
A hero goes out with his best friend and a group of other heroes to defeat the demon king. His best friend is killed on the journey, and the other heroes sacrifice themselves to kill the demon king. The demon king is defeated by the hero, but this turns out to be a mirage. It is revealed that the hero had actually killed his king instead of the demon king. When he goes to kill the real demon king to try to redeem himself, it turns out that his best friend was actually the demon king and also NTRing him. In a fit of rage, he kills both his best friend and wife and becomes the new demon king.
China would be very hard pressed to mount a successful invasion of japan even if the US didn't intervene. It doesn't matter if you can raise an army bigger than your target's entire population if you don't have the logistics to actually get them their or keep them supplied.
Saint Oniisan with Hitler and Stalin
Ooooooh I like it. Would watch/read
A young master must deal with a never ending menacing tragic battle where masters challenge each other to see who has the best well trained maids. Every maid must fight to the end for their masters love. Can this young master end this long running battle as he is about to sacrifice many of his own maids to end the conflict?
MC attends a prestigious high school far from home, and since his family isn't exactly well off, he lives alone in a shabby apartment. He also works a couple of jobs part-time, one of which is delivering the papers at 4am in the morning.

One winter morning, MC is finishing his newspaper rounds when two girls come running out of the last house crying. They're ~10 y/o twins, and tug on his sleeve; MC goes into their house to see the mother collapsed on the floor. He calls an ambulance right away.

The mom is taken to a hospital and is pronounced out of immediate danger, but she'll be hospitalized for two months. The father has left them long ago, and since her family had disowned her for marrying the guy, they haven't spoken in over a decade.

To his own surprise, MC offers to look after the girls himself until a relative shows up to take care of them. A classmate of his is volunteering at the hospital, and vouches for his character and responsibility. Thus begins the life of a nerdy MC living with twin girls. The girls are cute and willing to help with household chores, and they all get along quite well.

That is, of course, until the Father shows up out of nowhere and demands MC to give them back. The girls don't want that, and MC can see that the dad isn't good news...

I dunno how to end this
The MC and father duel for custody of the girls in a card gaem on motorcycles.
High potential for cute family SoL, cuteness level of the twins might cause diabete and heart attacks amongst the viewers though.
Girl buys a hamster for a pet, and it gets out of the cage because "lol cage was 2big and hamster went right through the rungs :)"
>Hamster trundles out on a street, narrowly avoids getting squished by a car, and manages to reach a boy's house right across from the girl's house
>Boy secretly has the hots for the girl, but he's allergic to furry critters
>He finds the hamster and thinks, oh a pet got loose and I better catch it
>He does but starts sneezing like a madman
>Meanwhile the girl comes out all worried, looking all over, eventually knocks on the boy's door
>Boy says s-sure, I have the hamster
>Girl is overjoyed, thanks him profusely
>Boy is pleased, they become friends
>But because this is KyoAni, the girl is autism and so is the hamster, they hang out together and the hamster lives in her pocket
>Boy and girl are still close friends (boy wants to take it to the next step)
>But the fucking hamster is making the boy's eyes water and nose itch every tiem
>rom-com with suffering
A shonen battle series. The MC is the most powerful guy in the world. However, he's betrayed and murdered by his best friend. In his dying words, the MC vows revenge. He's reincarnated as a cat. He then attempts to keep his promise.
>MC is a weathered semi-old soldier
>Sent to prison after killing a high-profile politician
>The prison is in space and doubles as a TV satellite
>Prisoners sent there all must achieve one thing: Entertain
>Nothing is off-limits. Their every moment is judged by the viewers around the world
>The only rule is to achieve their freedom before their fifth anniversary of arrival
>The MC is faced with everything from gladiator groups to bands.
>There are others who cook and some who publicly record their kills
>Some rape while others throw parties
>Total chaos
>When he enters, his neck is implanted with a tracking device which doubles as a futuristic PDA
>There's a popularity bar shown as well as other miscellaneous info about him, as well as comments relating to him
>Once he steps into the playground, a timer will go off
>Should the timer run out (in 5 years) he will be collected and disposed of
>Show focuses on the MC's attempts to entertain the viewers while simultaneously defending himself from all sorts of dangerous situations ranging from being forced to eat horrible food to becoming a victim of a killer
>It'll be a dark comedy with horror undertones
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An anime like this.
Possibly the WW2 with mechas.
MC gets a harem and his dad notices. His father had a harem aswell in his highschool days and decides to guide his son.

Hard mode: the first in the line of fated MCs didnt pick the childhood love. She swore to make him fall in love with her so every time she dies horribly when she isnt picked and gets reincarnated as childhood friend of the son who gets his own harem aswell.
MC starts fucking both girls and they become addicted to his schmegma covered log. Terrified they will be taken away from cheesy loving they murder their dad. Story continues as these two newly formed yandere dick-crazed lolis kill anyone that gets between them and MC's disgusting member.
File: 1369361443161.jpg (182KB, 584x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>MC lives alone for vague and bad reasons
>parents get him a room through a family friend in a small apartment block with only 5 apartments
>the occupants of all the other room are all cakes
>one is a teacher at his school
>she wins
Give it a totally serious tone to clash with the ridiculous situations and it would be great.
>MC is an introverted high-schooler, who has friends but doesn't visit them outside of school
>keeps getting weird lapses of memories. Sometimes minutes, hours, days, go by and he doesn't pick them up
>then a week suddenly goes missing.
>at this point he attempts to find out what is causing the lapses and why no-one ever seems to notice them
>turns out the MC has multiple personality disorder. and he is just another of these personalities.

>From this point the MC attempts to contact his other personalities and tries to figure out why the fuck they were split in the first place

I'm not sure where to take this
MC is a university student, but has little motivation since he doesn't know what to do with his life. He got kicked out of his part-time job for being a lazy ass faggot, and need money to pay his rent.
But then, he learns through his parents that his imouto, who just graduated from highschool, is in the city, own a café and looks for people to hire. Of course, imouto is overjoyed to learn that her onii-san wants to work for her.

However, it turns out that her "café" is closer to being a shady cabaret than anything. There are though guys everywhere who all looks like they have blood on their hands, and the sister talks to them like it doesn't even matter.

The MC have to find the right balance between his daily-life and his sister's shady business, as it's most dangerous aspects will start to have more and more unwelcome influence on his life (either through his sister's "kindness" or the things happening around her "café").

SoL, parody of film noir, action.

Title : "My Little Sister is DANGEROUS !"
The tone would be like JoJo.
My. Fucking. Dick.
File: 1415525770586.png (191KB, 900x891px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>twist on the 'little sister' thing

I like it. Would take a look at
That's actually pretty good.
I remember this game.
It was really great, but God it was slow.
Pretty sure Jesus got crufixed not lunged.
MC is randomly selected to be the new 'Nocturnis', the arch-nemsis of the local magic-girls/scouts. He is a decent guy, and is forced into the role by the dark magic girl 'Nightingale', the sidekick of the former Nocturnis.

