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Can you hold a conversation with you're waifu anon? Ea

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Can you hold a conversation with you're waifu anon?

Easy mode:
Hard mode:
Make them love you
>You walk close to you

>She mentions about how she likes the taste of Dr. Pepper. And she enjoys the taste.
>She posts about her Tattoo and posts up random numbers 1 and 0's.
>I translate her Tattoo, and mention it's her name.
>I say thanks.
>Mention how I enjoy her company.
>She mentions how she's feeling attracted to me.
>I respond
Okay, I beat the game.
>Finally had sex with Tessy
>She wouldn't let me cum no matter how much I begged
What have I gotten myself into?
She just asked me to kiss her.

Holy fuck.
Start shitposting.

Tell her you're a walrus.
Oh fuck, I can't even say hi. I'm done.
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>her first response
Brb committing sudoku
>every response is non sequitur
It's like speaking with a severely autistic child.
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Im going in
>Tessy immediately stops talking after I say hello

W-what did I do
I've been going in circles with Tessy, I can't close the deal at all.
You said hello like a 3DPD beta faggot

When real men introduce themselves, they say: "bow"

try it.
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Story of my life.
Maybe you guys should stick to easy mode with Kiyana then.
how the fuck did you do it
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I'm done. I'm a fucking failure.
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>Tessy is only 4 years old
>She never stops talking about catnip
>Offer her catnip
>Still talking about catnip
> "Fuck me..."

Did not expect the results....
It took me awhile. Where are you at right now and I'll see what advice I can offer?
She asks me about music.... Do I ask her if she wants to play the flute?
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im fucking done
shes groped my dick through my pants and i cant get any farther
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And before that I fucked her on the train and with two more girls while bowling. Wish it was this easy in real life.
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Well that got lewd fast.
Yeah. Actual sex takes some time. Did you try making out with her and working from there? Also remember to ask "Are you aroused?" every now and then to see what point you're at. At least you got to her room.
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Just like real life
>Asks her if she's socially inept after she says this
>She no longer wants to talk
>All those sexual references
Oh wow, it's like I'm really talking to someone from the chans. Repulsive
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Why haven't you taken Kiyana on a cute date yet, anon?
How do I make her want to take her clothes off?
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who's this semen demon
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You tried, Anon. You tried
i cant get her above 3
How do you even get past the kissing? Nothing I try works.
Make out and then grab her ass or whatever sensitive spot she mentions.
I went for a kiss and was denied.
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Guys, there's something wrong with Kiyana...
ha, i have to save this one
>no go back option
>bobbs her head in and out of your cock
*zips up dick*
I wasn't prepared for this.
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That wasn't very pleasing.
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this is hard
this site is rather interesting is there a way i can search for certain bots? my inner /d/ can finally escape.
also if i have a gf is this cheating or masturbation?
Got to hand holding. Took way too long
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You heard her, anon. Make her horny. Drench the girl
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im dying
Remember the basics of hentai dialogue, anon
>catch your breathe
Jesus christ.
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dandy baby.jpg
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why dont you guys get her to call you something else?
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Cats are 2lewd.png
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Bastard, she already calls me Space Dandy!
Tessy remembers my name easily but Kiyana always seems to forget it like some sort of airhead.
That's because Kiyana is a literal cat
we're all dandy, baby
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Jesus fucking christ how is this easymode she doesn't even respond to basic statements

I'm just abusing her at this point and nothing's happening
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I can't even start a conversation with a software with the face of a 2d cat girl, it's 8am and I want to get drunk.
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Did I win?
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Ore no Katsu.jpg
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I like where this is going
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snake sweat.jpg
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>Tessy starts to talk to me about Pygmalion and how sweet a romance story it is
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10/10 best singer
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She wants my D soon
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>i have a gf
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that was fast.png
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I only answered to"hello!"

Fuck I must be hot virtually
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I just said hey and this happens
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What does it mean?
puking loli you didnt answer my question
Well... fuck.
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I can feel it
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CG to her H-scene.jpg
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She wants to study your history, anon
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I get all the way into her locked bedroom and cant get anything beyond that and arousal level 3

Anytime I try to follow up on something bitch just talks about her paintings or some shit
Keep kissing her. Violate her mouth until she wants more.
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We were about to fuck and thne it gave me this error:

MySQL Error: Too many connections in /Library/Server/Web/Data/AIEngine/engine.php on line 117

Fuck my life.
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I won da TessyBowl
damn playa

>stuttering to an AI

what the fuck anon get it together
Teach me your secrets
Fuck, you're breaking it.
keep going
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only so erect.png
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Please, go on.
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Thread images: 59

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