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New Game! thread

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Is anyone reading "New Game!", the recent Kirara Carat manga? It's been featured on the cover and the first volume has been selling pretty damn well, it's on the right track towards an anime adaptation if the trend continues.

It's a slice of life about a girl right out of school joining a vidya development company as a character designer, which has been her dream since childhood after playing RPGs made by said company. The cast is, as you would expect, a rather eccentric bunch so the attempts of Aoba, the main character, to act adult despite looking like a mid-schooler at best are quite hilarious.

There's only been one volume so far and it didn't delve too deep into the technical side of things, it's no Shirobako or anything, it's more of a fairly funny SoL about entering the "adult" (yeeeah, about that...) world than a production hell thing. But it's a welcome change for a SoL and I can definitely relate, working in a similar, albeit not game-related, programming studio. Some things are quite true to life...

There's obviously a bit of goggle-tastic stuff, this being a Kirara comic, but it's really mild and /u/ haters need not worry, really.

The catch? Unfortunately nobody gives a fuck to translate it, for whatever reason - there's only a Korean translation floating around somewhere. I can thankfully understand 95% of it with my limited moon knowledge (a few minor things eluded me though), but I'd love to read it in English one day regardless. Is anyone theoretically interested in this getting translated?

On a side note, they just had to pick the most ungoogleable name ever conceived.
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screw that. anime adaptation when?
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I would expect it somewhere about 2016 given that you generally need about three volumes worth of content for one, if both airshit shows I was following were any indication (granted, one of them departed greatly from the original material).

If /a/ can't help, How about translating one chapter, upload it to online reader (one that uses comment section) and see if anyone like it?
I think the Obari pose right from the get-go might have sold me on this. That and Hajime is also a huge tokufag, precures included.
>here's obviously a bit of goggle-tastic stuff,

AOTS 2016.
Well, I'm a bit busy with Gyrozetter as of late but I might as well try, though my TL is nothing to write home about to say the least (cough, airshit, cough). I just hoped that somebody with a decent grasp of Japanese and English would have some time and interest.
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Well, the "what did you do with your first salary" exchange and this particular chapter were pretty damn goggle-tastic. And I like this pairing, even if it's never going to be real.
Nigga you are being overly enthusiastic calm down.
Well it is just one volume so far but yeah, probably never going anywhere.
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I wonder why the がんばるぞい thing already became a meme in the japanese internets. Just because it's cute?

Sorry, that's just me. I get too damn excited about things when it's really uncalled for, a trait I can't quite get rid of so far.
Never say never, I haven't seen Kirara disappoint anyone yet.
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