Plot revolves around him being a punch clock villain, balancing school and life, and fending off the girls as they start to form a harem as he defeats them and demonstrates he's not evil.
The story is about a young researcher who aims to create the world's first strong A.I. and the consequences of his actions when he succeeds halfway into the show. Think Frankenstein's monster.
>MC is the first son of a yakuza family whose enormous fortune is largely thanks to illegal gambling dens
>FMC is a respectable college student studying to become a teacher
>they meet at the funeral of a mutual friend who, unbeknownst to the FMC, was killed after he pissed off the wrong people on the illegal gambling scene
>despite the fact that their personalities are largely opposite (he is vicious and cynical while she is kind and naive), they strike up an unlikely friendship
>but when the FMC catches hints of what the MC does and what their mutual friend had been into, she wants the MC to let her into his world so that she won't always be seen as a 'good girl' type
>he agrees with minimal complaint and shows her an underworld that seems harmless where the party never stops
>it's fun at first, but the seedy part of the under belly isn't far behind and the FMC is sorry to see her naive ideas about how the world really works fade away
>regardless she continues her friendship with the MC until her presence causes problems in what was supposed to be a truce between two large and violence-prone families who had begun to step on each other's toes
>her interference in the situation leads to an all out war between the clans in which the MC participates somewhat less willingly than he would have before he met the FMC
>but when she is hurt while trying to defuse the situation the MC joins the fight properly and the violence escalates exponentially
>lots of people die on both sides and the FMC is driven away by the MC's naturally vicious streak
>out to get revenge for hurting a girl that he had come to have feelings for, the MC doesn't stop until the other family nearly completely wiped out
>the MC and the FMC part ways in the wake of the destruction, neither believing the other would ever be able to change enough to make a relationship work

>genres: tragedy, romance, yakuza
so...what are the consequences?
People questioning what measure is a machine or if it can be considered human. The power to play as god with life. Skynet.
AI waifus take over the world.
>Main character's best friend is a monk, and gets all pissy with him whenever he drinks, smokes or eats tasty food anywhere near him.
>Main character sees girl on his way to work everyday, she never talks to anyone, always listening to headphones.
>Decides to try to talk to her at some point, she is super evasive of him, but clearly doesn't actually mind his presence and warms up.
>At some point he is talking to her when his friend shows up, and she immediately seems to get annoyed and storms away.
>Best friend seems suspicious of her, and tracks her down on his own, once again she seems nice, but when the three of them are together, she again storms away.
>Best friend seems to think that if she sees someone she's friends with talking to someone else, she'll immediately get irrationally jealous and leave, much like he does with food, smoking and drinking.
>MC thinks that's crazy talk.
>Meet other characters, like a girl who is obsessed with collecting favors and demands to be recompensed for any inconvenience she encounters, a girl who takes drastic measures to make anything not her fault, a dude who tries to be chaste, but is clearly a raging homosexual, a weird girl who won't shut up about how original and unique she is and gets mad when somebody implies she copied somebody and a guy who has a number of weird triggers and if you piss him off he'll try to make your life inconvenient in infuriatingly subtle ways.
>As all of them are super dysfunctional madmen, they naturally conflict often. Main character has to try to temper their problems by exploiting each of their good sides.
>MC has a nightmare of himself dying.
>MC realizes he is already dead and in purgatory. Each of the other characters is actually a fallen angel of some sin and in order to get to heaven, he has to make sure none of them goes out of control.
>Produced by Gainax
>MC is high school student who from the outside seems normal
>he actually hates his life
>thinks no one understands him
>thinks friends all talk behind his back
>really they just think he's a little awkward, but nothing too bad
>he wants to get revenge on all them for living such easy and happy lives
>in reality, he has a healthy family who is well off, while his friends aren't nearly as lucky
>his family is actually super supportive of him and never get mad
>he hates them too

>one day he cuts his hand with a knife he bought at a flee-market
>rubs the blood on his floor and prays to demons to give him the power to get revenge
>a demon answers him and gives him a power
>MC gains power to "Banish his enemies to a realm far away from him."
>MC is happy but also a little scared
>in the end his anger and hatred win out and he decided to test it

>girl in class approaches MC and starts talking to him
>MC hates her and thinks she's making fun of him
>MC also lent her a pencil the day before and she never gave it back
>In a fit of pure rage he uses the power to banish her
>She actually had the pencil in her hand behind her back and was about to apologize and return it
>MC is laughing, but realizes that other people just saw him
>No one reacts, and he later finds out no one remembers her

Skipping to the end of the story
>MC starts to hate himself for banishing people
>He banishes himself
>His eyes open from a darkness
>He's in the same place he was before (in the real world)
>All the people he banished are here (in this world, probably at school)
>Turns out every bad thing about people's lives who he banished here are solved
>Torn apart families are back together, people whose families were struggling no longer are
>MC realizes this world is super happy, which was the furthest thing from him
>MC goes back to being a quiet loser hating himself
>The End
The MC is a normal high school boy, with an adorable imouto. However, one day she disappears on the way home from school. A few days later, and the family it distraught as there's still no sign of the imouto. That night while trying unsuccessfully to sleep, the MC hears her voice. He opens his eyes and sees his imouto. He leaps up to hug her, but passes right through. They're both shocked at this and realize it means she's a ghost. It turns out no one else can see her. The MC and his imouto's ghost work to find her killer.

In the end, it turns out she wasn't actually dead, but in a coma.
this guy gets some special ability he didn't know about, and he refuses to pork any of the girls that come flocking to him because of it. the end
World War III has started and has been going on for years. The world's economy has become so dependent on the war that it is near impossible for any side to stop fighting. Every side is war weary and everyone knows that eventually, someone is going to launch nukes. The anime will have a large cast and will focus on the internal politics of nations, diplomacy, the immediate effects on the battlefield and the effects on the homefront.
Interesting, would watch

Pretty serious for an anime.

0/10 totally unrealistic
>MC has a nightmare of himself dying.
>MC realizes he is already dead and in purgatory. Each of the other characters is actually a fallen angel of some sin and in order to get to heaven, he has to make sure none of them goes out of control.

Take this out and you got potential for a good story.
Suffering is not my forte, but let's see...

MC is a demonic overlord who has only been doing demonic deeds for the sake of lifting a curse on his people, who are not actually demons. He wages war on every other race, his objective being claiming the power of the gods, for which the key lies hidden somewhere in humanities territory. This power would not only allow him to free his kind, but also right every wrong he has done to get it.

Terrible and unforgivable deeds he performs to obtain it, war ravages the land and whatnot, even most of his people suffer and are victims of it, and when he obtains it, it turns out the power of the gods was no such thing, and the only one who becomes free of his demonic curse is himself.

Thus he is brought to justice by the hero of humanity, and is sentenced to death for his crimes, remembered by everyone as a tyrant who brought destruction upon the world for his own selfish desires.

