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Hard mode: Name a studio.

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Hard mode: Name a studio.
There have been super heroes around doing super things since the thirties. Something happened in the early nineties leading to super heroing being outlawed. Heroes didn't have to divulge their identities or anything and they could simply retire into obscurity. To deal with the ever present super villain threat, special forces teams called Alpha Teams were formed to quickly and quietly put down villains.
Flash-forward to the modern day and a young man that looks like me, with my name, is rushing to get home for Thanksgiving dinner with his family. He arrives to find his family home turned to a charnel house, his mother, stepfather, sister, and baby nephew brutally killed. Before he can even call the police, helicopters and tactical vehicles roll up. Stumbling into the basement he sees that his mom was, back in the day, the shadow kinetic heroine MidKnight and that he has inherited her powers to manipulate darkness. Donning her helmet, and throwing on his trench coat and scarf, the new MidKnight escapes into the night and behind a revenge-fueled hunt for his family's killer.
The main character is a high school boy with the ability to read minds. He's had the ability since birth and has never revealed it to anyone. It's completely automatic...if he's near someone he automatically knows everything that they are thinking.

Because of this, he comes off as a seemingly perfect person. He knows the answers to anything someone asks of him. Perfect grades and he's the most popular guy in school simply because he always knows what to say.

However, he's become depressed. He begins to resent the rest of the world because of his ability. He knows every sick, horrible thought that enters anyone else's mind. Because he knows exactly how someone will react to anything he says, human interaction feels empty. He lacks the courage to be honest with most people because he automatically latches on to what he knows they want him to do.

Eventually, however, he meets a girl. The girl is insane. She suffers from every mental condition imaginable. She's a bipolar, schizophrenic, obsessive-compulsive, paranoid-delusional nutcase. However, because of the bizarre way her brain works, he finds that he's completely unable to decipher her thoughts.

He is faced with the first person he actually feels that he can honestly interact with and eventually falls in love.

The theme of the anime will revolve around the importance of trust in relationships and being able to appreciate the difficulties that come with it.

Animated by Shaft.
Obligatory post to get this copypasta done before it escalates.
Studio: SHAFT
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Writer: Gen Urobuchi
OST Composer: Yuki Kaijura
OP/ED: Kalafina

A boy (VA: Kamiya Hiroshi) falls in love with a girl (VA: Chiwa Saito).

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

>Keit-Ai! Because, you know, they can communicate only through cell phones and it's a love story. Get it, get it?
NEET sits in his room and does drugs he gets from the internet.

Before he realizes it he's become a hikikomori.

Now he has to get out of his hiki-dom.

Rotoscoped like AnH.

ED is an old track (probably Real World) from Pere Ubu a la Jojo's
A young man fond of astronomy finds a young woman on the edge of a cliff while on his regular routine of stargazing. Worried, the protagonist travels up to the cliff and questions her place there. The woman responds with her name - she was hoping for a sign in a form of a familiar face who will find her before jumping off. Believing this woman to be suicidal - the protagonist lies to her and claims he has arrived to keep a promise concerning her.

The protagonist states he is a childhood friend from elementary school who has fallen in love with her ever since their introduction and only now has found the courage to confess to her in a desperate attempt to prevent her death. The two begin to talk about their past while the young man fabricates the fictional history between them. Thus, begins a bond between two people built on lies, truth and romance.

The young man soon embarks on hobbies, adventures and activities he would never suggest in order to uphold the fake persona he has fabricated all to ensure the young woman’s belief that someone in this place will miss her if she leaves this world. In the end, he develops romantic feelings for the young woman who was responsible for giving him the courage to pursue his dreams once more.

However, the protagonist develops a guilty conscience because of the complete trusts the woman he is in love with has for his fake persona while he was never honest to her concerning his real identity.

It’s a show targeted at NEETS.
every thread
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I'd rather it be animated by KyoAni, actually. No to slide shows and art style shifts.
In the year 2090, the societal progression of humanity has come to the halt since the introduction of virtual reality systems. Humankind now spends most of their time in virtual worlds of their own creation resulting in the decline for real human contact, economics, politics and social stability.

These turn of events motivates a dying Luddite who intends to prevent this stagnation from occurring even if it means destroying his reputation and relationships around him one by one. His method is requesting to visit a person’s virtual world for documentary purposes or hacking into their virtual systems by force.

He begins to understand that people who create their own virtual worlds are not as selfish as they seem. Meeting an orphan who creates a world where she is loved by her parents she does not know in real life, a widower who lives a simulated life with an idealistic perception of his wife and a crippled teenager who dreams of being an Olympic world athlete.

The Luddite comes to grips with his own fate and admits he has no easy solution to these peoples’ problems but truly desires a world where people must face reality instead of clinging to their past and hopeless dreams. He posts his results online through video in hopes of resonating people with the desire to let go, move on and live in a world just waiting to be explored - full of real people eager to be cherished and remembered.
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SoL (or Harem). With each girl based off an element from the periodic table.
A guy stands at a street crossing. The light says don't walk but there's no cars. He has this huge internal monologue about whether he should cross despite the don't walk sign. Finally he decides to do it when the light suddenly turns to walk.

Also, it's a two cour series.
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It's about a man with the desire to talk about anime through image reactions and creates a website based on it.
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What is it with you guys and that crowd?
They are us, or at least who a lot of us want to be.
My post was just self-insertion.

I'm a NEET. I want shows about NEETs. But not too many, that'd be awful.
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Anime about 16 years old boy living his dream becoming wizard.

Every week new episode about what he did the whole week, showing every day of the week.

Boy will be aging like in the real world. The show will air for 14 years so at the end boy will be at the age of 30.

Will he stay virgin untill 30 so he can be wizard or will some girl seduce him?

By MadHouse.
The MC, a 30 something year old man, has a happy life with his wife and daughter.
An accident, one day however, puts him into a coma.

Years later, he wakes up in the middle of the night, he's noticeably older now. Beside his hospital bed lie stacks of books. He begins to read them.

These books are the diaries of his daughter, and her stories.
While the story is narrorated from the perspective of his daughter, it is sprinkled with the father's thoughts in his hospital room.

As dawn emerges, he reaches the final book. His little daughter has now grown up, although the world he once knew has now been shattered by reality. Through out the diaries however, she alone has kept hope, both for her own future, and his. This final book, however, was abruptly cut short, with a poppy.

The story ends as the father reflects on the meanings of this, with the sun shining through his window, alone in his pristine hospital bed, in a world that's moved on.
The year is 2XXX and Mankind has discovered an astonishing reality – the existence and of the afterlife - the events leading to this conclusion are called The Confession of The Conscious. Faced with such a revelation, human society struggles to understand the dreadful reality with many who once believed in a secular materialist interpretation of their existence. This leads to a spiritual rise of faith among the people attempting to seek salvation in the afterlife.
Wars are conducted, faiths are renewed and lives are ruined as the quest to find meaning and information for the conscious life outside of death engulfs humanity’s priorities. The true test of humanity is about to begin and knowing their actions will result in judgement in the next life escalates their desire to be among the Divine.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

Personification of anime studios going to school together.
>Staff listing
Stopped reading there. As you know, that's already an anime. It's probably just that stupid cellphone idea nobody even likes.
Watch Seikon no Qwaser and you will find the PLOT and BACKSTORY interesting
Would definitely watch this.
Sounds neat.
>He posts his results online through video in hopes of resonating people with the desire to let go, move on and live in a world just waiting to be explored - full of real people eager to be cherished and remembered.
This story also seems to target neets.
>Personification of anime studios going to school together.
All my yeses. No seriously, this shit would be the shit.

Done by P.A Works
Wait it's an anime or was just actually written?
>MC's family owns a music store
>has very large knowledge about instruments in general but is lazy as shit
>his father forced him a job, to work as a technician for a famous guitarist
>it's his favorite band
>turns out she's extremely sadist and lewd, and can't maintain her equipments for shit
>ara ara bassist likes to drink right before the show
>genki drummer who love stick spinning but drop them all the time
>plenty of gear porn is required
>by Sunrise
The International Court of Justice is assigned to settle a legal dispute concerning a wealthy businessman turned politician who has established his very own Artificial Island to run his Utopian City. The crime he is accused of is illegal human cloning and invasion of privacy where the City issues mandatory DNA samples and memory scans of every known parent in the City. In the case of their death, deceased parents are replaced by clones in order to maintain stability where every child never experiences the loss of their progenitors until they reach adulthood.

