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Berserk Thread

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New chapter is supposedly January 29th, what do you think will happen?
absolutely fucking nothing. Nobody is going to die brutally or get raped by a demon spawn.

It's going to be people talking in Griffith's kingdom about how awesome it is, or Guts and crew talking about what changes they notice in Fantasia.

FUCK berserk and FUCK YOU.
Nothing happens and then hiatus.
might see guts. on a boat. in the middle of the ocean.
It will probably cover Rickert figuring out where to go from Falconia and the intruders mentioned 2 chapters ago. (Probably Silat). Assume that doesn't get too big and important we might get a teeny, tiny bit of the boat approaching Elfhelm on the final page.
Too pessimistic. They will arrive and Guts will thank Roderick for the quick journey, maybe Farnese will note they wouldn't even have seen land at this point with other captain in an attempt to compliment him.
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>Gonna meet another boat on the open sea.
>Suddenly a Vinlandsaga/Berserk crossover
>they spend the next 20 chapters talking about agricultural techniques
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Nobody got raped in Berserk since volume 25. Get used to it.

>Casca is cured
>she successfully convinces Guts to live a peaceful life with her on Elfhelm while Griffith drives his country to the ground
>rest of manga is her perfecting her carrot growing techniques while Guts becomes a blacksmith in Godo's memory
We won't even see the damn boat until the end of 2015 to tell us they're still on that thing
the boat sinks
I see surviving Berserk fans as devout Christians who are anxiously waiting for the return of their Lord.
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>It is now spring in Berserk
>Easter is a holiday commonly taking place in spring, signifying the resurrection of the Lord
>Guts and pals are heading to the isle of Skellig
>Skellig is an actual island off the coast of Ireland, a verdant (though heavily taxed) paradise
>Casca means Easter in Irish

2015 or bust.
They'll get off the boat.
And there will be much rejoicing.
'till next time
As much as I want a happily ever after on Elfhelm I feel like Casca is going to run away shortly after being cured, not necessarily back to Griffith (unless Miura really wants to fuck with us) but just because she's so ashamed of what she believes she has put Guts through all these years, and convincing herself he's better off without her. It would give the group a reason not to settle in the safety of Elfhelm forever and put Guts back into the path of Griffith and also gives the hellhound a massive boost in threat potential which seems to be what Miura is leading up to.
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The whole "Casca will return to Griffith" thing is essentially moot when you consider the kid. I can see Casca either running off out of her belief that she only brings Guts misfortune, or hiding her crippling issues in favor of being there for him, but overall her breakthrough into putting everything that's happened past her will probably happen the next time there's a full moon. Despite the state she's in now, doesn't it seem like Casca's the only one who knows of the boy's true nature?

As for Hellhound, Casca was the one who first made the connection between Guts and the "mad dog" in the first place, and he views her as a threat beyond anyone else, including Schierke. If anyone is likely to put the doggie in his place, it's her. She's the only one who can.
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>Casca running back to griffith.
>guts going nuts.
>guts ends up killing her.
>comes to know griffith was controlling her.
>all hell break lose.
>Also griffith already has support of Elfhelm
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>Nobody is going to die brutally
I bet Miura is going to see this and kill of Guts just to spite you like the sadistic ching-chong he is.
miura doesnt have the balls seo has
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