Or something. Might as well roll again.
>There is a secret organisation that travels between universes
>there job is to fix parallel universes from sudden intrusion from 4D creatures that feed off quantum ripples
>quantum ripples are the points were parrallel universes branch off.
>if these quantum ripples are destroyed other time lines a destroyed

after episode 6 things become too confusing and it resorts to edgy deepness like eva.
MC is a teenage farmer working with his family. He lives in a triangle-shaped world that's flat. Gravity only works in one direction. There's only one continent (hat exists in the center of the world)and one ocean that surrounds. Beyond that is the literal edge of the world. People originally thought the world was round, but thorough magical analysis by mages, it was determined to be flat and triangular.

MC's life was okay until the economy collapsed. Sister of MC gets sick from a mysterious disease.

One day MC goes to a town hall meeting. The kingdom is seeking people to help explore the underside of the world. Going to the edge of the world has always be taboo and many legends describe the existence of exotic beasts, treasures, fountains of youth, and herbs that cure everything. MC, wanting to save his sister and support his family as well, signs up for the expedition.

But, he has to go through training first. Everyone trains in general survival and fighting skills. In the training camp, he meets new friends, some of which are cute girls. One the day of departure, they had a huge party.

They travel by ship to the edge of the world, which is bordered by a huge mountain range. After setting anchor on the shore, they gathered their equipment and mules and began traveling by foot.

After a week, they got to the edge of the world. But disaster struck. Small, naked humanoids the size of hamsters began attacking the expeditionary force. They seemingly have no intelligence and have a thirst for human flesh. Their first strategy to deal with this threat was to build a defensive perimeter around the camp, but it was later discovered that they could burrow. MC later discovers he has the ability to transform into a small size.
>Hard Mode: Someone dies, but doesn't
Nagisa pls
>SOL about two rival ramen shops in the same shopping district
>they compete over anything and everything, trying to be the best and attract the most customers/sales
>meanwhile, there's a romeo and juliet style sub plot about a forbidden romance between new employees from both shops
>in the end everyone is friends and a good time was had by all
>Little boys doing little boy things
>MC is actually a girl
>Set in highschool
>MC is a transfer student
>Immediately befriended by the weirdest motherfuckers on campus

>Episode one
MC-kun is introduced to school, etc shit happens
>Episode two
Camp, shower fan service intensifies
>Episode three
DATOE in the city with MC-kun and harem
MC lives in alternate universe ruled by the empress of love. Everyone has to find true love and become a stereotypical harem MC or else executed. All girls are beautiful, perfect and horny as fuck. Problem is, MC is unable to love, because he's always been turned down and laughed at. He also has extreme anger management issues, past Guts-tier. So, MC reaches the day of his execution, but escapes and sets out on a quest to kill the empress and restore hate to the world. He battles couples that don't want to lose their relationships along the way, and the empress herself, seeing that nobody as loveless as this man has ever existed, falls in love with him. And then, battle.
Well here goes nothing :

>Main character (Nagisa) is an hikkikomori, his family don't know about it and think he goes to a university. The only person who knows the truth is his older sister.
>One day, he come accross one of those "thighs" threads on a certain imageboard. He post a picture with the thighhighs his sister forgot just for kicks, but he is a great success in the thread.
>Somehow, he can't help it and take it one step further, sharing a picture of him in thighigh and boxers.
>Liking the attention, he start posting picture regularly in these threads. But one day he is at a limit : his parents cannot keep his autismbox going and tell him that he should get a job, and he realize that his pictures are all the same and start to get boring.
>He buy some girls clothes to make more pictures, and then decide to look for a job, but don't have the confidence to go out of his house.
>But one day, he is forced to step out of his house in girl's clothes, and realize that he isn't afraid anymore.
>Rest of the anime is about his descent into traphood as he gets more and more popular and live his "outside" life as a girl (and find a job as one, go to conventions in girl cosplay, have even amateur album made of him).
>Things get awkward when a dude fall in love with him, and his sister discover her brother's hobby.
>MC abandon crossdressing, fearing that he is going to be shunned by his family, and go back to hikki modo.
>His sister kick his ass and throw a skirt at him, MC realize that what he only lacked confidence, and crossdressing gave that to him.
>MC now lives a somewhat normal life as a guy, but still crossdress on the side.

Comedy, drama.

Title : "Zettai Ryouiki Destroyer Nagisa"
> A couple of young deities get a job working for some universe creation firm.
> They treat creating a verse as we treat making a movie.
> All the deities have different tastes, and meetings devolve into arguments as to what genre they want the universe to be.
> The boss reveals that the deity public is harsh and unforgiving, this modern economic climate means if they don't do well on their first project, they'll likely end up jobless.
> Characters include a heroic epic fan project leader, a sci-fi fan programmer, tragedy script writer, a romance fan script editor, a horror fan special effects producer, comedy artist etc.
> Stressful intrigue of a work environment.
> Eventually they pour out a really odd universe, which is a big hit with the deity populace because it's so fun to screw with the inhabitants
>Main character male anon in high school
>Doesn't have any friends plays an MMORPG all the time
>Doesn't talk to anyone at his school due to his anxiety
>Very lonely
>Only talks to his guy friend in his game who lives extremely far away
>Real good bros that hang out almost everyday
>One day bro says he's moving to where anon lives and is going to enroll in the same school
>Decide to meet someplace at the school
>Turns out awesome bro is really hot girl
>Loses his spaghetti because of all the years he's treated her like an ordinary guy
>Can't t-think of anything to say spaghetti, spaghetti everywhere
>She calls him a faggot or something
>It occurs to him that she is pretty much the exact same person online and in real life
>Trys to conquer his social anxiety
>Funny cringy moments of him working and practicing to act normal
>They hang out since they were good friends
>Still play vidya and remembers how carefree and casual in the game
>Fall in love at some point in time
>They kiss and have sex and there are at least another 3 episodes after this
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MC is a good-for-nothing college student, virgin and is not very fit because he never cared much. He wants something amazing to happen in his life and unfortunately he wishes for that at the wrongest possible timing. A few days later his entire family gets killed by a brutal murderer that is going around doing his business so the guy decides to do something about that.

After mourning for a few days he begins hell training and joins the army to raise his skills a bit. After a rather harsh beginning he finds himself a few friends and tries to hone his abilities as much as possible. Until one day when his base is attacked and all of his friends die while he himself loses an arm and an eye. Angry about that he realizes that he can do nothing and falls into despair.

MC becomes a hobo and begs people for money to drink and forget. One day he encounters a girl year younger than him who decides to help him seeing that he is in kind of bad shape. Boy-meets-girl shenanigans ensue and they soon become lovers because yeah nothing bad could happen right?

Okay time for more suffering. The guy watches the news one day and sees that the guy who killed his family was arrested but since he was a wealthy guy he managed to bribe the judges and got out free. Furious beyond any control MC decides to take care of that fucker on his own and leaves despite his girl telling him not to.

As the MC finally manages to find his archenemy it turns out that the guy is the father of his beloved and he doesn't know what to do. He returns home to discuss the matter with the girl but he finds her dying. As he asks what happened she tells him that her father got home and well did a few things to her before mortally wounding her. MC rages and cries and leaves to kill the dude.