The businessman is eager to prevent the tragedy he experienced where he was unwanted due to his orphan upbringing and now intends to ensure such a situation never happens by violating the Human Rights Acts against cloning to achieve such results. Questions are raised, people are horrified and cities around the world await the fate of the man who believes the greatest injustice in society is an unloved child.
Your typical moe slice of life, mixed gender cast. Hijinks ensue as in your typical SOL. Not too much reference humour.

Second cour starts and the Third World War happens, the details are irrelevant. Our cast now has to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and some don't manage to do that. All trace of lightheartedness is gone.

By Shaft.
Already did. This time the girls are literally elements rather than just using an element. Their element reflects what type of personality they will have.
This reminds me of Mr.Nobody
MC is a female psychologist at a fancy female highschool, she (and all the school staff) loses her job due to a bad advice given to a student.

Now jobless, a friend tell her about a group of 5 clients needing help to get their lives back on track.

Her patients are all females in their mid-late 20s
All is fine until she notices her patients are not ordinary women.

- A Goddess with powers such as animism and elemental control.
- A highly skilled ninja girl
- A carefree alien princess from a distant galaxy
- A too-young looking vampire girl with aristocratic behavior
- A very quite and intelligent bespectacled girl, most likely an android/artificial life form

All of them share a common trait, they fell in love with a typical human boy(not the same, a different one for each girl), but got dumped in the end because of a childhood friend.

They cannot return to the places they originally came from.

MC must help em to "move on" and make a life for themselves in this world, despite their powers and skills messing MCs everyday life
>Story takes place in a country obsessed with physical appearances and beauty
>MC appeals to the ideal type of beauty of the country and is good at academics and sports making him the "perfect guy/son"
>He dislikes the attention he receives because of jealousy from fellow guys, crazy stalker girls, and the fact that everyone ignores his horrible personality because of his good looks.
>Deep down he is jealous of those who are able to succeed without the topic of physical appearance getting in the way
>He finds out that he was a genetically engineered baby because his affluent parents wanted a perfect son and didn't want to be suspected of getting plastic surgery if they had a child naturally. After the age of 20, he stops aging because dat genetic engineering wasn't just for appearances but other stuff too. He bears a grudge against his parents
>He decides to become a plastic surgeon so he can laugh at the people who are desperate to change their looks
>As a plastic surgeon, MC is rumored to be a surgeon who can completely transform patients into "gods/goddesses" and make certain surgeries unnoticeable. He is known as a "legendary" plastic surgeon since his clinic isn't heavily advertised and mostly known by the rich and entertainment agencies
Cute girls running a bakery.
No drama, just comfy cute girls making bread.
Too much harem deconstruction
>People who come to his office are wannabe idols, rich old women, high school students, people who want a new start at life
>One of his patients is a woman who is spending most of her money on surgery despite the worries of her blind daughter
>Blind daughter tries to convince MC not to agree to her mothers' wishes. Originally he is simply interested in blind girl because she calls him "the ugliest man she has ever met". MC and blind girl become closer and because she changes MC's heart. He starts aging naturally after he accepts himself and confesses his love to blind girl.
Studio Shaft or any studio that specializes in 2deep4me
OST Composer: Whoever did Mawaru Penguindrum
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Sky Lanterns.jpg
98KB, 600x423px
What's a good studio for this? I'm thinking KyoAni.

>Virtual Sky Lantern

It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.
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There's NTR in the end.
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"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
Just how fucking long is that prologue? 6 episodes?
evangelion with lolis
Every thread.
It's alright.
It won't work.
Sounds decent.
I like the blind girl calling him ugly. That's really good.
Oh, I almost forgot. Animated by Trigger.
Beautiful, anon, absolutely beautiful.

I almost shed a tear
MC's a 20 something guy with a rich and famous family. He finally gets to move out and separate himself from his parents and the "rich person life" that he loathed. Moving into an average apartment and getting a minimum-wage job, MC manages to make a couple of friends despite being a total dork (and even then, his lack of social skills were still pretty apparent), including his very bro-tier roommate and a co-worker he used to be classmates with in high school. However, MC's struggle for a normal life suddenly goes off the rails after finding out that his recent companions are actually hired bodyguards that his parents' secretly hired without the MC's consent. After the reveal, MC forces his protectors to explain everything, and he finds out that his parents have gone to such lengths to protect their son due to a mysterious series attacks targeting him. Although an average Joe that used to rarely go outside, MC and his bodyguards do what they can to solve the mystery of who's out to get him and his family and finally rid MC of his parents' influence and the "rich guy" life, all the while forming an unexpected "real" friendship instead of the phony connections that MC's over-protective parents had cleverly set up just to protect their precious son, who is worth a lot more than he himself realizes.
On it is life.

These floating islands are all that exist. Massive continents garnering a variety of peculiarities the land has to offer. Solitary lumps of rock devoid of life. Disastrous collisions between two drifters. Different altitudes, different sizes, all to be considered as home to those who thrive in it.

This is the world which all the inhabitants have come to accept.

We follow the story of a lone isle converted into a rundown trade caravan which travels the skies. Six individuals try to get through each day in this place. An opportunistic merchant who was exiled from the guild he was in, a bitter mechanic dragged down into debt by the said merchant, a mage kicked out of the academy for practicing one too many taboos, a lazy drunkard who left the army he was once in, and the peculiar pair of a silent little girl who does nothing but read with the lumbering alchemist who treats her as if she was his daughter. Through sheer misfortune they all came together for better or for worse.

An epic journey. Epic? Not really. It's a tale of petty bickering, silly excursions, and a group of dysfunctional individuals trying to avoid trouble.
>mfw people still don't realize that was intentional
Anon, even the anime studios don't even hide the fact that their audience is full of moe fans, otakus and neets.
intentionally garbage then
A young boy is abducted by aliens. However, they turn out to all be cute girls! There's a shortage of men on their planet because of a disease, so they're taking boys from other planets home to see if they're resistant. As a result, he's to transfer into a school with a bunch of similarly abducted boys from across the galaxy. The disease has different effects on each species, and the MC has to watch his classmates succumb while wondering if he's next.
>Mahō Shōnen Death Prince

MC is pretty average and boring. He sits in the middle of the class, gets decent grade, and has couple of really good friends, including a girl who is a long time childhood friend. Unfortunately his normality is a problem because the girl he’s in love with has an obsession with trying to fix people and thus only goes after bad boys. One evening, he's sitting in his room playing some video games when an evil spirit appears and proclaims that it’s bestowing upon him dark powers such as the ability to control shadows and accelerate decay so that he can do battle with the agents of good. MC-kun isn't particularly villainous so he says thanks for nothing and decides to ignore his new found super powers and go on with his average life. A week passes by and there’s word of a couple of magical girls saving people around the city. While walking home late from school MC-kun discovers that his crush is one of the magical girls. Crazy antics and high jinx ensue as the MC decides to become a villain, without being to villainous, in order for the girl to notice him. Little does he know, but the second magical girl is his female best friend.

By Trigger
At the top floor of a condo, a disabled young man returns to his previous place of residence after hearing the news of his mother’s death. Her will offers him the condo unit, a last gift to her only child.

The disabled young man, somber to the changes in his life, wanders around the empty condo, entering the staircase room he was informed to open in her mother’s will. He finds a bookshelf storing hundreds of notebooks.

The notebooks are titled with the names of people, containing entries of their lives. Reading it out loud, he finds the staircase room changes to match the records, being able to see the memories, experience the emotions and hear the thoughts of people.

The disabled young man uses the notebooks to escape reality, only reading the entries involving his former life of an athlete. Until one day, his notebook is altered on the bookshelf, written with a new name: a former female radio host, now mute and contemplating suicide.

The disabled young man realizes she lives in the same condo and unit, in a different reality. Reading her records, the disabled young man now searches for a new purpose in life, and with the help of the notebooks, find a new dream that inspires him to leave behind his old one.

