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New manga scans (Nausicaa, Domu, Dominion, Patlabor, City Hunter)

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I found some Italian scans that are better than the english scans and the raws (Nausicaa, Domu and Dominion) and some of manga that still aren't scanlated (Patlabor, City Hunter), if anyone is interested in cleaning/typesetting and translate them (better than nothing) this is the MEGA folder:
They're on the ftp too, in Manga/Non-English.

Pic related is the first page of Nausicaa's Italian scans, it's not perfect but I'd say it's better than both the raws and the english scans. It's the original brown ink too.
File: Nausicaa v01p009.jpg (409KB, 700x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nausicaa v01p009.jpg
409KB, 700x1024px
This is the first page of the English scans.
The scan has higher resolution but you can also see that the art in the other side of the page
Oh, yeah, it's not mirrored either.

This is Dominion. This one is on a different league, unfortunately it's been cut on the top, by the Italian publisher I guess, I haven't checked the rest of the volume, maybe not all the pages are cut/cut as much.
That's why I said they needed "cleaning". Still better than both the raws and the existing scans.
English version.
Just bought NausicaƤ in the hardcover two book edition from Viz. Anyone know how the translation holds up (besides a few spelling mistakes I've spotted myself)?
thank god for the italian anime fanbase,
This one is on a different league of quality too but comes with issues.
The Italian publisher mirrored the panels instead of the pages. It's not systematic thing, some pages are left untouched, others have only one panel mirrored, others all panels mirrored. A real shame.
Bump for great justice.
The English scans.
I tried to mail Hox to know if he was interested and if he knew what groups might be I got no response. Yet.
If you know of a group who might be interested feel free to contact them.
Basically do what the fuck you want to do with this material, the reason why I researched this shit is because I wanted people to be able to read a better release in the first place.
Thank you very much for sharing!
I just got the two book too. It's the best english translations and truest to original that's been available. It's no use splitting hairs at this point.
File: CH117.jpg (136KB, 671x1132px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 671x1132px
You're welcome.

If I'm not mistaken this one should be the first non scanlated City Hunter chapter, 139 following the Italian pubblication, 136 following the scans, the volume is the 30th.
Anon, where exactly you got them? I tried to find a general blog or something like that with Italian scans, but end up with nothing.
Tntvillage, if you find seeds. There should be more interesting scans but I've only found these for now.
You can always try eMule.
File: Patlabor - vol4 087.jpg (142KB, 725x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Patlabor - vol4 087.jpg
142KB, 725x1024px
And this should be the first non scanlated chapter of Patlabor, 5.6 of volume 4.

City Hunter and Patlabor are classics, come on, faggots, scanlate them already.
Wait-wait-wait, it's still alive? I thought it died ages ago.
Please keep the folder and upload anything else you could leech off. Especially if you'll find original Lupin manga.
Man, it took me 10 seconds with Google to find Italian scans.

Not hard to believe, since from grandpas to 10 years old love lupin there.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 8

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