In the end MC almost assassinates his archenemy but he is caught and sent to prison and after a few days is sentenced to death because bribes and shit
>It is distant future and man has attempted and failed to colonize the stars and is currently slowly but steadily sliding towards extinction
>Faced by their slow but impending doom the mankind has decided to dedicated all of its resources to create a monument that will serve both as its final memorial and as archive of the collective knowledge of man
>The show follows a team of scientists, engineers, philosophers and physicist that are faced by the both practical and philosophical problems that are related to the project
>Last episode shows the monument's completion and mankind's reaction to it
>Post-credit scene will show an alien spacecraft docking with the now long abandoned monument
>genres: bittersweet, slice of life, scifi, deep
What Would Happen If Samurai Flamenco Never Had Episode Seven?

Inspired by the toku shows he grew up with, a boy decided to become a hero of justice. Growing up, he attempts to dabble in law, martial arts, and all the great things that a superhero must learn to do, but he realizes that he isn't cut out to be a superhero.

The boy is now 20, a near drop-out of law school with no real prospects in life. One day, he finds a diary of his younger self: "A hero never runs away!"
He decides to make himself the hero of justice he had always wanted to become. Donning tights, a mask, and a cape, he begins confronting those that break the law in public. However, he is constantly beaten up due to his poor physical skills and his weak charisma.

Each episode, though, deals with the boy helping a character deal with their problems by telling them to become the hero of their own lives and to never run away. Along the way, he meets "heroes" just as, and even more so, chuuni and perverted as he is. However, he looks at them with disgust due to their disregard for law and public order.

Near the end, he falls for a woman he "saves" with his words, and she reciprocates, but only towards his hero persona. In the last episode, the boy finally decides to become a man by listening to his own advice and not running away from reality, shedding his cape.
>ITT everyone writes a story and no-one responds to it
more like
>deities idea is rejected whilst the company pumps out more garbage universes that sell

>grimdark; the anime
>MC and FMC hate each other intensely
>They grew up together but had a difficult history
>MC believes that the FMC lied to her family and caused her brother to barge into the MC's house in a rage, attacking his family and killing his father (who protected the MC until police arrived)
>The FMC believes that the MC set her up to be kidnapped and raped by child pornography producers because they were supposed to meet up somewhere but he never showed
>The story progresses as these two live with the aftermath of the incident
>The MC has to go through life being bullied and looked down upon because of the rumors that he's connected to rapists
>The FMC has to go through life being scorned and humiliated because of the rumors that she willingly went with the producers, enjoying herself
>Both are beaten by their respective classmates and are ignored by both police and teachers
>Both have to suffer because nobody believes their protests and nobody ever defends them
>Their history follows them everywhere as the case became popularized by the media
>Finally, the MC and FMC begrudgingly talk to one another after years of suffering alone
>They end up fighting in a heated exchange vehemently denying the other one's speculation
>After a good while of this, things die down and they just resign themselves
>They don't trust the other but they have nobody else who could relate
>And so, they attempt a dysfunctional relationship with one another based purely on loneliness
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>If Samurai Flamenco Never Had Episode Seven
There's no need to be upset.
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Would watch
>The two MCs berate one another and often look at each other with disgust, but as time goes on they start softening up
>Eventually, they start enjoying themselves
>Soon enough, they're both kidnapped during one of their dates
>The MC is given a choice between having violent sex with another (kidnapped) girl on camera to save the FMC or to have the FMC enter into a snuff film
>The FMC is then forced to watch out-of-context as the MC does horrible things to another girl
>Afterwards, the MC is tied down and forced to watch as the FMC is gangbanged by countless men, not knowing of the stipulation that each man she satisfies will lower the amount of time spent torturing the MC
>The series ends with the release of their videos to the public and their deaths
>Everybody is shocked at the contents, not because of the cruel things done to them, but because of the inhumane and disgusting things the two MCs did
>The lives of their families are in shambles because they each believe the two MCs did their acts willingly
>The OVAs show that the MC's Dad was the one who texted the FMC and kidnapped her for his own usage
>That's it. That's the show.

I don't know how to suffer properly.
>MC is an average high school student who smart but lazy who is often misunderstood and has a somewhat dark past.
>he receives the power to kill living things or set inanimate objects ablaze by spilling his blood on them
>immediately after receiving his power he makes a smug grin and says 'excellent'.
>he uses his newfound ability to make the most popular girl in school into going out with him.
>he kills people he thinks are unworthy and scum, such as his bullies.
>he devises a plan to rid his town of the filth by slowly filling a tank full of his blood and then spaying it with a hose around town.
>his super hot girlfriend tries to get him to stop, but she accidentally gets doused and dies while her clothes burn
>the MC cries as he contemplates how his power is a curse only he can bear
>the MC goes insane and loads the tank into his car and laughs maniacally as he sprays everything in his cars path with his blood.
>the police try to shoot him but the bullets are set blaze when they come into contact with this blood! leaving him unharmed.
>Suddenly, police sergeant Cole D. Steel uses a katana to behead the MC, with the final words the misunderstood teenager hears as he dies being "nothin personnell kid'
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Shuzo Oshimi.jpg
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By the maker of Aku no Hana and Boku wa Mari no Naka.
MC is a socially awkward kid going through high school, and can't talk to people for the life of him. Everyone makes fun of him and he stutters when talking to girls. He meets a girl who is willing to put up with him, and helps him become "normal."

Plot twist- near the end, the girl moves away and trusts MC to coach himself. When MC sees her again years later, she has become socially awkward.
>MC is a gril
>Medieval times
>MC is a 8 year old young princess of small country
>Episode 1 srart
>Evil Empire of Evil invades
>Royal family is kill
>Invading general openly rapes the women before killing them and afterwards to
>MC is disguised as a maid as there are no way to identity her
>All the servants were made to watch their masters killed, and cheering was compulsory
>The servants were then cast out
>Episode 1-5
>She was adopted by the head maid, living a tough but happy life
>She is now 1X
>A rebellion in all the conquered countries begin, due to oppression and famine
>The rebels kill her adoptive family and take their shit for "funding the great war of liberation"
>She survives as the one of the rebels thought she'd fetch good coin
>She then becomes a slave to the one of the lords of the liberated countries
>Episode 6-9
>She works as a slave, life gets worse and the rebel lords are as bad as the old empire's lords.
>Another slave, a former prince of the Evil Empire of Evil, also becomes a slave
>End of episode 9:
>Another lord sees her as she is serving drinks, and for diplomatic reasons she is given to him as a concubine
>Episode 10-12
>MC escape from the lord
>Goes to find the prince
>She finds out later that the prince died while trying to save her from the other lord
>She kills herself
Careful with that edge, son.

That was more grim then edgy. Think >>117775253 X 4 for full edge effect
>SoL romcom
>comfy couple that's not really a couple yet
>they are cursed or something
>MC must express his feelings, lest he suffers a seizure
>everytime FeMC goes doki doki, she suffers a stroke
>the god who cursed them presents a cure
>but first they must show how much they love each other
>can they pull through?