The disabled young man attempts communication with the former radio host, hoping to convince her that it is possible to choose a different road in life: one towards a meaningful future they can see without closing their eyes.
MC-kun transfers to a new school.
Is beaten by his stepfather. Mother doesn't care. After a week or so of internalizing his frustration with his drunkard stepfather he beats the crap out of a classmate. LoveInterest-chan has a thing for bad boys and thus starts trying to get into MC-kun's good graces. Although he's not really a bad boy he just has anger management problems. Anyway, they become good friends.
She plans on leaving town to do who knows what and she wants him to come with. But he doesn't want to because he needs to protect his younger brother from his asshole parents.
It's LoveInterest-chan's birthday. She asks him to get some booze for her as a present. So he steals a bottle from his stepdad. They both get somewhat drunk when stepdad shows up in a drunken rage. Cue fight, MC knocks him out.
'oh shit is he dead?'
Girl has a sudden burst of intuition and uses this to get him to run away with her. She checks stepdads pulse
'he's dead,'
So now they're on the run. The police are looking for him, not because he killed his stepdad, but because he's a missing person.
Cue various hijinks and junk.
It ends badly.

I don't know what studio
middle aged american otaku gains the ability to transform into a loli magical girl.

by AIC
MC is unassuming high school girl. She’s got thick eye brows, has frumpy and unkept black hair, and wears thick horn rimmed glasses. Despite her appearance, she is actually the leader of a Mahou Shoujo team. She’s in love with a boy in her class, but the boy doesn't notice her and is in love with her Mahou Shoujo persona, Rose Quartz. She reveals her secret identity to the boy in hopes that he will love her. Instead of falling in love with her he becomes her friend. Rather than being content with being friends with him she slowly becomes more and more of a yandere, misinterpreting his friendship and admiration for her powers as love. She uses her powers to interfere in his life and threaten girls that show interest in the boy. By the end of the season, she has become the villain of the show and it is up to her former teammates to try and fight her and protect the boy she obsesses over.

Animated by Kyoani
A show about yuri loli magical girls finding the true meaning of love while fighting tentacle aliens.
Why not, I'll try pulling something out of my ass

>middle school harem anime
>everyone is socially awkward / just started puberty
>embarrassment right and left, blushing over stupid misunderstands, the usual stuff
>middle flies by as we watch the characters develop, bond, and grow up
>enter high school
>less awkward now
>last year before graduation, MC finally picks a girl then finds out it was actually a boy the whole time

Madhouse because they excel at making things gay
gay harem
I post this one every time. I'd like some help developing it more
Hyped as Studio GAINAX's return to glory.

Sora o mite (Watch the Skies) is a slice of life love story centering on the every day life of Hayato Kurosawa, a beta ass teenager working at the local spaghetti factory. He's apathetic of his small home town because it's so behind on times according to him, and it doesn't help that his dad is overly Bushido Code. Hayato goes to school, where's infatuated with Nanami Katsuragi, the prep who dreams of becoming a scientist, but he must overcome his very own harem! It doesn't help that he works at a spaghetti factory, and he keeps spilling it around her!
Meanwhile, he and his wacky associates must deal with a looming threat of war, something they're not accustomed to. Hayato frequently dreams of a new life where's he's top dog and these are core to the story.

>anime about a serial killer
>he kills his victims by snapping their necks
>plot and key visuals by Dowman Sayman
By the end of the OVA series, Hayato decides to be a man. He quits his job at the factory and throws away his fanny pack and asks Nanami if she'd like to go to the big city with him to watch the skies together. She agrees because all grills in a haram want the D. They climb to the top of a big tower in the city and they watch. Nanami notices a flickering object in the sky. She points at it, "What is that?"
Hayato says, "I-I don't know..."
They grasp each other's hands tightly and get close as they watch the object. Pan out to reveal a newspaper that reads "HIROSHIMA TIMES", date 8/6/1945
Then a white glow ans a soft hum envelops the entire screen. The End.

File: arararyagi.gif (930KB, 448x252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
930KB, 448x252px
10/10 would watch
An American girl moves to Japan because of her weeaboo parents want to give her an ideal school life like in their animes. However, she's shy, not all that smart or athletic, and doesn't know a word of Japanese. She's bullied by the rest of the students, failing all her classes because she can't understand anything, and comes home crying every day. The entire show is a cute moeblob who doesn't speak Japanese getting bullied. In the last episode, just after the credits, she opens the door to the classroom, a smile on her face, with her carrying something. She says one thing in basic entry level Japanese, the first line she's ever said not in English right before the screen cuts to red.
Actually, I'm from Nevada.
By Gainax
What was she carrying?
McDonald's big mac.
I thought she was bringing a gun to class and started to unload on her classmates.
A knife.
This guy can create faceless clones of himself to do his dirty work for him, but he has to use another person's life force to do so. If they aren't returned to the owner within a day or the clone gets destroyed, the person remains a lifeless husk.
A yurifag tries to hook up all the girls in his class with each other, by faking love letters asking both of them to meet in the same place, setting up situations from classic yuri series, and so forth. Basically yuri danshi with a more proactive protagonist.
Ostap Bender and Holo having adventures together
Oh boy

so hundreds of years ago this island was split into three different factions, red, blue and green based around three royal bloodlines. Each of the bloodlines wanted to take the island for themselves so they waged war on each other.

Red won and every two decades or so green and blue tried to take the throne but never succeeded. Eventually the majority of people said "hey this red guy isn't so bad, if he continues to not be a dick we will stop trying to kill him"

Fast forward a couple hundred years into modern day and one of red's descendants starts being a tyrannical dick. Blue and Green royals decide the only way to beat him is to team up and they win. Blue shows mercy and let's Red live. Red kills green when their guards are down and blue then retaliates and kills red. Blue is called a traitor and blamed for killing green so he could take the title for himself and now everyone is pissed.

Blue goes into hiding and takes his daughter with him, leaving his delinquent son and wife by themselves. Blue and his wife birthed their children with the intention of them being killing machines due to their genes, but the son just wanted to live a normal life

Now shits going down because green and red are prepping for war and blue doesn't have a leader but the son ie MC-kun figures out he loves fighting because he's good and it and contemplates leading the blue faction before red and green fuck shit up
Masked mercenary MC is tasked with the job of stealing a mysterious necklace from a highschool girl. After stealing it he is ordered, but refuses to kill her because she reminds him of his dead imouto. He takes the disguise as her long lost cousin in order to protect her from other organisations who are after the necklace. MC has to infiltrate and adjust to high school life while he figures out what exactly makes the necklace and the girl so special.
>that feel when you are legitimately the only guy on /a/ who's ever mentioned Ostap Bender
A shota goes on adventures with his gay lover while in search of his father.
studio Madhouse
A young boy is forced to dress as a girl to infiltrate an all girls school to uncover a plot by feminists to overthrow the patriarchy and put all males in prison camps. However, there's really no conspiracy and the MC's attempts to get in with the inner circle have just made the rest of the school think "she" is the crazy feminist.
This sounds like a Butters episode of South Park.
MC (could be either gender) unintentionally saves the life of a ruthless assassin. I'm talking full on edgemaster mode. Wears a stylized mask, a dark cloak, wide brimmed hat, packs cases of weapons wherever he goes, speaks with a grating Batman voice with metaphors, and refers to himself in the third person. Probably goes by some over-the-top badass code name too.

Because they're so fucking hardcore, the assassin is now sworn to protect MC's life until they can pay back the debt. The guy the MC protected the killer from is actually a high ranking member of some super mafia, and think MC is the one who actually killed their comrade, so they start sending more people after his/her life.

Assassin dude has plenty of chances to pay back his debt, but at the last moment something always pops up to steal his kill (such as a truck coming out of nowhere and hitting the target instead), or MC manages to save his life in return right away, thereby never allowing him to fully repay his debt.

