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ITT: Alpha Females. Birdy related.

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ITT: Alpha Females.

Birdy related.
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tfw all the XDCC's for Birdy S2 at haruhi is dead
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best girl.jpg
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Natsu is amazing.
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>rapes and attempts to kill her children
You should learn what alpha means.
You apparently don't
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What's wrong with her head
Why can I not enough of this?
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>Barely a bicep bulge.
Does she even lifts, anon?
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Because Ripley, Sarah Conner and Jill Valentine are pussies
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The Alpha-ist.
More than you do.
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>Best pink hair
>Best delinquent
>Best Yoyo skills
Alpha as fuck
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the best
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can't forget everyones waifu
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Dem eyes.gif
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Didn't she become fodder-tier later on?

All I can remember from the manga is that the small-dicked guy and his brother fought, and then there was something about chess.
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>Didn't she become fodder-tier later on?
Fuck no. She fought some strong ass mother fucker later on in the story and used the full potential of their family sward without the bullshit dragons eye hax.

She ends up sacrificing in the end for the worst characters[/spoilers]
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Came her just to post her <3
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kazane pimp.png
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Glad this was settled early on.
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Also Balsa
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>From beta annoying bitch to awesome as fuck alpha ruler.
It's so bullshit that there will be no more of this awesome anime.

I got to be honest I really need to sit down and power threw the WAAAAAAAAAH I WANT TO GO HOME bits
>Twelve Kingdoms
Goddamn, that was crappy. MC was a whiny bitch and the production values were shit.
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Alpha as fuck
God fucking dammit, I need help

There's this anime about a woman who goes around with a pole-spear as a sellsword, ends up taking care of some prince, who turns out to be a magical mcguffin for the spirit world or something

What anime is this

"Morojojorobo" or something
Sounds like Moribito.
When shoujo was good.
Through, but yes.
I still hate that she had to die.
It still is.
Thread posts: 51
Thread images: 35

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