I dreamed about this a few times.
>MC is middle schooler shota
>Live in a world where some people have power
>Only certain items activate the powers
>Big evil terrorist woman terrorizes things
>Power item sledge hammer
>Everybody with powers summoned to fight her and all her evil item power minions
>MC diagnosed since childhoold with ultra OP powers
>Refuses to fight
>Reasons unknown
>City pretty much fucked
>MC now has to fight or his family will be kill
>Evil terrorist woman is shotacon and instantly takes liking to MC
>MC asks for a private duel somewhere remote, away from any bystanders
>Remote location
>MC insta wins and terrorist woman stop being terrorist woman and now fights her old terrorist group
>Reason MC didn't want the public to see the fight is because of his power item
>Pink sparkly hitachis
>Government makes MC and terrorist woman COs of a spec ops squad aimed to defeat terrorists

It's mostly MC trying to avoid his personal rapist and hiding his power item from people.
>Black Mass.
One day in 1960s Japan, a small remote village succumbs to an ominous, bizarre black fog which blankets the town, however only a small percent of people are able to see it though the townsfolk can perceive that something is off, the MC banding together with people a small group of people that are able to see its presence decide to discover the meaning behind what sort of message it is foreboding. What they learn comes as a surprise, the miasma is a actually a fog that comes before a time of great disaster. The town the MC and his friends live in basically gets destroyed off the map. The anime ends with the MC more developed with his sense to predict danger to travel around the world saving as many people as he can.
The MC is a girl from a rich family. However, her father can't into business and within a year after inheriting the family business from the MC's grandfather, they're poor. They lose everything and move into a run down single room apartment. Although she can still go to her exclusive girl's school because the tuition was paid before her father lost everything, she goes from being one of the most popular girls there to being shunned and looked down on by everyone. Slowly the MC learns to accept her new role in life.
MC is gifted with immortality and eventually gathers a harem around him...only to find out that all the girls in it are yandere.
Now MC has to live the rest of his highschool days avoiding any Death Flags from the girls, getting killed and revived countless times in the process.
Shigeru is your average overworked businessman. He's a very hard worker with a strong set of morals: the first to arrive at the office and last to leave. He is 26 and single, his family lives on the other end of Japan (this anime is set in Hokkaido), and while he's somewhat good-looking most ladies don't find him very interesting.

The story begins when he pulls one all-nighter too many while finishing a report and dies from overdosing on energy drinks.

He died alone in his apartment room, and they only found him a week later. He had few friends at work and the company hadn't thought of contacting him, assuming he had taken sick leave. The caretaker had finally bust down Shigeru's door because people had complained of a nasty smell. He was cleaned up, his family grieved, and then he was forgotten. Or so it seemed.

A policeman is patrolling at night when he passes the cemetery Shigeru is buried in and sees an odd blue-ish glow. He approaches the source of the light, and finds a young office lady (still dressed in her work clothes) who is mumbling and caressing Shigeru's tombstone. The tomb cracks and out crawls Shigeru, looking very alive and healthier than he ever was in life. The girl takes no notice of the dumbfounded cop and walks off into the night with Shigeru.

The girl, Yui, works as a secretary at Shigeru's company, and she always liked him for his hard work ethic. But she was too shy to approach him and he had died before she found the courage to confess her love. Fortunately Yui is a necromancer, and she has resurrected Shigeru with all of his original memories and personality. There's one important difference: he now devotes himself to something other than work: her.

Think hetero Kuroshitsuji. Shigeru also has several supernatural powers that he employs to protect Yui from rival necromancers and sorcerers. Genres: Romance, Tragedy, Dark fantasy
>wish too far

MC, male highschooler, is given a chance by a holy relic (it's the holy grail but the names never given) to grant one wish. Fearing that he is going to hell, he wishes that all the devils were dead.

Unknowingly, he just killed all the devils (lawful evil) in hell, allowing the demons (chaotic evil) to gain the upper hand in the blood war and finally dominate hell. With this accomplished they go to spread hell across earth. Finding the MC, they make him the king of demons, and worship him.
because there is already an anime about jesus christ
Corrupt space prussia battles corrupt space america for control of the galaxy. However corrupt space russia and corrupt space china form an alliance to make their own attempt at domination.
so legend of galactic heroes; asian edition?
No, because there are no corrupt space jews playing both sides.
But who are the corrupt space protagonists? Corrupt space Belgium caught between the warring corrupt space nations?
>Literally who? Because I'm not a christfag.
you're not very bright that's what

Nah, we want it to last more than one episode. Corrupt space UK sounds good.
Does this mean there is a heart warming corrupt space side story about corrupt space UK coming in terms with his alienated neighbours corrupt space Scotland and corrupt space Ireland?
Sure, why not. As long as everyone is corrupt and in space. Because planets are for faggots.
Just corrupt space plots of land floating in corrupt space
Wild Cards

There are whispers. Half truths and tall tales. To be honest no man knows where the Cards came from. No mortal man, kennit? All that is agreed upon is one day they started to appear, and the world changed.
To hear it told, there are only fifty four true Guns in the world. Guns with a capital G. Sure you can find the odd shooting iron, crafted by some smith of supreme skill. Maybe even purchase a genuine Smythe, not the mass produced crap, but one the old man made himself. More common a slugthrower, those bastard children of inspiration that many a would be 'slinger claims is a weapon true. The real deal, blessed steel, they are the only ones worthy of being called true Guns. They are the Cards, and they are the weapons of the Gunslingers. To wield a Card is to be blessed and cursed. To carry one is to be a God on Earth, and a demon of the cruelest nature. The stories hint that those who carry the Cards don't truly wield them, but are instead used by them. There are tales of Gunslingers, who with their last breath thank their murderers for freeing them from the curse in one breath, and bemoan their damned souls in the next.
Many a man will argue on the nature of the Cards. Whether they were the work of one man or many. Some even speculate that ol' scratch himself made them. What no man will argue is their power. Fifty four Guns, thirteen of each Suit and the two Wilds. Deuce to Ace, that's how their power is reckoned. Such thinking is for the jaw waggers and the boilbacks. Any man who has seen a Gunslinger will tell you, the strength of the Gun will only get you so far, the rest is the man who the Card rides.
The Cards are marked with the image of their namesake, usually on the handle. Stories follow those that carry them, right into the grave. A smart gunslinger may make it to old age with a Gun, but none will make it there unscathed.
Beyond that, there's not much that a fella can say about the Cards. Or rather, there's too much. Scuttlebutt. Gossip. Stories you can never really confirm.
The suits do seem to mean something. They say that a Club can punch through steel, that you never beat a Diamond at the quick-draw, that a Heart can shoot the wings off a fly, and that a Spade can shoot around corners if he really wants to. The Jokers, now them everyone can agree on. The Black Joker, the Dead Man's Gun. No one who carries it ever dies in a gunfight, but they all die soon enough... and the Red Joker, which might as well be a myth. No one can ever remember anything about the fella who carries it. Just the gun. And even that's foggy.
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Cute robot in an immense abandoned warehouse with robot and robot accesories doing cute robot things. They explore the seemingly endless mysterious warehouse and get in silly hijinks and occasionally find new friends.
It's like Donyatsu but with robots.