MC has to deal with the living a normal life while a killers stalk their every move, and Assassin-kun has to deal with the frustration of constantly getting cockblocked out of paying back a life debt.
A boy in an all boys school goes to class, only to find there's a transfer student. he's shocked to find out this student is a pretty girl. However, when he says somehting, all the other students say he's crazy, that the new student is obviously a boy. The MC insists it's a girl, saying that she's even wearing a girl's uniform. Everyone tells him he's crazy. The MC then resolved to discover the truth of this mysterious student.
an anti-social girl struggling with her grades in school stumbles upon a secret society of seemingly innocent looking boys. But she soon discovers that they're all plotting a militaristic takeover of their school using military force and plan on turning it into a strong willed republic of soldiers. At first being taken prisoner, she's soon released when the group begs her to help them with their plans since they're huge screw ups. She agrees, and soon finds herself as the new leader for the largest military operation in the world. But as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

>name a studio
A boy is walking home from school, when all of a sudden he's attacked by a monster. He barely manages to dodge its attacks when the monster is blasted by a magical girl. However, in a last ditch move before dying, the monster blasts both the boy and magical girl, causing them to switch bodies. The two of them team up to find a way back to their own bodies.
Basically, all the kids die. This is not obscured in the beginning, you get to see in the first episode the Japanese rescue services climbing up a snowy mountain and finding the huddled bodies of frozen mountain climbers... who happen to be high schoolers and one teacher. The first episode basically goes over the standard procedures of the rescue services of Japan as they begin to take the bodies down the mountains.

Now for the series proper in episode 2 to 11

A bunch of high school students decide to create an amateur mountaineering club. You get to see them train, prepare for mountain safety and all the fun plans to make sure they succeed in their first mountain climb.

You have the main character, a bit of a slacker who gets roped into the newly formed club by his best friend.
Best friend is all excited to join the mountaineering club to bro it up with other people and his friend. There's the love interest girl with perpetually messy hair who transferred from Hokkaido. The hardcore brother and sister mountain climbing team (hint, they die first). And of course, their teacher who is their advisor and an overall cool old guy.

Shenanigans ensues for the first 3 episodes of the flashback. The hardcore mountain duo try to emphasize to their fellow club members the importance of safety and other survival techniques in their own very wacky and overly sincere manner. Cool old guy gives awesome advice in life in general. Slacker dude attempts to woo love interest but fails repeatedly. Best friend guy pranks the hell out of everyone. Basically, we're trying to build our doomed group as a lovable bunch who you will root for.

Then the next four episodes will be dedicated the disastrous climb. First it's seems pretty normal and safe but then bad weather hits. The tale becomes a harrowing story of survival against the elements as our group begins to become whittled down by exhaustion, injuries and traumatic deaths of the most experienced members of their group. (I'm thinking hardcore mountaineering sister fails to save her brother, and thus dies from literally falling from a cliff face)

The final episodes take focus away from the kids and onto the rescue services springing to action to find the kids. You get to see the lead up to what they discover in episode 1.

Animated by Kyoto Animation studio for all those gorgeous mountain vista shots
Was expecting the Incredibles at first, but then it took a darker turn. Still a cool idea.
Sounds kind of similar to the basis of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill's relationship in the Southern Vampire Mysteries books. That series had promise when it started, so I'd be willing to roll with this.
I like it
Sounds pretty cool
I think I've read this one before, but it's still a pretty neat idea.
I'd watch it for the sadist
I love it
BD release only anime that is packaged with LSD tabs, slice of life anime, except all the characters are giant spiders.
A SoL anime starring Yamakan as he saves the anime industry.
You die and come back to life as total NEET.
You were used to be a salary man with normal family(wife+daughter) and promising career.

Anyway, you come back as college dropout that sell online doujin for a living and "not-fit" physic. The anime will have a lot of parody about those popular tensei shit which is popular. You will gain skills* , level up, transformation* and comrades that want/do not want to change their lifestyle. This will be mainly comedy and making fun of the current popular LN topic.

Later on there will be a serious topic where the guy comparing the salary of animator and salaryman. Basically a hard truth between reality and living a dream**.

*Your death was a hit and run by Itasha while you were drunk from usual after office happy hour.
Skills would be social skill that you "lost" after tensei and slowly building connection, money management, good eating habit, cooking and normal daily shit.
Transformation is just fashion transformation and physical.

**Depend on popularity, the story might be where he become responsible "adult" and choose salary to pay for the bill and his marriage or he follows the dream, went through hardship but still have the skills from drawing lewd online yadayadaydadyadya somehow made it to production house
oh yeah it will be studio DEEN with its neck wrangling budget
A harem where all the girls are yanderes and yangires and they kill each other off over the course of the series to try and make sure that they get to be with the MC.
Nevada-chan desuka
watch with the edge
sounds like it would be worth a laugh or two
Don't worry, I'm sure a meek, unathletic bullied girl won't be able to do much damage.
A pantomime comedy about the daily misadventures of a dimwitted, sociopathic, and downright childish cyborg. He inhabits a world with humans, androids, and other cyborgs who resemble bastardized versions of famous robots and mecha. Something as simple as not receiving any mail results in an elaborate scheme to infiltrate the postal service to find his "stolen" mail, killing several postal workers and ironically stealing other people's mail along the way.
This could be amazing.
Au-chan is a spoiled rich girl, Pb-chan is batshit insane from lead poisoning, noble gasses could be student council, etc.
I always thought that episodes 3 and 6 were the best episodes of Mirai Nikki, so based on that, an SoL romantic comedy about a guy and his yandere stalker/girlfriend.
A hacker must use a computer that killed his parents to save the world

by studio khara
A shipperfag finds out his OTP loses at the end of the manga he's following. He's outraged and starts a campaign of harassment against the mangaka. However, he's absolutely terrible at it, so his attempts to harass always come off as harmless pranks, or end up saving the day against competent harassers.
A-And all of them voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro?
The MC is a man is sick of life. Recently his things have been disappearing or getting moved. Someone jokes that maybe it's a ghost.

In actuality, a ghost girl has a crush on MC and has been moving his things to get his attention. She reveals herself to him and she won't leave him alone afterwards. She's stuck on Earth so MC decides to help her move on and do the things she's wanted but couldn't do while she was alive, so she'll go away.

Meanwhile, we learn why she likes MC; she was initially drawn to him when she saw him one day, kick a wall and break down in tears. She thinks they're the same kind of people; "worthless", betrayed, and hurt by countless others. Like her, MC has entertained thoughts of committing suicide. She actually died in an accident, however, and that's when she realized she still wanted to live.

As their relationship progresses and MC warms up to her (and begins to change as a person), she slowly starts to fade away.

Around the end, she begs MC not to do anything drastic when she's gone. She wants him to live the full life she never got the chance to.

In the end, we find out that her greatest desire was to be truly loved, something she never experienced while she was alive. She thanks MC for a lifetime's worth of happiness and he thanks her for saving his life. He says he loves her, she says she loves him, he leans in for a kiss and she disappears.

Timeskip; MC is walking and comes across a lone girl sobbing her eyes out. He approaches her.
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Ebola-chan anime when?
>already an anime
Except it's totally not. It's a fanfic, though. And an original fic.
>intentional trash
File: 1411659893164.jpg (121KB, 840x884px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ebola-chan in my immune system when
Moot is played by Sigourney Weaver.
File: 1411523779646.jpg (164KB, 905x679px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 905x679px
Ctulhu mythos detectives, animated by SHAFT.
MC has been commissioned by his childhood friend to try out her new combat power-suit powered by <3 love. Or rather, the motion of neutral emotion to the "love" emotion. To test her "KyunPowahHeart Engine" she's forced him into the suit to try it out.

"But wait, I have to feel love to power the suit, right? I don't really have anything that I could..."

"If you don't have anyone, m-maybe I would d-"

"Hell no"

"I thought you'd say that, so I've hired some thugs to attack that girl from 2-E, the one you like, with the cute pigtails."


"She should be getting out of her club right about now, if you hurry you can catch them before they beat her too bad, haha"

And so with that, our hero hurries to the scene and with the power of love...He's promptly beat down. The power of love sure turned out to be weak. But...

(I hate this, Ohh, I hate this. Why have I been forced into this...Why does she have to be involved. I really hate it.)

And through this the suit is revitalized. But how!?

[Childhood friend] "Let me explain! This is different than what I expected, but a good finding nonetheless"

"As it's known, the opposite of love isn't hate, but indifference. So the scale of love looks like this."


