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Majikoi A-4 Crack out

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With a sprite (yeah, a sprite) of Benkei's awesomeness in Rinchuu's route, enough to forget about the disappointment I got after reading Rinchuu's route (he's licking Yamato's fingers in that scene). Homura, it was goooooooooood.

So yeah, Benkei > Homura >>>>>>>>> Rinchu. Ask away, I already wrote reviews in that not-so-good Majikoi wiki but I'm up for more questions.
>no url
Dude, go to anime-sharing or similar and you'll have plenty to choose from. I'm sure you can do it.
I still can't find that Benkei pose in the game files, Also nice to know they didn't forget about M this time
Yeah, they do mention something about him in Rinchuu's commenting he seems to oppose the Kuki and the clone thing, I think. Basically telling you "M" will appear in Yoshitsune's route.

He's also the one that initiated the whole Yamato kidnapping plot, sending that letter to the Sou family telling them Yamato is the best candidate for leader in that family when the former leader dies. I'm going to try and read again what they mention about "M" in Rinchuu's route to be sure, but as always TA screws up at the worst moments. Ugh.
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And here's Rinchuu's sudden yandere moment, which came out of nowhere and IMO was really out of character. I didn't see you showing that sprite neither Britannia. Did you do it on purpose so we would be surprised LOL?
Why wasn't there a Shishin H scene? She is 2qt, she deserved some atenttion. I was looking forward to her the most.

Also, anything about Hume and Oomura being awesome?
So apparently for what I read "M" informed a third family about Sou and Ryozanpaku fighting each other for Yamato so that they would use that chance to attack the two (I think, not 100% certain). Some guy also mentions this:


Apparently it says something "Light of Dawn" plan and cloning techniques. We may see more clones in the future, in Yoshitsune's route.
I think you probably meant Youshi if you're mentioning the Panty Lover girl. Shishin is the one with the pads. Shishin is the one with less appearances in the route, though she wasn't really an important character in that route. We do get a bath scene with Youshi but the goddamn sprite is censored for some stupid reason (Britannia already posted it IIRC).

Hume doesn't really do anything in that route, though Oomura's route is really satisfying. No serious plot in that route, but the character interaction, Homura's cuteness and romantic moments are plenty enough to leave you satisfied.
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I'm rather annoyed at myself for not being able to find these files, on top of that having to delay playing the game due to what day the patch was release on is also rather annoying.
Reposting this for people who missed it last time

Majikoi Original soundtrack:

If you're only looking for certain songs (Numbered via appearance in game bgm list):

Majikoi S + A1 - A4 soundtrack:

If you're only looking for certain songs (Numbered via appearance in game bgm list):
As always, one of the best things in the game is the music, the new additions are excellent and I sure want Minato Soft to make a release of all the new music they released for the A series. They even did remix versions of the first game's music, and they're awesome.
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> (he's licking Yamato's fingers in that scene)
Please, continue
Oh lordy me
You get to fuck adult Miyako
I was not ready for this
I meant she, but anyway, that scene is awesome, she started with one and slowly changed to others. Reason she started doing so was because she was hungry Yamato had nothing to eat to give her, he jokingly offered his fingers as they were salty because of sweat and she accepted, surprising Yamato. Too bad it was interrupted by Kosonshou, who btw joined the lazy club too as she's a typical NEET.

That's the current leader of Sou, who's supposely about to die, reason why the Sou wants to kidnap Yamato and make him the leader forcefully, since they seek a male that has good management qualities and that is good and popular with girls, something Yamato is. Ryozanpaku is also interested on that, but instead of relying to kidnapping they decide to protect him to gain his favour so he decides to join the Ryozanpaku. Needless to say that all Sou and Ryozanpaku 108 members ARE ALL FEMALE. No kidding.
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Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 6

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