Drop little clues about the nature of the warehouse and the robots' backgrounds every so often to keep the readership interested.
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Missing the point.png
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>Produced by Gainax
But in all seriousness, I agree.
Hackneyed plot twist: That really odd universe is our own.
>What Would Happen If Samurai Flamenco Never Had Episode Seven?
No one would have cared.
I'm not gonna lie, your plot sounds awesome.
>Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2: Electric Boogaloo
File: 1411485828100.jpg (49KB, 332x325px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 332x325px
>Chimamire Tenshi Ebola-chan
That's every write your anime thread. Except for copypastas. I have no idea why, but people here feel the urge to respond to the cellphone alternative universe romance and sky lanterns story.
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MC gets powers in high school and best friend dies while fighting demons.

Later into the Manga he wakes up from a coma and his best friend is actually alive, the MC has no powers and there are no demons, that shit was just some metaphorical journey to waking up or something. Then the MC kills his best friend because apparently he put him in the coma.
Only because they're more recognizable. Sometimes you chance upon a new story you like and you reply to it.

Others simply read everything without replying to them.
MC dies and his adventures start as a ghost who has more of an impact to the physical world than when he was alive.
MC is starting his first day of high school. He doesn't know anyone. During his lunch guy walks up to him and starts talking to him. They start becoming good friends as the days go by. All the while this is happening there is a girl that show up late to school if she shows up at all. One day during lunch MC ask best friend who this girl is. Best friend explains to him that the girl is a yakuza princess. The teachers don't say a word about her tardiness not just because she's a yazuza princess but because she still makes good grades. Best friends tells him that he should stir clear of her.

After school MC is making his way home when he walks by the and someone playing basketball in the gym. He walks in and sees that its a girl. The girl then sees him and misses her shot. Ball bounces off the rim hits her in the head. MC runs over to see if she's okay. She says she's fine and then asks him how long he's been standing there and if he was some kinda of pervert. MC declines and then comments on how good her skills were. She gets embarrassed and then gets up and walks out. MC is still standing there only to realize he didn't catch the girls name.
On the way out he tries to find the girl but then spots delinquent-tan walking home. He begins to follow her until he remember what his friend said. About to make his way to find basketball girl he then spots a group of threatening men following behind the delinquent-tan. Finally decides to follower. He then sees them in an ally. The group are a apparently from a rival gang that had there boss taken out by delinquent-tans father, so they decided to take out her out of revenge. MC, not fully understanding the situation, decides to jump out and help her. He is swiftly beaten up in the process. As one of them are about to laid the finishing blow delinquent-tan grabs there arm proceeds to bend it backwards all while fighting the other thugs.

After sending the thugs running, she carries a unconscious MC to her house and treats his wounds. He wakes up to find a delinquent-tan sipping tea at her table. She explains to him what happened and tells him that he should leave before her dad gets home. Just as MC is heading heading out the room he bumps into a giant burly man. The man stares down at him, towering over him by a few feet. Then from behind the man pops out 3 more equally as frighting men. The man grabs and puts him in a choke hold and as what he's doing here. MC is unable to answer due to lack of breath. Then delinquent-tan burst out and says that's her boyfriend and if he kills him she hate him forever. Her father, shocked, releases his grip and drops MC to the floor. He then pats MC on the back. Then he whispers into his ear and says that if he were to break his daughter he'd end up in the bottom of a river.

The man then walks out closing the door in the process. MC is left flabbergasted by the events that just unfolded. ~something something~ Delinquent-tan says some snappy one liner, screen pans out to sky, with MC screaming about how inappropriate the that was at that moment.
File: 1369296560150.jpg (105KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MC is the daughter of the chairmen of one of the prestigious in Japan. She gets good grades and is very popular among her classmates, but alas she is bored of her average high school life. One day while not paying attention in class she looks out the window she sees a group of delinquents harassing a student. That's when the idea hits her. After class she runs to her clubroom to meet her friends. One is the star of the Aikido team while her other friend is a part of the Literature Club. She tells her friends that they're gonna start their own gang. Her friends look at her with disbelief but she is completely serious. Lit Girl tries to tell her how dangerous it is but she doesn't listen. Aikido tells her that she wants no part in this what so ever. While walking home from school MC bumps into the delinquents from earlier. They start yell at her and her friends, then she tells him that this is their turf and if they don't move then they're gonna be some consequences and repercussions. Then she challenges them to a turf war after school the next day.
Had this idea when I was drinking orange juice and eating waffles

Title: Choir of the Loving Angels
Amount of episodes: 5

After crashing his boat into an island with his girlfriend, him and his girlfriend must survive on the island. In the crash, MC loses his right arm and suffers from brain damage. The island experiences a hurricane once they had made their little hut. He is wiped way into the ocean with his girlfriend still on the island. He wakes to find himself in a hospital and to find out his girlfriend was dead all along
File: 1372993216111.jpg (437KB, 1126x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This. I know it's already manga, but more of this.
Starts with two super soldiers (Alex and Lawrence) working for the government. On a mission, they encounter another two of their kind (male and female) while hunting an artifact. They fight against each other, and then get out of there when they hear police sirens. Shortly after reporting back they run into the people they fought the first time, but this time they inquire about who they are and what they're capable of. Mid-conversation, the 4 are attacked by their rival group, The Ancients, whose goal is to reset humanity to a primal era. The 4 fight them off, with Alex and Lawrence gravely injured . Alex wakes up, and the girl, Scarlett takes him to their boss, who is actually a monster with a human consciousness, it explains that they are each warriors representing the 7 sins, Alex being Wrath, Lawrence being Despair, Scarlett being Lust, and the other, Vincent being Pride. They look for artifacts which enable the warriors to elevate their powers and also look to recruit others of their kind. There are some fights with werewolves, giant monsters, infighting, etc.
MC is in his second year of high-school, and is average in most respects. His grades are solid, but nothing to write home about. He has a decent circle of friends, and for some reason he seems to attract a disproportionate amount of attention from the opposite sex.

About a quarter of the way through the year, an exchange student is added to his class. She introduces herself, and she appears to be a fairly nice girl, if not a little self-centered. Later that day, as the MC is walking through the hall, he rounds a corner only to bump straight into the exchange student.

After falling awkwardly, the MC ends up seeing her in a rather compromising position. Before he is able to give an explanation, the girl launches an explosive roundhouse kick at him. Blood flies and the MC crashes into a wall.

Cut to black.

The MC wakes up in ICU with a broken neck and shattered jaw, fighting for his life. In the process, also cut to the exchange student being arrested on assault charges.

The rest of the show centers around the MC's slow and painful recovery and the exchange student's criminal proceedings, the subsequent breakdown of her family and her rapidly degenerating mental health.