"Hating someone means you like them the least, and the energy used to jump from indifference to love is what powers the suit. But...This is wrong. The scale must actually look like this!"


"Liking someone is hating them the least. And so, MC-kun's hate of the situation has given me the outcome I was searching for from the beginning. Stay tuned!"

And so MC's new powered up self takes out the baddies and rescues the girl.

Ah...I'm out of time. I'll continue later if anyones interested.
File: 1368561263999.png (150KB, 863x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 863x674px

Can't you get more creative with the staff you're picking?
Below it is the bottomless black void none have ever escaped once it has swallowed them whole.
Above it is the great beyond none have ever reached.
On it is life.

These floating islands are all that exist. Massive continents garnering a variety of peculiarities the land has to offer. Solitary lumps of rock devoid of life. Disastrous collisions between two drifters. Different altitudes, different sizes, all to be considered as home to those who thrive in it.

This is the world which all the inhabitants have come to accept.

We follow the story of a lone isle converted into a rundown trade caravan which travels the skies. Six individuals try to get through each day in this place. An opportunistic merchant who was exiled from the guild he was in, a bitter mechanic dragged down into debt by the said merchant, a mage kicked out of the academy for practicing one too many taboos, a lazy drunkard who left the army he was once in, and the peculiar pair of a silent little girl who does nothing but read with the lumbering alchemist who treats her as if she was his daughter. Through sheer misfortune they all came together for better or for worse.

An epic journey. Epic? Not really. It's a tale of petty bickering, silly excursions, and a group of dysfunctional individuals trying to avoid trouble.
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I agree. We need more Sunrise in our life.
The one that keeps getting posted with the Harem MC already having a harem and the rest of the school's dudes are fucking bros that are working as a cohesive unit lead by Glasses-Best-Friend-kun to influence the situation every time typical harem bullshit comes up and the main girl ends up as their inside man while she tries to figure out her own feelings regarding MC-kun. Waifu Wars and shit.

I think Shaft might be good. Maybe Sunrise for a more Nichibros feel.
actually written
Sunrise is good.
IG is good but their shows tend to have dark bias color theme.
Don't choose Madhouse if you want season 2.
JC Staff, Gainax and Deen are shit.
>no vintage Gainax
Shit chart, bro.
Studio: Kyoani
Director: The one who did K-On
OST and OP/ED songs: Patrik "RAMPKORV" Weibull

Linus Torvalds is a computer programmer working for a government project. Everyone admires him for his superhuman programming abilities. Then one day he discovers that he's been working on a project that aims to use alien DNA to make an army of human/alien hybrid soldiers. Because he knows too much, he's framed with false rape charges and put in prison, where he meets bass player Victor Wooten (imprisoned for his freedom-promoting lyrics) and Deven Gallo (ex-airman first class of the US Air Force, he's a member of an underground resistance movement which aims to stop the government plans).

The three of them break out of prison, Linus and Victor join the underground resistance movement.
Have you ever watched Sora No Woto?
Not exactly the same, but close enough.
Competitive Gaming Club.

MC is a young girl that just started high school. She is anxious to meet new friends, but on her first day something goes horribly and everyone in her class starts avoiding her. Her best friend goes to the same school but different class. The best friend in question is an aspiring e-sports caster and tries to cheer MC up by having her join the Competitive Gaming Club and co-cast with her.

When the two of them enter the club room, they are immediately greeted by a club member, who challenges them to a 1v1 match. The MC plays the game for the first time, and the club member expects an easy win and tries to execute a Zerg rush. But to her surprise, MC is incredibly talented and thanks to her amazing 750+ APM, she manages to fend off the rush and win the match!

MC soon becomes the star of the Competitive Gaming Club, and despite being reluctant at first, warms up to the club activities.

Important characters would be MC, her best friend the aspiring caster, the hotblooded Zerg player who wants revenge on the MC and to regain her position as the best player in the club and serves as the rival, an Ojou-sama, Protoss player, that does not care about competitive gaming but instead wants to become the number one streamer in all of Japan and spends all her time trying to improve her stream and getting more viewers to her channel, a kuudere character that plays Terran and goes mech every single game, and the computer class teacher who serves as the club advisor and looks down on the game they play but has a dark secret - in her youth, she was the legendary Japanese Brood War champion!

MC, of course, plays Random.

Made by KyoAni.
I think the Nichibros feel might be better.

Which fits, because every time I see that idea I think "there's no way that would get an S2 and it would suck".
I don't understand the appeal. Why did this become popular pasta?
Captcha: awaiting ndying
MC is the embarrassing NEET son of the president of a big company that deals in creating soldiers by having them form pacts with demons. Because he is such an embarrassment to everyone, he's forced by his father to become a soldier himself and to go to war. He'll either find glory on the battlefield or get killed, either way would be fine. Will he overcome his NEETness? Can he become a respectable warrior? Can love bloom on the battlefield? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball NEET!
The ending for the Dying Luddite results in him in a run down hospital not ready to die because he wants more time to connect with people. He ends up almost sobbing until his tears of regret end up being tears of joy as the people he met in the virtual worlds visits him for the last time. He dies smiling knowing he didn't die alone.
Monsters exist, and are considered a menace. MC is an wannabe adventurer in some fictional world and sheit.
He has been reading stories about legendary creatures his whole life: phoenix, kraken, minotaur you know all that crap.

Well, his mother died three years ago and he has been trying to support himself all that time,
but he's now poor and is kicked out of his house by the landlord who is an asshole.

When his childhood friend, the blacksmith's daughter goes to offer him room at her place, he finds out he's long gone. She cries her eyes out.

Yes, he has set out on a journey to find these creatures from the stories he heard as a kid, only carrying a dagger and guts.

In a forest not too far from The Walls, he finds an injured tomboyish elf. He treats her wounds and gives her the little food he has.
She starts following hom with the excuse "I'm going the same way!".

First stop: a small village near East Port, where a legendary sea monster was seen 100 years ago.

I'll write a novel about it, don't steal it.
>vintage Gainax
How do you know that's not vintage Gainax? it's not as if Gainax ever changed it logo or anything.
Douchey ladykiller playboy type knocks an otaku over in the street
It is the otaku's 30th birthday
Otaku ascends to wizardhood and casts spell on ladykiller
The ladykiller wakes up the next morning to find that he is compelled by some ethereal force to act the part of a generic harem romcom MC, both personally and also through plot contrivances in the world around him
He is however consciously aware of these things happening and has some small control over himself, but it comes in the form of fighting impulse and being aware of cliches before they happen
To combat this he seeks the help of otaku to teach him the ways of a generic harem MC
The only way for him to break the curse is to get to the end of the plot, and win the harem
By the end he succeeds but realizes that he has become the MC archetype and doesn't know how to go back to being the suave lady killer he once was

Every ED would detail the day to day life of the wizard still being an otaku, just sitting in him room at the computer, buying food from the local convenience store, going to akiba, watching anime. In the ED of the final episode the wizard is still alone in his room.
Main character finds the Seal of Solomon and becomes irresitiable to a harem of demons and attracts attention from the Devil HERSELF.
Angels slowly become unable to resist his charm and our main character finds himself going on multiple adventures through time and experiences historical events while he sees hidden context from the demons or angels who influence said events.
It ends with God and Satan fighting over who gets the MC.
This sounds somewhat like that Bruce Willis movie Surrogates.
I hate harem but would still watch this.
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98KB, 600x800px
>OP/ED by Kalafina
Yeah, this one.

>A womanizing senior high school student finds himself dreaming of a life where he is a female version of himself in another universe
>He envisions how similar in personality he is to his female counterpart but the standards for men don't apply for women and is labeled as a easy girl with easy feelings for his counterpart's flirty behavior.
>He begins to understand the emotions of women and grows ups letting go of his womanizing ways to be more sensitive to people's feelings especially concerning romance.
Which studio animates it, though?
It's already been made, though.
isn't this just eremental gerard?
MC is studying in a school where everyone is required to join a club. As he goes around looking for clubs, he enters the room for the boxing club. What he sees surprises him, his childhood friend, sparring with some cute girl from their class. His friend forces him to join, even without him competing as all he'll do is to stay in the corner. But what the girls don't know is the MC's biggest secret: He was heavily turned on by the fight because of his ryona fetish
Studio: XEBEC
Production I.G. or Sunrise.
The year is 2XXX and Mankind has discovered an astonishing reality – the existence of the afterlife - the events leading to this conclusion are called The Confession of The Conscious. Faced with such a revelation, human society struggles to understand the dreadful reality with many who once believed in a secular materialist interpretation of their existence. This leads to a spiritual rise of faith among the people attempting to seek salvation in the afterlife.
Wars are conducted, faiths are renewed and lives are ruined as the quest to find meaning and information for the conscious life outside of death engulfs humanity’s priorities. The true test of humanity is about to begin and knowing their actions will result in judgement in the next life escalates their desire to be among the Divine.
Kids transform into Bionicles and fight stuff.

