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The main character from the last anime you watched is now your

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panty raid.gif
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The main character from the last anime you watched is now your servant in the next Holy Grail War. How fucked or well off are you?

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Maka Albarn, would you include Soul?

Could be worse.
>G Gundam
>Super Mode NP

Already won

Oh I'm right proper fucked.
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I've got this shit in the bag. Can't wait to fill up her mana.
Same. Akane please learn to kill people.
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Ancient FUCK YOU.png
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I win, because I have this card.
> Hurricane Polymar

Everyone else is fucked.
I'll relinquish my right to the war while continually pouring mana into her so she won't disappear.
As my mana concentration is pretty thick, I consider this to be a pretty "well-off" situation.
I'd imagine her symbol would be a scythe, though she's already a scythe herself. Iskandar came with an army though, so I guess Maka could come with Soul since his specific scythe is her icon.

Do I get Kanie in possible Rider class or Sento in Archer? I think I'd summon Sento then we could do some mana transferring.
>Mfw last anime I watched is Fate
>I summon the read guy from the future
I am probably fucked, he is the weakest servant. I would bro it up with him tho.
>ro kyu bu!
Did I get Tomoka or Subaru?
It's pretty fucked up anyway
>Though she's already a scythe herself
Still can't get over how bad they fucked up SE's ending.
Well atleast if I played my cards right our failure would be hilarious.
>Bellri Zenam
I think i'm more or less fine
Both of you can be best bros forever, that's for sure.
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>as Caster
>Holy Grail War
What is this?
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Yasuri Shichika.png
486KB, 847x719px
Not sure, he'd probably default to Berserker but I'd laugh if he was Saber class
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I'm royally fucked, unless driving like a maniac is sufficient skill to survive.
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Does he have Migi at least?
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Not sure what class he would be, but I think I win.
She could make a good Rider.
Actually, Sousuke could probably be a Rider too.

I got Issei from Highschool DxD New.

I would LOVE to hang out with him. Fuck it. I don't care how much danger I'm in. I'm gonna die laughing.
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Instead of MC can I have Aki-Lucky as Berserker?
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754KB, 1022x576px
>Ping pong the animation
I hope he gets a gate of babylon full of ping pong balls.
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Maximum Spider.gif
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>Not-Peter Parker as a Servant

Why not go with the original?
File: Kaito poker face.png (122KB, 400x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kaito poker face.png
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>Kaito Kid

Interesting. I'm not sure about winning, but we'll definitely be surviving for quite some time.
finally got around to watching Chuu2, so I guess that means it's Rikka? so I'm fucked unless she gets a reality bubble from her delusions which could be cool
File: 2014-11-14_18-25-17.jpg (106KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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he'd definitely be berserker, even before togane died he killed people indiscriminately because he was asked to

anyway heres mine, would probably be the strongest assassin summoned yet
I dunno man. His entire existence is that he's more "Sword" than Shirou. I only thought of Berserker because he sorta murdered a bunch of people after Togame died. Even then he seemed to know what he was doing

As for your servant. He'd get weakened by the class restrictions, man
File: cover.jpg (346KB, 800x787px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He may not be the greatest Garo yet but he'd still be one hell of a Saber (or Rider once he earns Gouten).
Migi IS the main character, he's got top billing.
yeah he'd definitely get fucked over but he'd still be the strongest one so far
I can see that. So broken even being restricted doesn't do shit.

Well shit.
>GitS 2
Not completely screwed but anything even remotely OP and Batou gets his shiny metal butt kicked
>suddenly the Holy Grail War is about twintails
I don't even want to imagine how would I get the required twintails to summon him.
I prefer to think the Motoko-Puppeteer is the main character there.

You pretty much won it already.
Who is main in terraformars? Akari?
Get Rin.
Well shit. At least Tooru could protect me from senpais
I'll take that. Sentient cyberspace is pretty handy
He may just win through scaring off all your opponents with some dark speech before summoning his flame.
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Thread images: 16

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