Final episode the two meet once more, this time between a sheet of security glass, each wondering how one silly moment had so easily destroyed their lives.
File: 1407940489525.jpg (166KB, 707x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A show about an aged 20 something scientist's daily life who discovered that there's 3rd dimension through a glimpse in the TV. She's always breaking the 4th wall, wanting to meet us and establish a proper gateway to both sides.

She would often talk to the portable TV/our point of view. One of her discoveries is that there are places where the signal from ours and theirs connect in these temporary spots. She spends her days traveling in her car and camps out to a lot of places enjoying the world sights with us. Often talking to herself since we can only send brief responses through a streaming site called Nikoniko douga.
MC is consistently flustered about the large harem of cute girls that are trying to have sex with him.
The only actual willing sexual interaction from the MC is in the last episode where he kisses worst girl and best girl comes to accept that she could never be with the MC
This stuff would be great if the execution is good, working as a multimedia project.
I'd make a realistic, down-to-earth show that's completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots.
I was thinking about something similar, but less cute and on an unspecified desert planet, with several hints at past civilizations, other kinds of alien or eldritch robots and pseudo-intellectual ponderings about conciousness.
Cute girls bullying other cute girls in cute ways.
A high school girl works in her aunt and uncle's flower shop after school. After a while she notices a girl with the same uniform as her comes there often. However, when she looks for her in school, she can never find her. Curious, she follows the girl home from the flower shop one day to talk to her. However, the girl notices that she's being followed and manages to escape. The MC is forced to give up, vowing to succeed the next day. However, the mysterious girl doesn't come back. The MC begins to ask around at school for girls matching her description but no one seems to know her. Eventually though she manages to find a teacher who recognized the description. He tells her the girl jumped off the roof last year. She takes this to mean the girl is a ghost and assumes that's why she couldn't follow her. The MC vows to help her find peace. The next day the mysterious girl is back, but this time the MC is ready for her. She chases after her shouting she'll help her cross over. The mysterious girl panics and runs at this crazy girl chasing her, turns back to look, then promptly hits a pole. The MC is shocked that she's not a ghost. The girl tells her she did jump because she was being bullied and was in the hospital recovering for a long time. Because of that she was afraid to attend school. The MC vows to help her.
A wizard, two nameless rank and file soldiers, a convict jester and a token loli team up together in a medeval zombie/ skellington apocolypse and have adventures
nameless rank and file soldier dies and is ressed by mr wizard at a later date
It's the first day of high school for average cute girl™ Tsurugi and she has already missed class from oversleeping, in a hurry Tsurugi bursts out of her home (with toast in mouth) and rushes to her school but right as she runs up the stairs to her high school's main entrance an ordinary boy™ and a loli exit out at the same time and Tsurugi crashes into Loli-chan. After being helped up by ordinary boy™, the three of them get acquainted with each other, learning that they all have the same classes together, all are starting high school and are seated close to each other. Tsurugi mentions that she missed class that day and ordinary boy™ and Loli-chan offer to give her a tour of the school which she accepts and eventually the trio becomes good friends with each other and Tsurugi finds herself head over heels in love with Loli-chan. But a few weeks later after their meeting, Tsurugi finds out that Loli-chan is a complete yandere for ordinary boy™ and has been murdering anyone who dared get close to him, leaving out her for some reason. Tsurugi decides not to tell anyone about this however because of her love for Loli-chan and friendship with ordinary boy™ and vows to stop Loli-chan by making her fall in love with herself instead (but unknowning to her, day-by-day Loli-chan grows more and more suspicious of her trying to steal ordinary boy™ away from her). And then from there it becomes a slice-of-life/shoujo-ai anime of daily school life while Tsurugi tries to seduce Loli-chan while Loli-chan murders people. And then it ends off with a school camping trip, ordinary boy™ confessing his love to Tsurugi, Tsurugi turning him down, Loli-chan spying on them, Loli-chan taking Tsurugi to a lake and attempting to murder her, Tsurugi confessing her feelings to Loli-chan and saying that she doesn't care if she dies if it's by Loli-chan, Loli-chan saying something autistic and then throwing her into the lake.
A a self-proclaimed idiot that would help people without a second thought ends up getting killed in a traffic accident. A reaper comes to pick up his soul and tells him he has a day to make his final wish so that his soul can rest in peace. He spends the day silently apologizing and saying goodbye to his friends and family as the reaper follows him and wait for his wish. Near the end of his day, the reaper tells him that that his girlfriend is about to commit suicide. Forcing the reaper to help, he rushes to her and saves her at the last minute, telling her to keep living for his sake. She hears it and breaks into tears. After her family comes for her, the reaper tells him that his day is coming to an end and that he needs to tell him his wish. He wishes to become a reaper so that he can save people. Confused by his logic, the reaper asks why to which he replies, "Because I'm an idiot."

Now he spends his afterlife training to become a reaper to save people on the brink of death.
>people don't die when they are killed
>world government begins jettisoning people into space due to overpopulation
This would make an entertaining 4-koma.
>4-koma about people who live as "satellites" and just orbit the earth endlessly
An anime that spans a huge timeline in a fantasy universe.

It would be episodic, with each episode connecting to the others through legends or descendants or such, but a completely different setting based on how much time has passed or a different location. Also let's throw in a narrator like Katanagatari, Jojo's, or HxH.

As a surprise, the final episode is a bout between a Hero and Demon King, with the Demon King winning and kablamming the universe.
>As a surprise, the final episode is a bout between a Hero and Demon King, with the Demon King winning and kablamming the universe.
Each episode would need the episode's hero to like do something bad, or drop an artifact somewhere, or something, and then at the very last fight, it all comes butterfly-effecting back to wreck shit.
A girl dies unexpectedly in a car accident. Her soul is whisked away to a "Limbo" of sorts called Terra Fatalis, where souls who die before their time outside of Heaven and Hell's "plan" (like Yusuke in YYH) are placed. Terra Fatalis is like a terrestrial planet, with fauna, natural resources, etc.

Here in Terra Fatalis, her soul, and the souls of every unfortunate individual there, make up their entire corporeal form. If they die here from injury, starvation, or anything else, their souls are simply destroyed, as there is no conduit for souls to leave this plane of existence. No more afterlife for them.

Unfortunately, surviving isn't a matter of hunkering down forever with a steady supply of food and drink. Free Daemons, former agents of Hell that seek to feast on souls, make this world their personal hunting ground. The only safe place from their onslaught is in the city-country-fortress Gray Haven, the only known remnant of civilization in this forsaken world.

However, even in this world of despair, there is hope. Legends and records from time immeasurable speak of two Bells of Awakening hiding away in the vast Wilderness. The only way out of Terra Fatalis.
Already done, with a harem end included and 5 personalities.
File: Stage.png (2MB, 1277x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A widower, driving to a churchyard for the annual visit of his wife, notices a crowd gathering to a Cliffside town near the oceans. He is allured to a certain presence as the town celebrates their week-long night festival.