Studio Sunrise.
- Year 2058 - The Past
20~ year old extremely skilled mechanic engineer is involved in a accident where he loses his motor abilities. On his hospital bed, he wishes for his body to be cryopreserved until his ability to move can restored.

- Year 2182 - The Present
Japan is recovering from a nuclear war, and as a mean to enforce labor it has started a project to cybernitize skilled individuals. Our MC wakes up in a cybernetic body and is taught all basic motor skills before being deployed to an still active military outpost. There he attends to mechas and develops love-like feelings for a co-worker.

It is a slow-paced, dramatic love story between a machine and a cute girl, sprinkled with philosophical questions and occasional action scenes.

The show begins from his first day at the outpost, his past is shown as flashbacks and it is only later revealed to the audience that he is a cyborg.
Sonofabitch, I knew it was familiar.
GD/IVF is the most common form of reproduction. Parents routinely use PGD to select desirable traits for their future children such as height, eye color, personality, sexuality and freedom from even the smallest of genetic predispositions to disease.
However, not everything is as it is promised and society has entered an age where parents abandon their children after sequencing their DNA and determining the predispositions to certain unwanted traits that has shockingly occurred in their offspring’s development.
This leads to parental abandonment where the story of the setting takes place in an orphanage - a common place for children who are deemed defective. The MC is 16 years old, abandoned when he was 5 after his parents realize his hair, eye color and mostly his introverted personality conflicted with their expectations.
He travels around the city and meets up with many other people like him who are deemed defective in this perfectionist society. He develops a close friendship with a male character that is seen as the perfect son skilled at almost everything but ends killing himself due to his homosexuality. This leads the MC into a revolt and is the beginning of his quest to end the genetic treatment of humans as a product.
It's set in Sengoku Japan, features a young, pragmatic samurai (who is a walking armory), his kunoichi gal-pal, his storm princess girlfriend, and his snarky, peasant rival.

They're occasionally joined up by or receive the quest of the week from: the samurai's father or one of his allies, a heavenly dragon the ninja chick has a thing for, the samurai's eccentric warrior monk master, a magical miko who occasionally acts as the team medic and the exposition girl on mythological and magical matters, and with guest star appearances by Oda Nobunaga.

All together, they work to make their way through the crazy crazy world that is the warring states period. Hirarious Disprays all around with big adventure.
The MC of our little anime is a 30-something year old NEET who is obsessed with anime, particularly fanservice shows.

Anyway, one day he wakes up and discovers he is in a girl's body. Before he can even make sense of anything, her mother tells her she'll be late for school. (S)he is still wondering what happened when an ordinary high school boy calls out to him as if she was an old friend.

He runs to her and trips, landing on her breasts, and she angrily pushes him off. As the day progresses and she gets into even more fanservice hijinks with the boy, some that (s)he almost enjoyed, he comes to the horrific realization: he has become the tsundere childhood friend in a harem anime.

So now the NEET-turned-schoolgirl is faced with several problems: adjusting to life in a new gender, new friends, and new family; avoiding falling in love and/or getting into sexy situations with the harem MC; and figuring out what changed him in the first place.
So Gattaca the anime?
An anime about a foreigner who is kidnapped in china and sold to a powerful drug lord. The drug lord's intention for the foreigner is that they have one year to travel through Japan (from Hokkaido to Okinawa) with nothing but the clothes (and shoes) and his back. If he loses them, unless he can work he isn't getting anymore, he will have to scavenge for food etc. all this is purely for the drug lord's entertainment. it starts as nothing more than a man struggling to survive, being ostracised by the people in every small town and village he comes across and helping on farms for a place to stay and food. he eventually learns enough japanese to be comfortable and lessens the hatred aimed towards him but he still does get attacked by xenophobes. within the course of the year the drug baron (who has been keeping tabs on his progress) decides that he only has a month to get to Okinawa and get home. Will the foreigner ever get home? Will he stay in Japan and marry? All these questions would be answered.

This ladies and gents is "The Long Road Home."
So it's like a really dark version of Around the World in 80 Days?
On the way they meet up and journey with the Demon Lord who slipped away from her palace who wants to see more of the world, something he refers to as "her kingdom"
A bunch of short stories about poverty, hope and crime in a nondescript third-world country.
>Pure Wizard Warrior.
A virgin office worker is ousted by a colleague. The following night at home while mumbling the incident over and contemplating whether or not it would be worth continuing working there suddenly and unexpectedly a ball of light crashes through the main character's window followed by an earthquake with numerous tremors. The ball turns out to be a fairy who pleads the main character must make a contract with as there will soon be peril upon the Earth however the new contract has obvious rules for one thing the receiver can't so much as kiss a woman let alone have sex with one which would cause the women's power to null the contract. Agreeing to do so and going outside to inspect the situation the main character and his new fairy buddy witness thousands of other balls of light descend upon the earth. Meanwhile at the office and feeling sorry for what he did to the co-worker the colleague who ousted the main character as a virgin decides to get him laid much to our hero's pleas.

Studio Ufotable.

>Saturn's Regicide.
In a far away place in which a desolate castle resides, an old king growing old and is ever paranoid over which of his nine offspring that he fathered with his harem of nymphs plan to kill him. The nine children are all based on the planets as archetypes and all have superpowers.

Studio: Madhouse

>Untitled Spiritual Successor to Pure Wizard Warrior.
A prince of a distant world must pick a maiden from planet Earth if he wants to inherit his father's throne and obtain his boon. There are rules to the contract as he must only pick a bride who is pure of heart and a virgin. Seemingly impossible in a world that has giving into carnal lust, will our prince find his queen?

Studio: JC Staff
File: 115378911.png (20KB, 200x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Apocalypse Keeper

>A 27 year old man with brilliant golden eyes is a vessel for the apocalypse
> If he is to become unhinged and go into a blind rage he will bring about the apocalypse or if he dies of anything other than passing on due to old age.
> Due to him taking his job as the keeper of the apocalypse seriously, he never gets angry and rarely even gets agitated.
> However, this ends up making him exceptionally likable and bringing a lot of attention to himself including several groups that would love to watch the world fall into ruin.
> These groups would just outright murder him except that bearing the apocalypse has also given him exceptional powers(tbd) that make him far more durable and dangerous than a normal human being.
> Instead, these groups target anybody and everybody that he cares about.
> Friends and family members are taken by these groups which then torture and kill them in flashy, public executions. These victims include his parents, his best friend, his older brother and sister.
> He learns after going off to try and save his parents that they’re baiting him to get to his wife and child, the true keys to making him lose it, after he barely managing to rescue them in time.
> This does severe damage to his mental well being and he becomes increasingly torn between his duty to save the world and his desire to save those most dear to him.
> Eventually, the only two loved ones he has are his wife, Charlotte, and his 3 year old daughter, (insert name here).
> After an extended planning period, that includes several individuals with their own powers, these groups converge on him and his family in an all-out offensive hoping to claim at least one of his two remaining family members and maybe even the keeper himself.
> As powerful as he is, the keeper can’t fend off every attack from these new foes and his wife is killed.

1/2 or 3
This guy and his superintelligent pet llama travels between different universes by using the P.L.O.T. Device Remote. Every episode covers their search in a different universe, with some plotlines even staying in the same universe for multiple episodes.

