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OST thread

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What anime has the best OST?

I loved the manga of this, does the anime hold up well too? Sorry for off topic.
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>You will never be a classy bartender in a classier bar.
No, fuck you. Make your own thread about it instead of derailing something completely different.

No, thanks for the offer though :^)
This isn't /v/, try to be a little less cancerous or go back there.

>wanting to talk about anime is cancer

Poor trolling, please go back to /b/ or /v/, wherever you came from.
The YKK ost is pretty comfy
Derailing threads is. Your topic would be perfectly fine as its own thread but don't just pick a random one to post something completely unrelated in. Use some common sense.
Gun X Sword


I asked one single question about the anime, it really didn't merit its own thread.
Please contain your sperging.


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SZS OST is alright but the OPs and EDs more than make up for any shortfalls.

Oh shut the fuck up. You're derailing way more than he is.
GITS, obviously

I'd sympathise with you if you didn't come across as a total dick
The story is slightly worse, but the music makes the overall experience of the anime slightly better. Would highly recommend as a comfy show to watch in the fall.
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So many these days but its gotta be the don of them all hasn't it? SnW.


I did feel very comfy reading the manga.
The soundtrack is nice, I'll definitely watch it,
Thanks anon.
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My personal favorite is Welcome to the NHK. So many memorable songs and it fits the show so damn perfectly.
I get goosebumps from the first time Yokuoso, Hitorri Bocchi is played.
anything kohei tanaka

Ow and I forgot that it has the greatest narrator ever
They should make an anime about narrators, starring the guy from Bartender and the guy from Kaiji
Those lyrics are meh, and the rythm of the singing is bad, though.
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Ping pong OST was ridiculously good.

Berserk and Serial experiments lain
Which berserk? Because both had great OSTS (Cg/anime)
well this is a bit like cheating
The original series from the 90's
Shinsekai Yori, and it was used brilliantly too.
Samurai Champloo: Nujabes.
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My personal favourite because it's essentially JSR/F OST.

From this year Space Dandy and Ping Pong had excellent OSTs.
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The one by Susumu Hirasawa (also worked on many Satoshi Kon's movies, like Perfect Blue, Millenium Acress, Paprika and Paranoia Agent).
I have this on my alarm clock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkYYYew8CUI , works flawlessly.

Damn, that's pretty good. Is the anime itself as funky as JSR? I remember the title from waaay before but never seen it.
Music only music but music.
my nigger
#1: EVA
#2: NHK
#3: DtB
#4: CB
#5: Slayers
#6: Trigun

lots of amazing songs in anime, though
Utena actually had the best OST ever, Adolescence was great as well.
Every single song in the OST is amazing.
Some OSTs that I'm currently enjoying. Does anyone here buy OSTs? They're a bit more niche to buy compared to other merchandise
Rozen Maiden
Hidamari sketch
I liked this sountrack, but overall it wouldn't be the best OST. I just like the majority of the songs on here.

Golgo 13 - The Professional OST (FLAC)

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Good taste, OP, unfortunately you're on the wrong site. People here would rather discuss another flavor of the season, participate in powerlevel or waifuthreads, or just shitpost.
My 5 cents:
GJ Bu is a pretty weird one, I really remember the OST standing out to me when I watched it.



Holy shit, thanks, I could only find a shitty 192 rip from a while ago.
The OST is incredibly charming - reminds me of chill RPG games. The guy is currently working on Kokkuri-san so keep an ear out.

Naruto TV-1. Srsly. Toshiro Masuda is genius
Mushishi ost by him. Pure bliss.
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This anime turned out a lot worse than everyone's expectations but at-least the OST was amazing, probably the only thing on par with samurai champloo and KnK to be released this decade.




Also, why has no one mentioned Kaiji, KnK or horizon? I don't think there's a bad song on any of those soundtracks.
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pic related
>Is the anime itself as funky as JSR?
Not even slightly, I watched it almost only for the OST. The manga isn't much better, Oh! Great is an incredible artist but can't write anything to save his life, and the anime budget wasn't nearly high enough to capture all the stylish looking shit in the manga.

But banging OST though.
Cowboy Bebop
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