Attending the festival, the widower sees people wearing masks, each one inscribed with moving, unrecognizable symbols. Until a masked woman walking towards the stage theatre catches his attention: seeing numbers engraved on her mask’s surface.

He discovers the festival is a celebration of the living and dead – masks are imprinted with the presence of souls. The celebration involves people competing with the soul of someone they lost against others to reunite with their departed for the remaining time left of the festival.

Standing on the stage, the widower relives memories with the masked woman hosting the presence of his wife as the stage changes to resemble their past in front of an audience. They must entertain the crowd, with different visual art styles complementing the mood of their performance.

As their audience grows, the numbers engraved on the mask’s surface decline, breaking apart piece by piece, revealing the face of the soul underneath. The couple attempts to engage the audience, re-enacting the most memorable events of their relationship against those who attempt the same, all for the chance to see each other’s face one more time.
MC is a common trooper that has no special abilities besides being partially-undead; he can't age. Once he dies, his body slowly reforms from the Earth itself, even if his remains are cremated or destroyed. Fights through the Sino-Japanese war, Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese war, both World Wars and is once again put back into service to fight on the frontlines of WW3 as a grunt trooper. Explores the life of a grunt trooper, human behaviour, atrocities of war, and the need for progress.
100 years from now society is split between the ultra-rich and the moronic poor. The Illuminati are trying to funnel enough money into their organization to fund the creation a living god. Every person is equipped with ID chips that track how much money they have. The more money you have, the more powerful you are. If you run out of money, the chip will kill you.

MC is a sixteen-year-old girl who transforms into a slutty catgirl pop idol to destroy any obstacles of the NWO while stealing her opponents' fortunes, gradually rising to godhood along the way. She eventually rebels against the organization controlling her after discovering their real intentions, but she gets her shit completely wrecked instead.

Flash forward six years, the MC is living in exile and has a bounty on her head for treason, her former best friend is out to kill her, and her child happens to be the Antichrist.
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It's like Golgo 13, but instead of assassinating people, the guy orchestrates fake deaths so his clients can restart under new identities.

The plot of every chapter/arc focuses more on why and how bad things have gotten to why the clients need to hire our protagonist to orchestrate deaths and new identities, and the ramifications after the fact.

Besides insurance fraud and the like, it also delves into political matters, faking assassinations and terrorist plots for political manipulation.
"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
Our Lost Comrades and our defeated enemies will create a double door that'll lead us into our future!


The Holy Trinity of Copypasta is finally completed.
muh boner
MC is a total betamax loser. Everyone walks all over him, but at least he has a harem. A violent group of tsundere girls that have been fighting over his dick 5 years out of high school. Shit happens, and MC comes across a gentleman who happens to be in need of a roof. They make a deal that the gentleman trains MC in the ways of the alpha in return for living arrangements. MC stops being a faggot and the tsunderes are mad, and eventually leave because gentleman tells them off. All is good for the pair until gentleman's mysterious past with the mafia catches up to him and wreaks havoc on their lives
File: 1363865067688.jpg (76KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anime Police go from show to show making sure every criteria is met. If something tries to stray from the norm they go into action e.g. making sure the childhood friend does not win, leaving bathrooms doors unlocked, and replacing the veteran mecha pilots with highschool students. Follows two veterans and a new rookie acting as the straight man
I would watch the fuck out of this.
This has already been posted but here we go

>Local high school has a girls soccer team
>All the girls on the team love the game
>The problem is, their program is being cut because there's not enough funding nor enough support
>All the girls are devastated
>A local soccer tournament in town, the winner gets $10,000
>Just enough to fund the team again
>It's male only though
>The girls team dresses up like men so they can play in the tournament and save their team
>The main girl starts to fall in love with a boy on the opposing team, making it hard to play
>She must choose between her love and her team, all while hiding her true identity
>Drama ensues
Picture Evangelion's ending, backwards: A high school slice of life anime starring a young MC surrounded by a standard troupe of cookie-cutter friends that slavishly follows every slice of life/harem cliche devolves into psychological introspection and an exploration of the MC's solipsistic escapism in a work of fiction. As the series progresses, the fictional world becomes darker and emptier as it reflects his state of mind.
Our MC enters his room and turns on the light. He is "Hibakusha," one who survived the American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is early in the morning. We see him as he putters around his small apartment. Much of his face is covered by the grey hoodie (hood up, straps pulled tightly.) Only his flashing green eyes are visible at a glance.

We see him, on his knees, rearranging his bookshelf. On the floor beside him, neatly stacked, is Lermontov's "A Hero of Our Time," Borges' "Book of Sand," and Joyce's "Ulysses." (These are in English, a language he has presumably learned.) In the back of his tiny apartment, we can see the cheerful black-and-white photo of a small child, and a similarly old photo of a smiling woman. Candles surround them. He prays there as the sun finally appears and reflects off the glass frame.

Cut to a normal sunrise over Tokyo. Shots of people milling around downtown, people waking up and stretching outside in the suburbs, people working out on rooftops, dogs running around, etc. Steady shot of entire city sprawl, skyline, little red and white dots milling around the city, with the sun silhouetting it's skyscrapers.

Ten seconds into the shot, missiles descend out of the sky and slowly fall onto the city. Muted "brOOM" sounds can be heard from the distance the camera is at, and yellow-white puffs engulf much of the skyline.

Screen goes black; in big block white letters: "The Writers Gather!"

The text disappears into blackness.
I prefer the original description, the one with venetian doors and shit.
/tg/ here

/a/ might appreciate a plot based on a tabletop RPG that's actually popular in Japan.

MC is a rich corporate kid living in the Mitsuhama Computer Technologies arcology in Neo-Tokyo. He leads an ordinary life for a Corporate kid. Goes to school in an upscale private academy, is already being groomed for a position in management and has everything while the common man has nothing. Despite this, or indeed because of it, the MC's life is one of loneliness and paranoia. His only real companion is Riker, his bodyguard. Riker is a western Shadowrunner (mercenary thugs who kidnap people and break things for the corporations in this grim, Cyberpunk future) turned Corporate Samurai who pledged his loyalty to MC's father.

Pretty soon, shit hits the fan. MC's Dad disappears without a trace, a team of Shadowrunners penetrates the Arcology, bursts into the MC's flat and tries to kill him. He barely escapes with Riker's help, but the MC's Hot Shounen Mom is cut down in the crossfire. Soon after, MC finds out his Dad is missing and both he and Riker are framed for Mom's murder.

It soon becomes obvious that the whole botched assassination and frame-up job is the work of one of Dad's rivals in MCT security, a Mrs. Tansho Soga.

With the help of Riker's shadow connections and a top-of-the line English Linguasoft, MC and Riker head for Seattle, assemble a team of Mercenaries with questionable backgrounds, find his Dad and get revenge on Ms. Shoga while protecting the MC's identity from people who just turn on him and cash him in for a quick payday.
Looks like a dead-end to me. How would you go about prolonging the manga when you just ended it? Does anon asspull and use his willpower to overcome this?
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