The overarching story is that Mr. Main Character is travelling these universes in search of his former lab partner, Dr. Antagonist, who caused some serious business back in their original universe. Either killed some people, or just up and blew it up, I 'unno.
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>>117093508>The fighting stops for just a moment as he holds his wife ans watches her breathe her last, lamenting how his power is only good for destruction rather than healing.
>Witnessing the death of his wife finally makes him snap and for a moment the entire world seems to stop and hold it’s breath for what comes next.
>He transforms into a devil-esqe giant several stories tall and slaughters every for with a carefree flick of the wrist.
> The sky turns blood red and fire begins to rain from the sky. Tornados begin to touch down in major cities across the globe and massive tsunamis begin to hammer every shore.
>All hope seems lost
> Destruction is the only thing occupying the keeper’s mind until a stray thought gets through to him.
>Mah daughteru
> He hears his daughter screaming and crying out for her father.
>He manages to contain the apocalypse once more, but not without cost.
>He returns to normal, but it's shown that his body is revealed to have aged 70 years.
> He quickly realizes he is not long for this world and becomes filled with relief and at the same time a tremendous sadness that he won’t be able to watch his daughter grow up.
> In order to spare her the heartbreak that has come with being the child of the keeper, he takes her to a remote orphanage in Brazil(?) to be raised away from those that would wish her harm.
> As he walks through the city by night holding her, he talks about how from now on everything will be alright and how the world is going to have a tomorrow that she’ll be a part of. As he speaks to her, she begins to doze off.
> He reaches the orphanage and is greeted by a young 18 year old caretaker. He tells her to watch over this girl and make sure she gets the love that he can’t give her.
> The caretaker initially refuses, stating that they don’t have the resources for another child, but once he makes direct eye contact with her and reveals his brilliant golden eyes she says she’ll find a way to keep her there.
File: Deus et Machina.png (84KB, 814x986px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Deus et Machina.png
84KB, 814x986px
Dug around the archives for something. I wonder where the writer is.

As for the studio, you already know.
File: 109768245.gif (1MB, 336x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 336x312px
>The keeper lays his sleeping daughter in a bed and tucks her in. He then tells her he loves her and kisses her gently on the forehead, destroying her memories of him, her mother, and the rest of her family.
> The keeper makes his way to a secluded, remote location to live out his final moments without fearing for his daughter’s well-being.
> The keeper finally passes on without bringing about the apocalypse.

And that's part 1; I know its shit, but I tried. I'm kinda working on a part 2 but I'm not sure where I'll go with it
- Setting: A megacity which had fallen on hard time since the old industry crashed but got a major economic boom after companies working on super science products settled in. Massive rift between rich, poor and the middle class causes a lot of crime. Super science experiments resulted in a lot of high tech or super powers falling into hands of criminals. However 4 major heros keep the super crime in check.
- Plot: Four street level super villians plan a great heist, after hearing a major villian is trying to bring down all heros. They think since the heros are distracted beating him, they can deal with the banks.
However after major accidents, plots against another going wrong, the city being swarmed by cybernetic minions of the villians and the heros actualy having trouble, the rogues get pulled into the fight what ever they like to or not.
- Characters:
1. Greyback. Was once a common mugger. Got the chance to get out of prison early by participating in a super soldier experiment. Got screwed over the government. So he broke out of prison and has been a super rogue for the last 50 years (he is still in top form despite his aged appearance). Lives by the "code".
2. Shrike. Former university student. Almost majored in nano-engineering before it was found out she cheated her way through the whole thing. Got kicked out and stumbled upon a forgotten super villain lair. Stole the flightsuit she found there and has started a career as rogue. Her suit is mainly based on Vulture from Spiderman.
3. Dragoon and Wyrm. Wyrm was a highly developed military AI inside a winged snake type dragon shaped drone chassis. When Dragoon tried to steal it, to use it for illegal roboter fights, Wyrm formed a partnership with him to gain freedom.
4. Crushing Venus. Rich girl who became a criminal out of boredom. Her parents are actualy secretly supporting her to keep their own legal wrongdoings hidden. Wears a skintight nano fibre suit which gives her super strength and agility.
You have my interest
In the distant future, humans live alongside three other races: the Deva female-dominated oni, Undus tech savant mole people, and Sanguile life stealing economic jews. A cataclysmic event centuries ago gave people the ability to become Espers, individuals with incredible supernatural abilities.

MC is a delinquent, and the only Deva in her small seaside kingdom. Because of the stigma surrounding her race, she's often faced with scrutiny by the people around her.

Her best and only friend is next in line for the throne and ends up kidnapped after a successful coup d'état by the king's assistant. MC sets off to rescue her, and along the way uncovers grim secrets about herself, her people, and what's really going on in their formerly quiet kingdom and the world around them.
A man at the age of 28 travels across the world in search of his wife who was kidnapped by bandits from their mountain home. The young man wears a burlap sack on his head and carries around a huge ass club, his clothes are worn and tattered. He eventually meets a girl at the young age of 16 whom she eventually falls in love with him and follows him on his journey, though she never see's his face.

His wife is also a literal cat and dies as the bandits use her for food in the 20th episode.

After sackman learns of his wife's death he decides to travel the world with the young girl, never removing the sack that covers his face.
There would be 28 episodes in all.
An adaptation from a dark seinen manga.
Studio Madhouse and op/ed by VAP bands (Fear and loathing in las vegas, Galneryus, Last alliance, Fear and loathing in las vegas...)
BTTF with loli's
>mad scientist builds quantum flux capacitor in one of those red school girl backpacks
>builds a pair of high-powered electric skates (think Airgear skates)
>btw the scientist is voiced by MADDO SAINTISTO HOUOUIN KYOUMA!
>straps it on his next door girl
>activates it because he wants a limited edition famicom
>loli ends up in the 1980's and accidentally prevents her parents from meeting
>has to make her dad pilot a giant robot AND make him go to a prom
>sequels have her in other time periods with everything resembling the era she goes to (IE 1970's look like Lupin III while the 2010's look like a kyo-ani show)
Experimental weird shit.
Studio Shaft.
OP/ED by Yakushimaru Etsuko
Crime syndicates around the world personified as cute girls.

Yakuza, Mafiya, Triads, Cartels, Mafia, Mob etc...

Animated by whoever animated Hetalia.
Bishounen, it begins with a guy crushing on a Girl online, they begin a loving relationship,
until he adds a boy from 4chan.
The boy is gay. Slowly the two break apart, and fights develop.. it turns out the boy seduces the guy, it turns cm, semi-misogynist-r9k-ey.
Finally he accepted his gayness.
File: 1401463286600.jpg (260KB, 1279x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260KB, 1279x720px
A love triangle between a typical MC, typical tsundere pretty girl and a typical Genki girl. But in the end, the genki girl wins.

Made by Studio DEEN.
An impossibly young and attractive caucasian arms dealer goes around the world selling weapons to various countries or groups. After taking in a similarly precocious child soldier from an unnamed country as her personal bodyguard, she sets into motion a plan to force the world to become peaceful, while the CIA tries to use her for their own ends.
I can't tell if this is ironic or serious
>Mechs piloting giant people
It's genius.

Made by old Gainax or new Studio Khara.
File: 1368332964319.jpg (65KB, 652x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 652x720px
The shounen lead isn't some blithering self-insert nobody who masturbates over Chinese cartoon characters. He gets passing grades at school, he's useful, and nearly everyone likes him because of that.

The women he meet aren't self-entitles BITCHES nor over-powered fap material.

Considering how 90% of animu is STILL SHIT nowadays, it'll be difficult trying to create a sellable title without bringing said shounen(s) down to punchingbag pansy-ass self-insert level.
MC thinks he got dumped and asks to a shooting star for he to get better luck with all the girls, on the next day however he learns that the girl hadn't dumped him at all, however due to his wish the MC now have a group of near-yandere girls after him so his new girlfriend has to defeat them all in a series of wacky adventures.

Its basically a "megaman" with cliche girls instead, girlfriend has to defeat persons like the delinquent, the class rep, the foreigner student and etc.

