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Galaxy Angel

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Let's have a proper GA Thread.

Audio Files or whatever do not apply, I sincerely thank the soundanon who dropped us the reorganized music pack
Hopeless Bumps
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Please send help.
Oh nooooooooooo.
It ain't over
Rip Nano.
It sucks being dead
Well I'd hit it.
She'd sooner fall on her face
IT's been a while since we've been this dead
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Well, maybe it's not our week
And while I'm at it, can you grab the MK Wing of Destiny?

Slightly busy right now, will do it soon.
In my case, I got a lot of time anyway. I can wait
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Busy week for me so I'm not going to be around much.
Also apologizing for failure to deliver any webms.
Oh well, tomorrow or next week perhaps.

Deader than usual though so not like we got anything
Daily reminder that Ranpha is the best written and least stereoypical tsundere type character ever

>not physically violent
>rarely overly bitchy, and never without a reason for being so
>focus of her character is on her passion and enthusiasm rather than shitty insecurities
>Explanation for why she is that way makes perfect sense for the type of character she is
>Perfectly competent and capable 95% of the time, doesn't need to be saved
>Knows when to tone down her attitude for the sake of her friends

They don't make em like they used to, /a/. Or was it only in the games? I didn't watch the anime. Either way, truly 2nd best girl
The music player in game loops it weirdly, so I couldn't cut off the ending cleanly.

I've also thought really hard about it, and came to the conclusion I actually like this better than Eternal Love.

http://thankgodfordracula.com/GA-Music/Wing of Destiny%20~Angel%20harp%20arr.~.mp3
Ranpha was a great tsundere. 20% tsun, 180% dere. Every girl did well in their bound character archetype.
Anime was just riding on the character trait for dickchasing

Thank you so much. I love hearing the beginning flair so the end shouldn't be a problem.
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The new music pack has the Rune Angel version of Wing of Destiny which I was looking for a damn long while.

It also hit me like a ton of bricks
Vanilla and Chitose never stopped being boring for me outside of a few scenes, and there were times I wanted to knock Mint's teeth out. The rest were good though.

>inb4 all the Mintfags in this thread start bitching
Admit it, you wouldn't like her if she wasn't a loli.
>implying anyone else is here
Vanilla turned out to be so unexpectedly sweet which is what made me choose her first. Chitose was cute in all route except the final leg of her routes in the final game.

It's the voice so I would have liked her anyway
Messed up, Chitose ended up being cuter in everyone else's routes while the actual cute happened at the final part of EL
Almost through the first season holy shit I love this show. I like all of the characters and I love how stupid and enjoyable the humor is. Its fucking perfect for when you are having a shitty day. Also Forte a best
The one threads were we have no problem with this. Animebros usually become Fortebros

Good to have more people
Anise a bully.
Anise stop!
These group shuttle rides were great
Just in case anyone needs it
Lily was pretty cool in this scene, but this was still (unfortunately) the weakest chapter so far, I'd say.
Another anon had to bring up that they could have done a lot more with her lineage.

Oh well, not the first time Broccoli dropped the ball on best girls
I'm a newfag to these threads; this is some kind of sequel series, correct? Any of it translated or are you all just using machines?
Direct sequel series.

No translation since it's on the PS2 while the original trilogy were on the PC. The anon playing through it is getting help with a program while I just went through it and made out what I heard and got around 85% of it
Kazuya sure has a hell of a mother-in-law to look forward to.


Yes, these are from the GAII games, which take place a few years after the original trilogy. Hopes of them getting translated are very bare, and they're one of the biggest reasons I started learning moonspeak.
She quite literally was made for cutting things and nothing else
>putting visual novels on a home console
I wish I understood why people did this.

Would it really be that hard for someone to make a PC version, though?
Really popular VN's apparently get ported to the PS2 for whatever reason. Some Eroges get an all ages version too. Selling more is honestly the only reason why.

An anon that isn't here or reported in these weekly threads for a while was really confident in his abilities to break apart the PS2 files to translate but he has disappeared.
This part of the OP, though. All the girls looking all melancholic, and outta nowhere Mimo's fucking face.
And with Lily's chapter done, I'll be heading to bed for the day. Will be back for tomorrow's thread.
How was the reveal of Lily's eyes
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Screenshot (667).png
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Well with the one anon gone, the thread is over.

Will stick around until archive-ment
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 21

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