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Kantai Collection / KanColle anime speculation. Rumor has it

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Kantai Collection / KanColle anime speculation.

Rumor has it there's over a dozen kanmusu left to be announced. The rest of the starters? The underwater kanmusu?

Also, what event would you say is reasonable as a cutoff date for new kanmusu? I'm going with August 2013.
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Negotiations with the Abyss will be made, Wo will be their ambassador.
>Also, what event would you say is reasonable as a cutoff date for new kanmusu? I'm going with August 2013.
My guess is that it's much later. Much of the animation is still done within a month of release, so more likely than not you'll get a ton of background cameos as late as Midway, since those are easy to CGI. There won't be any major characters from after Winter 2014, though.
Wo: 6447
Hoppou: 2565
She's catching up to Wo quite briskly.

Waiting on Amatsukaze.
*on Pixiv, should clarify.
Godness, I had no idea the raiden where that popular.
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Please no constant threads.

And the 4koma should make another thread later anyway.
I am not unhappy for Shimakaze.
Why are these threads so constant?
Not in a complaining sense, are there really so many people interested in this? Does everyone play the game?
Probably people who fap to shimakaze
Lurk more, dumbass.
>Does everyone play the game?
Not in /a/ of course.
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>Does everyone play the game?
What kind of idiot would subject himself to this awful game?
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I will post this in every thread until you love it.
Shut up namefag
Somebody who really, really likes Suzuya and Kumano dumped a shitload of doujins on the Chinese site I usually get chinese raws from.

I don't plan on translating them all, but this one's a cute one.

Something about Suzuya initially claiming that she is not the father and her using the chinese phrase "as rare as Fried Chicken" made me read her lines in a melanin-enriched accent.
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Speaking of, how does everyone here like the KumaSuzu manga?
Mediocre, but still nice to read.
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>Heaby Cruser
Thanks for your work.
Unfortunately, that's a pretty apt description of most of the official media
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I went and sunk Ooicchi, on my birthday of all days.
I didn't even like her a lot but I miss her and KTKM is gonna hate me forever ;_;
blonde iona?
Finally married her.
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I can understand the urge to advance on Red at least. Sometimes I nearly chose formation at the next node before F5.
name of girl?
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Prinz Eugen.
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Thank you based anon!
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And, finally.
Damn Germans and all their ships named after guys.
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I should've just had an angry fap to let out my frustration and then call it a day. Now I just feel empty.
On what, the event?
Also, since this is short and easy to translate, a quick dump with Koruri-ya's uniquely developmentally disabled Tone

>[Tone-Chan wants to get huge]
>By the way, Chikuma
>Yes, Onee-san, what is it?
>Why is Chikuma so big?
>Oh, that?
>To Protect Onee-san.
>...something like that.
>I don't want that kind of answer
>Tone-chan, Chikuma-chan, Good morning—
>Mogami's pretty big (height) too.
>Don't you mean she's pretty small (chest)?
>W,what are you talking about?
>Nothing nothing, don't worry about it
>I feel as if you guys were saying something rude...
>Ohhhh, you were talking about height!
>Just drink some more milk!
>Eh, me (she uses wagahai, but saying "wagahai and milk" just sounds so chou yabai) and milk...
>I can't retreat now!
>(if you're interested: It's Ashigara Milk, 100% milk and loneliness)
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kancolle - 11.jpg
2MB, 1350x1920px
I just remembered I finished trimming and uploading the second one of these.
>Pwahhh--! Super effective--!
>What's Tone-san doing--?
>This? This, this is secret traniing so I can get huge.
>So you can get huge if you drink milk?
>Mm, that's right! Chikuma said "you'll get huge if you drink milk"
>[like this]
>Eh--CHikuma-san is pretty huge-- I want to drink too—
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Why is Hiei so lovable?
>Fumizuki, Yayoi, what you guys doing, pyon?
>Drink up drink up-- Let's get huge together—
>hm?! Killing intent?!
>[Tone-san? This cold storage]
>[why is it empty--]
>Mamiya, she! Mamiya, she—
>There, there, everything is fine now!
>Onee-san really is too cute!
>Yayoi, what are you doing to Uzuki chan?
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Good genes
I want to marry Hibiki
>marry Russian used good
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Thanks for that. More Tone is always great.
Chikuma's alright too I guess.
I like it.
I'm curious about what's happening in their naval base.
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Post obsolete girls
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What do I have to give to fuck both these girls at once?
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You need money to attract a lady like Kumano and money to attract a slut like Suzuya.
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Here's what's going to happen
1. Random Idol episode
2. A lot of forced drama
3. Girl dies but comes back at the end
4. Robots appear for some reason.
Well, no one said they were going to watch it for the plot.
>The rest of the starters? The underwater kanmusu?
Keep on dreaming.
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Hiei 09.jpg
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Why aren't you posting 9?
Y-you know why
It's part of being a TTK. It being there tells you that you shouldn't make stupid mistakes that cause your beloved girls to sink.
>1. Random Idol episode
We have Naka-chang for that

>2. A lot of forced drama
Middle of season after it's revealed that they're fighting a losing battle and the Abyss are born from sunken shipgirls.

>3. Girl dies but comes back at the end
Yuudachi kai 2 happened or Fubuki saves the day.

>4. Robots appear for some reason
No idea.

I know you're joking.
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Harusame was a good girl.
Thread posts: 70
Thread images: 44

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