On the last episode, after defeating the last boss, a yaoi-bait bishonen, and depriving MC of most of his friends and family, the girl starts to realize she was the yandere all along.
Now I know this is copypasta.
female MC is trying to lead her husband's post apoc nation while he's off at war against the demons. MC has to deal with all the people left in power because they all want to usurp her, kill her, rape her. Is actually genuinely competent, her issue is spite. She'll follow the law and execute several people even though she knows she needs them to keep everything running. Her position would be much less stable if not for her brother-in-law, the Bastard Demon. Bastard as he's called is Deadpool levels of insane, and wants in MC's pants like nobodies' business but can't for as long as his brother is alive. Also, he ate the heart of a fallen demon and absorbed it's powers and insanities. The citizens believe him to be some mix of bogey man, normal crazy guy, non-existant, and Satan himself, so he generally keeps to himself. Only MC really communicates with him.

Everything starts collapsing with the tsundere shows up. She also is hiding demon powers. Her and Bastard nearly kill each other to protect their own images. He falls for her, she's tsundere bordering on indifferent. She is able to read people well enough that she can basically tell the future but doesn't care enough to ever tell the right person.

MC loses her support as Bastard has new tail to chase. The other politicians make their moves. The demon army outflanks the husband. Messages of relief from the old governments start showing up. Things get intense.

Also, it's set in an old castle. Everyone walks around with melee weapons because the guns are out with the army.
A gang of pirates that sail an endless parking lot on a ship made of an overturned semi truck plan a heist on a well guarded grocery store they call Liquor Isle.

It's a student film I never made. It would just follow the basic outline for a heist movie from TV tropes.
It's the new Keit-Ai.
>Tom Waits attends an all girls private school in Japan
>To the viewers it's obvious he's male, though the show characters see him as female
>Hijinks ensue
>Everyone is demons
Sup John.
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Distant childhood friends commemorate the anniversary suicide for a woman they both loved: a cherished sibling and spouse. As they approach her resting place, an aircraft crashes onto the site, devastating everything within reach. Searching the crash site, the two uncover a peculiar globe nearby, noticing the strange descriptions imprinted on its surface.

Using the world model’s multi-touch gestures, the childhood friends discover they can locate anyone alive on earth, perceive what means the world to them, and communicate with them through holographic images. The most astonishing feature, however, is the globe’s ability to change the values of a willing person.

The widower realizes this is his miracle: an opportunity to spare the lives near suicide - a fate his wife resigned to with her life - arranging new life motives for them. However, his brother-in-law notices his work, viewing it as a form of human control and believes humanity should preserve what they value most in this world.

Souls at the brink of suicide are now seeing holographic messages offering them a choice: change what they value most in the world or retain their life motives, leading them to two different directions in life. Meanwhile, the U.N is investigating those who encountered these acts of miracles.
people need to realize that keit-ai will never get off the ground if people think it's a group project. One competent writer needs full creative control. He needs to timeline and storyboard, and figure out just how the fuck the alternate universe works. And go from there. The current group isn't doing that.
A female lead of a 90's show ends up in the future after a 2deep plot twist, the future in question is a school of a moe SoL show.
samurai champloo with big giant shadow of the colossus monsters. searching for a way to seal away the person that keeps releasing them. no little kawaii~~~ girls and gay moe shit.
>MC is a highly gifted student at a college specializing in cybernetics, artificial intelligences, and what not. Many people are afraid of the research that goes on in the university
>Hits it off with a fellow student, similarly gifted, though she's a little more socially adept, compared to the generally mild MC.
>The two of them eventually get married.
>The fear of their research devolves into violence. A demonstration at a laboratory quickly becomes violent.
>MC is nearly killed, while his wife is left in critical condition.
>Wife survives, but is left in a vegetative state.
>MC works himself to near death with his research, which is creating an fully functional artificial intelligence. He knows that the easiest way to do so is to simply map a human brain to a computer system.
>Procedure would kill whoever it's performed on.
>Blinded by grief, he goes through with the procedure
>It succeeds. His wife still thinks she's alive
>Five years later, the MC becomes a executive at a mega corporation.
>Ruthlessness overcomes grief, and he uses his wife's artificial intelligence frequently in information warfare.
>This exposes her to the web, the influx of sudden information nearly drives her insane.
>Eventually, the realization that she is simply lines of code, and no longer a human being shatters her psyche. Driving her completely insane. Her rage is focused on the MC for doing this to her.
>Hacks the facilities defense drones, naturally, equipped with lethal weapons to deter corporate infiltration.
>MC has to pull the plug on her, or die himself.
>Once he does, he's overwhelmed by grief yet again. Knowing that he didn't only kill his wife, but drove her to madness.
>Last shot is of the pistol the MC is holding before cutting to black.
>MC is stopped by the police, being the only living thing left on the premises, as well as being armed, they arrest him.
>MC is stopped by the police, being the only living thing left on the premises, as well as being armed, they arrest him.
>An investigation into his activities at the mega corporation reveals that he's tried to replicate the process he performed on his wife on people the corporation kidnapped off the street. The experiments yielded no results, all subjects were either driven mad, or killed.
>He loses a court case, and has multiple life sentances to his name.
>Before he gets thrown into the slammer, a shadowy government man-esque person takes him out of custody. Tells the MC that his work, along with the man's resources will change the world

Animated by whoever animated Welcome to the NHK.
Throw in some giant tits and I'm sold.
I came up with a really cheesy shonen idea:

The setting is in ancient China, and the story begins slightly before the Three Kingdoms Era. The MC is a young boy goes to meet his martial arts master for his final lesson, only to see his master get abducted by aliens. MC is only left with his master's prized halberd, and when no one would believe his story, the MC vows to train with the halberd so he can one day exact revenge on the mysterious beings that took his master away.

Several years later, the boy is now a powerful martial artist mercenary who traveled the globe with his master's halberd in search of the aliens but to no avail. His mercenary troupe eventually ends up working for Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms era. Just when the MC loses hope that he will never find the aliens that took his master away from him, alien invaders appear and threaten the existence of all three kingdoms. The MC then proceeds to go around kicking alien ass until he learns that his old master actually conquered the aliens that abducted him and that he is the one behind the invasion. The reason the MC's old martial arts master wants to conquer the universe now is to suppress technological progress so that martial arts will never be in danger of being rendered obsolete, a fear that he obtained as a result of future shock from meeting the aliens the first time. MC now has to face his old master and the powerful alien martial artists he has recruited from all over the galaxy, each with their own unique martial art tailored to their specific species and physiology.
Studio: Sunrise
Director: Morio Asaka
Character Designer: Takako Shimura
Writer: Chaika Konaka
OST Composer: Kalafina
OP/ED: Yuki Kajuri

Rei is a terminally ill girl with pneumonia she spend her waking existence everyday immersed in listening to classical music, eating her favourite meal rice and curry, and listening to her cousin banter about the world daily affairs.

At sunset on a brisk autumn evening she dies. While aware she could have died at any given moment her cousin is devastated and retreat to the life of a hikikomori.

During a restless night he decide to clean his cousin room and pack her personal possessions in boxes and then in the morning send the boxes to a storage facility.

After a while he rest on her bed and feel the mattress is unusually hard, he gets up, remove the mattress and find binders of original musical scores.

To preserve his cousin existence he goes to a renowned violinist and ask him to teach him to become a violinist himself so the world can hear his cousin music.
In a dystopian 20XX, where the world is suffering the aftermath of three nuclear wars. The MC, an American cybernetic CIA super-agent named Magnus Max travels to USSR searching for an elite agent who has gone rogue, his defection tips both nations to the edge of a fourth nuclear war.
In an alternate dimension there lasted a war between to great human civilizations. In the middle of the fourth great war scientist from both sides discovered there was going to be mysterious gamma rays that were going to impact the planet. The way the civilizations coped with this was locking down there cities and staying in doors. However there were few war criminals and slaves that did not get the privilege and were left out of the safe zones. When these rays hit the planet it completely changed the shape of the planet and its inhabitants. The ones that were in the safe zones were moderately affected by making them super adaptable to their living environment. However, the slaves who had no protection were greatly effected by allowing them to change parts of there bodies to be more powerful (Armament Haki).
Seeing this power first hand the great two civilizations decided to unite in fear for their survival and banished the slaves into the wilderness to never return.
I'm sure there's something like this done before, maybe Franken Fran or some such story, because this plot sounds eerily familiar. Save for he last bit with the pistol
what part of anime plot you didn't get
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